Certificate of Live Birth

UPDATE AUGUST 2013: See the final comment at bottom.

July 8, 2011

The Obama PDF COLB finally explained? NOT!

But first let me remind all that the Nordyke twins’ Certificates of Live Birth are not comparable to Obama’s because they were simply print-outs of images taken back in 1966, not digital replications.

Back in the early 1990s, per a federal statute promoting a national system of digitally accessible vital records,  Hawaii began to digitize all their birth certificates, including creating digital representations of birth documents.  Back when the process was beginning, digital memory capacity was much smaller and much more expensive, so a lot of  money could be saved if only the image of the text was saved, and not the image of the paper it was printed on.  Along with eliminating the paper-image data, and all the memory it would consume, the text files were also shrunk by converting them from grey-scale imagery (256 degrees of variation) to pure black.  To do that they employed a computer routine that discriminated between shades of grey, changing all gray pixels that were more than maybe 50 degrees on the black side and making them pure black, while all other pixels were converted to pure white.  Then the white pixels were selected and deleted, leaving only the black text pixels on an invisible page background.  That text could then be layered over a security background to produce an official-looking document.

The White House held a press conference one hour before Obama himself appeared, in which they detailed the chain of custody of two birth certificates obtained from the Hawaiian Dept of Health.  They (Obama’s personal lawyer and his Media representative) presented letters from Obama, and his White House lawyer to the Hawaiian officials requesting an exemption from their policy of only issuing the short-form birth certificate in order to obtain his long form. They presented a letter of reply and acquiescence from Hawaii.

They also claimed that the White House lawyer then flew from Washington DC to Hawaii (at a cost of perhaps $7,000) in order to personally acquire the two certificates (which could have been sent for about $80 by overnight shipment).  Why???  They then gave all the reporters an envelope that contained the three letters and a copy of the birth certificate.  The problem is that there is no way to know that what they claimed is not all false, and a cover-up of what actually happened.

The letters read more like a PR release for consumption by the press and public and are in stark contrast to the truth of what Hawaiian policy actually is.  Hawaiian law requires that certified copies of the original birth certificates be provided to all that qualify to receive them.  And others have requested and received their long form BCs.

Long Form BC obtained 1 month before Obama’s

This is evidence that the White House and Hawaii deliberately lied to the press and the public in order to provide a reason why Obama could not (rather than would not) reveal his long-form certificate.  They all pretended that it was out of his hands, -Hawaii was strictly following their non-existent policy of not releasing the long form copies.  When in reality, the policy did not exist, they did not follow it, and it would have been in violation of Hawaiian law.  But with the prestige of the White House behind the lie, no one asked any questions.  Who in their right mind is going to call the President of the United States a liar?  No one in the press for sure, and the public was completely in the dark.

[Evidence of the complicity of Hawaiian officials is seen in the fact that they deliberately changed the name of the highly questioned short-form CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH to CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH, in a juvenile attempt to head-off a growing awareness that what was "released" was not an image of a real birth certificate but a short condensed version of the information it was assumed that the long version  contained.  They hoped that by giving it the same name as the long version, people would be duped into thinking that the short form was the real deal, even though it was a fake.]

Obama himself did not appear for the press conference called to announce and present the release of “the real birth certificate”, and when he did appear an hour later, he never mentioned the very document that he was supposedly there to support!

He knew that if he never “validated” it, or referred to it, he would be protected later with plausible deniability in the event of a Congressional investigation.  That’s why he spent his time begging everyone to just move on, and not pay any attention to the issue of his birth place or investigate it any further. He ["we"] had better things to do and it was a waste of time.  Lies! -he wasted no time on it at all unless he “wasted” time setting up the means of creating a forgery.

The Hawaiian officials claim in their letter of attestation that they personally witnessed the copying of the original, and the printing and certification of the two copies.  The problem is that no such copies are known to actually exist.  They haven’t been displayed anywhere, anytime.  Only one single trusted NBC reporter has been allowed to see and handle what was claimed to be one of the copies, but even she was not able (or allowed) to take a digital camera photo of it.  Only a low resolution cell phone photo.  This was allowed in order to hopefully lay to rest the outcry that arose due to the fact the the PDF image contained no Hawaiian State Seal stamped into its surface, (which would be evidence that it was a forgery).

That was because it had no surface since it is not a scan nor a photo of a real paper document but simply a document image that was created entirely on a computer using unknown documents and forms to construct it.  But she stated that what she handled had a seal stamped on it.  End of story? Only for a gullible naive fool.

The White House could not have created the PDF on their own without the assistance of officials in Hawaii because they would need actual source documents.   So it could have been created in Hawaii even more easily than the White House because they had all the source documents.


