Obama and Hawaiian DoH Director Fuddy’s Convenient Death

All cold-blooded killers like to leave no loose ends that point back to them. Consequently, witnesses or hired underlings end up being dispatched to the next life so that they can never give testimony against secret criminals that could put those criminals on death row.
That danger to them is why the witness protection program was created. There are plenty of people who will kill other people for reasons of hate or profit. They have to be kept away from their would-be targets or they will end up dead.
But people in the public eye cannot just enter the witness protection program and disappear into a new identity in a new unknown location. They have to continue living their lives in the public eye and hope that secrets that they know, -which it would be better to not know, won’t eventually cause wheels to be put in motion that will figuratively drop a meteor on their head. The sword of Damocles hangs over their head, which they have to live under everyday. Until it drops.
Sometimes it drops in very suspicious ways, like a “suicide” by shooting oneself in the back or some such unbelievable circumstances. But more often it drops in very, very subtle and believable ways. Bullets are no longer a credible way to eliminate the cognoscenti; they raise too many eyebrows. So other methods must be employed.

As everyone has been made aware via fiction and fact depicted in films and novels, the security agencies of powerful governments know dozens of covert means to make people dead, with the worse being thorium injected with a fine tip needle. But that is too revealing since it’s highly radioactive. Something much more subtle would be something that would simply stop one’s heart.
An autopsy might show death by an air embolism, or some form of poison but will not show something that causes a “natural death” by blocking the electrical signal to the heart muscle. That could work by stopping the heart outright like they do in open-heart surgery, or by causing the muscles to not receive a consistent pulse of electricity but an inconsistence pulse which causes the muscles to contract separately instead of in unison. Such an effect would result in a death that a coroner would assume was caused by cardiac arrhythmia, even though it can’t be detected in a non-beating heart. One can’t detect an irregular heart-beat if the heart is not even beating. One has to draw assumptions in the absence of detectible fact.

The coroner who did the autopsy of Loretta Fuddy, -the deceased Director of the Hawaiian Department of Health, chose to ascribe her unexplained and unexpected death as being due to cardiac arrhythmia. Well, for that to be believable a few things would have to be true; she would have to have had a prior detection of cardiac irregularity via some experience that made her feel “ill”, or was detected during a routine heart exam. Being 65 years of age, and head of the department of Health, it would be certain that her health was not overlooked or ignored.

She would have had a stress text or two over the years because women have been known for some time now to have as many deaths due to heart disease and heart attacks as men.
According to her own brother, she was in excellent health, and there were no known heart problems. If she had been my grandmother’s age when she died from cardiac arrhythmia due to forgetting to take her digitalis with her during a few days away from home, then it would be understandable, but then my grandmother was 88 years old, while Fuddy was still a relatively young 65, very active and fully functioning as a department director, -which, he brother pointed out, requires strong nerves and not a ‘fraidy-cat spirit.

On the other hand, there are many things about her which we do not fully know. Including how she got the job in the first place. She was appointed to replace the sitting head of the department who had just been installed into office just three weeks prior. When asked by a reporter why he had resigned, that was the first he had heard of it, and answered that it was news to him.
So everything about her “appointment” was suspicious, including the fact that unlike a doctor, which all previous heads had been, she had no experience in life that would have produced those nerves of steel one would expect for a department head. In fact, she was an emotional, vulnerable, needy, gentle, single, childless soul who was a church member and a cult member, -being a leader (or the leader) of the branch of the Subuh cult in Hawaii.
Obama’s mother had also been a member. Obama and Fuddy were connected through his mother, -at least in a tangential way, but even more so in a political way.

We all know that spy agencies and the military, both of which must keep very classified secrets, are always concerned about an agent being susceptible to being emotionally compromised; charmed, wined-&-dined, hopelessly involved with a person of the opposite sex (or a person of the same sex, -even more worrisome).
But influence does not have to be so involved. All that’s really needed is for a vulnerable person to be placed in a position of being charmed by a very, very powerful and charming person, like say…. oh, maybe the debonair President of the entire United States! The one who makes a personal call to ask for one’s help to solve a problem.

“Her most important events in life were the confirmation of hearing the birth of her nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews. Some of her hobbies were the collections of various cat and angel figurines and taking care of her pet cat.”

-Gee, I wonder if her life could have been a made a little richer by a personal call from the President of the United States with a little request for a little favor so he could end the “silliness” surrounding his non-existent birth certificate?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to the female gender, Obama, more than any President ever, is able to come across as very charming. That is why we was elected, -and reelected. It sure wasn’t due to masses of men-folk being charmed by him personally while disdaining his policies, actions, and non-actions. That was the wide-eyed infatuated low-information, The Bachelor-watching members of the gentler sex.

Does anyone dare so say that Loretta Fuddy would been immune to the Obama charm when he applied it full force? It would have been emotionally impossible for her to say no to him. That’s how charm works. That’s how people get bamboozled everyday by smooth-takers who are so sincere, it seems, and so friendly. Who wouldn’t enjoy knowing them better, and being liked by them? (and buying a great bridge from them at a steal!)

What am I getting at? I’m suggesting that Barack Obama personally called Fuddy on her private line and shmoozed with her about his lamentable problem of having been born in Hawaii but his mother not having been able to get a birth certificate for him because of date and timing factors which didn’t allow it at the time. He needed her personal help to help get him past the doubters who suggested he was foreign born.

They were a big distraction and the issue “needed to be put to bed”, (quoting god-knows who) especially with that big-mouth Donald Trump raising a fuss for god-only-knows what reason. Maybe racism?

Well, she got aboard and was determined to help her knight in shining socialist armor, and she could do that by making certain old records available for others to use to put together an official-looking long-form birth certificate. It wasn’t like it was criminal, even though it wasn’t legal. Everyone commits a crime or three every time they drive a car. She would be doing a good deed, -good for Obama, -good for the Democrat Party, good for Hawaii, and good for the nation.

Bending the rules a little would not hurt anyone, but would benefit millions by keeping Lord Obama in office for another four years, -protecting the Affordable Health Care Act from being repealed. Why it was almost obligatory to help provide him with a birth certificate before the issue got out of hand and people started thinking that he was not even eligible to be President. That kind of thinking could be dangerous and completely uncalled for. For the sake of the country, that needed to be nipped in the bud, -and so it was.

She opened the computer data-base which stores all of the digitized records going back to before Hawaii even became a state. She located the computer-stored microfilm image of his mother’s original affidavit applying for recognition of birth for her newborn son. That affidavit was accompanied by a typed version of Barack Jr.’s vital facts regarding parentage and such, and the text of those facts was added to the form of an archive page for someone else, such as Virginia Sunahara who was born the day before and died the day after Obama was born, -after deleting its digitized text imagery and replacing it with Obama’s. Presto! a very passable birth certificate, -if one does not examine it with a microscope.

