Behind the Fuddy Autopsy Fraud; a Bullet or a Bribe?

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How the Calvin Case Dooms Your Future; pt. 4

Should we be pessimistic about the future of America? A better question is “can we be reasonably optimistic about the future?” The answer is that if the power structure that rules our nation is not overthrown, there will be no future that we would want to see (aside from advances of various sorts).

It is corrupt to the core and both parties are party to it, with one simply pushing harder on the accelerator than the other.
Has history ever recorded any corrupted government and morally vacuous and ignorant population that ever reversed the course they were on toward a destination of decay, collapse and/or conquest? Are we destined to repeat history because we are ignorant of it?

Well, being ignorant is a natural status of human nature it seems. There is no one who is superior in this world, but compared to those who are simply normal, there are a heck of a lot of people who are in many ways sub-normal. And their numbers are growing by leaps and bounds.

So what will come is unknown and unknowable without taking a God’s-eye view of the human race, and the American people in particular. That is probably a frightful view to take, and I, for one, hesitate to take it since I’ve been there, done that, and found you can’t live life in the knowledge of what you see.

But sometimes in the history of man, (like in the Matrix trilogy) something changes everything and this times it’s different from what went before.  That happened in a very good way with the life and legacy of Jesus. It took centuries and lots of corrupt detours along the way, but eventually the vision of God and Man that sprang from his existence produced the natural rights and liberties of Western Civilization, not to mention hope eternal.

The problem is that liberty can become license to live ignorant and self-indulgent spoiled lives, -and that is where a great proportion of the population is today. Just consider one aspect of American life; drug usage. Could it be more pervasive? Could laws against it be more impotent at stopping it? Or a government hand-out mentality.

Entire segments of American society are rotten to the core, personally and publicly. Just consider Detroit and what a nightmare it has degenerated into compared to what it was. There is a cancer and rot spreading in America and it is connected to many negative factors that render the role and duty and privilege of citizenship almost irrelevant in the lives of millions of almost unfixable people. Maybe they can be fixed, but probably not in this life, -not with the resources available to government and the powers it is limited to.

I once read the response of a law enforcement officer or social worker who said that the only way to fix or change the attitude of hard-core criminally inclined teenagers would require measures that would put them in a hospital. A lot of people need to suffer those measures, including many in government who have a different kind of corrupt attitude.

The communists tried a form of reform with their “re-education camps” that threw the academic and government elites down into the mud of real life in labor camps in the countryside, -perhaps cruelly and unjustly in most cases and without discrimination based on real attitudes and character.  But that succeeded at one thing; it changed their view of how important they were in relationship to others who were “nobodies”.

American patriots would rejoice and thank heaven to see our corrupt and isolated and insulated government elite overlord class find themselves face-down in the figurative mud that the rest of the population has to live in because of their damn awful and self-serving governance.

And many of them deserve worse; deserve many years in a cell where they, like Jack Abramoff, can come to realize the magnitude of their betrayal of the American people.

And others still, who pull the extortion levers behind the curtains, -who know the secrets of the hidden lives of public officials and servants, -who intimate harm might come to their children if their agendas suffer because of the choices of those officials, -who weigh threats to the status quo of those in power as well as those who benefit from their largess, and thus arrive at decisions about who must conveniently be silenced via a “natural death” or an “accidental death” that no one can explain.

The people behind those untimely life-ending occurrences deserve nothing less than a bullet to the brain. They are the ones who keep the secrets hidden that need to see the light of day in order for a new revolution to take place in America.

They are the Luciferians of the power complexes that pull whatever strings they can accomplish pulling, -either by bribe or by bullet.

And God forbid if you are ever viewed as a liability, unless you are someone truly not expendable or too high profile and popular to terminate.  Were the Kennedys such victims and yet not immune even though of the highest profile?

The most recent example of their handiwork is the murder of Loretta Fuddy, -the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health. She was a healthy, kindly, lonely, gentle soul who never married or had children, and in excellent health, but was emotionally vulnerable to persuasion exerted by a powerful and charismatic President of the United States who needed the birth certificate that the department had not given to his mother in response to her affidavit claiming she gave birth to her half-Kenyan son in her Hawaiian home but with no medical witnesses present.

The Registrar at that time (1961) was required to see some proof of one year residency. Such proof didn’t exist, so with no eye-witness affidavits supporting her claim, they simply filed her half hand-written, half typed affidavit and that piece of paper became the only vital record in their archive. It was microfilmed, and later digitized when all microfilm records were digitized.

All Barack needed was for her to just allow access to that record so it could be used in conjunction with the record of a deceased child who was born but died at the same time, and he would then be able to acquire a simulated genuine certificate like the one that his mother was never able to acquire for him.

It was important for the nation to get its attention off of such a “distracting” and divisive issue. After all, what good was served by not allowing the nation to be convinced of his birth in Hawaii? He was convinced, but he needed her help in order that others could also “know” the truth.

She loyally and dutifully agreed with his request and went along with it, even allowing the release of the lie that she watched the copying of his “original” birth certificate (as if a real Hawaiian hospital Certificate of Live Birth) in order to make it all seem official and not some mystery like his supposed short-form certification of live birth that appeared three years earlier out of nowhere with no attribution from anyone as to its origin.

The Leftist media bought into its legitimacy and the issue was “put behind us”, …until, that is, Doug Vogt submitted a legal brief to a federal court in Washington State which contained a sealed affidavit which named her as a co-conspirator in the fabrication of a counterfeit birth certificate for Barack Obama, and revealed financial details showing that she happened to have somehow acquired $50-70,000 that could not be accounted for, -money used to make substantial payments on a home mortgage.

Did that secret affidavit stay sealed as Vogt had requested, or did it, like IRS information and NSA information get dropped into the lap of a White House operative who knew someone who knew someone… and voila! -within a month she is suddenly and mysteriously dead?

Could anything be more convenient for Barack Obama and his wealthy puppet-masters than derailing any possible investigation into Ms Fuddy’s Lois Lerner-like role in the production of a counterfeit birth certificate for the “Hawaiian born” President?
That alone would raise anyone’s suspicions if they had a brain (which no one in the media does anymore) but what followed absolutely demonstrated that nefarious machinations were transpiring behind the scenes in order to make Fuddy’s murder appear perfectly natural.

What happened exactly? Did the medical examiner who did the autopsy (which required mysteriously waiting a month -perhaps for toxicology results) come out and present a clinical evaluation of the medical factors that precipitated the failure of her heart to keep beating?