Up close, at say 1600%,  all of the imagery of the original text layer and printed-form layout is solid black  and with clearly defined edges.  But here and there, for no apparent reason, a character or small area of the page appears to be quite different, kind of blurry, because it is visibly composed of individual pixels of varying shades of gray to black, with no sharp borders to them.  All the rest of the visible elements on the page appear unaltered by enlarging them because they were converted into the binary format of nothing but black & white, but those strangely different areas look worse and worse the more they are enlarged.   That appearance is a  gray-scale  format which has 256 degrees of variation from white to black.  The paper background of the original document  was deleted in the digitization process so that the text alone could be superimposed on an official-looking security background as required by federal standard.

Some of the most visible gray-scale anomalies are seen as the K in Kenya, the S in Stanley, and the R in Barack, along with the “1” at the end of the document number.
But to come to my conclusions about the inane randomness of the alterations contained in the PDF one has to open it and view it in close-up.  After realizing that such alterations would serve no purpose whatsoever for producing a counterfeit, I decided to look at all the similar areas that could be found, and I counted almost 40.  I knew they were altered but it was worse than that, because patient examination uncovered areas where more than text was altered, -the area around a letter or two was altered also, including the lines or text of the printed form itself. There is no logical reason for the presence of the gray-scale anomalies seen. The only explanation is a mindless software program that sought to distinguish between text and image or followed a deliberate process to randomly leave some areas unconverted into pure black.


“Images can be resolved to at least 2 levels beyond what we can detect with commercially available “professional” level software and have generational anomalic signatures attached at a “Zero” level even above that, providing hierarchical administrative access to detect and track attempts to forge or alter information for criminal or strategic purposes. This area of information technology slipped into the hands of programmers specializing in data encryption in the mid-90’s and our view of it is akin to watching a tank battle without ever seeing the blueprints.”

“What we view as “anomalies” may be camouflage anomalies added by the not-exactly-mindless processing (encrypting) program. The latter are most numerous at all scales, necessarily to prevent their analysis in attempts to compromise the security element by backward engineering.  It would be impossible to authenticate a digitized document if it had no anomalies.”

“Much of the authentication potential comes from separate digitally created overlayable images, also signatured with anomalies.
Amateurs detecting these elements rarely infer your astute conclusion.”

Just remember, it’s not pictures and it’s not pixels. It’s lists of binary numbers being analyzed and modified by algorithms designed to non-redundantly store a reproducibly altered version of the original with a generational record of every manipulation that has been even attempted, all accomplished in a way that would present anyone outside of the administrative privilege-hierarchy with an intractable trap-door type mathematical problem to solve before they could reliably analyze it.  So it’s the public information that matters – the digital document will always be “altered”.


UPDATE: No proof exists that a White House encryption expert applied such a process rather than it happening automatically due to the nature of how the high-end White House Xerox Workstation scanning and digitizing software creates documents.  Making them appear clean and simple while being highly complex and highly compressed to create good-quality image of the smallest file size.  The  debunker Kevin Davidson, called Dr. Conspiracy, posted on his website a PDF from a scan of his birth certificate and it revealed the same kind of gray-scale anomalies, and white ghosts of text -but lacked some of the suspicious features of the Obama Certificate of Live Birth.


Following it is the chronology of the extensive list of logical suspicions and the discovery of logical explanations.

  After years of stonewalling, of spending a fortune on attorneys to block its release and defend against dozens of lawsuits brought by citizens wanting to see it, after allowing a decorated Army flight surgeon to go to prison rather than release it, after claiming he had already released it, and after mercilessly ridiculing anybody and everybody who dared ask to see it – on April 27 Barack Obama finally, with great fanfare, released his “birth certificate.”    [no fanfare from Obama himself.  He never even mentioned his new and highly anticipated full-length birth certificate.  All he offered, to protect his plausible deniability, was to say they released some more information at his birth.  That's it.   No mention of a birth certificate except the short form, saying he had already released it, which was safe to say because by them no one had successfully gotten any traction on debunking it.]

From World Net Daily   http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=296957


Here’s from an anonymous author:

” I found  two extremely strange inconsistencies that merit some attention.
First of all, the  birth certificate that the White House released lists  that Obama’s father was born in ” Kenya , East Africa “. This  wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not  even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama’s birth, and 27 years after  his father’s birth. How could have Obama’s father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the “British East Africa Protectorate”. But, this is not the only thing that I found that just does not jive.

[MY NOTE:  The name of the country was Kenya even though it was not free to go by that name in the British Empire, but the parent(s) would have not used the official name but rather the common name.  They would not have cared one bit about the official name.]
“The other item that I looked into was the hospital that Obama was born in. On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital”.  This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called “KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani Maternity Home”, respectively. The name did not change to Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when    these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978?”

[NOTE  2:   UPDATE: The hospital name is the same as on the Nordyke twins birth certificate.

Nordyke twins Certificates of Live Birth


There are so many gray-scale anomalies of so many meaningless things (almost 40) that the only explanation is that  it was not done by human hands but by software.   The identical placement of an X within two of the boxes is explained by the fact that the blank forms had their layout precisely fashioned so it would be in perfect conformity with the typewriters that were used to fill them in.  That way the lines and boxes would line-up perfectly and the X would be placed in the exact same location on all lines at the same spot.  The stamped numbers were not made by a computer but by old, imperfectly aligned mechanical stamps, hence their misalignment of the digits is expected and that’s what is seen.
One other thing.  The capture of the original document was not done by a scanner since they move up and down across a page.  That method could not be used because all the old records were bound permanently in books holding 5 years of records.  They had to be copied by opening them and photographing them, which the PDF image verifies.