Well, it has been examined with a microscope, so to speak, and it has been discovered that the layout of the lines, the spacing of the words and some letters would have been impossible under any ordinary circumstance of a clerk putting a blank form into a typewriter and typing away, word by word, line by line.
Placing text onto a digital form cannot replicate the precision of the mechanism that is a typewriter. And so the imprecision of the fake Certificate of Live Birth gave it away as being fabricated on a computer, and not produced by a typewriting clerk.
-That’s old school investigation. Nothing digital in nature, just an old fashion grid matrix laid on top of Obama’s bc and on top of a control bc from someone else. Obama can’t say; “Who ya gonna believe? Me? or yer lyin’ eyes?”

So compliant Fuddy did her democratic duty for her party and her charming champion and it turned out to be a very profitable compliance it seems. Doug Vogt, who filed a legal petition in Seattle, [http://obamaforgerybook.com/ ] named her in a sealed affidavit which accompanied his open brief detailing all of the accumulated evidence of forgery of the long form birth certificate and the Selective Service registration card. In that sealed affidavit he detailed his investigation into Fuddy’s finances. He found that she came up with between 50-70 thousand dollars that could not be accounted for, -which went to pay down her mortgage and such.

That is a lot of money to come from nowhere. Many people have been killed for far less. And many people who knew about such inexplicable manna from heaven when it fell on some gangster, mob boss, or powerful executive ended up in a pine box before they made it to the witness stand in a criminal case against the criminal.

So does one dare speculate as to whether or not Loretta Fuddy might have been seen as a potential witness for the prosecution, -a witness that could blow Obama and his overlords’ world to kingdom come? What the heck, why not. Nothing can hurt her now. So since just about every court in the land that has been presented with a suit against Obama has caved before even hearing it, one might be tempted to suspect that his socialist ilk are embedded in all of the institutions of the land, including law offices and court offices.

If one of Obama’s lying, atheist, socialist acolytes read what Vogt revealed about Fuddy, why would she or he fail to make herself a hero to her hero by giving him a heads-up? No good reason not to. After all, who the heck would ever know? Answer: no one. And what happened after that sealed affidavit was submitted to that court?

Fuddy is soon dead after the highly reliable plane she was in dies in midair just after take-off following a report muffled bang sound.
Now I don’t know about you, but I know that when a bullet hits an insulated car or plane or train, it makes a thump instead of a loud clang or bang. I also know that snipers can take out a target from over a mile away. Also, a small explosive next to the magneto would kill the engine dead. Kind of just like what happened.

So, you have a highly suspicious and inexplicable death preceded by a highly unexpected and inexplicable engine shut-off, and this all happens after the dead person has been personally named in a court filing which implicates her in a financial circumstance that is inexplicable and may be tied to a conspiracy to produce a badly needed birth certificate to silence critics who were hounding the President of the United States with irritating and suspicion-raising questions about where he was really born and whether or not he was really eligible to be President, -and was even a United States citizen.

Well, I, as Obama’s personally appointed judge, and cop, rule that there is nothing suspicious here, so just move along to your own homes, folks. There’s nothing to see. And by the way, that large, moving, maneuvering object you and thousands witnessed in the sky, that was just an odd cloud. Trust the government. It would never lie to you.

Edward Snowdon taught us that the government is completely above-board and we can trust its minions with our safety and liberty, -and let’s not forget; privacy as well.
Just because the Congress passed, and the President signed, the National Defense Authorization Act which includes the authority for the executive branch and military to arrest and imprison American citizens without charges, attorneys, trials, or judges, does not mean that government thinks it is your boss. So stop being worried, -stop being overly concerned.

And speaking of being overly worried, did you know that hyper-stress can kill you by causing cardiac arrhythmia? And what causes hyper-stress? Why fear of course; -terror of something very malevolent or threatening.
I’ve heard that it’s been found that a pilot of a fighter plane died in the cockpit before his nose-diving plane even hit the ground. I assume he was attached to telemetry which showed that he flat-lined out of stark fear.

Now put yourself in Loretta Fuddy’s shoes; you are the only loose end in a conspiracy that goes to the very top of the American government, and you are the only person in that conspiracy who is not a lawyer and thus can’t claim attorney-client privilege, -with the client being one Barack H. Obama, POTUS.

-And your perfectly working plane engine, checked-out just before flight, -no history of problems, a reliable work-horse of aviation, suddenly dies while you are high in the air with no second engine to take over.
You “know where the bodies are buried” and maybe no one has your back, expect perhaps with cross-hairs on it, and that those included behind the scenes as faceless enforcers are aware of what you know, just as they may have been regarding what Breitbart knew about something or other. You just might have a panic attack if you thought about your situation, and that of the coroner who did Breitbart’s autopsy and the next day turned up dead.

But panic attacks don’t kill, and neither does “hyperventilation” kill a director of a Health Department, especially not when there is no reason to be hyperventilating while peacefully floating among many others in the warm waters of the Hawaiian coast (just a half mile away). Why would such a placid setting inspire the kind of shear panic that could derange normal heart rhythm?
Either it didn’t, but something else did, or else her heart stoppage was caused by an injected neurro-toxin that attacks the heart.
I learned, I believe in boot camp some forty years ago, that there is a chemical agent so powerful that just a drop on your thigh will kill you in about 10 seconds by stopping your heart. It might have been a man-made chemical, no doubt, but there are super-powerful nerve agents produced by living creatures, such as the box jellyfish (which just happens to inhabit the ocean). But its sting of the skin is very painful. But if injected below the skin, then what would happen? Probably just what
happened to Loretta Fuddy, -whatever that was.

That seems like plenty of questions surrounding her death, but the public is left with one more huge one; and that is; “what were the results of the NTSB investigation of the cause of the engine failure?”
If you do a search for answers you’ll find absolutely nothing after the January autopsy results. At least on the first few pages. It’s all regurgitation of the crash and autopsy news. End of story. Now it’s over three months later. What the heck happened?

They would have found an answer within a week of getting the engine, but just try to use the NTSB website search engine to find anything. You’ll find zip. Nada. Wouldn’t you think there was some data-base of plane crashes and investigation results? Is the NTSB in the stone age or are they just under the domination of Obama’s enforcers and hiding the results.
What kind of results would Obama need to hide? A bullet hole for one, -a bomb explosion for another. Something caused that muffled bang.

On Apollo 13, it was an explosion of an oxygen tank. So we are left with what we are always left with; no answers and more questions.  When does it become politically okay to say that silence has become suspicious? Well it doesn’t matter what is okay because Americans with brains in their heads instead of pudding, want to know a heck of a lot of answers that are being deliberate kept secret.

“Lois Lerner, what did you know and when did you know it regarding the IRS scandal?”

“Eric Holder, what did you know and when did you know it regarding the Fast & Furious scandal?”

“Hilary Clinton, what did you know and when did you know it regarding the Benghazi scandal?”

