An Unvetted Counterfeit President

Bar’ak Soetoro-Obama was vetted by only one person in all of America.  That person was the attorney serving the Democratic Party of Hawaii.  That attorney was responsible to determine if Barry could constitutionally qualify to be placed on the Hawaiian ballot for the presidential contest.  He determined that he was not qualified.  How was that determination arrived at?   One or both of two possible ways.  The DNC used as their consultant the attorney that had long ago also served as the divorce attorney for Anne Dunham and Obama Sr.  The divorce papers filed for Ms. Dunham contained the birth certificate of their son, whose custody had to be adjudicated.  That attorney would have seen it and examined it because it might contain information that would be a possible consideration   If it stated a location outside of the United States, then that attorney would have later recalled that fact and felt that Obama was ineligible to run for President.  That is the only likely explanation for why his inclusion on the ballot was rejected.
That birth certificate must have shown something important, namely his  true place of birth.

The official form for presidential candidate certification had previously stated that the candidate has been determined to be constitutionally qualified.  Yet in Obama’s case that certification was rejected.  Why?  You can bet that whatever the reason was, it was a damn good one.  And fully valid.

As a consequence of that rejection of Obama, the DNC removed the phrase regarding constitutional qualification and replaced it with a non-certification statement that he was duly chosen by the DNC as a presidential candidate for the party.   Both versions were then sent to Hawaii.  That way the Hawaiian Democratic Party could choose which one to sign.  After Chicago-style persuasion was firmly applied, the HDP caved and signed the redacted version, as did all the other 49 state parties.
The fix was in, and it was in big time, everywhere.   In order to pull the wool over the eyes of the ignorant American population, in 2008 an image of a Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth from some unknown source appeared without explanation on the internet.  That was meant to silent ignorant critics who were unaware that he was completely ineligible to be President due to the foreign-contamination of having been born to a father who was not an American but was a non-immigrant alien student.  Meaning he was not, as required by the Constitution, a natural born American.

That ignorance remained intact even as enormous suspicion arose surrounding the pathetic nature of an abstract shortened version of a real birth certificate, -an abstract that was purely digital in origin, and not photographic.  Text can be fraudulently altered in any word processing program, including the one used by the Hawaiian Vital Statistics office which manufactured the abstract, whereas to alter a photograph requires an entirely different, and advanced set of skills and experience.  And so the clamor to see the original arose since the COLB abstract had no visually verifiable credibility.
That skepticism prompted the manufacture of a new abstract, a long form abstract, which was trumpeted as the real Birth Certificate which Hawaii had kept hidden from the American people, because…well, …it was just their policy, until Obama supposedly asked for that which Hawaii no longer supplied, even though they actually did, and presto!  The long-form abstract appears.
But it was quickly exposed as a fake due to the fact that it was mistakenly and incompetently released not as an image but as a 9-layer concoction in pdf format, -layers that could not in a million years result from the scan of a document.  They were only possible by the manufacture of a document on a computer.
Consequently, the cry arose, “where is the real birth certificate?”

Obamunist lemming response: “What would it take to satisfy you people?”

What would it take?  Simple, any neutral document expert that is agreeable to all sides.  Period.  End of story.  But the truth will never be officially known about the pdf document because Obama will never allow anyone with any expertise to
examine it.  He can’t allow that because he does not possess an original hard-copy officially prepared by the Hawaiian office of Vital Statistics.  All he has is the digital pdf (portable document file) and copies printed from it, which raises many questions, including:

1. Do humans lie?  Yes.  Do biased government-employee humans lie for their leader?  Yes.

2. Do politicians, (including Presidents) lie, -especially when it matters?  Yes, (and even under oath). Nixon-Watergate, Reagan-Iran/Contra/ Clinton-Monica Lewinsky, and all the lies that we don’t even know about.

3. Does Obama come from an honest, truthful political background like might exist in a place like Mormon Salt Lake City, or does he come from the most corrupt political machine in America, the Chicago Democratic Party machine?  Men who become President may have gotten there by lying, manipulating, distorting, prevaricating, and obfuscating.  As he was quoted as having said to Rev. Wright: “You know what your problem is?  You have to tell the truth.”

4. Is Hawaii a heavily Democratic state, inside and outside of the government?  Yes.  Would a good party loyalist and Obama-lover be unwilling to “help-out” the man that he/she admires and supports and wishes to protect?  Most, if not all, will.