That is what anyone and everyone would expect to happen, and yet nothing like that happened, -not even remotely like that. Instead the police department released “details” of the supposed autopsy which the public was not allowed to see, -including those who sued under the Freedom on Information Act to acquire, since major portions came completely blacked out “for privacy law concerns”. So they were protecting the privacy of the dead? Or protecting the family that she didn’t have?

The reason it was done like that was because what the autopsy actually said could not be the story that was released to the public because it made it clear that either she died by an unknown cause or by a highly suspicious cause (which was reported to the public as “accidental”.

How do you accidentally die while floating placidly in a warm ocean with a flotation vest on without any rescue concerns at all?  No person in history ever died from the terror of such non-excitement.  The only stress from such a situation is the stress of boredom.  And I’m pretty sure that boredom never killed anyone.

The explanation supposedly from the Medical Examiner’s autopsy report was a string of subjective psychological claims about her mental and emotional state, (-things that are NEVER part of an autopsy) including something that is impossible to conclude; that she died from an irregular and inadequate heartbeat, (aka; cardiac arrhythmia).

Well, anyone from a Nurse’s Assistant to everyone who has watched medical investigation programs over the last decade knows that you cannot determine the heart rhythm of a heart that is not beating. That would be like reporting on the pulse rate of a corpse.

How can a claim of an irregular heart beat be substantiated when it leaves no evidence whatsoever?

A heart that goes out of rhythm is not like a train that leaves the tracks and can clearly be seen to not be on the tracks where it belongs. It would be more like a train that disappeared. -Or like a plane that disappeared.

How can you say it crashed if you don’t know where it even went?
If investigators of the Malaysian airliner that vanished  claimed that it crashed, everyone would want to know how they knew that since there was no evidence of any kind.

Same with Fuddy’s death. Reminds me of a book & movie title: “Murder by Death”, -by unexplainable death, as is shared in clear terms in:

Obama. and Hawaiian DoH Director Fuddy’s Convenient Death



(a re-formated and condensed version of the web post: )

Is anyone going to question the police department that was the facade for the most fraudulent autopsy in American history? Is anyone going to go all Woodward & Bernstein and follow the money (or the extortion-intimidation)?

As was reportedly said to a witness in Roswell, N.M. “its a big desert out there and no one would ever find someone’s bones.” (Same with the Pacific ocean.) -Or ever trace the cash used to buy a condo on Maui.

Either by a bribe or a bullet, or both, they get the job done, and none of the submissive, brain-dead, juvenile children that pass themselves off as journalists ever ask the logical questions, -nor perhaps, even think of them.  We’re so screwed.

by Adrien Nash April 2014 obama–


Obama and Hawaiian DoH Director Fuddy’s Convenient Death

All cold-blooded killers like to leave no loose ends that point back to them. Consequently, witnesses or hired underlings end up being dispatched to the next life so that they can never give testimony against secret criminals that could put those criminals on death row.
That danger to them is why the witness protection program was created. There are plenty of people who will kill other people for reasons of hate or profit. They have to be kept away from their would-be targets or they will end up dead.
But people in the public eye cannot just enter the witness protection program and disappear into a new identity in a new unknown location. They have to continue living their lives in the public eye and hope that secrets that they know, -which it would be better to not know, won’t eventually cause wheels to be put in motion that will figuratively drop a meteor on their head. The sword of Damocles hangs over their head, which they have to live under everyday. Until it drops.
Sometimes it drops in very suspicious ways, like a “suicide” by shooting oneself in the back or some such unbelievable circumstances. But more often it drops in very, very subtle and believable ways. Bullets are no longer a credible way to eliminate the cognoscenti; they raise too many eyebrows. So other methods must be employed.

As everyone has been made aware via fiction and fact depicted in films and novels, the security agencies of powerful governments know dozens of covert means to make people dead, with the worse being thorium injected with a fine tip needle. But that is too revealing since it’s highly radioactive. Something much more subtle would be something that would simply stop one’s heart.
An autopsy might show death by an air embolism, or some form of poison but will not show something that causes a “natural death” by blocking the electrical signal to the heart muscle. That could work by stopping the heart outright like they do in open-heart surgery, or by causing the muscles to not receive a consistent pulse of electricity but an inconsistence pulse which causes the muscles to contract separately instead of in unison. Such an effect would result in a death that a coroner would assume was caused by cardiac arrhythmia, even though it can’t be detected in a non-beating heart. One can’t detect an irregular heart-beat if the heart is not even beating. One has to draw assumptions in the absence of detectible fact.

The coroner who did the autopsy of Loretta Fuddy, -the deceased Director of the Hawaiian Department of Health, chose to ascribe her unexplained and unexpected death as being due to cardiac arrhythmia. Well, for that to be believable a few things would have to be true; she would have to have had a prior detection of cardiac irregularity via some experience that made her feel “ill”, or was detected during a routine heart exam. Being 65 years of age, and head of the department of Health, it would be certain that her health was not overlooked or ignored.

She would have had a stress text or two over the years because women have been known for some time now to have as many deaths due to heart disease and heart attacks as men.
According to her own brother, she was in excellent health, and there were no known heart problems. If she had been my grandmother’s age when she died from cardiac arrhythmia due to forgetting to take her digitalis with her during a few days away from home, then it would be understandable, but then my grandmother was 88 years old, while Fuddy was still a relatively young 65, very active and fully functioning as a department director, -which, he brother pointed out, requires strong nerves and not a ‘fraidy-cat spirit.

On the other hand, there are many things about her which we do not fully know. Including how she got the job in the first place. She was appointed to replace the sitting head of the department who had just been installed into office just three weeks prior. When asked by a reporter why he had resigned, that was the first he had heard of it, and answered that it was news to him.
So everything about her “appointment” was suspicious, including the fact that unlike a doctor, which all previous heads had been, she had no experience in life that would have produced those nerves of steel one would expect for a department head. In fact, she was an emotional, vulnerable, needy, gentle, single, childless soul who was a church member and a cult member, -being a leader (or the leader) of the branch of the Subuh cult in Hawaii.
Obama’s mother had also been a member. Obama and Fuddy were connected through his mother, -at least in a tangential way, but even more so in a political way.