Answers? They can’t handle answers. So you aren’t going to get any, not now, not ever, especially about the counterfeit birth certificates and their production. I can’t say “their production and investigation” because there will never be any investigation unless the sky falls.

Why won’t anyone investigate or ask questions? Because no one is partial to implied threats against their loved ones. That’s the consequence of not having people like yours truly where they are most needed. I speak of people who have no loved ones.

Anyone who doubts that that is the way the truly hard-core behind-the-scenes agents of merciless power operate, then just try to explain the unexplainable flip-flop of chief justice roberts, who stabbed the Constitution and the America people in the back with his treasonous opinion on Obama-care.

Did he just wake-up one morning and decide to flush his values and integrity down the toilet? If he did, we are in as much trouble as if he did it out of primal fear.
So far, you can count on the fingers of one hand, with fingers left over, the number of people in positions of authority or influence who have had the courage and intellectual honesty and integrity to dare to broach the subject of Obama’s unconstitutional and counterfeit-secured presidency.

We are on our own on this one. No one will stand with us, no politician, no news anchor, no pundit, no commentator, no belt-way analyst, no bureaucrat, and no official of any branch of government. No one will stand up and exclaim that the emperor has no constitutional clothes.

This is what we’ve devolved to. Or at least those who are on the inside. If you are not, you should be glad that you are not, because you could not have any self-respect or intellectual curiosity and patriotic protectiveness of the Constitution and rule of law if you were. They are all compromised from East to West. This is the picture of what the corruption and / or intimidation of the entire establishment looks like.

But hey, why complain, just pour another pina colada, put on some reggae music and kick back to “Don’t worry,…be happy.” (for tomorrow you perish.)
As for me, I’m not worried or looking over my shoulder, after all, I don’t know any secrets. I just draw conclusions from stuff I’ve read. And does anyone pay attention? Nope. I’m as invisible as the cosmic background radiation.

But I raise a glass to the hope that some judge, somewhere, sometime just might have a spine and a brain and bring the whole damn house of cards crashing down. That’s the dream, (-a pipe dream it would seem). A dream of Justice.

“Let Justice Be Done Though The Heavens Fall”

by Adrien Nash March 2014 obama–nation.com

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Fuddy’s Convenient Death  pdf 5 pages





The Secret Obama’s Mother Couldn’t Tell Him

When Barack Obama was born, he wasn’t really there.  Not there in the sense that an observer would be said to have been there because like all infants, he would have no memory of the event nor the place where it took place.  Thus he learned of it second-hand, -only by being told by his mother or a grandparent on some particular occasion when it was brought up.
Or he may have over-heard that he was home-born in Hawaii when his mother was speaking to a clerk in the Indonesian Consulate in Hawaii while she was in the process of applying with her new Indonesian husband (Lolo Soetoro) for formal Indonesian adoption of her son.

Either way, he learned first-hand, -probably  from his mother’s own mouth, that he was born in Hawaii.  If she told him that personally and directly, then she was lying to him face to face.  But he does not know that to this day.
If she lied to him it was because she had to.  Any good and compassionate mother would have done the same because the truth was something that no child should ever hear or be told.  The truth was that he was very much unwanted, and she did everything that she could to unload him onto some willing adoptive couple who would forever take him off of her hands and out of her life.

What do the two things have connecting them?  That question is at the heart of the issue of where he was born and why he was born there.
If he was born in Hawaii, then he was not seriously unwanted, because if he was seriously unwanted, then she would have left Hawaii and returned to her “hometown” of Seattle to find what she could not find in Hawaii; namely a middle-aged, middle-class, childless Black couple looking to adopt a Black or Mulatto baby.
No such couple, she would have discovered, existed in Hawaii because its Black married population was almost entirely a limited number of couples who had moved from the mainland to Hawaii following the husband’s service in the Pacific during World War II.

There were very few of them and none of them were looking to adopt.  So what was Barry’s mother forced to do?  To go fish in a bigger pond, -the pond of Seattle.  Why would anyone suspect that she did that?  The reasons are well laid out in my exposition titled: “Why baby Obama Was Born in Vancouver”.  Now I’ve spilled the beans of where I’m headed by the mention of Vancouver, B.C.

Here’s how the need for the lie is tied in with where he must have been born.  If he was born in Hawaii as his mother told him, then he would certainly have been born in a hospital, or rushed to one immediately following birth enroute.
His mother would have been housed in the maternity ward with other new mothers, and mothers-to-be, but none who were there at that time have any recollection of an unmarried white  teenager who gave birth to a black child.  No one would have ever forgotten such a thing since it would have been maximumly scandalous in 1961.  And… a birth certificate would have resulted.
But the point is that were he born or cared for immediately post-partum in Kapiolani Hospital, then they would have created a Certificate of Live Birth for him, and he would have been registered with the Hawaiian Dept. of Health.

But did that actually happen?  He doesn’t believe it did because he was told only that he was born in Hawaii, -not that we was born in a Hawaiian hospital.  He assumes that for some reason he was born at home, and that fact wrecked his chance to obtain a birth certificate.
The fact that he had no birth certificate because he fell through the legal cracks in the system has been his understanding all of his life, and his mother fostered that misrepresentation because the truth was too ugly to tell.
The truth was that she was the most liberated free young female spirit on the island; -willing to cross lines that no normal, church raised, or morally raised young woman would have even conceived of.
Everything about her was unconventional, beginning with her first name: “Stanley”.  No other girl on Earth was named Stanley.  That says volumes about the maverick nature of her father and mother.

Who were they and what were they?  We only know what has been learned from research which uncovered two things; their membership in a “church” (the United Church of Christ if I remember correctly) which was known as “the little red church” with “red” referring to red as in Red Communist.  And secondly, the fact that they were associates of Frank Marshall Davis, a registered member of the Communist Party of America, and publisher of an occasional communist news periodical” (along with being the future mentor to Barry when he returned to live in Hawaii at age 10).
That’s not all he was.  He was also a nudie-girl soft-porn and S&M photographer who sold what he was able to produce to men’s magazines.  He was so close to the Dunham’s that they had no prohibition against their only daughter spending quality time with him under his political tutelage.  But his secret side-vocation was also something he “mentored” her in.

She, at 17, took to it like a duck to water, posing in whatever he enticed her to try on, including sooner or later, nothing at all.  Their connection went beyond a mere teacher – student relationship because she went beyond all inhibition and shyness.  If there was anything that she was not, shy was it.
The result was that she shed her virginity via a moment of passion that he later wrote about in his semi-autobiographical erotic novel in which he identified his young teenage white female partner as “Ann”.  Gee, pure coincidence.
Perhaps he had a fertile imagination that went to where they did not go together.  But were that true, then why did she do that very same thing just a month or two later with he new fellow Black student in a Russian (!) language class named Barack Obama (-that’s BAIR-ek  o-BAM-a according to his, his brother’s and family’s pronunciation of the two names).