If you look at the lowest horizontal lines on the page you will see that they are perfectly straight.  Then look at the highest lines and you’ll see that they curve downward.  That happens because the camera was looking directly downward at the bottom of the page, and looking upward at an angle at the top of the page, so the curvature of the bound open page is visible.    The white paper-page background was then deleted and the text was layered over the document security background.

The stamp at the bottom states it’s “a true copy OR an ABSTRACT of the record on file”. It definitely is NOT a “true copy”, but it is indisputable as being a digital imitation of what’s assumed to be on file somewhere, maybe, but unproven and never sworn to.

Of course none of this explains why the Hawaiian state registrar couldn’t be bothered to actually sign the thing himself but left it to a lame rubber stamp to “authenticate” it.  I guess that just goes along with the wholesale abdication of the principle of legal verifiable authentic certified documentation with an actual signature and State Seal.


The name of local registrar is different on Obama’s HDOH Certificate of Live Birth Registration because Obama’s birth was not registered in the same branch office of the Vital Statistics Office as births occurring at Kapi’olani. The COLB  was NOT generated by any hospital as a BIRTH certificate.

Main text layer removed -gray-scale text revealed

Final Note:  I have no knowledge of how the strange “white-out” looking text areas on the background were formed but it should be noted that it is not the filled-in information only that is rendered in that strange form, but the boxes and text of the form itself.   See the negative version of the image I made which has the main text slid up to the top of the page.  (down this page) There’s nothing about that anomaly that would logically be man-made.

Therefore, the geographic location of Obama’s actual emergence from his mother’s womb remains a mystery.  It could have been, and probably was, at his grandparent’s house if it happened in Hawaii.  No one can say at this point except them and I don’t think they’re talking.  Even Obama may not know where he was really born.  But there is no evidence that it was in a Hawaiian hospital, and none have any record of his birth. Someone related how she walked all the public hallways of the “birth hospital” and found not one single reference to Barack Obama, their hometown hero, having been born in that hospital.
And it appears that someone in the Hawaiian Vital Statistics office or the White House has altered the original digital “birth certificate” image.



By unknown blogger:    On November the 8th I received a response to my email congratulating a member of the Hospital Administration about them being the hospital (as provided by Obama web) where he was born. This person advised me that the patient index registry and medical records personnel could find no record of Obama, Dunham or other person in their files! To BOOT I sent another email to the medical records department to TWO different people who sent me emails stating the same thing….. That NO DUNHAM, BABY BOY, OR OBAMA WERE EVER IN THAT FACILITY!

I have already been interviewed about this and copies of my Hard Disk information have been recovered.   Sorry that I was trying to silence the birthers but ended up providing more proof of the fraud being made.


The PDF is not a real document because no State issues certified copies of identity documents in digital form, whether PDF or JPG or anything else.  Since it was not created by Hawaii -at least not legitimately,  it is a fraudulent representation of an actual Hawaiian document since it counterfeits by replication the official stamp of the State Registrar, and is “titled” State of Hawaii.  It is illegal to do that if the purpose is to deceive others.  If one needed a password to access it on the White House website, it could be called a “private” creation for private viewing only, but that is certainly not how it was released.  With its intent being to deceive the public, that would seem to fit the description of fraud by deceit, as well as forgery.

“No one is guilty of committing a crime…”  Being found guilty is not the same as being guilty.  O.J. Simpson was not found guilty of murdering his wife, that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t guilty.  I’ll make this real clear so you can understand.  Creating a representation of a real government identity document is legally known by the legal term “forgery”.  If all of the information it contains was on the same form but the form lacked the State certification stamp & signature,  and the words “State of Hawaii” then it would not be a “forgery”, but adding those elements makes it one. But since it was not used to deceive any authorized government board or agency that had required its submission, no chargeable offense occurred.  And what government body would have jurisdiction over it anyway?  Probably only the State of Hawaii since it’s their form that was faked. But essentially all the Hawaiian officials are Obama lapdogs. So again, the roadblock of lack of jurisdiction anywhere else prevents anything from being done about it.  No one who has standing is willing to charge their favorite son with any crime, no matter how obvious.


Thank you Mr. President for finally vetting yourself.  We’re glad it only took 3 years and not 7 or 8.  You could have waited even longer if you wanted to, it was all up to you.  I hope we didn’t annoy you or take up too much of your valuable vacation time with the issue of your eligibility.

Uhhh…forgive me for bringing this up but I think the issue of your eligibility still exists (though no one seems to even have a clue that that is so).  But about the vetting…uhhh who has vetted the new document that has been “released”?  I’d just like to know the name of the  document expert that has certified the thing to be genuine?

