The Bamboozling of America At The Highest Level

You’re about to read what to many unaware and uninformed Americans will sound like fantastic claims, -like crazy conspiracy theorizing, but sometimes “crazy” conspiracy becomes “factual” conspiracy when the truth becomes known.  Recall the office of President Nixon being involved with covering-up a crude break-in of the Democrat Party office in the Watergate Hotel?  And perhaps the President himself involved?  That’s just crazy talk!  But in the real world, often the truth is stranger than fiction.

Let’s begin.  One of the greatest, if not the greatest travesties ever committed against the American electorate occurred in the presidential election of 2008 in regard to the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama.  It involved all five areas of the national election arena, beginning with the Press, -the media.  It’s job is to ferret out the truth about candidates for elective office and share it with the American public.  We all realize what a great job they did in regard to one John Edwards and his mistress.  No one would touch it with a ten-foot pole except the National Enquirer.
Similarly, they stayed ten miles away from the issue of Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to the office of the President.  Instead of vetting him they praised and adored him.  Not a peep was heard from any corner of the land on that vital issue, and that included conservative and independent media types alike.  He got a free pass because he was very inspiring, charming and charismatic, as well as being the first party candidate of color in our history.  So his candidacy was attended by only silence on the issue of whether or not he was even qualified to run to the office.
There are guardians in all 50 states whose job it is to guard against ineligible candidates being placed on their state’s ballot.  They constitute the second area in which the travesty took place.  Every single one of the officers, Attorneys General, or commissions that approved the placement of Senator Obama’s name on their ballots was either bamboozled by the DNC or were complicit in the conspiracy because they all went along with it.

The third area is that of the Democrat Party leadership which conspired to alter the traditional constitutional wording of their presidential candidate certification document.  They secretly removed the language stating that their candidate was constitutionally qualified for the office of President, and instead substituted language stating only that he was legitimately certified as the official candidate of their party.  There was only one reason to do that, and that reason was because they knew that by making that omitted statement they would have been making themselves liable for charges of various sorts, including probably some form of perjury for making a false legal certification.
The fourth area that assisted in the conspiracy was the United States Senate.  It had several members running for the presidency and two of them had odd backgrounds.  It authorized a legal investigation, but the results it produced contained both the truth and a huge lie.  The truth was in regard to John McCain and the lie was in regard to one such as Barack Obama, both having quite different birth circumstances.  So the Senate knew the actual truth but remained silent.

The final area in which the conspiracy was allowed to transpire was that of the Supreme Court.  They all always knew the truth about Senator Obama’s constitutional ineligibility to run for the presidency but the buck stopped at no one’s desk so they all were silent en mass during the election period.  No one had the spine to speak out and warn all of the known violation of the Constitution that was a very possible outcome.  Then after it had happened, they continued to remain silent and even complicit by swearing into office a candidate that was not eligible for that office.  The five areas of American society meant to serve as watchdogs to defend the Constitution all failed to do their job, even though many of them had taken an oath to do so.

Like what happened at Chernobyl when the reactor managers illicitly allowed 5 or 6 processes/tests to take place which caused it to explode and its nuclear core to totally melt down, -when avoiding any one of them would have prevented the disaster, so the American political process saw five areas of society lead in unison to a melt-down (when any one alone could  have prevented it) and thus the process meant to elect a legitimate President, instead elected an illegitimate one.
The conspiracy involved three significant falsehoods.  Two are related but the third is completely apart from the other two.  The two related ones were connected to the proof of Senator Obama’s place of birth.  The third was related to the United States Constitution and its restrictions on who is allowed to be the President of the United States.  Efforts were made to falsify facts, manipulate fallacious ideas, promote untruths, and distort the significance of facts in evidence.  Let’s examine the constitutional issue first.

U.S. Constitution: Article Two, Section One, Clause Five reads:  “No person except a natural born Citizen…shall be eligible to the Office of the President,..”  If we ignore the issue of where Senator Obama was actually born, then we can presumptuously agree that he could be described as “a born citizen”, but the question remains as to whether or not he is a natural citizen. The meaning of the term “natural born Citizen” is not provided anywhere in the Constitution.  That means one of two things, -possibly both, but not likely.

