How Marco Rubio Could Destroy The Apple Cart

(~the collusion of silence that only a “bomb” can end)

When Joseph Farrar, founder of World Net Daily, appeared on the Sean Hannity program, the possibility of Marco Rubio being chosen for Vice-President was raised.  Farrar responded that he isn’t eligible to be President or Vice-President because he is not a natural born citizen.
His common-sense, plain-&-simple observation hit a brick wall.  That wall may be one erected by Hannity’s boss, Rupurt Murdock, who has a whole corral of people who will never discuss the issue of presidential eligibility.  Or it may have been a wall of ignorance.  (-it could possibly be both.)

Currently, the conventional wisdom is that anyone who is “native-born” is a citizen and therefore eligible to be President.  But can everyone born in America be President?  Only in the delusional dream of the erroneous “common knowledge” misconception that makes independent thought and inquiry unnecessary.  It’s replaced instead by “group-think” which has a notorious history of being wrong, as it is again regarding one illegitimate President named Barack Obama

In America today, the only national forum that’s serving to wake up the American people is the internet, not Congress nor the courts, -not the mains-stream media or the legal profession.  But they need to be awakened badly.
Marco Rubio could do it, and he may be the only person that could (-aside from a better informed Donald Trump)  because the medium seems to be either astonishingly and willingly ignorant or in a collusion of silence.

What could he do and how could he do it?  He could force the nation to take note of the fact that our current President is not constitutionally qualified to serve as President or Vice-President.  He could do that on being chosen as or offered the spot of Vice-President.

He could hold a press conference and announce to the nation that he would love to serve, be honored to serve, but cannot serve because he is constitutionally unqualified to serve.  Then he could explain that he was born to foreign parents and not American parents and therefore was not born as a natural American citizen as required by the Constitution. *
Those words would be like dynamite in the nation’s conversation.  Everyone would finally wake the heck up because it would be all over every form of talk medium, especially if he made the announcement at the Republican Convention.  That explosion of consciousness would blow-up the candidacy of Barack Obama because his aura of legitimacy would be thrown into question in everyone’s mind as they’d come to realize that someone born to foreigners, or a foreign father, cannot possibly be a natural, native, United States citizen.

Currently, most Americans, regardless of position or profession, -including the legal profession, are under the misconception that anyone who is “native-born” can be President, but that is erroneous for three significant reasons.

Reason #1. Being “native-born” does not make one a native if one is not born to native parents.  “Native-born” persons who are born to foreign fathers are not natural American natives since natural natives are only born to fathers who are already natives (even if they were nativized by being naturalized).
Immigrant parents cannot produce natural American natives.  Instead their children are naturalized native-born citizens, -they’re naturalized automatically at birth thanks to the 14th Amendment -which was ratified 81 years after the Constitution’s presidential eligibility clause was written.

“Native-born” 14th Amendment citizens must be born in America to be naturalized at birth and obtain U.S. citizenship because they are not the off-spring of natives of America, but of natives of another country.  It’s their birth and life in America that gives them a connection to America that’s stronger than the connection to their parents’ native country.
But natural natives can be born anywhere because they are born with the unalienable right to their native parents’ membership in their nation even if their birth happens to occur, by happenstance, outside the nation’s borders.**

Reason #2.  Being “native-born” does not convey citizenship on everyone born to foreigners in America because not all foreigners are legal immigrants and thus members of American society whose children are granted citizenship by the authority of the 14th Amendment.  Some are foreign diplomats, foreign military personnel, foreign tourists, and foreign students (Obama Sr.) who are designated by the INS as “non-immigrant aliens”. Their U.S.-born children are under the jurisdiction and protection of their parents’ foreign government.  And they’re protected politically by international treaty.

The INS has the legal authority to treat such children as U.S. citizens, but it does not have the constitutional authority to do so since its policy is in violation of the meaning of the 14th Amendment.  The result is the “anchor baby” phenomena and conundrum for which the amendment is not responsible.
“Open borders” liberals in the executive branch are responsible and no one has the political courage to contest their bastardized perversion of the constitutional amendment aimed solely at freed slaves and the children of America’s legal immigrants.

Reason #3.  Being a non-descript citizen of the United States is fine for any and every other office of the federal government right up to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,  but not for that of the President. “The position of the Command-in-Chief shall not devolve on any but a natural born citizen”.  Just as all “native-born” persons are not citizens, so also, all native-born citizens are not natural born citizens. ***

Those who are born to foreigners who are legal immigrants but are not naturalized citizens, do not qualify for the presidency because they are the off-spring of foreigners, and have an inherited background of a foreign heritage.
Their citizenship is “native-born” constitutional citizenship via the 14th Amendment, and not natural citizenship via Natural Law.  Before the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 (two years earlier) they had no federal legal right whatsoever to possess United States citizenship but individual States allowed it.

It was up to the individual States and local judicial decision whether or not they were granted State citizenship, -without which they would not possess U.S. citizenship.
But natural citizens possess their membership in the American nation in the total absence of any law or constitutional clause that “grants” them that which
they already possess naturally via birth to citizens.

Marco Rubio is a native-born constitutional American citizen.  No constitutional citizen is eligible to be President because their citizenship is dependent on the Civil Rights Act of 1866 or the 14th Amendment.  If his father had completed the naturalization process before he was born then his parents would have been American citizens when he was born, instead of Cuban citizens.
Only children of American citizens are eligible to be the President, -not the children of foreigners.  That’s what the Constitution mandates.

If Senator Rubio were to be cognizant of this fact, and proclaim it openly to the American people, then he could bring down the presidency of Barack Obama, or at the least prevent him from being allowed to be his Party’s candidate.  That would spell the end of his illegitimate presidency and the worst constitutional violation of the office of the President in American history.

by A.R. Nash  http://obama–

*Being raised as a native-born naturalized American is not the same as being born as a natural citizen because without American parents, one cannot be a natural United States citizen since one is born with foreign citizenship as well, also known as “alienage” -making one a hybrid citizen with dual competing nationalities.

**Presidential ineligibility that’s based not on inherited “foreign blood” but on the mere happenstance of one’s mother’s location at the moment of delivery is an idea that’s elementary to say the least, and totally devoid of any rational applicable principle related to a singular allegiance to the land of one’s people, -not “the land of one’s birth”.
The land be damned. (or the ice be damned in the case of the Arctic and Antarctica)  It matters not where one is born, but what does matter is to whom one is born.
Presidential ineligibility based on happenstance would be the irrational result if the sons of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln or Dwight Eisenhower happened to have insisted that they exit their mother’s womb before she could return across the border during a visit to Niagara Falls in Canada.  You know how rational that is.

If born within the borders of a neighboring country while one’s native-citizen parents were visiting there, would one’s life be significantly altered if that one day or hour of their whole life could be made to disappear from their life-history and experience?  Absolutely not.
Nothing would change.  So there’s no rational basis to think that such a birth location holds any meaning or significance whatsoever, especially when it comes to presidential eligibility and a citizen like John McCain.  To argue otherwise is to argue that our founding fathers were idiots and choose to deny access to the presidency to the children of America’s ambassadors and diplomats who through no fault of their own, were not born within U.S. borders.

***Similarly, all U.S. citizens are U.S. Nationals, but not all U.S. Nationals are U.S. citizens because some are born in U.S. Samoa or Swains Island.