What’s that?  It hasn’t been vetted by anybody?  Uhhhh….then we know it’s not a counterfeit how?  Trust you, you say?  Well, I kind of do, the document looks totally real but then I’m no expert so forgive me if I don’t trust in my own document certification skills.  I’d like to “trust but verify” by letting a real document expert have a peek at it.  Would that be OK?

No?  But why not?  I’m sure it would be good to just get this all behind us, so won’t you just lend it to an impartial expert for an hour or so?  Would that not be something the American people should expect of their President?  I don’t want to be disrespectful, but just for the sake of history, it would look better if you allowed someone to fully vet your background and eligibility.  Think of it as a teeny-weeny version of the FBI background check that you were never subjected to.


“What would it take to satisfy you people?”

What would it take?  Simple, any neutral document expert that is agreeable to all sides.  Period.  End of story.  But the truth will never be officially known about the latest document because Obama will never allow anyone with any expertise to examine it.  Listen, here’s the questions:

1. Do humans lie?  Yes.  Do biased government humans lie for their “boss”?  Yes.

2. Do Presidents lie, especially when it matters?  Yes, and even under oath. Nixon-Watergate, Reagan-Iran/Contra/ Clinton-Monica and all the lies that we don’t even know about.

3. Does Obama come from an honest, truthful political background like might exist in a place like Salt Lake City, or from one of the most corrupt political machines in America, the Chicago Democratic machine?  Men who become President may have gotten there by lying, manipulating, distorting, prevaricating, and obfuscating.

4. Is Hawaii a heavily Democratic state, inside and outside of the government?  Yes.  Would a good party loyalist be unwilling to “help-out” the man that he/she lovingly admires and is proud of?  Some, if not most, will.

5. Was there a vetting process that did all due diligence concerning Barack Obama?  No.  When should there have been one?  Before he was picked to be the party candidate, back before any Hawaiian government official viewed him as their golden son of Hawaii, the man who became the President. Their word would have been credible at that time, it is not credible at this time when the man in question has gone all the way to the top.

6. Was there a reasonable explanation given for why he opposed releasing this birth certificate for years, and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in Justice Dept. lawyer time blocking it in the court suits?  No. No explanation except that it would be “an embarrassment to the President” .  Suddenly now it’s all OK to release it?  Why?

7. Would/could sophisticated liberal elites be deceived by an inexpert counterfeit?  Yes.  When I was young, the NY Times proudly ran a series for over a week that contained the diary of Adolph Hitler that had just recently been discovered and purchased.  Even I knew immediately that they were fools.  Someone like Hitler doesn’t keep a diary, he killed plenty of people that kept diaries. (Ann Frank)  It was shown to be a fake by an expert.


From a common sense intuitive view of President Obama’s remarks at the press briefing one would have had to be an innocent child to not be disturbed by what he asked and how he asked it.  He, in the past, had released a Certification document that certified nothing and was never examined by any neutral party to attest to its authenticity.

Then after blocking every attempt to see the original, presto!! Here it is!  But let’s not dwell on it, lets move beyond it, let’s forget about it, lets not even think about it anymore.  There’s nothing to see here, just move along.
He dared to use the word “we” when speaking about the die-hard skeptics in order to lamely try to manipulate their consciences.  “We have more important things to do”

Who the hell is “we”? -the most vacationing president in history? -along with his friends who want to see him behind bars?  How gullible does he think “we” are?  Then he tried to denigrate and belittle the intelligence of any and all doubters by calling their pursuit of the verifiable truth “silly”.  The vetting of the President of the United States is now considered to be silliness.  In his fraudulent silly dream world.

What he was attempting to do was to use the full weight of the prestige of the Presidency and his own personal image of being “the parent” “the adult” in the situation begging, cajoling, shaming, and even stooping to appealing to their sense of patriotism to preempt and prevent any and all thinking about the document he was about to release.  He wanted it to stop and go away for good by convincing everyone to silence themselves.  What purpose would such an appeal serve and why would he care how much time doubters spent/wasted examining a document that was totally genuine?   He wouldn’t, if it were totally genuine, but he would a lot if it weren’t.



Obama birth certificate altered

Text layer slid up the page


         See the HOME page for three more glaringly faked images

From the blog athttp://www.infowars.com/digital-artifacts-prove-obama-birth-certificate-altered/comment-page-2/#comment-2485419


“I was  adopted. I can honestly tell you that the name I was given at birth by my mother does not appear anywhere on my birth certificate. My mother’s name is not to be found on my birth certificate. My (adoptive) parent’s names are on it instead. My birth date was changed as well. The date which now appears on my BC is actually not the date I was born, but the month and day I was adopted.I am not entitled- nor do I have any hope- of ever seeing my original BC. The information which is stated as fact on my BC is fictitious, although it IS accepted as a legal document. If my own BC were investigated, it would appear that it was a forgery as well…even though it was legally changed by the state as a result of my adoption.

