Nixon’s Pardon & Obama’s Election

Sec. 1.  A History of Illegitimacy.
Sec.2.  Prepare for The Coming Outrage

Recently I heard an insightful political commentator noting how the illegitimate pardon of Richard Nixon set a tone in Washington that has remained until this day, and has become a kind of underlying mind-set through which controversial issues are now viewed.  In a time when the country was outraged and enshrouded in the negativity of  the fetid stench of a President acting like a petty dictator, the nation’s strongly aroused sense of a sacred trust being betrayed and egregiously violated was met not by a cathartis of justice but by the deflating announcement that President Ford, appointed by Nixon as his Vice-President, had “pardoned” ex-President Nixon for any actions related to the Watergate cover-up.
The effect of that action had a chilling effect on the natural desire to see justice meted out, and replaced it with an unsatisfying philosophy that justice must take a backseat to what’s best for the country.  We all resented that kind of “Father Knows Best” attitude coming from Washington but had to grit our teeth and accept it as a bitter medicine that maybe would be best after all.  That was only acceptable begrudgingly because the nation was tired and kind of “shell shocked” by the whole ugly affair.  But that pardon was to be the first, but not the last, time that Washington “did what was best for the country” instead of doing what was right and lawful.
At that time I saw and felt that a grave mistake had been made from the prespective of respect for the law and the Constitution.  The mistake was not in pardoning a guilty ex-President, but in pardoning an innocent ex-President.  That was a horrible travesty against the whole system of innocent until proven guilty, which is the foundation of our criminal justice system.  Nixon had not even been charged with anything much less convicted and sentenced.  How can an innocent man be pardoned for anything?  He’s not legally guilty of anything therefore there is no basis to pardon him for anything.  Thus the so-called pardon was a form of obstruction of justice because it illegitimately derailed the requisite criminal investigation which had not even started.  That set a precedent that was a terrible demonstration that the Rule of Law didn’t apply to the political elite class because it wouldn’t be good for the country.
That precedent took hold in Washington and came to bedevil us again when the elite political class decided that they would conspire together to insure that the Republican Party would have John McCain as a legitimate candidate.  To ensure that, it was necessary to allay the doubt that he might not be constitutionally eligible because he was not born on U.S. soil but in the American controlled Panama Canal Zone.
In exchange for Democratic votes for the resolution declaring McCain to be a “natural born citizen” (by 99 to 0) the Republicans either knowingly or ignorantly struck some sort of bargain that they would not give any thought or speech against the obviously ineligible Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, who clearly was not a natural born American citizen since he was the off-spring of an alien guest, and not an American citizen father.  Accepting the first black candidate, regardless of his candidacy being unconstitutional, was “what was best for the country”, so making waves and rocking the boat would not happen regardless of the crime against the Constitution.  The “fix was in”.

The media was enamored with him so they failed in their duty to even slightly vet him.  No questions were asked, -no thinking occurred about things that a reporter would natural wonder about if focused on any Republican candidate.  Hence we have the most unvetted high-ranking public servant in American history.  We have as President,  (in charge of all of the investigative and prosecutorial departments of government)  someone who would never be able to pass a simple FBI investigation for a top-security clearance since his entire academic and professional history is a tightly hidden secret.  How could someone who’s life is an obscure mystery be viewed as a transparent, fully acceptable presidential candidate?  Because of two things.

The big lie, and the big voice.  The golden voiced oratory of a demi-god inspired the masses on both sides of the Atlantic to cozy up to the warmth of his rich baritone which radiated inspiration with soaring rhetoric.  Thus all the doors were opened to him as if fate had chosen him as its anointed one.