There is no definition for only one reason, -because the author’s, -the founding fathers and framers of the Constitution all knew perfectly well what it meant and assumed that everyone else did also.  If so then there are still two possibilities.  It either had a set, clear legal meaning, or it had a set, clear non-legal meaning.  Or possibly the two were the same.  But it can reasonably be assumed that there was never a need for a distinct legal definition to develop in America because there was as yet no such thing as the presidency to apply it to.  Under British and colonial law natural born subjects had no more rights than naturalized subjects, although appointments to certain critical offices which held authority, assets, or information which a traitor could exploit to great harm, were reserved to natural born subjects, but such an appointment was not “a right” anymore than being President is.

So if the meaning of “natural” isn’t found in American/Colonial legal history then it is found in common English, common sense, and “Natural Law”.  The Constitution was not written to be read only by legal scholars but by the common man whose acceptance was important in order to pass it and maintain national unity.  Therefore it can’t be argued that the meaning of the word “natural” is found only in esoteric, complex legislative and judicial documents, but is found instead in common language.  No one needs to tell you what natural means, anymore than you need a lawyer or legal historian to tell you what “unnatural” means.  Remember, the Constitution was written almost entirely in plain English, not legalese.
So the constitutional legitimacy of Senator Obama’s candidacy was dependent on the meaning of that one word  “natural” -what it means as well as what it doesn’t mean.  A “natural citizen” is also a “born citizen” but not all born citizens are natural citizens because they were born to immigrants, -foreigners, and not to Americans.
America has always had a conflict regarding citizenship from before the founding of the nation.  Some colonies ascribed citizenship to all born within their borders, even if they were born to foreigners.  The logic was that those children were going to live in and grow-up in America as Americans and therefore should be citizens just like those who came before them.
Other colonies required foreigners to become naturalized citizens first and only then would their children be automatically granted citizenship in that sovereign colony.  Which method became the law of the land after the Constitution was ratified?  The later.

That changed forever in 1898 due to a Supreme Court ruling (Wong Kim Ark) in which the State Dept. had declared a native-born son of Chinese immigrants to not be an American citizen. The prevailing court opinion adhered to the citizenship statement of the 14th Amendment (1868) and reversed the government’s position.

But one must not confuse being a natural citizen with being merely a born citizen.  The distinction is best illustrated by two comparisons.  If George Washington was visiting Canada with his wife in 1787 and she brought forth a son while there, what would be the nature of his national status?  Would he be an alien? (-born outside the United States of America) Would he be a born subject of England?  Or would he be a natural born American?  There was no Constitution or 14th Amendment yet.  But that would have no bearing on the status of their natural born child because he would not have been adopted as a foreign national at birth but as a natural American by birth.
Even if Senator Obama truly was a born citizen, was he also a natural citizen?  The answer is “no”, -not by any principle that any imagination can come up with.  But the liberal legal scholars (Olsen & Tribe) hired by the Senate to research the matter managed to invent one anyway.  They rightfully determined that John McCain, having been the progeny of American parents, was therefore an American by birth and as such his citizenship was natural citizenship because he was born with it as his natural right.

But the matter didn’t end there because another Senator was running for the Presidency and he was not born to American parents, -in particular to an American father, but to an alien student here on a visa.  Those two legal “experts”, seeking to mitigate the impact of the accuracy of their McCain finding, therefore concocted the theory that both kinds of citizenship can be viewed as natural since historically both had been citizens from birth.  But that was deliberately fraudulent logic because it’s the circumstances of their births that distinguish the two from each other.  One with citizen parents is by nature a citizen also, but one with foreign parents is a citizen from birth only by the magnanimity of the American voters and the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the 14th Amendment handed down in 1898.

Barack Obama’s citizenship has the law on his side, but the problem is that no one who is a citizen by law is also a natural citizen since natural citizenship is not granted by any law every written.  Nor by the Constitution, because it was viewed as a natural unalienable right that neither the government nor the people that it represents have any authority to grant or rescind.  It is a natural right that all humans are born with, and which government did not create.