We all know that spy agencies and the military, both of which must keep very classified secrets, are always concerned about an agent being susceptible to being emotionally compromised; charmed, wined-&-dined, hopelessly involved with a person of the opposite sex (or a person of the same sex, -even more worrisome).
But influence does not have to be so involved. All that’s really needed is for a vulnerable person to be placed in a position of being charmed by a very, very powerful and charming person, like say…. oh, maybe the debonair President of the entire United States! The one who makes a personal call to ask for one’s help to solve a problem.

“Her most important events in life were the confirmation of hearing the birth of her nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews. Some of her hobbies were the collections of various cat and angel figurines and taking care of her pet cat.”

-Gee, I wonder if her life could have been a made a little richer by a personal call from the President of the United States with a little request for a little favor so he could end the “silliness” surrounding his non-existent birth certificate?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to the female gender, Obama, more than any President ever, is able to come across as very charming. That is why we was elected, -and reelected. It sure wasn’t due to masses of men-folk being charmed by him personally while disdaining his policies, actions, and non-actions. That was the wide-eyed infatuated low-information, The Bachelor-watching members of the gentler sex.

Does anyone dare so say that Loretta Fuddy would been immune to the Obama charm when he applied it full force? It would have been emotionally impossible for her to say no to him. That’s how charm works. That’s how people get bamboozled everyday by smooth-takers who are so sincere, it seems, and so friendly. Who wouldn’t enjoy knowing them better, and being liked by them? (and buying a great bridge from them at a steal!)

What am I getting at? I’m suggesting that Barack Obama personally called Fuddy on her private line and shmoozed with her about his lamentable problem of having been born in Hawaii but his mother not having been able to get a birth certificate for him because of date and timing factors which didn’t allow it at the time. He needed her personal help to help get him past the doubters who suggested he was foreign born.

They were a big distraction and the issue “needed to be put to bed”, (quoting god-knows who) especially with that big-mouth Donald Trump raising a fuss for god-only-knows what reason. Maybe racism?

Well, she got aboard and was determined to help her knight in shining socialist armor, and she could do that by making certain old records available for others to use to put together an official-looking long-form birth certificate. It wasn’t like it was criminal, even though it wasn’t legal. Everyone commits a crime or three every time they drive a car. She would be doing a good deed, -good for Obama, -good for the Democrat Party, good for Hawaii, and good for the nation.

Bending the rules a little would not hurt anyone, but would benefit millions by keeping Lord Obama in office for another four years, -protecting the Affordable Health Care Act from being repealed. Why it was almost obligatory to help provide him with a birth certificate before the issue got out of hand and people started thinking that he was not even eligible to be President. That kind of thinking could be dangerous and completely uncalled for. For the sake of the country, that needed to be nipped in the bud, -and so it was.

She opened the computer data-base which stores all of the digitized records going back to before Hawaii even became a state. She located the computer-stored microfilm image of his mother’s original affidavit applying for recognition of birth for her newborn son. That affidavit was accompanied by a typed version of Barack Jr.’s vital facts regarding parentage and such, and the text of those facts was added to the form of an archive page for someone else, such as Virginia Sunahara who was born the day before and died the day after Obama was born, -after deleting its digitized text imagery and replacing it with Obama’s. Presto! a very passable birth certificate, -if one does not examine it with a microscope.

Well, it has been examined with a microscope, so to speak, and it has been discovered that the layout of the lines, the spacing of the words and some letters would have been impossible under any ordinary circumstance of a clerk putting a blank form into a typewriter and typing away, word by word, line by line.
Placing text onto a digital form cannot replicate the precision of the mechanism that is a typewriter. And so the imprecision of the fake Certificate of Live Birth gave it away as being fabricated on a computer, and not produced by a typewriting clerk.
-That’s old school investigation. Nothing digital in nature, just an old fashion grid matrix laid on top of Obama’s bc and on top of a control bc from someone else. Obama can’t say; “Who ya gonna believe? Me? or yer lyin’ eyes?”

So compliant Fuddy did her democratic duty for her party and her charming champion and it turned out to be a very profitable compliance it seems. Doug Vogt, who filed a legal petition in Seattle, [ ] named her in a sealed affidavit which accompanied his open brief detailing all of the accumulated evidence of forgery of the long form birth certificate and the Selective Service registration card. In that sealed affidavit he detailed his investigation into Fuddy’s finances. He found that she came up with between 50-70 thousand dollars that could not be accounted for, -which went to pay down her mortgage and such.

That is a lot of money to come from nowhere. Many people have been killed for far less. And many people who knew about such inexplicable manna from heaven when it fell on some gangster, mob boss, or powerful executive ended up in a pine box before they made it to the witness stand in a criminal case against the criminal.

So does one dare speculate as to whether or not Loretta Fuddy might have been seen as a potential witness for the prosecution, -a witness that could blow Obama and his overlords’ world to kingdom come? What the heck, why not. Nothing can hurt her now. So since just about every court in the land that has been presented with a suit against Obama has caved before even hearing it, one might be tempted to suspect that his socialist ilk are embedded in all of the institutions of the land, including law offices and court offices.

If one of Obama’s lying, atheist, socialist acolytes read what Vogt revealed about Fuddy, why would she or he fail to make herself a hero to her hero by giving him a heads-up? No good reason not to. After all, who the heck would ever know? Answer: no one. And what happened after that sealed affidavit was submitted to that court?

Fuddy is soon dead after the highly reliable plane she was in dies in midair just after take-off following a report muffled bang sound.
Now I don’t know about you, but I know that when a bullet hits an insulated car or plane or train, it makes a thump instead of a loud clang or bang. I also know that snipers can take out a target from over a mile away. Also, a small explosive next to the magneto would kill the engine dead. Kind of just like what happened.

So, you have a highly suspicious and inexplicable death preceded by a highly unexpected and inexplicable engine shut-off, and this all happens after the dead person has been personally named in a court filing which implicates her in a financial circumstance that is inexplicable and may be tied to a conspiracy to produce a badly needed birth certificate to silence critics who were hounding the President of the United States with irritating and suspicion-raising questions about where he was really born and whether or not he was really eligible to be President, -and was even a United States citizen.

Well, I, as Obama’s personally appointed judge, and cop, rule that there is nothing suspicious here, so just move along to your own homes, folks. There’s nothing to see. And by the way, that large, moving, maneuvering object you and thousands witnessed in the sky, that was just an odd cloud. Trust the government. It would never lie to you.