Therefore, we may NEVER see his actual BC. Heck, HE has probably never seen his BC.
So, which should we be focusing on…his BC or his actions/policies?”

my reply:  We should be focused on his birth certificate tangentially to his non-natural born citizenship because if you think that there’s a great Republican candidate out there unrevealed so far, one that can defeat him at the polls, then you’re not giving him credit for how well he is able to manipulate people’s feelings and sympathies.  If he can be found to be ineligible to run, then the next president will be a Conservative instead.  BTW, very informative account of the reality of birth certificates.

from WND blog:

Reply to: Patriotallday
When the Obama campaign first posted the now proven fake Certifcate of Live Birth on the Daily Kos website in 2008, Obama maintained a layer of protection by being able to deny he had anything personally to do with the forgery. But when Obama calls a press conference and says “Here is MY long form birth certificate”, then Obama has put all his cards on the table and will be impeached once the public understands the 2nd Obama document was even a more poorly done forgery than the first COLB.
Scores of YouTube vids are appearing, posted by PhotoShop experts, teachers, and professionals, who can show us step by step, how the latest Obama forgery is so easy to decode that a novice can do it from his own computer.
The question is what is the GOP controlled Congress waiting for? NOW is the time to hold hearings on this matter at once as Obama is caught in yet another deception which can easily be proven! Demand Obama’s handlers be called before congress to be grilled on how they came to acquire this latest Obama document,,, as we know darn well Holder’s Dept. of Justice will look the other way just as he did with the Black Panthers who were video taped outside a polling place in military garb holding clubs! CALL experts to testify and demonstrate to Congress the reasons why the Obama BC is a proven forgery! Demand Hawaii present the ORIGINAL Obama long form BC from which the latest BC was photo copied from.
What is wrong with our elected officials who SWORE to uphold and defend our Constitution? Where are the new Tea Party members in the House and Senate and why are they not demanding this Obama charade come to an end?


11 Responses to Certificate of Live Birth

  1. arnash says:

    From: http://www.infowars.com/digital-artifacts-prove-obama-birth-certificate-altered/

    robilefox says:
    April 29, 2011 at 1:42 am

    Obama’s new long form document was produced entirely from an electronic data record and done up as a printout on an informational receipt form that summarized the information in the State database. The State Registrar affirms: “I certify this is a true copy or abstract of TXE record on file in the Hawaii State Department of Health”. This informs all that this document is based only on electronic sources of questionable origin. When and from where did this information get put into a database record on Obama’s birth? Since the Registrar has certified that only a digital record was used to create the form printout given to the President, this should imply that no original birth record could be located in the State Archives and it also shows that actually no hard copy record is known to exist in those archives.

    It is a waste of energy to prove the latest birth document from Obama is a fake. The Hawaii State Registrar has already certified it came only from electronic sources; and, since no vital records are destroyed, it can be assumed that this latest information on Obama’s birth didn’t even come from a written document that no longer exists, which had been scanned into the database before getting lost. With only an electronic record to support the information presented, this new long form is worthless in proving Obama’s birth. This makes it pointless to analyze it for errors to prove it a fake, because it has no bearing on the Constitutional debate of Obama’s qualifications to serve in his office.

    This worthless document was put out by the President to divide and distract America. Everyone has missed the point that this document could never prove or disprove Obama’s birth in Hawaii. It is an unofficial summarization of all data on Obama’s birth located in the State’s TXE record on Obama. It is even lacking the State Seal, which would signify it as an official copy. However, no original birth record exists on Obama in the Hawaii State Archives and no official copy of this record can be made. Otherwise, the Registrar would have surely delivered to Obama an official copy of his original birth records.

    To certify that only an electronic record was used to produce the April 25, 2011, long form shows how truly nothing exists in the Hawaii State Archives on Obama’s birth. The Registrar found nothing of substance and he essentially certified delivering nothing of worth to the President. So, why are so many fighting so hard over a trivial document which means nothing?
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  2. arnash says:

    From: InfoWars http://www.infowars.com/digital-artifacts-prove-obama-birth-certificate-altered/

    robilefox says:
    April 29, 2011 at 12:32 am

    Actually, the layering is most likely created by using an enriched text file (TXE record) from database storage and then doing a form printout of the data on paper. OCR scanning could create the effects mentioned. However, the document released by Obama, and supposedly delivered to him by the Hawaii State Registrar, has evidence at the bottom of it that the information on the document came from only electronic record. The Registrar states: I certify this document is a true copy or abstract of TXE record on file in the Hawaii State Department of Health”. Only this “TXE record” was used in creating the long form document.

    Obama is improperly calling this his long form birth certificate. It is merely a departmental printout on a receipt form of all information stored in their electronic database on Obama’s birth. This is an unofficial document for any purpose and could never prove birth. Think of it as a data dump of all known information on all linked databases. Unknown is when this data record on Obama was created; but it can be surmised that no original birth record exists and no paper trail of secondary hard-copy records could be found. All there is a dubious electronic record with questionable data which can be printed out on informational user forms to summarize the contents of this unattributable information.