It is a natural inheritance from the parents, just as a baby tiger inherits its nature and species from its parents, so Americans inherit their parents’ membership, -citizenship in the American family.  Just as a natural-born Chinese couple cannot produce a natural-born African child, -just as a natural born Jewish couple cannot produce a natural born Arab, so a natural born American couple cannot produce a natural born foreign child, nor can a foreign couple produce a natural American child
The word “natural” either has meaning solely in relation to ones parentage, or it has no meaning at all.  One who is a “born citizen” via birth in America to foreign parents is a constitutional 14th Amendment citizen, -not a natural citizen because their citizenship, though acquired automatically from birth, is not natural citizenship because it was not a natural inheritance from their parents.
The second significant falsehood is connected to the significance of birth within U.S. borders.  Much importance was place on the belief that Senator Obama was born in America but that importance was a sham.  It had no connection to presidential eligibility nor could it alone convey constitutional citizenship which requires one to be subject to the jurisdiction of the federal government at birth.
All natural citizens are subject at birth because their parents are, but not all children born to foreigners are subject because some foreigners are not immigrants but instead are mere transients.  Transients are not legal permanent members of American society and thereby subject to U.S. jurisdiction, but instead are foreign diplomats, visitors, workers, professionals, and students. They are subject to their own government and protected by International Treaty, including Barack Obama Sr.

Therefore Senator Obama was not covered by the 14th Amendment through his father and thus his native-birth was not enough to convey 14th Amendment citizenship from birth.  Consequently he was not a natural citizen through his father, nor an automatically naturalized 14th Amendment statutory citizen through him either.  So the resulting importance of his Hawaiian birth was zero.  It didn’t relate to constitutional eligibility nor fulfill the requirements for 14th Amendment citizenship.
The third great falsehood regarding Senator Obama deals with the extensive evidence that both birth document digital images posted online contain manifold signs of illegitimate creation and the fact that no hard-copies have ever been produced and shown to the public or document experts to verify that the images posted online were results of the scanning of real paper documents.  But even real paper documents cannot be verified as authentic and not counterfeits because of the bastardized nature of the digital reproduction and alteration process used by the Hawaiian Vital Statistics Office which results in an unathenticatible “ABSTRACT” instead of a “TRUE COPY”.

How shall one respond to this, and what measures can be taken to insure that such a travesty is not allowed to transpire a second time?  Challenges to his legitimacy as a constitutionally qualified Democrat Party candidate in each state can be attempted if a legal channel is available for such a challenge.  His backers must get his name placed on the ballots of all 50 states one at a time, and that can be opposed one at a time across America.  Only one successful challenge is needed to get the snowball rolling.  After that things will escalate across the land.

One challenge is already in process (Georgia).  Senator Obama failed to appear as required and thereby may lose by default.  That would block him from appearing on the Georgia State ballot if the Secretary of State in Georgia concurs, unless some underhanded chicanery takes place out of sight. [update: it appears some underhanded chicanery took place because the judge in the Georgia case threw the verdict in favor of the defendant Obama even though he failed to appear and his lawyer failed to appear nor offer any rebuttal to the charges of his client’s ineligibility]
[further update: both the Secretary of State and the Appeals Court and Supreme Court of Georgia have followed the same pattern; they gave the appearance of impartiality then threw the case to the defendant that failed to appear, -there’s nothing suspicious about that; move along folks, there’s nothing to see here, just move along]

by Adrien Nash  Jan 25, 2012 http://obama–

About arnash
“When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain - Politicians and diapers - change 'em often, for the same reason. "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." Ronald Reagan "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." William F. Buckley, Jr. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it. Abraham Lincoln “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell “Satan will use a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison”.

4 Responses to The Bamboozling of America At The Highest Level

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  2. D. Brown says:

    Benefits of Citizenship

    A U.S. citizen enjoys many rights and privileges that are not available to non-citizens. Included among these rights and privileges are:

    Voting. The privilege to participate in government by electing those who create, debate, and enforce the law.

    >>>>>>>>Holding public office. The privilege to be elected and to serve in any public office (except that of the Vice-President or the President of the United States).<<<<<<<<<

    Traveling. The privilege of having a U.S. passport allowing the freedom to travel, as well as to receive government protection and assistance when traveling abroad.