They probably coupled between 11:PM and 1:AM the night of Halloween in 1960 following plenty of drinking, (-or it may have been a month later on her 18th birthday, Nov.29th, but that would have made the resulting child’s birth one month premature).

Either way, she was a very independent spirit looking forward to exciting things in her future and the last person who would be accepting of being saddled with a newborn putting the brakes on her life and lifestyle.
She wanted her freedom, not maternal serfdom.  She felt exactly the same as the hundreds of millions of women who have had abortions to spare themselves from the unwanted drudgery of parenting a newborn-and-up for twenty years.

But she had a problem, and it was that abortion was not yet readily and legally available since the women’s liberation movement had not yet happened.  So she was forced to have the baby and then divorce herself from it via legal adoption from birth.  Of course she was stuck with the big problem that nearly all adoptive couples were white, and none of them were looking to adopt a Negro baby.

There certainly were none in Hawaii, and after her parents’ funded her return to Seattle to seek a couple there, (and that proved to be a dry hole also) she was forced to seek a last-ditch rescue by turning to the big city across the border and just a two hour drive away.
That might have been her mother’s idea, since she was probably with Ann, -her only child, during the final couple weeks of pregnancy.  They could have made the trip to Vancouver, given birth, been rejected by a waiting adoptive couple when they saw what she had failed to inform them of, namely the non-white race of the baby, and so she was stuck with keeping it since there were no takers.

Now how do you tell your only child such a story about how “wanted” he was?  Well, you don’t.  No child needs nor wants to hear how his mother did everything in her power to avoid being stuck with him or her.  So she certainly never told him, especially since she was highly inclined toward sociological awareness, -becoming a PhD in anthropology, -which can be entirely focused on the study of human culture and human relationships.
She intuitively knew that if she told him the truth about where he was born, then he would wonder and ask what she was doing in Vancouver at the time, and where was Vancouver anyway?   One answer would lead to another, ending at having to reveal why he was born there.

That was something a mother cannot tell her vulnerable child. And so she never did.  And that is why Barry still thinks he was born in Hawaii.  His belief is bolstered by something tangible, and that is the written record and attestation of his mother under legal oath in writing when she wrote-out an affidavit in an office of the Dept of Health in Honolulu where she attempted to register her child as having been home-born.

That was the story that she told her son one day in order to explain why he had no birth certificate, and it would have worked with the Hawaiian Dept of Health since they could legally register out-of-state births to residents (not just “citizens” only) who could show that they had lived as Hawaiian residents for one year or been registered as residents of Hawaii for a year.

But Ann could not show proof of that because she had not lived in Hawaii for a year (having left in the Spring to return to Seattle to find an adoptive couple there) and her legal residence could only be attested to by an adult (which she was) but perhaps only one who had been registered for one full year, -which she could not have been since she turned 18 on November 29, 1960, making her an adult for only 8 months when her baby was born (assuming legal age in Hawaii in 1961 was 18).

So her hand-written affidavit under penalty of perjury (containing all of the vital facts of the child and parents, -minus the true birth location) was received and typed and stamped and filed just like all other such affidavits, but she could not return later with the residency proof required in order to qualify for the issuance of a certified copy of a produced birth certificate, -and her parents didn’t feel compelled to sign a perjurous affidavit on Barry’s behalf, and saw no real need for a birth certificate since it is assumed (erroneously) that everyone born on U.S. soil is a citizen anyway.

So little Barry’s nationality and proof of citizenship were left dangling in the wind, so to speak, as far as any hard-copy proof of identify and citizenship were concerned.
Although an INS officer who handled the Obama Sr. Visa extension case, wrote in his notes that Sr. had an American citizen wife and child, he did so under the assumption that what Sr. told him was accurate, and also that native-birth alone provides citizenship (which it does not).  But between what that agent of the government believed to be true, and what was actually real,  there was a wide gap.  A proof gap.

It appeared in stark terms when Ann attempted to have her son added to her new U.S. passport when preparing to leave Hawaii for Indonesia and life with her foreign husband there.  Following her marriage to Lolo Soetoro, they made a trip to the Indonesian Consulate to register her son for adoption by his new father.  They secured that adoption before Lolo was ordered by his government to return to Indonesia, which left his wife still in Honolulu with another half year of school to finish.

When she was finally preparing to leave, she sought a U.S. passport for herself and her son, but was told that without proof of maternity or custody, nothing could be issued for the child.  She could prove neither since she lacked any official documents. (formal U.S. custody was only acquired through her divorce from Obama Sr.)

So in order to have official traveling papers, she had to apply with the Indonesia Consulate for a passport for her adopted son, and she got it since he was Indonesian by adoption, and it became his sole official identification for at least the next two decades (other than his U.S. Green Card issued on the basis of it)

It would not have been difficult to tell the story of how her son fell threw the cracks of the system’s rules (while excluding the truth about a Canadian birth) since she would not have been the only women to give birth at home or someplace other than in a hospital setting with doctors and nurses.  She may have told the story of his home-birth more than once, but just having heard it once, her son believed it, for life.

What difference does that make?  It gives him self-confidence in his own birth narrative, and made it easy for him to convey his plight to others, -to others who could make a difference on his behalf.
Make a difference how?  By massaging the system, rounding the corners, fudging the facts a little, but “innocently” so.  That is exactly what he convinced Loretta Fuddy to do on his behalf.  She was elevated by governor Abercrombi (Obama’s biggest fan in Hawaii) to the position of Director of the Department of Health, (with supervisory authority over the department and its records) just three weeks after a new director had been appointed.
Why replace a new director?  That’s what he would have liked to know.  He heard from a reporter that he had resigned, and responded “that’s news to me.”

So what kind of power-play was transpiring behind the scene?  The removal of someone who was not an Obama sycophant and devotee and would not have been onboard for doing what Obama, the President of the United States in Spring of 2011, needed in order to silence Donald Trump and Jerome Corsi’s impending book titled: “Where’s the Birth Certificate”.
They were both gaining too much traction since the brief and unvetted short-form Certification of Live Birth was viewed as untrustworthy and even fraudulent.  A long-form version was needed, but since one did not exist, (as the sentimental governor discovered after announcing he would locate the original Hawaiian hospital birth certificate and show the doubters that Obama absolutely was born in Hawaii) one needed to be fabricated from what did exist.  And that was the old affidavit and its typed version.

They were in the paper archives and the microfilm records, -digitized and stored in the dept. data-base.  It’s text could be used to concoct an acceptable imitation of a real hospital birth certificate.  But that couldn’t happen without the accommodation of the the head of the dept who could supply access to those digital records.
Loretta Fuddy was just the person to be the director who would facilitate that access.  As it happens, she was a leader of the Subuh Indonesian religious cult, of which Obama’s mother had been a member, and which inspired her to name him with the a singular unique name as was traditional among many Indonesians; namely: Soebarkha (it combined Soetoro, Barack, and maybe “h” for Hussein).

