Outrage Toward Obamacare Court Opinion

in response to several PatriotPost.us commentaries

“Judged by the outcomes, the Washington casino is rigged so that no matter which party wins national elections, the federal government gets bigger, hungrier and more dictatorial. With each passing year and regardless of election mandates, more of what belongs to the people is stolen away by government operators and their cronies. Our money, property, privacy, peace, fundamental freedoms and the right to be left alone are their targets. At the current rate of government expropriation, We the People will soon have nothing that isn’t controlled or beholden to the sharpies of D.C.”  (author unknown)

Hopefully, like myself, tens of millions of other Americans will feel and think exactly what you’ve expressed.  Thank you.
And thank you, Chief Traitor Roberts, you disgusting stink bug for fouling the nest of your nation with in indefensible distortion of reality, -one that flies in the face of reason. and language, and validates the marxist position that the federal government possesses unlimited power

.  Now that you’ve outed yourself as just another slimy progressive statist tyranny-defender & enabler in conservative’s clothing, what you’ve done is ignite a prairie fire of opposition to the suppression of individual liberty and the cancellation of the Constitution.
And thanks a lot ex-AG Alberto Gonzolas, who like your former boss and statist president, Bush, for fully vetting another fellow RINO just like you and your appointer.  How does it feel to be a stealth socialist?  -to wear the clothing of conservatism while being a traitor to its principles?  I always strongly suspected that no good thing could come from a Peter Principle slug such as yourself, and now, unfortunately, you’ve proven that suspicion in spades.
This is the result when an incompetent, insightless electorate can’t see incompetence and insincerity even when it’s looking them right in the face.  They blindly elect them as leaders and instead of putting on the brakes they just apply the accelerator pedal even harder.   Straight toward the fiscal cliff!  AN

President Obama said that he believes the U.S. Constitution, that protects Americans from government tyranny “is fundamentally flawed,” and essentially said in a 2001 Chicago NPR interview that the Constitution should not so much “protect” people, but “provide” for them” thereby turning it into a wealth redistribution welfare document.  Sharon Sebastian

“and plans to establish a civilian militia as well funded and powerful as the U.S. military under the oversight of the White House”
I’ve not been a reader of conservative websites for more than a year and half, but in that time, I’ve never read any exposition of the thinking behind that emphatic statement, from whence it came and of what political persuasion it was born.  Nor for what end it would be used.  There has to be a whole lot of fire somewhere in Obama’s mouth to have openly said something so unbelievably anti-American.  A federal police militia?  To use against whom?  Only American citizens, because a few isolated would-be terrorist are not the target of such martial power.  How is such a force any different in essence than the Revolutionary Guard in Iran, or Saddam Hussein’s special police/military forces?  Just how tyrannical must Obama’s imagination envision him being in some unimaginable future scenario in which freedom-loving citizens need to be suppressed?  Would-be tyrants establish loyal martial forces solely with the plan to make them useful in the future.  What kind of future was Obama imagining when he envisioned such a force under his direct command, and not under the command of someone who had sworn allegiance to protect, and defend the Constitution and not him?  Do you not hear echoes of the Nazi party which required of all Germans that they swear an oath of allegiance, not to Germany or its constitution, but to Hitler personally?  How would the command structure of the Nazi Brown Shirts, and SS have been significantly different?  The SS was Hitler’s personal army, not under the command of the military?  Is that what Obama had in mind?  AN

Wickard v. Filburn granted the federal government nearly absolute power over what we do in our own lives on our own property.  Now the Supreme Traitors have become the Tweedle Dee to that previous court’s Tweedle Dumb and have canceled all American freedom only in the opposite direction by assume full authority to regulate, not what we do, as Wickard did, but what we don’t do.  So now Americans are slaves to the federal authorities in regard to both.  Washington’s power is hereby unlimited.  I sure hope that Mitt Romney grasps the full portent of this decision and gets off his ass and does what he had farmed out to Ron Paul, which is to have a clue as to what the Constitution is all about.  His ignorance has gone on long enough.  If he doesn’t wise up, we will be condemned to repeat the past because we sure as hell will remain ignorant of it.  The American people can’t do his thinking for him.  Another blind shepherd will end up leading the sheep off a cliff, and that’s where we’re headed.  Our only hope is that the stealth treason of our government and media is met by a greater stealth resistance in the ballot booth.  AN