    This new long form document of Obama’s birth is worthless to proving it. It is pointless in showing it is forgery. And, it all is designed to divide and distract American over a phony issue in the constitutional debate over Obama’s qualifications to serve in his office. The issue isn’t this document; but, that no original document on his birth anywhere in America can be produced and no official copy of an original birth record has ever been made or produced. A birth announcement made by his Grandparents a week after his birth is unacceptable. Obama should not be President because he has not and likely can not supply any original record, or official copy of such, of his birth in Honolulu, or anywhere else in America.

  3. arnash says:

    from WND blog:
    Reply to: Patriotallday
    When the Obama campaign first posted the now proven fake Certifcate of Live Birth on the Daily Kos website in 2008, Obama maintained a layer of protection by being able to deny he had anything personally to do with the forgery. But when Obama calls a press conference and says “Here is MY long form birth certificate”, then Obama has put all his cards on the table and will be impeached once the public understands the 2nd Obama document was even a more poorly done forgery than the first COLB.
    Scores of YouTube vids are appearing, posted by PhotoShop experts, teachers, and professionals, who can show us step by step, how the latest Obama forgery is so easy to decode that a novice can do it from his own computer.
    The question is what is the GOP controlled Congress waiting for? NOW is the time to hold hearings on this matter at once as Obama is caught in yet another deception which can easily be proven! Demand Obama’s handlers be called before congress to be grilled on how they came to acquire this latest Obama document,,, as we know darn well Holder’s Dept. of Justice will look the other way just as he did with the Black Panthers who were video taped outside a polling place in military garb holding clubs! CALL experts to testify and demonstrate to Congress the reasons why the Obama BC is a proven forgery! Demand Hawaii present the ORIGINAL Obama long form BC from which the latest BC was photo copied from.
    What is wrong with our elected officials who SWORE to uphold and defend our Constitution? Where are the new Tea Party members in the House and Senate and why are they not demanding this Obama charade come to an end?

  4. arnash says:

    “produced entirely from an electronic data record and done up as a printout” You’re seeing it as only a legitimate, though worthless, amalgamation of digitally stored information, but it is more than that. It is a very carefully, inexpertly, edited fake that took image editing skill to produce. It definitely fits the definition of a counterfeit. That is not an insignificant fact. This is evidence that the White House is party to a cover-up of something since it’s
    unlikely that whoever produced it did so of their own volition without prompting or payment for services rendered. No one can say if all the culpability belongs to people in Hawaii or if the White House was in on it, but judging by the fact that the White House previously released a lesser fake document, if they were innocent, they wouldn’t want
    to release another one without vetting it first, which they didn’t do, possibly because they were the ones that produced it. There are too many things about the origin of the new BC that just smell really bad. Like the fact that it is made up of at least 4 transparent layers of text and images of text. The Hawaiian Dept of Health surely would have someone working for them who knows what he’s doing and would never release such a PDF as an official document, when, if layers were officially used to “repair” a document, then they would be all merged together into just one layer before sending to anyone. But they would not have the time to “repair” any document like this fake has been doctored, and why would you or I believe that Hawaii sends out digital files instead of hard copies? I don’t believe that, we’re not in a paperless society yet.
    So the fraud is based on giving the impression that the hard copy shown briefly was from Hawaii, and the PDF was just a scan of it, but they didn’t have the smarts to realize that they forgot to flatten their fake computer counterfeited original. Fools! Hawaii wouldn’t produce nor send-out a multi-layered digital copy, nor probably even
    a single layered copy, but a hard copy.
    So all the alterations of the original text are now added to those logic errors, along with the fact that the fake can’t be ascribed to any human being with a name, including the “authenticating” name stamped on the background layer, and no official seal to boot! Every which way you look at it, it fails the test of authenticity and validating attestation regarding its legitimacy. I’m left wondering how much Hawaii is party to the fraud. Clearly, it’s a result
    of someone who knew someone who knew someone, maybe a son of a staffer who cobbled it together in his basement.

  5. arnash says:

    I posted an article on my blog concerning the long form being a forgery.


    The Obama COLB is ‘FILED’, whereas the long form is ‘Date Accepted’, how can there be conflicting information, when the long form was supposed to be entered into the database as valid and authentic information.
    This means that either the COLB is correct and the long form a forgery, or the long form is correct and the COLB is a forgery, either way Barack Obama has issued a fraudulent document and there are laws regarding document forgery. There is no need to attempt to go over the layers, the 90 degree links and the differences between the AP and the White House versions. The fact that there are discrepancies between the two documents is proof enough that there exists a major problem that indicates document forgery.
    If this is in reality Obama’s 1961 long form Birth Certificate why is the data not in the database, where a computer generated document would be printed out, or the original 1961 long form Birth Certificate would have been certified from the microfiche file [like the Nordyke's], and this long form does not have the Director of Health’s and General Registrar’s signature nor the embossed seal of the Department of Health.