No one can accuse her of committing an “evil” act since she had no reason to believe (like Obama himself) that he was not born in Hawaii but he had simply fallen through the technical cracks of the law.
So he was able to charm and convince his loyal and adoring Hawaiian single-women fan with no intimate friends or children of her own that she would be doing the country a big favor and earning his undying appreciation if she would help to put the controversy to rest so that he could “focus on more important things” than that “silliness” about the birth certificate.

She complied.  The data-base was open to someone who then used the needed files to fabricate the counterfeit using real text from the typed affidavit and the signature from the hand-written version, -along with the doctor’s signature and the registration number from another birth certificate (Virginia Sunahara, died August 5th).

A program like Photoshop made it all possible since the text is stored not as digital text but as microfilm imagery, i.e., photographed text-imagery on a blank background with the original paper background deleted.  The new background was the security paper pattern of green hash marks.

That new version is known as an abstract, since it is an abstraction of an original which contains the imagery of the paper it was typed and written on.
It may be that the only thing that could convince Obama that he was not born in Hawaii would be a real birth certificate from a hospital in Vancouver.  But one does not exist, although a record of the birth probably does.
A Certificate of Live Birth would not have been written up and signed for a few days after delivery, since in that era a new mother stayed in the maternity ward for five days or more, but that didn’t happen because mother Ann, probably along with her own mother, left Vancouver within days of birth, -perhaps on August 6th, and flew back to Hawaii, thus saving the cost of a longer hospital and hotel room stay, assuming he was not delivered by a midwife of the long-established social welfare & adoption agency of Vancouver.

But that may have been too soon because a Hawaiian hospital witness recalls seeing a black baby at that time, and a hospital doctor told of hearing that “a Stanley had a baby”.
Very likely Ann & child checked into Kapiolani hospital for a few days for needed monitored  recovery.
Does the place of Obama’s birth really matter?

Yes and no.  It does not matter constitutionally but does matter publicly because the public, and many in the government and media are under the life-long brain-washing that native-birth is what determines U.S. citizenship when in fact that is only true for the 3-4% of the population born of immigrants, i.e., foreigners.   The rest are born of Americans, and are citizens of America regardless of where they are born, -taking after and inheriting their parents’ nationality.  They are the natural born citizens of the nation, and they are exactly what the Constitution allows as its only exception to its universal ban on anyone serving as President.

No person, except a natural born citizen,… shall be eligible to the office of the President;”.
The first time that Barry read those words, he realized that his ambitions of power (“Prince Obama”, “King Obama” etc.) could not be fulfilled because whatever a natural born citizen is, it wasn’t something that included him.  He knew he was half alien, and did not even have proof of being a citizen of the United States, although he easily could pass himself off as being one, and probably assumed that he was, regardless of lack of proof of birth location and citizenship.

So his crime against the nation is double.  He had a counterfeit birth certificate produced under false pretenses, and then passed himself off as being constitutionally eligible to serve as President, knowing full well that he was not a natural born citizen of any nation on Earth since he was an unnatural hybrid of two different nations and peoples and countries.  Everything about him was aberrant, from his conception to his election, and lies were the wind beneath his mendacious wings.  He could not have risen without them, and he will crash to Earth as soon as they are all exposed.

When will that happen?  Not while he is in office.  But what happened to Clinton when he left office?  Nothing.  Corrupt pardons at the last hour facilitated by Eric Holder?  Eh, just look the other way.  Don’t raise a stink or make waves  in the cess pool by the Potomac.  Like Zombies, the entirety of the Washington elite establishment never turns on its own.  It only attacks those who dare expose its corruption and / or nonfeasance.  It’s powerful overlords won’t tolerate the legitimacy of their system being questioned.  And so no one ever questions it, or questions it in public anyway.

Will that change after the November 2014 elections?  Nope.  Too many people are too contented and distracted to make a big enough wave to cause the kinds of changes that could sweep out the garbage and let in some actual sunlight of responsibility and accountability.  Those two things cannot be tolerated by the privileged elite, because otherwise they would not be able to rob us blind with impunity and force their unjust and unjustifiable agendas on us.

by Adrien Nash  March 2014  obama–nation.com

The Secret Obama’s Mother Couldn’t Tell Him  pdf, 5 pages

Proof Obama’s Birth Certificate Can’t Possibly Be Real

FEDERAL LAW dictates that Obama is a counterfeiter.

When was the seal of the Hawaiian Dept. of Health (as seen on Obama’s birth certificate) verified as authentic?  Never, -it can’t be since it does not appear on Obama’s fake certificate of Live Birth.  But if it did, it still could not be authenticated since the document has never been submitted to anyone for analysis nor examination.  It is unvetted as having been produced by the Hawaiian Dept of Health as an official Certificate.  That is why I refer to it as a document and not a certificate.  It is not CERTIFIED!

It lacks an official seal, it lacks an official signature, and it lacks corroboration under oath that it was the official production of the government from a real, untampered, unaltered original Hawaiian hospital Certificate, -or an equally unaltered micro-film image of the original.

PUBLIC LAW 108–458—DEC. 17, 2004 (p.189)

Beginning 2 years after the promulgation of minimum standards under paragraph (3), no Federal agency may accept a birth certificate for any official purpose unless the certificate conforms to such standards.

(A) at a minimum, shall require certification of the birth certificate by the State or local government custodian of record that issued the certificate, and shall require the use of safety paper or an alternative, equally secure medium, the seal of the issuing custodian of record, and other features designed to prevent tampering, counterfeiting, or otherwise duplicating the birth certificate for fraudulent purposes. [that should included by law an actual signature, -something that Hawaii fails to supply, thus adding to the risk of counterfeiting.]

~     ~     ~

Federal Law requires that no birth certificates be issued which are not abstracts.  [“Safety paper” is in actuality “security paper” since safety implies physical safety (as if it might otherwise spontaneously combustion] .

The usage of safety paper requires the abandonment of the issuance of TRUE COPIES since they contain no security pattern.  That means that the imagery of the original paper that the original certificate was filled-out on must not be retained, -it must be deleted via the process that was used when the micro-filmed records were all digitized.   That process retained the text alone, and eliminated the background paper it was typed and written on.  In its place appeared the safely paper imagery which became its new background.

So by United States federal law, no original birth certificate image will ever again see the light of day in the form of a certified Certificate of Live Birth.  They are all ABSTRACTS of the originals, -saved in the digital realm as text only, and thus highly susceptible to digital alteration by anyone with access to the records data-base.

The traitors in the White House and the Hawaiian Dept. of Health claimed that the copying of Obama’s “original birth certificate” was witnessed by Fuddy (the dept. head) and thus doubly certified by an official government department director, and… that the result of that scan & print was the image seen in the pdf.

If that were actually true, then we would see the paper that the supposed original was typed on, but we don’t since IT IS MISSING!  Instead we we safety paper.  Where did the original paper go?  It never existed.