Chief Traitor Roberts has revealed himself to be above the law.  What law?  The Constitution and the principles it embodies.  How did he justify his treason to the Constitution?  By assuming the authority to do that which no man has the right to do, which is to bastardize the meaning of fundamental words crucial to the framework of all government.  Lincoln said; “If you call a dog’s tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have?  Four, because calling a tail a leg does not make it so.”
Roberts choose to defy the basic immutable law that no one has the right to fundamentally alter the laws of the nation by simply perverting the meaning of a simple word.  Giant ships are steered by discreet rudder gears on which the direction of the ship is dependent.  Roberts and his liberal allies smashed the gear that has always existed and replaced it with a socialist gear, a gear that declares that punitive penalties are taxes, and that taxes are penalties.  No difference says the brain-dead imbeciles masquerading as the highest and wisest minds in the entire judicial establishment, when in fact they are political bozos who consider the Constitution to be as sacred as a doormat.  Now how do we go about removing the knife from our back?  Only by securing the power to flush the toilet that Washington DC has become.  AN

Even though no one has yet brought up the issue of misfeasance and criminal action taken by those who promoted and facilitated a policy that surely must be in violation of at least one law, is no one going to bring up the subject of criminal charges?  When will everyone stop pretending that an entire chain of command could have been populated by people as stupid as baboons?  No one is that stupid.  There was no “flawed” execution, or incompetent planning.  The did exactly what they intended to do and that entailed not doing a whole list of things that they knew they should have done.   Then those who pointed out the truth were pressured to shut-up and keep the conspiracy secret.  The criminals were in charge of the prison, -the foxes were guarding the chicken coop.  The good shepherds were in fact wolf shepherds with malevolent intent.  Either that or they were the stupidest people that every lived.  But even the Peter Principle can’t explain that magnitude of stupidity, so it must not be the real explanation.  Since the AG remains opaque, there is only one other possibility and it follows the course of deliberate sinister intent. AN

You completely missed the point.  There is no TAX!  It is a penalty.  Government may be able by contorted illegitimate logic to penalize the citizens of each and every state for what they do if it’s something they should not do, but the federal government has no authority to penalize people for not doing something, for not entering into an expensive contract just because some statist political group wants them to be a part of something they don’t want nor need.  What next?  Can the federal government penalize us for not smoking, -which reduces their cigarette taxes?  Why not?  They now can penalize for what you do and also for what you don’t do.  Either way you are their slave.  How does that saddle fit you?  No so comfortably?  Too bad, you better get used to it because you’ll be wearing it for the rest of you life, as the government rides you all the way to your grave.  Thank you Big Government!  Where would we be without your saddle and bridle to keep us in line and obedient to your every dictate.  Escapees from Soviet tyranny must be in shock to see such totalitarianism imposed by a Court established to defend the rule of law and the principles of individual liberty, but which has now again done just the opposite.  AN

Fed Up in Philly PA
Saturday, June 30, 2012
Our Country’s and a lone Veteran Patriot’s Obituary, June 2012

We Americans became so apathetic and squeamish, fat and lazy, caught up daily in our big screen TV’s, Hollywood stars, nice cars, social media and other feel-good niceties, that in the end, we did nothing about the creep of autocratic Socialism into America.

We were all spellbound sheep following the communist’s pied-piper to our country’s and constitution’s demise.