And the door to presidential eligibility was wide open because of the almost universal American ignorance about the principles of what determines citizenship.  Essentially no one was aware of the fact that within the lifespan of our parents or grandparents, Barack Obama would have been understood to have been born as not an American citizen but as a British or Kenya citizen, or as a stateless person.  That is due to the fact that throughout most of American history, American women who married foreigners lost there American citizenship and assumed that of their husband.  Thus the family and its children would all have one uniform citizenship, not dual-citizenship with competing allegiance and competing national responsibilities.
His birth in Hawaii would have been irrelevant for two reasons.  The first is that the framers of the Constitution (and its presidential eligibility requirements) didn’t place any importance on birth in the States because they only required 14 years residency, which is only two fifths of the age of 35 -the minimum age required to be President. They left the door open to children born abroad to American Ambassadors, children who had grown up outside of the United States but who had been raised by parents who were trusted. politically astute true-blue Americans, -totally solid in their love and respect for their country.   Thus a  John McCain could have been born in and lived in Panama for 56 of his years, then moved to the United States and lived 14 years here, thereby becoming constitutionally eligible to be President at the age of 72 (the age at which he ran).
The second reason is that by the 14th Amendment, even with birth within U.S. borders, citizenship is only conveyed if the child, through the father, is subject to U.S. jurisdiction.  But foreign guests are immune from Washington’s jurisdiction since they are under the umbrella of international treaties and are not held as being required to obey all the orders, laws, and regulations that citizens and legal permanent immigrants are subject to and held accountable to obey.  Thus Obama is not a 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, meaning birth in the U.S. is meaningless in his rare case.
Unfortunately the public, the press, and the government are basically ignorant of that simple but significant truth.  Why?  Because it was never highly significant until the candidacy of Barack Obama for the Presidency.  That truth has been lost in a group-think delusion about the principles that determine citizenship.  That delusion is the belief that mere location of birth within U.S. borders conveys citizenship because that is what the 14th Amendment is misunderstood to say.
But in perhaps 99% of U.S. births citizenship is conveyed naturally from American parents to their children, or historically, from father to child.  That is the principle that was never written because it was so fundamental and univerally recognized that it never needed to be codified.  All natural citizens are citizens by that unwritten law.  But all children of aliens and immigrants are citizens by statute.  They are statutory citizens, not natural citizens.
By being the off-spring of an alien father Barack Obama is a statutory citizen since his citizenship is solely due to Immigration & Naturalization law connected to his mother.  Statutory citizens are not eligible to be the U.S. President because they are not natural citizens by birth to citizen parents, in particular, a citizen father.
But the political machine that backed Obama knew that his eligibility could be defended if they played on the common misbelief that a U.S. birth equals citizenship, and that citizenship equals presidential eligibility.  So they focused on his supposed place of birth to show that he was a “native born” citizen, although native citizens are only those born to citizens, i.e.; born to natives, and Obama’s father was not a native of the United States of American.  But their tactics succeeded in pulling the wool over nearly everyone’s eyes, both inside and outside of government.  No one thought to ask any questions.  Truthfully, no one thought, period.  Combine ignorance with certainly about one’s assumptions, and you have a fully deluded population.  The left-wing Obamanites are counting on that not changing in the next election year, and they will probably find that it doesn’t.

Prepare for The Travesty to Come

The unaware American electorate is poised for an election season of  propagandizing based on the perceived issues and desired outcomes without any awareness that the Demcrats are not offering a candidate that is constitutionally eligible.  That fact will go unrecognized and unacknowledged as in state after  state the people responsible for vetting candidates will simply shirk their responsibility and repeat the travesty against the Constitution that took place in 2008 when the National Democrat Party officials acted as the tail that wagged the dog by prevailing on everyone to accept Obama as an eligible candidate even though there was no proof that he was one, nor that he was even born in the United States.   Forged birth certificate images are not proof of anything except that you can fool all of the people some of the time.
As the coming bastardization of the certification of eligibility repeats the same travesty as in 2008, the impact on those who are fully awake and aware of what is happening will be felt strongly as it dawns on them that the nation has lost the appreciation of fidelity, authenticity, veracity, and honesty in our elections, in our media, and in our government.  Prepare to see the inconceivable happen again as an ineligible candidate is offered once more for the Office of the President.  No one in or with any spotlight has the nerve, or has the knowledge, to challenge his eligibility.  Those who know he isn’t eligible aren’t talking because they view the issue either through the biased eyes of accolytes, or as knowledge that is, like strong medicine, worse than the disease.  Thus his candidacy will be shepherded into the election to run against his opponent as if there is nothing out of the ordinary about him and his eligibility.

Prepare for the disappointment to come by resolving to work as an active citizen and voter to see that he and his illegitimate cadre of neo-progressive socialists are shown the exits.  But don’t hold your breath waiting for the dismantling of his illegitimate Presidential orders, appointments, and signed bills because no one in Washington is willing to even think about such a thing, much less doing something that would be embarrassing to the political elites that knowingly, or ignorantly, allowed his election to happen last time.   Afterall, that “would not be what is best for the country”.  And besides, who could serve to questions the 100 Senators who backed the McCain resolution?  Who is there is ask: “Senator, what did you know and when did you know it?”