5. Was there a vetting process that did all due diligence concerning Barack Obama?  No.

6.  When should there have been one?  Before he was picked to be the party candidate, back before any Hawaiian government official viewed him as their golden son of Hawaii, -the man who became their demi-god President. Their word would have been more credible at that time,  It is not credible at this time when the man in question has gone all the way to the top and controls all the power of all the federal agencies and departments.

7. Was there a reasonable explanation given for why he opposed releasing this birth certificate for years, and cost untold sums in Justice Dept. lawyer time (Elena Kagan) blocking it in the court suits?  No. No explanation.  Suddenly after three years it’s all OK to release it?  Why?  Could it be because Jerome Corsi was about to have his book “Where’s The Birth Certificate?” published, with Donald Trump complaining of the lack of a birth certificate?

8. Is it not folly to think that counterfeiting in this present computerized age is not possible for people with decent image editing skills?  Computers can replicate anything that the mind can imagine, how hard could a document be?  Until measures were implemented in recent years , crooks were still counterfeiting US currency!

8. Would/could sophisticate liberal elites in government and the media be deceived by an inexpert counterfeit?  Absolutely.  When I was a teen, the NY Times proudly ran a series for over a week that contained chapters from a multi-volume diary of Adolph Hitler that had just recently been discovered and purchased.  Even I, a teenage nobody, but one with a perceptive mind and common sense, -one who didn’t live in the out-of-touch bubble of New York, knew immediately that they were fools.  No Hitler would keep a diary, -he killed the kind of people that kept diaries!  Within weeks it was shown to be a fake by an expert.  “What else is new?” I thought to myself.  There’s no fool like an educated and respected fool.

From a common sense intuitive view of President Obama’s remarks at the press briefing one would have had to be an innocent child to not be disturbed by what he asked and how he asked it.  He, in the past, had released a Certification document image that certified nothing and was never examined by any neutral party to attest to its authenticity, then after blocking every attempt to see the “original” version, presto! Here it is!  -But let’s not dwell on it, lets move beyond it, let’s forget about it, lets not even think about it anymore.  There’s nothing to see here, just move along.
And don’t even entertained for a moment the question of “why didn’t he simply release the birth certificate that he, like every adult in the modern world, already had and had used all of his adult life?”.

He dared to use the word “we” when speaking to the die-hard skeptics in order to lamely try to manipulate their consciences.  “We have more important things to do”  Who the hell is “we”? -the most vacationing president in history? -along with his dear countrymen who want to see him behind bars?

How gullible does he think we are?  Then he tried to denigrate and belittle the intelligence of any and all doubters by calling their pursuit of the verifiable truth “silly”.  The vetting of the President of the United States is now considered to be silliness?  Ignoring the issue of vetting his eligibility would have been the height of silliness and intellectual irresponsibility.  But in a nation infected with a universal bias blindness, that silliness prevailed as everyone failed to even ask the requisite questions, much less get the answers.

What he was attempting to do in the press conference appearance was to use the full weight of the prestige of the Presidency and his own august image of being the parent, -being the adult in the situation, -begging, cajoling, shaming, and even stooping to appeal to their sense of patriotism to preempt and prevent any and all thinking about the document that was being released.

He wanted it to stop and go away for good by convincing everyone to silence themselves.  What purpose would such an appeal serve and why would he care how much time doubters wasted examining a document that was totally genuine?   He wouldn’t, if it were totally genuine, but he would a lot if it weren’t.  What reasons are there to be suspicious?

1. It’s an un-merged document-image which is easily manipulated in many ways, separating the layers and saving them as separate, resizeable, editable images or transparent layers.  See my page of obama birth certificate images at

2.  Though there’s been plenty of well experienced experts with ideas of what the heck the story is with the pdf image, all of their respectable knowledge is missing the element of experience at manipulating images, including text images.  The Certificate of Live Birth was not produced by a scan, nor by Optical Character Reader software (it contains no digital text whatsoever, everything is pure imagery), but by image manipulation, not text scanning.  OCR software does not produce dirty, imperfect old typewriter text imagery, (although OCR could covert text imagery into a digital text format employing a font that replicates that look).

3.  The pdf image was not produced by any routine process but by a deliberate isolated effort to build a document image, and it would have been foolproof if only its maker had not forgotten to flatten its counterfeit layers before sending it out on the White House internet server.  Once that error was made it couldn’t be fixed without raising even more suspicion.  The software used to create the birth certificate image was set by default to “save” in the pdf format, which does not flatten multiple layers into one.  Instead of selecting “save”, the creator should have chosen “export”, which refers to conversion into a flat format for exporting to the internet, such as the standard jpg format (Joint Producers Group format).