Edward Snowdon taught us that the government is completely above-board and we can trust its minions with our safety and liberty, -and let’s not forget; privacy as well.
Just because the Congress passed, and the President signed, the National Defense Authorization Act which includes the authority for the executive branch and military to arrest and imprison American citizens without charges, attorneys, trials, or judges, does not mean that government thinks it is your boss. So stop being worried, -stop being overly concerned.

And speaking of being overly worried, did you know that hyper-stress can kill you by causing cardiac arrhythmia? And what causes hyper-stress? Why fear of course; -terror of something very malevolent or threatening.
I’ve heard that it’s been found that a pilot of a fighter plane died in the cockpit before his nose-diving plane even hit the ground. I assume he was attached to telemetry which showed that he flat-lined out of stark fear.

Now put yourself in Loretta Fuddy’s shoes; you are the only loose end in a conspiracy that goes to the very top of the American government, and you are the only person in that conspiracy who is not a lawyer and thus can’t claim attorney-client privilege, -with the client being one Barack H. Obama, POTUS.

-And your perfectly working plane engine, checked-out just before flight, -no history of problems, a reliable work-horse of aviation, suddenly dies while you are high in the air with no second engine to take over.
You “know where the bodies are buried” and maybe no one has your back, expect perhaps with cross-hairs on it, and that those included behind the scenes as faceless enforcers are aware of what you know, just as they may have been regarding what Breitbart knew about something or other. You just might have a panic attack if you thought about your situation, and that of the coroner who did Breitbart’s autopsy and the next day turned up dead.

But panic attacks don’t kill, and neither does “hyperventilation” kill a director of a Health Department, especially not when there is no reason to be hyperventilating while peacefully floating among many others in the warm waters of the Hawaiian coast (just a half mile away). Why would such a placid setting inspire the kind of shear panic that could derange normal heart rhythm?
Either it didn’t, but something else did, or else her heart stoppage was caused by an injected neurro-toxin that attacks the heart.
I learned, I believe in boot camp some forty years ago, that there is a chemical agent so powerful that just a drop on your thigh will kill you in about 10 seconds by stopping your heart. It might have been a man-made chemical, no doubt, but there are super-powerful nerve agents produced by living creatures, such as the box jellyfish (which just happens to inhabit the ocean). But its sting of the skin is very painful. But if injected below the skin, then what would happen? Probably just what
happened to Loretta Fuddy, -whatever that was.

That seems like plenty of questions surrounding her death, but the public is left with one more huge one; and that is; “what were the results of the NTSB investigation of the cause of the engine failure?”
If you do a search for answers you’ll find absolutely nothing after the January autopsy results. At least on the first few pages. It’s all regurgitation of the crash and autopsy news. End of story. Now it’s over three months later. What the heck happened?

They would have found an answer within a week of getting the engine, but just try to use the NTSB website search engine to find anything. You’ll find zip. Nada. Wouldn’t you think there was some data-base of plane crashes and investigation results? Is the NTSB in the stone age or are they just under the domination of Obama’s enforcers and hiding the results.
What kind of results would Obama need to hide? A bullet hole for one, -a bomb explosion for another. Something caused that muffled bang.

On Apollo 13, it was an explosion of an oxygen tank. So we are left with what we are always left with; no answers and more questions.  When does it become politically okay to say that silence has become suspicious? Well it doesn’t matter what is okay because Americans with brains in their heads instead of pudding, want to know a heck of a lot of answers that are being deliberate kept secret.

“Lois Lerner, what did you know and when did you know it regarding the IRS scandal?”

“Eric Holder, what did you know and when did you know it regarding the Fast & Furious scandal?”

“Hilary Clinton, what did you know and when did you know it regarding the Benghazi scandal?”

Answers? They can’t handle answers. So you aren’t going to get any, not now, not ever, especially about the counterfeit birth certificates and their production. I can’t say “their production and investigation” because there will never be any investigation unless the sky falls.

Why won’t anyone investigate or ask questions? Because no one is partial to implied threats against their loved ones. That’s the consequence of not having people like yours truly where they are most needed. I speak of people who have no loved ones.

Anyone who doubts that that is the way the truly hard-core behind-the-scenes agents of merciless power operate, then just try to explain the unexplainable flip-flop of chief justice roberts, who stabbed the Constitution and the America people in the back with his treasonous opinion on Obama-care.

Did he just wake-up one morning and decide to flush his values and integrity down the toilet? If he did, we are in as much trouble as if he did it out of primal fear.
So far, you can count on the fingers of one hand, with fingers left over, the number of people in positions of authority or influence who have had the courage and intellectual honesty and integrity to dare to broach the subject of Obama’s unconstitutional and counterfeit-secured presidency.

We are on our own on this one. No one will stand with us, no politician, no news anchor, no pundit, no commentator, no belt-way analyst, no bureaucrat, and no official of any branch of government. No one will stand up and exclaim that the emperor has no constitutional clothes.

This is what we’ve devolved to. Or at least those who are on the inside. If you are not, you should be glad that you are not, because you could not have any self-respect or intellectual curiosity and patriotic protectiveness of the Constitution and rule of law if you were. They are all compromised from East to West. This is the picture of what the corruption and / or intimidation of the entire establishment looks like.

But hey, why complain, just pour another pina colada, put on some reggae music and kick back to “Don’t worry,…be happy.” (for tomorrow you perish.)
As for me, I’m not worried or looking over my shoulder, after all, I don’t know any secrets. I just draw conclusions from stuff I’ve read. And does anyone pay attention? Nope. I’m as invisible as the cosmic background radiation.

But I raise a glass to the hope that some judge, somewhere, sometime just might have a spine and a brain and bring the whole damn house of cards crashing down. That’s the dream, (-a pipe dream it would seem). A dream of Justice.

“Let Justice Be Done Though The Heavens Fall”

by Adrien Nash March 2014 obama–

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Fuddy’s Convenient Death  pdf 5 pages





Proof Obama’s Birth Certificate Can’t Possibly Be Real

FEDERAL LAW dictates that Obama is a counterfeiter.

When was the seal of the Hawaiian Dept. of Health (as seen on Obama’s birth certificate) verified as authentic?  Never, -it can’t be since it does not appear on Obama’s fake certificate of Live Birth.  But if it did, it still could not be authenticated since the document has never been submitted to anyone for analysis nor examination.  It is unvetted as having been produced by the Hawaiian Dept of Health as an official Certificate.  That is why I refer to it as a document and not a certificate.  It is not CERTIFIED!

