Was Jesus Eligible? -an Obama Comparison

Was Jesus Eligible?  An Obama Comparison

Was Jesus eligible to be the Emperor of Rome?  The answer to that question is determined by the principles of citizenship practiced in the Roman Empire.  The principle that they, as well as all civilized societies followed was that of Natural Law.  It embodies a tradition derived from the laws of nature.  In nature all animals reproduce their own kind, they don’t mate with any opposite-gender creature but their own kind, and therefore they do not produce hybrid off-spring.  Their off-spring are all the same as them.  They are naturally of the same species, inheriting the same traits.  The analogy in human groups is that parents produce children who, like them, are members of the same group.  Any pairing of a female member with a male outsider does not produce a new natual member but a hybrid.  All hybrids require the permission or acquisence of the group in order to be members because they were not natural members by birth.

In the Roman Empire new citizens were not added to the empire’s population by conquest.  Rather it was only by birth to Roman fathers.  If one was not born as a citizen then one could not become a citizen except by law or decree, which was a form of naturalization.  All inhabitants of lands outside of the homeland of Rome, land acquired by conquest, were not citizens but subjects.  Jesus was not born to a Roman father but to a Hebrew father.  That made him a Roman subject, but not a citizen.  Subjects did not have the same rights and priviledges as citizens, not in the Roman Empire nor in any other empire.   Subjects only had the rights that Rome allowed and those rights did not include representation in the Roman Senate.  Jesus was a part of the external property of the Empire, as were all subjects, because he did not inherit Roman citizenship from his father.  His lack of a citizen-father made him ineligible to hold any high position in the Roman government, including being Emperor.  Even if he had been granted Roman citizenship he still could not be placed in high office because he was not a Roman by birth, and therefore his loyalty could not be assured.
His disciple Paul was born to Roman parents, and therefore was eligible to hold high office.  The place of his birth, within the Empire, had no baring on his status, only his paternal citizenship inheritance mattered.  But it did matter in the case of Jesus, and all subjects because they were born as subjects by being born within the Empire, regardless of what conquered nation they lived in.  Similarly, in the British colonies, the inhabitants were subjects by being born within the external territory claimed by the Crown as his personal property by Right of Kings.  It didn’t matter what colony they were born in, they were born as subjects and not citizens because they were not born within the nation itself but within its New World, or Asian territories.  They were not born as citizens by birth to citizens of Britain, but were born as subjects by birth on the personal external property of the Monarch.  Their national relationship status was not based on who they were born to, but on which soil they were born on, -if born on the soil of Britain (where civil rights had been secured over the centuries) they had rights not possessed by those born on the soil of distant colonies (which didn’t share British history)  because the inhabitants were not viewed as citizens but as subjects.  Actually, subjects in Britain even had civil rights, but the invisible truth not evident to the colonists was that they were not born with an inheritance of those rights because they were not a part of the nation proper.
That led to their abuse by the Monarch at the hands of the King’s army and representatives.  Just as the American President has the position and power to conduct foreign policy, so did the King.  It was his right alone because the external lands belonged to no man naturally but to the Empire, and he was the Lord and Master of the foreign policy of the Empire, and conducted that policy to benefit the national treasury, which he had access to, rather like his own personal piggy bank.

Barack Obama, like Jesus, was not born to a father who was a citizen of the nation into which his son was born, but was a member of an external group, a distant land not connected to the homeland, whether it was Judiah, or Kenya.  While Jesus was not a citizen by birth nor at birth, Obama became a citizen at birth by application of the law that ascribes citizenship to children born to citizen mothers when their children are born within the homeland.  But it does not mean that he also was a citizen by birth because that requires that his birth be in conformity to natural law, and in nature there are no hybrids, no cross-breeding between species.  Yet Obama’s birth was by political cross-breeding, American and Kenyan, therefore his citizenship was not natural but instead was citizenship granted by law, not a consequence of natural inheritance but a result of American jurisprudence.
So Obama, like Jesus, was not eligible to be the supreme commander of the nation because that requires that one be a natural, (i.e. full-blooded) citizen by birth to citizen parents.

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