    Extending citizenship to your children . Permanent resident children under the age of eighteen, who are in the legal and physical custody of the naturalizing parents automatically become U.S. citizens when their parents become naturalized. Children born after naturalization also receive citizenship through

  3. arnash says:

    Dr. Alan Keyes quote from:

    In their first response to the eligibility issue, some elements of the self-serving elite sought to evade it by pretending that the outcome of the 2008 election decided the matter. This was one of the things that convinced me that the issue involved a serious threat to the survival of constitutional government in the United States. Constitutional provisions intended to constrain and limit the activities and conduct of government must quickly evaporate once they can be ignored or discarded at the whim of every transient electoral majority. That’s why the Framers established procedures for amending the Constitution that require a majority large enough to represent the more permanent will of the American people as a whole. But these provisions now pose an obstacle in the way of those who mean to impose a form of government on the United States more compatible with their vision of a New World Order, (a vision in which the supposedly enlightened will of dominant elites directly or indirectly dictates the fate of the people.)

    From the outset, I and others like me have understood that the whole point of the elitists’ deliberate dereliction in carrying out the Constitution’s provisions is to accustom Americans to accept de facto alterations in the Constitution. We realized that the issue of Obama’s eligibility is another instance of the strategy of de facto amendment that, until recently, had effectively nullified the Constitution’s 10th Amendment; and that (as Obama’s move on Libya recently demonstrated) has brought to near extinction Congress’ exclusive authority over the decision to commit the United States to offensive war. But with the issue of Obama’s eligibility this strategy is being deployed to reach for a broader result, one that challenges the whole idea of an obligation to the Constitution that supersedes transient political results.

    This challenge derives force from questioning whether the preferences of a contemporary majority should ever be constrained by the decisions of majorities long dead and gone. In everything it does, the Obama faction exemplifies this arrogant contempt for the understanding, character and achievements of previous generations of Americans, including the founding generation. But this factional contempt is just a subset of the general arrogance of contemporary elites, who pretend that the advances of contemporary science justify a pose of superiority. Yet every day brings new experiences which make clear that scientific knowledge is not the same as wisdom. The latter includes the precepts of character and moral judgment needed to apply such knowledge with just prudence.

  4. arnash says:

    OldRockerGuy says:
    April 29, 2012

    Prior to the 2010 elections many Americans were voicing their disapproval of Obama’s policies and the enabling of those policies by the Democratically controlled House and Senate. Republicans seized the opportunity and virtually all of their candidates, at every level of government, assured us of their “conservative” views and promised, if elected, to fight the treasonous liberal progressive/socialist/communist/one world attack on our constitutional rights and freedoms. American voters went to the polls and voted a huge majority of so-called “conservative” Republicans into the House of Representatives. Republicans also picked up a few seats in the Senate and added some Republican governors and many more seats in state legislatures. Obama himself even commented after the results were in that Democrats had taken a “shellacking”. Since those elections not much has changed. We watch John Boehner and Mitch McConnell occasionally make a weak protest against a few of Obama’s actions but in the end they generally cave in and give him virtually everything he wanted. Obama bypasses Congress whenever he feels like it and Republicans sit quietly by and let it happen. Even our so-called “conservative” presidential candidates, including our constitutional expert Ron Paul, have been silent regarding Obama’s eligibility, his forged birth certificate, his forged selective service card and his identity theft social security card issues. Some Republicans have even defended Obama’s documents. Even the most influential commentators on FOX news have refused to investigate or comment on any of these issues. Bill O’Reilly made a video in which he indicated that his aids found a birth announcement for Obama in the local Hawaiian newspaper and that was good enough for him – he didn’t have time to pursue it any further. Bill wanted to devote his time to more important things like yukking it up at “Miller Time” and playing trivia games with 2nd tier FOX personalities. Sean Hannity has also failed to comment but he does manage to become orgasmic anytime someone mentions Marco Rubio for vice-president. Rubio and Jindal both have huge eligibilty problems regarding the natural born citizenship requirement for the vice-presidency. Obviously Sean Hannity and Mitt Romney are not bothered by the constitutional requirements for that office. We have two types of television media. We have ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and PBS who all strongly support the liberal progressive/socialist/communist/one world philosophy of government. Then we have FOX who supports the Republican Establishment point of view which isn’t all that much different. If the Republican Party fails to act that is pretty much the same as support. Refusing to fight for our freedoms and for strict interpretation of our constitution allows the enemies of freedom to have their way. Talk is cheap – anyone can claim to be a conservative – those that take action to back up their words are the true conservatives. I haven’t seen any of them since Ronald Reagan left office – have you?

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