It lacks an official seal, it lacks an official signature, and it lacks corroboration under oath that it was the official production of the government from a real, untampered, unaltered original Hawaiian hospital Certificate, -or an equally unaltered micro-film image of the original.

PUBLIC LAW 108–458—DEC. 17, 2004 (p.189)

Beginning 2 years after the promulgation of minimum standards under paragraph (3), no Federal agency may accept a birth certificate for any official purpose unless the certificate conforms to such standards.

(A) at a minimum, shall require certification of the birth certificate by the State or local government custodian of record that issued the certificate, and shall require the use of safety paper or an alternative, equally secure medium, the seal of the issuing custodian of record, and other features designed to prevent tampering, counterfeiting, or otherwise duplicating the birth certificate for fraudulent purposes. [that should included by law an actual signature, -something that Hawaii fails to supply, thus adding to the risk of counterfeiting.]

~     ~     ~

Federal Law requires that no birth certificates be issued which are not abstracts.  [“Safety paper” is in actuality “security paper” since safety implies physical safety (as if it might otherwise spontaneously combustion] .

The usage of safety paper requires the abandonment of the issuance of TRUE COPIES since they contain no security pattern.  That means that the imagery of the original paper that the original certificate was filled-out on must not be retained, -it must be deleted via the process that was used when the micro-filmed records were all digitized.   That process retained the text alone, and eliminated the background paper it was typed and written on.  In its place appeared the safely paper imagery which became its new background.

So by United States federal law, no original birth certificate image will ever again see the light of day in the form of a certified Certificate of Live Birth.  They are all ABSTRACTS of the originals, -saved in the digital realm as text only, and thus highly susceptible to digital alteration by anyone with access to the records data-base.

The traitors in the White House and the Hawaiian Dept. of Health claimed that the copying of Obama’s “original birth certificate” was witnessed by Fuddy (the dept. head) and thus doubly certified by an official government department director, and… that the result of that scan & print was the image seen in the pdf.

If that were actually true, then we would see the paper that the supposed original was typed on, but we don’t since IT IS MISSING!  Instead we we safety paper.  Where did the original paper go?  It never existed.

Instead, what did exist was a digitized image of a micro-film record of an affidavit written out and signed by Ann Dunham, and then typed-up by a clerk using the information she related about herself and the child’s father.  The former Director of the Dept. of Health, Dr. Fukino, related that all that was found in their archive for Obama was “something half-written and half-typed”.

That original record was the source in their digital data-base for text that could be used in the creation of a counterfeit.  It’s creation implicates the mysteriously killed Loretta Fuddy, who was not a medical professional nor a doctor, but replaced Fukino’s replacement just a few weeks after his appointment with the lying story that he had suddenly “resigned”, to which he responded that that was news to him.

Fuddy, as a loyal Obama supporter who was willing to commit a clandestine, unprovable felony for him, was needed in order to allow the production of the counterfeit.  Hence the man she replaced had to go since he couldn’t be trusted to be “a team player”.
As recently discovered, both Fuddy and Obama’s mother were members of the Subuh cult which originated in Indonesia and came to Hawaii in the 1960s as its founder spread its “gospel”.  Fuddy, in fact was one of its leaders in Hawaii.
So what some consider to be an imaginary conspiracy was in fact a real conspiracy.  It didn’t stop there; it included replacing the micro-film reels of the Hawaiian newspapers that showed no Obama birth during the week he was born.  Replacing the “records” of those papers was also an element of the conspiracy, and it worked like a charm, -deceiving everyone unwilling to look just one step further.  They also secretly stole his registration number from a baby that died the day he was born.  All bases covered.  Operation Obama Fraud a success.  Everyone deceived…. almost.

by adrien nash,  march 2014  obama–

Why Obama’s Birth Certificate Can’t Possibly Be Real  PDF

We Have An Impostor In The White House

 See The Big Obama Lies;

By Linda Jordan | Birther Report
( )

I don’t have a Harvard law degree like Barack Obama purportedly does, in fact I didn’t even graduate high school, but you don’t have to have a degree to know when someone’s lying to you and you don’t have to be an expert to understand the crime of forgery, and fraud.

We know now that Barack Obama has a forged birth certificate, a forged selective service registration, and a stolen social security number. Obama conspired with one or more persons to defraud the American people and to usurp the White House.
It is no longer a conspiracy theory. The crime has taken place.
(1)  Barack Obama used Fake ID to get on the ballot and into the White House.  So we can all take off our tin foil hats and look at the bonafide evidence.
(2)  Just like any jury, I am asking you to consider this evidence, with a fresh set of eyes, before coming to a conclusion.

A key part of that evidence is Obama himself.  Have you ever heard the saying, “Lie on 1”? (3)   Lawyers use it when a witness or suspect lies during a legal proceeding.  It means that nothing they say after that initial lie is going to be believed.  Barack Obama is a “Lie on 1” a hundred times over.  He is a pathological, compulsive liar. (4-5)

And I will give you very specific examples of that.  I will focus on five lies that should convince you, along with the evidence of his forged identity documents, that Barack Obama is a grifter, (6)  -is a narcissistic sociopath who faked his way into the White House.

Lie #  1.  The only reason I [personally] know the unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers is because we live in the same Chicago neighborhood and our kids attend the same school.

This was my “Lie on 1”.  This is when I knew Barack Obama was a liar.
There are all kinds of ways pathological liars lie. Direct, indirect, -by rumor, by omission, -misleading, dissembling. One way is by proxy. They get someone else to lie for them. And then let that lie stand.

Obama has a long history with Bill Ayers, personal and work related. (7-8-9-10)    In spite of this he said he barely even knew the guy and did not have a relationship with him.
In February 2008, to try to quell the controversy that a Presidential candidate would pal around with an unrepentant terrorist who hates America, (11) Obama had his Chief Strategist, David Axelrod, deliver a lie by proxy.

Axelrod, trying to distance Obama from Ayers, told the media that, “Bill Ayers lives in [Obama's] neighborhood. Their kids attend the same school … They’re certainly friendly, they know each other, as anyone whose kids go to school together.” (David Axelrod, 2/26/08 Ben Smith of

Bill Ayer’s kids were 20 to 23 years older than Obama’s children.  Does your 7 or 10 year old have fellow classmates who are in their 30’s?
Axelrod had been friends with Obama since 1992. (12)  He knew Obama’s kids did not go to school with Ayer’s kids.