    This version is nothing more than an attempt to photocopy an existing document onto the security paper and alter the data fields.

  6. arnash says:

    su359115 wrote on WND forum:
    “These are not artifacts of digital processing . . . they are the intentional work of a graphics artist ‘building’ an image, in this case a document.”
    This is a logical initial assumption, but many initial assumptions are lacking the complete picture and thus turn out to be erroneous. First one should note that darkroom experience is irrelevant to digital experience. I could point out that my image and text-image editing experience extends well beyond the 1,000 hour mark but that is not germane to the reasons for countering your conclusions. The reasons are focused on the fact that a very close examination of all of the anomalies reveals, as I shared previously, that there is NO SANE REASON behind at least 98% of them. That FACT is evidence that the manipulation was due to an intelligence that was not human, but rather, was mathematical. And the ONLY reason for image-reproduction software to involve such random math-based alteration is for purposes of encryption. I never previously mentioned that I saw things in the long-form COLB that even my image-vs-text theory could not explain. Now I have an explanation. But you are still unaware of such things because you haven’t thoroughly examined every anomaly of every line. After you’ve done that you will understand that the anomalies cannot be explained as the work of a graphic artist. When you can come
    to us as an expert in encryption algorithms then your conclusions can be given some credence. But I cast no blame at you since I’ve previously been of the same opinion. But I dug deeper. Also, I’ve had experience in both
    computer programming AND image editing and am aware of their fundamentals. That, along with common sense, and the Nordyke twins BCs for comparison, led me to discoveries that invalidated my conclusions of deliberate manipulation. AN

    su359115 said of his BC scan:
    “There are no layers, or moveable ‘artwork’ as in the Obama document scan uploaded on the internet. The Obama document shows signs of alteration, which voids its evidentiary value.”
    All of that is true. The Obama document was not the result of a scanner but of a camera lens, with a center, fixed location above a surface used to place “books” (annual bindings probably) of documents bond at the left edge and opened for copying. The curvature of the lines/page at the top left verifies this. The photo was then digitized, the contrast increased and the background deleted. Then the software “altered” the text by splitting it into layers of scalable text and non-scalable JPG text images (for encryption purposes).
    This process serves the purposes of the state for quickly making available certifiable copies of documents. But while it is fine for essentially all citizens, there is one exception, and that is because the degree of authenticity and certification needed to validate a citizen that wishes to assume the position of President of the United States should rise above that required for everyone else, considering how much is at stake. And such a digital concoction as is produced by the Hawaiian records dept is an inadequate form for the purpose of records authentication regarding a Presidential candidate unless it is authenticated by the software engineers
    that wrote the copying program and the techs that utilized it. But even with that, if comparison with a certified photo is not made, then one can’t testify that no alteration was made after Hawaii stupidly released the multi-layered PDF version to the WH because digital editing is just too easy to accomplish.

  7. arnash says:

    WND Post 5-24-11 It definitely is altered but I’ve become convinced after super close-up examination of the entire surface that is was not altered by a human being but by encryption algorithms after it was altered following being photographed and converted into a scalable form which allows enlarging without blurring or pixelizing. As such it can be called a fraud because it pretends to be a certified forensically legitimate representation of an original document. But that falsehood only would be judged to be a criminal fraud if the purpose was to defraud by containing false and misleading information. No one has shown that the information is false, though it can also be said that no one has shown that it is true. All that can be said to be true is that it appears to be an actual image (however much manipulated) of a document created with the same form and typewriter as the Nordyke twins’ documents. So it would be wise to not put all ones eggs in that one basket because the future revelations about it and any original just might turn out to be like what we’ve seen so far, namely, something that is full of surprises with unexpected twists and turns. AN

    As I’ve shown by close-up examination of the PDF, only a few things are known and many are unknowable. One thing I’ve discovered is that essentially all of the “anomalies” are not explainable as the product of the human mind. There’s 2 kinds of anomalies, one is where the original photograph image of the text, which was converted into a scalable PDF image, has been altered randomly by encryption algorithms that converted typed
    text and printed form elements into non-scalable JPG images which are composed of individual pixels and on a separate layer from the rest of the text. The more enlarged, the bigger the pixels appear, but the original text is not composed of pixels but instead is “scalable” i.e. -enlargeable without distortion or pixelizaton. So while there is extensive evidence of alteration, there is NO evidence of DELIBERATE alteration, with the possible exception of the last digit in the document number.
    The other type of anomaly is where elements of the printed form are seen to be absolutely identical, which I thought at first was clear evidence of tampering, but later, after thorough re-examination I found that the same duplication occurred in elements (letters) that had no conceivable human motive behind them. That implied that they were due to the identical nature of the original printed characters.
    Optical Character Recognition was not involved in creating the PDF because the image of the original typewritten text was preserved via photography using a centered lens.
    One can proclaim endlessly that the PDF is altered, fabricated, or created, but that doesn’t make it inaccurate. Nor does it certify that it is, or is not, an official Hawaiian Health Dept. digital creation. Nothing about it has been certified by anyone, though claims have been made.
    Experts and laymen alike can testify that it is not an unaltered digital document, but they cannot tell you what the hell it actually is. But I’ll try. There is no explanation under Heaven that can provide rhyme and reason for its anomalies except security encryption algorithms that produce random splitting of some elements of the form & text images into JPG images, which had to be preserved as separate layers in order to retain the unique effect that was created, of which a record would be kept to be able to detect document counterfeiting.

