The Vancouver Birth Scenario

Barack Obama has a birth record that he is unwilling to let anyone see except his lawyer, which gives the impression that there is something to hide.  The only thing conceivable is his place of birth.  Yet his mother was only 18 years old and unlikely to have had a passport, nor the desire or finances to be globe trotting.  So how could she not give birth in Hawaii?  There is only one possibility.

There is testimony from Barbara Nelson who had a conversation with her friend’s father in a Hawaiian dinner club, a Dr. West, who remarked that “Stanley had a baby”. Her name was most remarkable; -the same name as her father, to whom she wrote about the coincidence.  The words “had a baby” might have been “has a baby” or “had a baby…[as in -sometime recently]”  (A nearly half-century old memory is very unreliable when it comes to the details of words spoken and she has proven to be an unreliable witness by altering her story, having first put forth the impression that Dr. West delivered the baby, which had to be dropped when the long-form birth certificate image was posted online showing a Dr. Sinclair being the physician-obstetrician.  Worse yet for her credibility is the fact that she was one of Barack’s adoring teachers, having written prosaically about him almost like a fictional character.)

So mother and baby Obama were presumably in Hawaii sometime shortly after his birth (if not during), so how could she also be out of state and country to deliver him outside the United States?  There is only one possibility.  It’s this.

Ann had moved four times before reaching her teens, so she had no long term roots. But she developed some after the family moved to the Seattle area where she spent all of her formative teen years, until they moved again, to Hawaii, after her High School graduation.  She was uprooted once more from her familiar surroundings and friends and moved to where she had neither. She enrolled in college in Honolulu and attended for the fall/winter semester (where she met fellow student, Obama from Kenya. She got pregnant by him)  She left no record of her whereabouts from some time in February until after she gave birth.
No record of a marriage to him.  No wedding photos, no marriage license, no witnesses, to honeymoon shots.  Nothing at all. She never lived with the man she named as father of her child. He lived in an apartment near his college campus. His friends have no memory of a girlfriend.  A union in a vacuum, an invisible relationship, a forbidden tryst.
When she felt she was beginning to develop a growing belly, she didn’t want to have to deal with the embarrassment of telling her father and mother of her condition, and who caused it, so she left Hawaii and flew “home” to Seattle.
She may have found a place is a women’s shelter, such as one run by the Salvation Army.  She may have depended on them to find a couple to adopt her child after delivery.  But she told them the truth about the race of the father and consequently no adoptive parents came forward.
So she contacted an organization, perhaps also the Salvation Army, in Vancouver, and they found a prospective couple for her.  She made the two hour drive there near the end of her term, delivered her son there, and either the tentative adoptive parents declined to adopt her son, or she changed her mind about wanting to not keep him.
After some days there she flew directly to Hawaii to return home to her mother and father.
In connection to that possibility is should be noted that when Sheriff Arpaio finally obtained access to the government records of all international flights into the U.S. for 1961, the week of her son’s birth just happened to have vanished.

Back in Hawaii she had the baby examined and his birth registered with the vital records office by filling out an affidavit that stated the facts.  Those facts did not bar her from obtaining a Hawaiian birth record of some type since she was a Hawaiian resident.  But she had a problem.  She loved Seattle and the school there was much preferable to her (with friends attending?) than the Hawaiian college.  So she decided to return permanently, which, according to undisputed accounts, she did some time in August, enrolled in college and began taking classes.  How can this be proven?  Or disproven? I have no idea, but first the focus should be on simply finding a factual error or logic error in it.   Anyone have anything to add or subtract?
Something to add; an adoption scenario.

In 1961, pre-civil rights, pre-women’s liberation, pre-political correctness, pre-African-American penetration of American main-stream culture, pre mixed-race couples, for a  young white woman just one year out of High School to become pregnant outside of marriage would have been a very frowned on thing, especially if she was only 17 at the time.  Hence a marriage was arranged after a few months of knowing that she was pregnant.  But even marriage would not have smoothed-over the drastic cultural shock of having ones young white daughter pregnant with a black man’s child, and not some successful American black man, but a foreign student.  That turn of events would have been very disturbing to Stanley’s parents, just as would the opposite be if the parents were black Africans and their daughter was pregnant with a white Scandinavian’s child.  Def-Con 1!
So the subject of adoption would naturally come up, though it might have just as likely been raised by Ann herself since she was a young and adventurous, free-thinking and acting person.  It could be assumed that she had plans for her future and being a prisoner to the chores of motherhood at such a young age was not likely to have been viewed favorably.  With her own serious reservations, and the resistance of her parents to having and keeping any child at that point, much less a black child, it would be almost inevitable in 1961 to want to seriously consider adoption as the best solution. [INS records confirm they were considering adoption]
I don’t know how well or how poorly blacks were treated in Hawaii in 1961, nor how many of them were living there, but I’ll wager that outside of the military, it was very few.  And adding to Ann’s dilemma was the absence of a close relationship with Obama Sr.’s mother since she lived in Kenya.  So it was just Ann and her parents in the barrel for a wild ride leading to “who knows where?”.  So they might have agreed to pay for her home-sickness assuaging return to Seattle if she agreed to put the baby up for adoption while there.  She may have learned that there was one or more significant benefits to giving birth, and possibly arranging a quick adoption in Canada, and for that reason may have gone there for those benefits, whatever they might have been.  But, after seeing, holding, and perhaps nursing the baby she found she was instantly bonded to it and couldn’t let him go.  So she canceled the adoption, returned to Hawaii with the baby, to everyone’s shock, and then, not “feeling the love” packed-up and moved back to Seattle where she felt more at home among her own peer group where she enrolled in college.

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