A month later, during the primary debates, Obama had a chance to correct or refute what Axelrod said. He did not. He reiterated Axelrod’s “Ayers is just a guy who lives in my neighborhood” and added that Ayers was a “respected college professor” who did something bad a long time ago, but said he had no real relationship with him.

It is beyond the pale to think that Obama and Axelrod didn’t talk about what Axelrod was going to say. This is bolstered by the fact that Obama never refuted or corrected Axelrod’s lie. Would you let a lie that big just lay there? And if so, for what purpose?

This was a lie by proxy intended to throw people off track and get them to thinking about kids, and Dads and school carnivals and the PTA and Obama tipping his hat to Ayers as they pass each other in the hall heading to their child’s parent/teacher conference . An attempt to create an atmosphere of plausibility; -heck, maybe it really was an innocent relationship between fathers in the same neighborhood.?
The truth about Obama the liar and Ayers the unrepentant terrorist disappears into ~a Hallmark moment~ .

Lie # 2. I’ve never gone by any other name but Barack Hussein Obama.

For thirteen years, kindergarten through twelfth grade, Barack Obama was not known as Barack Obama. Third party accounts and hard copy records show that he was known consistently throughout that time period as Barry Obama or Barry Soetoro.

This has been confirmed by one of his kindergarten teachers in Hawaii (13) who knew him as Barry, -by his school registration in Indonesia (14) where he was registered as Barry Soetoro, -by his former classmate Scott Inoue whose mother had scribbled on the bottom of a photograph of Obama with her son “Scott and Barry 3rd grade 1969” (15), -by his former classmate, Kristen Caldwell, who says that they only called him “Barry” from fifth grade through twelfth grade  (16), by photos in his Hawaii high school year book which identify him as Barry Obama  (17), by his own signature in a classmates  year book where he signed his name as “Barry Obama”.  (18)  By Occidental College students who knew him as “Barry”. (19)

These facts become very important years later when Obama purportedly takes his Illinois Bar Exam, because, if Obama actually filled out the application to take the exam, it documents his first known lie under oath.

On the Illinois Bar Exam Application you have to attest that you have never been “known by any other first, middle or last name”. (20) It does not ask if you have had any other legal name but if you have been “known” by any other name. If you have been, legal or not, you must provide the name or names.  (Michelle Obama did.) (21)  (This information becomes part of your official record with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission  (ARDC) which is run by the Illinois State Supreme Court. (22)
[note: "Barry" is the nickname for Barrymore) as well as for BAIR-ek which was the pronunciation for the name of both Sr. and Jr.'s name, -with the accent on the first syllable, -not the last, fraudulently altered just like that of his last name which is correctly pronounced "o-BAM-ah", which was confirmed by a cable news reporter who called the "non-profit" Barack H. Obama charitable foundation of Obama's half-brother Oyango located in New England and was shocked by that pronunciation as used in the canned answering machine message. ]

Consumers can go to that website and look up lawyers in Illinois to see if they are registered, eligible to practice law and if they have any disciplinary actions against them. Part of the personal information that the Court shares with the consumer is if that attorney has any other “former name or names” and concerning Barack Obama it says that he has never used any other name or names. (23)
It says this because that’s what Obama told them. The Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar and the ARDC do not fill in the blanks for you. [ Note that Barry is not a recognized nickname for ba-ROCK so it can't be claimed that it was not a different name, that is was akin to Mike for Michael.  But that might be claimed for BAIR-ek which Obama has never acknowledged using]

You are not called Barry Obama or Barry Soetoro for thirteen years, until you are at least 18 years of age, and fail to remember it. Barack Obama lied on his bar application.

Lie # 3.  I was born in Kenya. No, I was born in Hawaii. Yeah that’s the ticket!

Breitbart did a fantastic job of peeling back this lie. In 1991 Barack Obama’s literary agent, Dystel & Goderich (formerly Acton & Dystel), published a catalogue of the authors they represented. Barack Obama was listed as one of them. The short bio that accompanied Obama’s head shot said that he was “born in Kenya ….raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” (24)  [So we see a non-author who has going for him a newly adopted exotic name and an exotic birthplace.  That's sure to sell more books than a boring name and background.  A budding would-be author has got to do what he's got to do.]

Author Steve Bowman, who was involved with the same literary agent in the mid 90’s, says that he was instructed by the agent to write his own narrative bio and to write it in the third person. (25) And of course that makes sense.

Virtually every author and journalist is familiar with this practice. In fact I was recently asked to write a short bio about myself to go alongside research articles I write on Obama. Years ago I was a regular columnist for a weekly newspaper and had to submit a bio to attach to my columns. It is also standard practice to update your bio. The one I wrote two weeks ago is different than the one I wrote 20 years ago.

So in 1991 Obama writes his own bio for his literary agent and says that he was “born in Kenya…raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” Screen shots in 1998, 2005 and 2007 show that Obama’s  biography was updated & edited multiple times on the Dystel & Goderich website without changing the “born in Kenya” claim. (26)

The first time it was edited to include the title of his latest book, “Dreams From My Father” and to add that he was also raised in Chicago. (1998 screen catch)
The second time it was updated to say that he was now a “junior Democratic senator from Illinois” and that he was the “dynamic keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention”.  (February 2005 screen catch)
The third time it was updated with a modified text change but no new or changed information was added. (April 2007 screen catch)

Through every single edit over a period of 16 years, the “born in Kenya” was left intact every time.  In fact, on April 3, 2007, two months after announcing that he would run for president , the “born in Kenya” was still in Obama’s bio on the Dystel & Goderich website.

Between April 3 and April 21, 2007 someone in Obama’s campaign, David Axelrod? Valerie Jarrett? or Obama himself, realized that being “born in Kenya” did not serve his desire to be President of the United States of America like it served his desire to be an exotic, foreign born author. So Obama’s bio, on the Dystel & Goderich website, was edited for the fourth time to say that he was, “born in Hawaii”. (27-28)

Was Kenya the truth or simply a way to make himself look cool to uppity intellectuals who hold America in disdain?  Was Hawaii the truth?  Or a necessary lie in an attempt to be an eligible presidential candidate?  You never know with liars. Particularly when they wield power from the White House that stops any independent means of document authentication. (29-30)
But copies of the original Dystel & Goderich catalogue and caches of the website were not so easy to hide. You can find them all at Breitbart. (31)

Lie # 4.  I was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia and, and, and, Chicago!