Instead, what did exist was a digitized image of a micro-film record of an affidavit written out and signed by Ann Dunham, and then typed-up by a clerk using the information she related about herself and the child’s father.  The former Director of the Dept. of Health, Dr. Fukino, related that all that was found in their archive for Obama was “something half-written and half-typed”.

That original record was the source in their digital data-base for text that could be used in the creation of a counterfeit.  It’s creation implicates the mysteriously killed Loretta Fuddy, who was not a medical professional nor a doctor, but replaced Fukino’s replacement just a few weeks after his appointment with the lying story that he had suddenly “resigned”, to which he responded that that was news to him.

Fuddy, as a loyal Obama supporter who was willing to commit a clandestine, unprovable felony for him, was needed in order to allow the production of the counterfeit.  Hence the man she replaced had to go since he couldn’t be trusted to be “a team player”.
As recently discovered, both Fuddy and Obama’s mother were members of the Subuh cult which originated in Indonesia and came to Hawaii in the 1960s as its founder spread its “gospel”.  Fuddy, in fact was one of its leaders in Hawaii.
So what some consider to be an imaginary conspiracy was in fact a real conspiracy.  It didn’t stop there; it included replacing the micro-film reels of the Hawaiian newspapers that showed no Obama birth during the week he was born.  Replacing the “records” of those papers was also an element of the conspiracy, and it worked like a charm, -deceiving everyone unwilling to look just one step further.  They also secretly stole his registration number from a baby that died the day he was born.  All bases covered.  Operation Obama Fraud a success.  Everyone deceived…. almost.

by adrien nash,  march 2014  obama–nation.com

Why Obama’s Birth Certificate Can’t Possibly Be Real  PDF

Obama’s Secret Origin

last revision Aug. 31, 1 PM

The Hidden Past He Can’t Reveal nor Disprove

Barack Obama has been “proven” to have been born in Hawaii by the existence of images of old newspaper birth announcements that included his name.  If those newspaper listings of births are genuine and not counterfeit, then Obama’s birth would have been registered with the Department of Health and a registration number would not have to have been “lifted” from Stig Waidelich’s or Virginia Sunahara’s birth certificates (she having died within days of birth) some 44 years later during the presidential campaign in order to produce a counterfeit for Obama.  Such genuine birth announcements would thereby disprove all of the suspicions regarding the origin of his birth certificate number.

But there are two possibilities that would nullify that logic and require that the newspaper images assumed to have been “found” in the microfilm archives be counterfeit.

1.  His registration was over a year after birth.  His mother, who was not even in Hawaii two weeks after his birth, may have spent the last months of pregnancy in Seattle, and returned to Hawaii over a year later and attended college in Spring of 1963.  Since she didn’t attend either the Fall or Winter quarter of 1962-63, her return was certainly later than Aug 4. 1962.  Consequently only a late birth certificate would have been issued, which, if I recall correctly, would have stated clearly that it was a late registration (-just as amended birth certificates are required to be labeled as amended).

In that case the two images of the newspaper birth-record listings would have to be faked, -doctored.  Since the source of the newspaper images has never been revealed, and no one has come forward to testify that they can be found in the Hawaiian and the Californian and  Congressional microfilm archives, -and that they personally have seen them and therefore verify their existence, -and… since the reel on which the microfilm covering August 1-15, 1961 has been replaced with a reel unlike any of the others,  it is impossible to assume that if there was a need to create a fake birth certificate, that the newspaper records would have simply been ignorantly ignored or overlooked instead of being “fixed” to support a counterfeit birth certificate.  After all, what conspiracy of such great importance would not have been well thought out?

That’s not conspiracy thinking.  That is simply the way that amoral politics works, and, more often than not, politics is completely amoral.

Besides not actually being born in an Hawaiian hospital, the other reason his birth would not have been included in with all the others sent to the newspapers is that the vital event reports (birth, death, marriage), compiled for publication in the newspapers, only listed all accepted submissions to the Dept. of Health, rather than all filed registrations.  All hospital birth certificate submissions would have been immediately accepted as legally valid, while all of the self-reported births would not, but were received and filed pending receipt of corroborating evidence.  It would be logical to not include the uncorroborated births in with the certified births that were reported to the newspapers.   They would first need the required corroboration to make “acceptance” possible.

If his mother only filed a self-attesting Affidavit with the local registrar, which was typed up, (“half hand-written, half typed” as reported by an Hawaiian official who observed what was in their records) but it was not “accepted” because of a need for corroborating evidence as required by law (proof of residency for one year, a statement from a medical witness or attendee, or testimony from a related witness, or documentation from another country), then it would also never have been included in the newspaper compilation list, nor given a Registration Number until documentation was supplied to the Health Dept.

But the affidavit in written and typed form would have been left in a file as a “record”, -a “vital record”, -or what (via perversion of language) was falsely called an “original birth certificate” in their archive, but no actual DoH Hawaiian hospital birth certificate would exist regardless of the impossible-to-prove claim that “the original birth certificate” is bound in a ledger with all the others.
[the official statements do not call what's in their files an original Hawaiian hospital birth certificate]  On the other hand, his birth could have been reported to the newspapers even with no corroborating “proof” received and accepted  by the DoH if the lists were composed of all of the filed self-reports and hospital certificates instead of only the accepted registrations.  So suspicions and questions remain unanswered, and probably unanswerable without some serious investigation.

Does anyone have a good reason why such scenarios are inconceivable without resorting to idolizing and sanctifying the veracity of the word of Hawaiian government employees?   One makes sense and debunks suspicions about a need for a stolen registration number.  The other makes sense and raises suspicions of a need for a stolen registration number for a counterfeit birth certificate for one who would seek the presidency.
Neither can be shown to reflect the truth because of a lack of evidence, which mostly remains classified as non-public.  But from what we know and can surmise from bits of information and plausible -or even likely, possibilities, we can construct the following scenario:

1.  Ann Dunham was an only child who was moved across country about 6 times, with Seattle being her only stable roost for a long time (-five of her formative teenage and High School years) and as a consequence, like an “Army brat” shuttled from base to base (like Clint Eastwood) she grew up with more independence and experience than all of her peers who had never moved , -or moved only once in their lives.

2.  Her attitude and thinking were quite liberated in the High School she attended on Mercer Island.
“1956:  They moved to Mercer Island so that 13-year old Ann could attend the high school that had just opened.  She was on the school debate team and graduated in 1960.  Mercer Island High School was a hotbed of radical indoctrination with ties to the Communist Party. Some parents protested the school’s politics, but not the Dunhams. They had abandoned their conservative religious ties and began attending a Unitarian church which the locals called ‘the little Red church on the hill’.”

Mercer Island High School was a hotbed of pro-Marxist radical teachers.  John Stenhouse, board member, told the House Un-American Activities Subcommittee that he had been a member of the Communist Party USA and this school has a number of Marxists on its staff.

