Native-born Citizenship

A New Insight Into An Old Truth /

Why Obama Is Not Native-Born

    I finally realized why the founders used native-born interchangeably with natural-born.  It’s because they didn’t simplistically connect it to place-of-birth.
By natural law one is the same as one’s parents.  Lions don’t give birth to donkeys,   Natural inheritance is an inviolable law of nature.   Members don’t give birth to non-members, nor do non-members give birth to members anymore than donkeys give birth to lions.  If born to a non-member, one isn’t a natural member even if a member by permission.

The most fundamental right in nature is property ownership, which begins with the wives and children of the Alpha male.  Hence the basis of patrilineal inheritance by descent.  The children belong to him and inherit what pertains to him, be it his nature or his name and possessions.

Place of birth is only an issue in regard to “The Divine Right of Kings” and their Lordship over all born within their domain.  One is born where one’s parents live and they live with their group for generation after generation.  Fathering children with a member of another group is not a natural situation.  Such off-spring aren’t natives of the group because they aren’t natural members.
After over 100 years of a colony’s existence, its inhabitants became the new indigenous population, -the new natives, and their colony was their only homeland.  Their children were natives by birth in the homeland to parents who were indigenous members of the colony.  They were the new natural natives through natural inheritance by birth to native parents.

Understand this:   No One who was born of a father who was not a native indigenous member would be a native of the group.  Only those born to natives would be natives, all others would violate natural law and unwritten human membership law.  A transient male outsider cannot father an indigenous native child anymore than a native male could father a foreign child.
Barack Obama wasn’t born of a native father and therefore is not a native born American, but is a hybrid.  Only native indigenous fathers give birth to native sons.  And no non-native person with a hybrid citizenship is eligible to be the President of the United States because he’s not a natural born native citizen.

http://obama–      a.r. nash Oct 2011


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