In 1991 Obama wrote in his bio, published by his literary agent, Dystel & Goderich (formerly Acton & Dystel), that he was raised in “Indonesia and Hawaii”.  We have several third hand accounts and paper documents that show Obama was in Hawaii in kindergarten, in Indonesia for 3-8 years (32) between kindergarten and third or fourth grade, and in Hawaii again for 7-10 years from third or fifth grade through twelfth grade. That he was in Hawaii fifth grade through twelfth grade is pretty solid.

Sometime after 1991 and before the next screen shot of his bio in June, 1998 Obama changed his bio to say that he was also “raised in Chicago”. (33)  I suspect it was around 1995 when he was gearing up to run for a State Senate seat in Illinois. (34)
We have no record from any third party that Obama was raised in Chicago. In fact Obama says that he lived in Hawaii until 1967, Indonesia from 1967-1971, Hawaii from 1971 to 1979, that he left Hawaii after high school graduation (1979) for California where he studied at Occidental College for two years.

He then says he transferred to Columbia University in New York City in 1981, where he majored in political science. After four years in New York City, Obama says he moved to Chicago in 1985 when he was 26 years old. He says he then left Chicago in 1988 to go to Harvard and then went back to Chicago in 1991. (35)

Would you say that you were “raised in Chicago” if you didn’t move there until you were 26 years old?
And remember, when Obama made up this lie he was around 34 years old.

And what did that lie do for Obama? Did it give him a homeboy advantage, some street creds when running for the Illinois Senate?  This lie was an attempt to change the minimal truth we know about Obama’s childhood.  That most of it was spent with fairly well-to-do people at the Punahau School in Hawaii, and before that, in Indonesia, where he also led a privileged life.
Clearly Obama made a calculated move to tie himself to a grittier Chicago for political gain. And it did not matter to him that what he had said before would contradict what he was saying now. It did not matter to him that he had already said he was raised in Indonesia and Hawaii and that he didn’t move to Chicago until he was 26 years old. He needed that “raised in Chicago” to help him win the election and so he lied. That’s what habitual liars do.

Lie # 5. I’m Kenyan Royalty, no I’m an Indonesian Prince, no I’m an Hawaiian Prince, no my father is a King and I will rule in Indonesia one day.

This is what Obama told classmates at Punahau School in Hawaii after arriving there from Indonesia the summer before fifth grade. And students at Occidental College remember there was a “rumor” that Obama was a Hawaiian Prince. (36)  (Wonder who started that rumor?)

Kristen Caldwell went to school with Obama at Punahau from fifth grade until they graduated in 1979. She remembers that, “…he told us that his father was an Indonesian king and that he was a prince, and after he finished school he was going to go back, and he would be a ruler in Indonesia.  And I absolutely believed him. I understand that he told his fifth-grade class that he was Kenyan royalty, but I never heard that story [from my sister] until years later.” (37)

The first thing that crossed my mind when I read this was that if a three year old told me that story I’d probably laugh and ask him what he’d do when he was ruler.

But an eleven year old? And in such a way that some students “absolutely” believed him?

The fact that a similar story about Obama popped up at Occidental College bolsters the truth of what his Punahau School classmates remembered. I’m convinced that what this classmate recounted was not a harmless tale from a kid with a fanciful imagination. It was a memory that provides a window into the early development of a pathological liar.

Obama, by age eleven, had honed some very practiced lying skills.  His lies may not have convinced everybody all the time. But he was able to deceive the one person that mattered most just how grand he was. Himself.

Closing:  We have traced Obama’s pattern of lying as far back as elementary school and it continues to this day. (38)

It is not possible to detail all of his lies but there have been so many that “purportedly” is the necessary preamble to anything Obama says.  Particularly when it comes to the BIG lie, -a tapestry of lies he wove together to fabricate a life story (39), an identity, -one that would impress and open doors to people in high places.

Obama’s fabrications paved the way for him to attain fame, fortune and power. Instead of working his way to the top he lied his way to the top.  I don’t think Barack Obama has really worked a day in his life.

Narcissists tend to be lazy. They are too important to actually work.  I don’t believe he has a real law degree (40) or Harvard education (41), he’s not a real law professor (42) has no real work history, and no legitimate authorship. (44)

Obama’s life has been a lot of pomp in every circumstance. Smooth talking lies and cock strutting served up with a grin. But he wasn’t able to pull the wool over a nation’s eyes by lying alone. There were two other critical elements.

1. When lying wasn’t enough Obama would rev up his indignity and play the race card on whites who still feel guilty about the sins of their fathers. “How dare you question my credentials, my integrity, my motives, my story, because of the color of my skin?”. (45)

2. The other key element to the ultimate success of Obama’s BIG lie, which culminated in his usurping the highest office in the land with Fake ID, was its magnitude.  Lie BIG or go home.

The American people would never believe that a presidential candidate was actually using a fake identity. A lie that big would prohibit people from even considering the truth of it. No one would attempt to lie on such a grand scale! [as Hitler realized, mentioned and benefited]  And even if they did, well they certainly wouldn’t get away with it. Would they?

~from Wikipedia: The Big Lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”
—Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X[1]
“All this was inspired by the principle–which is quite true within itself–that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.

It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”

I have been very careful to cite every source for the facts I have presented detailing Barack Obama’s lies. Documentation that you can go to and look at for yourself and I pray that you do.

Now it follows suit that a man who lies like Obama would need to fabricate some of those lies on paper. And he did.

Will you take the next step and consider the bonafide evidence of Obama’s forged documents?  His birth certificate, his selective service registration and his stolen social security number.
Don’t let the sheer magnitude of his crime stop you from looking at the evidence.

It’s evidence that demands a verdict.

Go to the Maricopa County Sheriff  Department website and read the reports on Barack Obama’s Fake ID. 46  Then read Private Investigator Susan Daniel’s case on his stolen social security number. 47

I don’t want to prove you wrong.  I just want to save our country.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have an imposter in the White House.





