Natural Law and Unnatural Duality

The use of the word “natural” in the Presidential eligibility clause which uses the term “natural born citizen”, has its origin in Natural Law. * Natural Law includes the law of nature by which each species reproduces after its own kind.  That means each species is a world unto itself and only mates with its own kind, forever perpetuating its own unique nature.

.  That is possible by and because of two immutable laws; the Law of Uniformity, and its companion The Law of Opposites.  They are the principles behind natural law as it relates to reproduction, i.e. birth.  Without both of those principles no reproduction is possible above the elementary level of self-reproduction.
Two creatures must be of the same species, -their genetics must be of a uniform nature.  Sameness rules, except in the area of sexuality.  There the opposite principle is in effect.  The two creatures must be of opposite genders.
So uniform sameness combines with complete oppositeness to form a new creature.

Birth that is natural, whether in the biological realm or the social realm, is birth that follows the principle of uniformity.  Whenever duality (duoformity) occurs, the result is unnatural.

Consider the Nectarine.  It’s a hybrid of a peach and a plum.  It is in no way inferior to them but it is in no way natural since it’s man-made.  It embodies the principle of duality instead of uniformity.  It’s a hybrid, a “half-breed”, a mixture of disparate natures, made possible because both have a common fruit ancestor.

In animal husbandry, an equivalent would be a donkey, which is a cross-bred horse-and-mule hybrid. Donkeys are as healthy as horses and mules but they are not natural because of the violation of the principle of uniformity.  As a result, they are sterile.
In the human realm, an analogy would be inter-racial reproduction, -not in a biological sense (since DNA similarities suggest that all humans descended from about 1,000 individuals some 70,000 years ago), but in an esthetic sense (which is principally only skin deep).
When a pale white woman gives birth to a Negro child it appears unnatural to the aesthetic mind.  Racial duality has replaced racial uniformity, resulting in something surprisingly unusual.
The norm always results from what is natural but abnormality resulting from duality is different from the norm, and is outside of classification as natural and normal.
In the citizenship realm, the law of uniformity governs, and is the norm, -being the pattern for the Principle of Natural Membership.  Natural membership, including citizenship, results from parental uniformity, which is the source of the unalienable natural right to membership in one’s parents’ tribe or nation, being as one is born the same as their parents.
Without uniform parental national membership a child will be a product of duality, and thus outside the realm of what is normal and natural regarding his national membership.  Being a member of two nations is akin to being a bigamist with two separate families in two separate houses.

A person is a natural citizen by birth if both of the parents are of the same society, country and nation, and not a combination of two competing nationalities.  Duality in parental citizenship results in a hybrid child with dual allegiance and dual heritage, -a child who is not a natural member of either nation because of the violation of the law of uniformity.
Since Barack Obama is the off-spring of such a union, he is outside of the description of what a natural citizen is.  It is on that basis that he is not and never was eligibility for the office of President.

By  A.R. Nash  June 2012   obama–

* Natural membership does not result from human laws but from a natural principle that’s never been written into law, -and never will be because it
exists beyond and independent of human laws.
**[Racial bigotry has historically attached the idea of inferiority to abnormality due to prejudice and ignorance, but instead of inferiority, genetic enhancement may be the result of the abnormality of mixed gene pools, as is so in the animal realm.]

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