Two teachers at this school, Val Foubert and Jim Wichterman, both Frankfurt School style Marxists, taught a “Critical Theory” curriculum to students which included; rejection of societal norms and questioning authority, attacks on Christianity and the traditional family, and assigned readings by Karl Marx.

The hallway between Foubert’s and Wichterman classrooms were called ‘Anarchy Alley.’
Stanley Ann Durham was an atheist and an original believer in women’s liberation.

A “friend” from high school has said that Dunham “touted herself as an atheist, and it was something she’d read about and could argue.”

Barack Hussein Obama Junior said, “My mother…was a lonely witness for secular humanism, a soldier for New Deal, Peace Corps, position-paper liberalism.”.

3.  After graduation, she / they moved again, -to Honolulu, Hawaii.  There the family connected with Frank Marshall Davis (“Frank” or “Pop” in Obama’s autobiography) a Black Marxist, Communist Party member who published a communist periodical.  He was also a photographer, with his specialty being erotic and nude scenes of young women which he sold to men’s magazines.
He shared his work with Ann during that first summer in Hawaii as a seventeen year old with all of an exciting life before her.  She liked what she saw, was thrilled by the forbidden-ness of it, the sensuality of it, and the visceral appeal to ones erotic desires, and was tempted into participating in some photo shoots in semi & fully nude scenes.

What could have felt more liberating than that?  That was way beyond mere liberated thinking.  That was fully liberated feeling, and no doubt it was kind of intoxicating compared to a boring everyday existence.  The two of them may have taken that excitement to the next level (or depth) of experience, -and desire.

["In Hawaii she started classes on September 26, 1960 at the University of Hawaii in Manoa, having arrived as a full fledged radical leftist and practitioner of “critical theory.” She also began to engage in miscegenation as part of her attack on society.  Susan Blake, one of her friends has stated she never dated 'the crew-cut white boys'  'She had a world view, even as a young girl. It was embracing the different, rather than that ethnocentric thing of shunning the different. That was where her mind took her.'”]

4.  In college Russian Language class she met Barack H. Obama from Kenya [very, very different!]
5.  At the end of October, perhaps on the night of a liberated Halloween party, with the drinks plentiful and inhibitions minimal, she may have wanted to repeat the liberating excitement of her hypothetical encounter the Davis, and so they had an intimate encounter.

6.  In December or January she deduced that she was pregnant.  In February, somehow, someway, somewhere they got “married” to protect her child from the scourge of discrimination that would be directed at it not only for being bi-racially conceived (a crime in many states, along with mixed marriage) but also an illegitimate one who would be stuck with the stigma of being a bastard.

That presumed marriage is believed to have taken place in February of 1961.  After that point, there is no record whatsoever of any kind or form of where she spent the months between then and late August of that year when the University of Washington has her recorded as enrolled in classes on August 19th.

7.  Such a vacant record allows speculation as to where she was during August and July and June and May… She probably spent February and March and April at her home in Hawaii, but if she had been allowed and funded by her parents to returned to Seattle where she was planning to attend Washington State U. beginning in the Fall semester (funded by them no doubt) -where she would be away from their new home with her growing embarrassment while feeling right at home where she had “grown up”, then it would follow that Seattle was the place that she intended to deliver the baby and perhaps hand it over to an adopting couple through an adoption agency working with a home for unwed mothers.

Since a State Dept official noted in his notes about the foreign student Obama that they were considering adoption, that would be a most likely solution to her predicament.  She would have disappeared off the radar if she was residing in a home for young women who found themselves to their embarrassment “in a family way”, -homes such as were run in a socially invisible manner by various charities.

8.  If such an adoption agency was relied on but it could not find any takers for a mix-race baby, she would have to have widened the area of her search.  There was a whole other large pond of potential parents just over the Canadian border in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Along with that as a possible lure, was the fact that Canada may have had socialized medicine, and since the father was a subject of the Commonwealth, as was Canada, the expense for a delivery there may have been little to none.

9.  She is given hope that a Vancouver agency may be able to find a willing couple, so she travels the two hours drive North, and checks-in to a home for such occasions.  But any and all potential takers in Canada decide against adopting her child, or she chose to keep her own flesh & blood for herself after holding and nursing him.
10.  After recovering for two days, on August 7th she flew to Hawaii from Vancouver.  The next day, August 8th, she went to register her child with the local registrar.

In the pre-9-11-world, could she have flown between Canada and the U.S. without a need for a passport?  I drove from Seattle to Vancouver in 1974 and didn’t need a passport at the border, so why would one be needed to make a similar return trip by air?
If she took such a flight, would not all passengers from an international inbound flight nevertheless be required to fill out a U.S. Customs card for items being brought into the country?

Since the section of the microfilm record of the Custom Cards for the first week of August is missing from the reel it was once attached to (without any explanation) could that fact be because the record she filled out on such a flight needed to disappear since it would be evidence that Obama was not born in Hawaii because his mother was not even in Hawaii on the day he was born?
Or did she drive back to Seattle, move in with others, register for Fall classes, and remain there until 1963 without either an American birth certificate nor a Canadian birth certificate for her son?  That can’t be ruled out because her mother or father could have completed an affidavit on her behalf, -claiming a home birth or whatever else may have been acceptable.  She could have informed Obama Sr. about the birth via telephone since he knew about it at the end of August as seen in the notes of a State Department Officer.

11.  After giving birth, she may have returned to Hawaii soon after or a year and a half after.  Either way, she needed to obtain a  birth certificate for her son in order to secure his U.S. citizenship.  To do so, did she write out a self-attesting affidavit declaring that he was born in Seattle, or Vancouver, or at her parents’ home in Honolulu?  If she did, what required proof would she have had with her?  None.
If the clerk took her submission, typed it up and filed it, would not the next step have been to return with the needed proof of one year of residence per the law *, or some other official record of the birth from another jurisdiction outside the country, -or a notarized affidavit from a parent or witnesses to the birth event having occurred at home?

[*Section 57-40 of the Territorial Public Health Statistics Act in the 1955 Revised Laws of Hawaii which was in effect in 1961, and other subsequent Hawaii birth laws that allow registration with no hard proof, or allow foreign birth registration, leaves an opening to claim Hawaii “birth” without it being true.

12.  In Hawaii, with evidence supporting the statements in the affidavit being required but never supplied, would the registration ever have been sufficiently validated to issue a “normal” short-form birth certificate?

13.  If she had returned with some acceptable verification of some birth facts, would that not have resulted in the issuance of a birth certificate?    Such a birth certificate is not what Obama’s campaign nor the White House has shown.  Neither images released are images of True Copies since they are merely standard “Abstracts”  So either that possibility is true and allowed his mother to obtain a “real” Hawaiian birth certificate, or else  Obama’s birth certification and birth certificate are fakes.  But how can we know which is true and which is false?  Just trust and don’t verify.  That’s all they ask.