Hat Tip Peter Boyles
In 2007 Obama got so swept away by one of his lies he almost pounded his shoe on the podium. During a speech celebrating the famous Selma-to-Montgomery Voting Rights March in Alabama, Obama said that because of the march his parents got together, “There was something stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma, Alabama, because some folks are willing to march across a bridge. So [my parents] got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born. So don’t tell me I don’t have a claim on Selma, Alabama! Don’t tell me I’m not coming home to Selma, Alabama!”
The Selma Voting Rights March was in March, 1965. Barack Obama was purportedly born on August 4, 1961 so he was not born in the shadow of what happened in Selma. (

Habitual liars also have a habit of blaming others to take the heat off themselves. Within 15 minutes Obama knew the Benghazi attack had nothing to do with a demonstration of people angry over an anti-Islam video posted on YouTube. He knew within hours that Islamic terrorists claimed credit for it—but Obama was in re-election mode and a terrorist attack did not fit with what he wanted to portray so he said Benghazi happened because of a hateful video made by an American that stirred up an angry mob. Even weeks later before, the United Nations, he still blamed the video.

Urban Dictionary: A grifter is someone who swindles you through deception or fraud. Synonyms include fraudster, conartist, cheater, confidence man, scammer, hustler, swindler, etc.



From, ‘Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage,’ best-selling celebrity journalist Christopher Anderse writes, “With the [book]deadline pressing, Michelle recommended that Barack seek advice from “his friend and Hyde Park neighbor Bill Ayers….In the end, Ayers’ contribution to Barack’s ‘Dreams From My Father’ would be significant – so much so that the book’s language, oddly specific references, literary devices and themes would bear a jarring similarity to Ayers own writing.”
Cover of Chicago Magazine, August 2001 issue, with Ayers wiping his feet on the American flag. “Between 1970 and 1974, the Weatherman took credit for 12 bombings, including one of the United States Capitol and another involving several police cars.” When one of their bombs, headed for a New Jersey Military Base went off, killing three of the Weather Underground, Ayers went underground eluding the FBI for 10 years. In 1980 he turned himself in. Ayers was not even charged. His response? “Guilty as hell, free as a bird America is a great country,” he said.” “Ayers insists he has no regrets. “I acted appropriately in the context of those times,” he says.” ( I am sure his father, Thomas Ayers, wealthy former CEO of Commonwealth Edison and a friend to the Daleys, had nothing to do with making sure Ayers got off “free as a bird”.

“He was a cute, likable, heavy build-child,” Yatsushiro recalled. “I could visualize Barry smiling,…”






“He was barely 18 when he arrived in 1979, a kid from Hawaii who still called himself Barry.”
Mark Dery, a journalism professor at New York University “harbored an instinctual suspicion of his … suave demeanor.”









A January 9, 2008 screen shot shows it was changed again to add that his father was raised in a “small village in Kenya” and his mom in “small town Kansas”. obamas-biographical-briefwas.html.
Polling must have shown that Barry needed to curry some “small town” votes.
Aside from his real birth certificate, real social security SS-5 application and real Selective Service Registration here are the top ten records Obama keeps secret:
The media finds the Boston Marathon bombers college transcripts lickity split but they can’t find Obamas 6 years later.


Part of kindergarten may have been in Indonesia, It looks like he came back to Hawaii for part of third grade but not fourth.

December 7, 1995.

“Obama’s Occidental College classmate Amiekohel “Kim” Kimbrew of Los Angeles recalled rumors that Obama was a “Hawaiian prince” to the Chicago Tribune”

Politifacts lie of the year award goes to….Barack Obama. “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what. … You can keep your family doctor.”
38 “falsehoods” found in Obama’s first book:
I’m not a lawyer but if you google my name plus Washington State Superior Court or Supreme Court you will find at least fifteen to twenty briefs/motions/replies that I authored or co-authored. I believe I have seen only one case with Obama’s name on it. “After Obama graduated from Harvard Law,…[he] was hired by a Chicago law firm. But he didn’t do any heavy lifting there either. Instead, he spent all his time writing notes for his first book. As Allison Davis, a founding partner of the firm wrote: Some of my partners weren’t happy with that, Barrack sitting there with his key board on his lap and his feet up on the desk writing the book. No one can find any law briefs written by Obama at this time…”

[NOTE: My own limited research ended with the discovered that admission to the State Bar was obtainable without taking and passing the State test if the applicant was never going to practice law but instead was merely going to serve as a law instructor and possibly as a law clerk under a licensed attorney.  There is no reason therefore to believe that Obama ever took and passed the Illinois State Bar Exam.]
Obama certainly wouldn’t be the first to fake his way into Harvard. “Long before Adam Wheeler scammed his way into this fabled Ivy League university, dozens of frauds ingeniously infiltrated the Crimson. Here are the most notorious six.”


By all accounts the last year Barack Obama purportedly practiced any law was around 1994, just three years after “earning” his Harvard law degree. “After graduating from Harvard Law, [instead of taking a position as an assistant to a Supreme Court or Appeals Court justice as was the norm for graduated presidents of the Harvard Law Review who had been selected purely on the basis of merit, -which was not the basis for Obama's selection], Obama went to work at least nominally as an associate attorney at the small Chicago law firm then known as “Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Gallard,” with which he continued to be affiliated in a more limited capacity throughout his Illinois Legislature tenure up until his U.S. Senate run in 2004… that law firm says Obama logged 3,723 billable hours during his tenure from 1993 to 2004, most of it during the first four years.”
That’s 930 hours per year over 4 years. Divide 930 by a 40 hour work week and at best Obama purportedly worked as a lawyer for 92 weeks.


Would I have voted for Obama? Absolutely not. Before I figured out he was a grifter I knew he was a Marxist and that he hated America, and I am opposed to Marxist American haters being President.
Black or Mullato people I would vote for: Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Alan Keyes, Kira Davis, Stephen Broden, Erik Rush, Sonnie Johnson, AlFonzo Rachel, Rev. CL Bryant, Dr. Alveda King, Thomas Sowell, Condoleezza Rice (well, might have to think twice about her, -she’s weak on right to life), Shelby Steele, Ward Connerly, Daneen Borelli, Dr. Mildred Jefferson (if she wasn’t in heaven) I could go on, there’s an abundance.



Linda Jordan is a researcher out of Seattle Washington. In 2011 she ran the SSN Barack Obama used on his 2010 tax return through the government run E-Verify system and discovered that the SSN had been flagged with a Special Indicator Code for fraud. It was not Obama’s SSN. Since then she has continued to work to expose Obama’s use of forged identity documents. Fake ID he used to get on the ballot and into the White House. She is the owner of We The People T.V.


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