Our younger generation was brain-dead, unmindful of the freedoms they lost and continued to lose after the fall of Capitalism and freedom on June 2012.
Most everyone else had cowered, secluded themselves, and accepted without a fight America’s new fate, without the will to really fight.

For me, I was getting older and tired, and was just a lone veteran and patriot who loved his country and constitution; but I could not continue to fight the monstrous dictatorial government on my own. And sadly, no one else did what was needed to reverse its devastating course.

With little support to change course, I had to ‘sign off’ once and for all. I could not do it on my own – my resistance to the policies thrust down once free American’s throats, and passed into law by the authoritarian government people elected in 2008, was just too much for one patriot to bare. I too became the “model, conforming” citizen like everyone else. I decided to live out the rest of my years the best I could for my family, until my coming passing.

At this time past, I wept for our country and its future, I weep for future generations, I weep for my children, grand-children and future generations; but I especially weep for the men and women who gave up their lives over the past 236 years, all for what we have finally become this year, 28 June 2012, a Socialist Nation.

I am hopeful a new generation reading this has woken up, recalled and contemplated what it was like to be in free-America, during past generations before freedoms stolen away, forgotten decades ago, and perhaps, just perhaps, took the courage, and ACTION, we did not to do something about it. If you haven’t, perhaps now is the time. Take matters into your own hands, for we did not, and we got what we deserved.

I tried, I really did. I am so, so sorry!
Sincerely,  Once Free-American Patriot, Veteran, Brother, and Father

Mac in Phoenix
Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dear Patriot, Try to keep your fingers limber, maybe you could re-load our guns.  There are still an army of patriots here, make no mistake.

There will come a time when these bastards – like Obama and his vile ilk – take a last wrong attempt to usurp power that was never intended by our forefathers.

I happen to think they’ve already passed that threshold, but I’ll see what November brings.  Until then – stock up on ammo.

The Chief Pariah of the S.C. was probably one of the traitors that ruled for unlimited government power of eminent domain take-overs, and unlimited EPA power by declaring CO2 a pollutant.  Now he has personally pulled a skunk out of a hat by ruling that something that is clearly unconstitutional and unAmerican under one description is perfectly legal under a different description, -and Big Brother can choose at their own lawless discretion how they label it so as to make a sows ear a silk purse.  Words can mean whatever Congress decides that they mean, and the Chief Traitor is just fine with such perversion of basic laws of language.  Can someone in his position be that dumbass?  That is less likely than that the same people got to him that got to the the hierarchy of the judiciary in Georgia.  Some one by hook or crook convinced everyone up and down the chain to turn their backs on the law and precedent and reverse their own previous leaning.  How else could the party that didn’t even appear in court be ruled the winner?  AN


I read the decision, and I swear there were so many pirouettes in that thing that the Sugar Plum Fairy would have screwed herself into the ground before she got to the end. If Daddy had read this — he knew the Constitution up, down, back, forth and sideways, not to mention inside out–he would have bust a gusset.

What this thing is saying is that the government cannot force us to buy things, it can only make your life a living hell until you do. Wait for the same kind of “tax” to apply to those light bulbs we don’t want to buy, and gradually upon the Prius and Volt we aren’t driving, the Energy Star refrigerator we didn’t buy, the solar panels we don’t have on our roof, and the other products and services made by government cronies that we do not patronize.

JD| 6.28.12

Definition 3: Conservatives treat causes. Liberals treat symptoms.
Explanation 3: Liberals see that the poor have little money, so they give them money. But the reason that the poor have little money is that they are unproductive. Giving them money doesn’t make them more productive; in fact, it has been shown to discourage them from being more productive, making their income worse. Income disparity isn’t impacted in any positive way by post-income redistribution, unless one believes in trickle-wherever, which the Left decries (except when using it to justify “stimulus”). In general, liberals paper over symptoms of problems and condemn conservatives for not doing so. Conservatives, by contrast, see the liberal policies as the causes of problems, and know that removing the policies will remove the need to deal with the symptoms.