  8. arnash says:

    A moving bar of optical sensors pick-up images only at a 90% angle, any other angle would result in linear distortion, i.e. curvature. But a single lens will “see” a curving document the same way our eyes will, i.e. -whatever is at a right angle will appear straight even if curving away from or toward the eye, but when viewing something curved from an angle, the curvature will increase the farther it is from 90%. THAT is what is seen when comparing the bottom lines and the top lines of the Obama PDF. So it can only be explained as having been captured by a single stationary lens. By a camera. But without another COLB to compare it to, we can’t know if Hawaii has employed such a method to replicate their originals or if someone copied a BC from that time period using their own personal camera.
    I don’t know how to relate the basic form of the White House COLB with the Nordyke twins’ BCs because theirs is from 1966 and is even in color (shown by the yellowing of the old paper) but theirs were captured by a different method. Perhaps theirs are relatively recent color scans of the first copy made of the original. But Obama should have inherited the same kind of original copy from his mother. He mentioned it in his book, so why has he never revealed it? What information does it contain, or NOT contain, that would inspire him to want to hide it? THAT is what inquiring minds want to know.

    I finally developed the mental gumption to draw a conclusion about the “missing” bottom portion of Obama’s BC, and that is that it actually isn’t missing. After examining the bottom of the Nordyke twins’ BCs I realized that the upward curving shadow is the actual bottom of the page, and the certification section below it was added when the certified copy was prepared for them. So POOF! -there goes that big element of suspicion.
    But the very existence of the White House PDF is suspicious enough. Why not just release an image of the old yellowing original? Isn’t that what everyone else is provided by state governments? Which do you prefer to believe, your own eyes, or someone’s unverified digital creation that re-formats the information via uncertified methods? Not all “proof” is created equal. AN

    But you say good scanners use lenses (plural) but there should be enough of them to avoid the single-lens curvature seen in the Obama PDF. The capture lens was located at the bottom of the page, which resulted in straight lines shot at a 90% angle, But the higher up the page a line is, the more it curves -even though there was the same amount of curvature to the actual page as it lay opened. That’s because the angle of perspective was about 60-75% instead of 90%.

  9. arnash says:

    Records of Immigration and Naturalization Service cards filled out by passengers arriving on international flights originating outside the United States in the month of August 1961, examined at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., are missing records for the week of President Obama’s birth.

    Winston Court
    I am sure thousands, even tens-of-thousands, have downloaded the fraudulent birth certificate, which obama released on the whitehouse website, examined it, and knew it was a forgery, we had a criminal president, and wondered why the federal authorities, the senate, and congress would allow this criminal to go unchallenged — unless, they too are criminals.

    The repercussions of all this is a horror to contemplate. We need an almost complete change of the criminals inhabiting our public servant offices, who have usurped the peoples’ powers, who are engaged in criminal activity and treason against American citizens.

    It is time we take action …

    • SUSANM says:

      CRIMINALS: you’re so right. nothing but corruption. that’s why no one says anything…but if obama has anything on them, it’s not as bad as an illegal corrupt, lying, thief, turning our country into socialism.

  10. arnash says:

    Recent tests done by scanning a print-out of the pdf image using a high-end Xerox Workstation All-in-One copier and outputting to pdf, -then opening the pdf in Abode Preview in order to switch it from landscape/horizontal orientation to Portrait (vertical) orientation has produced similar results to the anomalies seen in the WH pdf.
    The Workstation results can reasonably be assumed to explain all of the anomalies of the pdf, but a software cause for everything seen in the pdf does not legitimize the paper document used to make the scan that produced the pdf. The original has no official State Seal.
    It also is not a True & Correct Copy since it’s merely a digital Abstract and thus can’t be legitimately certified, along with the fact that it lacks a human signature which is required of all true certification. Think about this: if your widowed billionaire mother died without a will, and a few days later your evil brother produces a typed will containing only a rubber stamp signature, would you, or any court in the world, accept it?

    The legitimacy of the pdf image is in no way evidence that a normal cut-n-paste digitally fabricated paper counterfeit was not produced, -the one that no one has been allowed to examine, and which was deliberately removed from the room before Obama entered. So don’t for a minute assume that proof of a real birth certificate has been provided, because nothing could be farther from the truth. And if a court should ever order that what was used to produce the pdf image be surrendered to the court for professional examination, the counterfeit original will no longer be locatable. It will have been lost or accidentally damaged beyond worth keeping. But such a ploy will have to cover two copies since Obama’s lying narrative is that he requested and received two copies, not just one.

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