14.  Was Obama Jr. able to travel to Indonesia with his mother and adoptive father Soetoro at age six without having to provide the State Dept. with a birth certificate because he was traveling as the son of a foreign national and it’s not the job of the State Dept. to care about the birth circumstance of children of foreign nationals who are leaving the country accompanied by their parents?

15.  When, at age 10,  he and his mother returned to Hawaii, did he travel with Indonesian papers only and not an American passport because he lacked an American birth certificate?

16.  Does he even possess an American passport or has his entire sojourn in the United States been one as an Indonesian citizen?  What identification did he use in order to obtain a drivers license?

17.  What passport did he use when he traveled to Pakistan with his Occidental College room-mate in 1980?  Was it a renewed Indonesian passport?  If he had a renewed Indonesian passport, why would that not have served as his primary identification?

18.   If that was his primary identification, and he needed to release an American birth certificate to run for the office of President, would he not have had to obtain a counterfeit birth certificate since he didn’t have one?

We can’t and won’t ever prove what is true and what is false because Obama and the Obamunists who control the State Department and the State of Hawaii will never allow anything to ever be made public beyond their previous statements.  The public display of a digital image of a supposedly real birth certificate will not be treated as permission to make the original papers in the Hawaiian archives public for the American people so that they can ascertain whether or not they illegitimately elected and reelected an illegitimate President (regardless of the de facto waiver of confidentiality or privacy concerns by its public availability).
They cannot be persuaded to do that because they know what is in their archive and it is not what Obama has released.  What he has released is only found in the computer database, (-not in their archive files) having been easily added as a digital file like all of the rest of their digitized records.
Since no one can ever disprove their statements, even if they boldly lie, they can “validate” or “Verify” anything, any claim, and the only authority they need to do so is the fact that they work for the State-established bureaucracy.  They have what is in effect a State-license to lie with impunity and never have to be questioned about it.

That’s because constitutionally we are under the “Honor system”.  Every State must accept everything from every other State as being legitimate.  That is well and fine and no problem, until it comes to certifying the legitimacy of a man that they adore and want to support and maintain in the national center of power as the one-in-300 million President of the United States.  Then the Honor System becomes a giant impediment to the ascertainment of the truth.

How do Obama’s flying monkeys respond to such questions and suspicions?  Their only recourse is to stringently adhere to the pretense that the word of Hawaiian officials is the gods-honest, official, grown-up authority-figure, unquestioningly truthful truth.

In other words, they never lie.  They work for the government so you have no choice but to believe them.  They would not lie.  And yet they have lied.  Not one of them can claim that they have never in their adult life told a lie.  They cannot claim with any veracity that there is nothing on earth that would prompt them to lie.  They cannot claim that even if they do lie, it would bother their atheist consciences.

So there are real reasons that would lead them to lie, but the total collapse of the regime of their favorite native-son and his abject humiliation and possible prosecution is absolutely not one of them.  No, no, never.  Trust them, and stop asking anymore damn questions!

Questions like:  who verifies the verifiers?  Fast & Furious.  Who verifies what or who instigated that mammoth fiasco when the President claims executive privilege in the absence of any such authority in the Constitution?

Similar questions can and should be asked about the FBI spying on journalists in flagrant violation of the law as written and intended, along with the unanswered questions about culpability for Benghazi, the GSA scandal, the NSA scandal, the State Dept. scandal, the IRS scandal (which leads to the brick wall of 5th Amendment silence lest one incriminate herself), and new ones popping up all the time, -all of which are of course “phony” as proven by….?  NOTHING!  No, wait, -proven by Obama himself! -having labeled them all for us so that we know the truth about what they really are.  Phony!

If Christ himself or the angels of God were to so inform us, then we should and would believe it, but Obama?  He’s the biggest prevaricator to ever set foot inside the White House.  His word can be trusted only as far as one can verify it.  And he and his cannot be the ones to do the verifying because they can’t be trusted since the truth is their greatest enemy.

And yet, they cannot be challenged either because all of the evidence that would reveal the truth is kept by them under lock and key, (or under a blanket of intimidation and fear), -or it went up in smoke years ago. But what good is evidence if no one will ever even ask to see it (other than a Congress that gets fed pages of blacked-out text)?  Not the infantile, spineless, lap-dog media, nor the generally silent Congress (which fears the NSA knowing all of their buried secrets) nor any court in the land, -almost all of which are on the side of ever greater government growth and power.

It’s not just the cult of the Emperor, it’s the Cult of the “sure-thing”.  And a great gubmint job is a very secure sure thing, -fer sure, along with Big Government benefits, bail-outs, hand-outs, subsidies, financial guarantees, tax exemptions and protections from non-union enterprises .  Protected by self-serving anti-taxpayer government employee unions no less.

  by Adrien Nash  August 2013  http://obama–nation.com

PS     The lying liars in the DoH claimed to have witnessed the copying of Obama original birth certificate but they couldn’t have actually done what they claimed,  especially since they never do that for any other birth certificate because all of them are already digitized and in their data base.  Original birth certificates haven’t been “copied” for about two decades, -ever since they were all digitized.  They just call up the record on their desktop computer, and press print.

Also, does anyone really think that the 1961 bound volume is just sitting on a shelf and not under lock & key?  Or if it is on a shelf, that it still contains the affidavit and typed version that constitutes what they have the audacity to call the  “original birth record” -like its some form of authentic official document signed by a doctor and Verna Lee?  Bunk!  or as  Betty Davis once said: “Garbage, pure garbage!”

   Senor Obama does not have an original Hawaiian hospital birth certificate and that’s why he can’t show the one that he’s used all of his adult life instead of needing to “request a copy” in 2008.  What idiot would think that he never needed and  never had a birth certificate before running for the office of President of the United States?  You’d have to be the  dumbest person on earth to believe that.
On the other hand, he wouldn’t need one if he had a valid Indonesian passport to use for ID.  We know that no one and no thing vetted his constitutional qualification to run for the presidency, but who or what even vetted him to run for the United State Senate?

   Senators must be American citizens for nine years and yet no one has verified that he is even an American citizen at all.  [everyone just presumes that be must be because they presume that he must have been born in Hawaii, and they presume that that must mean that he is a citizen, and that must mean that he is eligible to be President.

   None of that nonsense is necessarily true and yet everyone assumes that it is.  Mix counterfeit legitimacy with public ignorance and misconceptions and Viola!  You have a perfectly legitimate American Presidente!  What’s there to question?  Inquiring mind do not want to know.  They just want to move along because there is nothing to see here.  These are not the droids we’re looking for.

Check-out my simulation of what is actually in the Hawaiian archive, -namely the half-written, -half-typed affidavit.  Jpeg version: (large file size)  http://h2ooflife.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/duham_affidavit_simulation.jpg

Pdf version (small file size) http://h2ooflife.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/dunham_affidavit_simulation-b.pdf


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