4.  The text layer was the result of digitizing a microfiche or microfilm image of a document typed with an old manual typewriter, with all of its inked-ribbon flaws, then isolating and deleting the background so the text (and the form it was typed into) was left on an invisible field.   The extracted-isolated text of that original microfilm image had first been captured via digital black & white photography and saved via two methods.  One, in order to reduce to the minimum the amount of very expensive digital memory required to store it, converted the text to a single color, pure black.  By greatly increasing the contrast of the image, all of the nearly black pixels were converted to pure black, which allowed the maximum amount of compression of the file size.
But some gray areas of the image were not converted because the software interpreted them to possibly be imagery, instead of text.  So they were saved as a separate lay in their original form of varying shades of gray.  That gray-scale layer of random bits of text, signature, and letters was eventually embedded in the green security-paper background, but it didn’t end there.

5. Someone then added other things as additional layers on top of the transparent monochrome text layer and the background layer, including the three date stamps.  There is no way this could happen except by carefully erasing the two original dates and adding the replacements in their place.  That is definitely not some routine scan result.

6.  The signatures are also mostly gray-scale images but they are not on separate layers like the five added layers that include the date stamps, the registrar’s stamp, and the first three letters of “none”, all of which were extracted from a color scan or photo of those items.  Evidence of that fact is found in their color content.  Instead of pure black or pure gray, they have a faint green-gray hue, which becomes very obvious when the color saturation level is increased 75%.  That turns them into green numbers and letters.  But that is impossible if they are truly a part of the original pure black image.  By not being pure black they are proven to have been added by someone, -someone with access to the equipment or digital records of the Hawaiian Office of Vital Statistics.

7.  If the registrar’s certification signature stamp, and his date stamp (2011) were the only added layers, suspicions wouldn’t be so strong, because they would not have been a part of the original document and would have to be digitally added to the file.   But that would be true only if an actual date stamp and certification stamp are not even used to physically stamp a printed certificate, (meaning only a digital image of the stamps would be added to a pdf file before printing.  That would entail having a digital file of almost every day of the year -with the  image of the paper eliminated, having been made and stored.  That would be unlikely since it would be a lot of work to produce (in comparison to simply using a real rubber date stamp).

What lacks a legitimate explanation is that the date stamps of the original document image have been replaced with date stamp images lacking a single digit in one case, and three in the other, along with “non” missing the ending “e” to form the word “none”.  That’s along with the fact that they are gray-green instead of pure black like all of the text imagery in the text layer.
Those facts raise the possibility that text in the text layer may have also been replaced, and the resultant second layer then flattened so the added replacement text would then be a part of the single text layer.  With three layers being irrefutably not a part of the original file text, that swings the door wide open to suspicion of other undetectable manipulation done seamlessly and without any tell-tale extra-layer evidence.

So, you can see, there are glaring things about this PDF that are abnormal and unrelated to simple scanning because it wouldn’t produce what this pdf image is.  Not only is there no good legitimate explanation for the nature of the added layers, there is not even a bad explanation for them.  None has been given because none can be given since none exist.
To see the layers evidence visit my blog page at: where you can examine the image evidence which I’ve analyzed and manipulated in graphic form.

blogger comments:
“I cannot just blow this off with a chuckle and just move on forgetting it. This man has turned the Office of the Presidency into his own personal joke on America. We have a Constitution that he needs to obey. It is not optional. It is not funny when he doesn’t. He needs to take the Constitution seriously and respectfully. He does not.  He needs to show respect for the citizens of America on the whole of it, and honor them with his conduct.
He doesn’t even try. He insults us. For the sake of our Republic, our Constitution, and our history as a People, we need to take a stand with regard to this individual.  Don’t tell me your excuses for not doing so.  You add to the difficulty and disrespect.  Show some guts and take a stand.  If you want to believe this thing is legit…go ahead. Only why would Kenya forge a Birth Certificate and Hospital Certificate of Live Birth for Baby Obama?  That conspiracy would’ve involved many people in the hospital agreeing in concert with the many people in the government offices recording these documents in 1961.  If you haven’t seen them…go take a look at them. They appear about as authentic as it gets without your OCR’s and tech layering.  In 1961, someone rolled the forms into manual typewriters, followed British protocol, and issued them, signed, sealed and delivered.”
~    ~    ~    ~
“I was also adopted. I can honestly tell you that the name I was given at birth by my mother does not appear anywhere on my birth certificate. My mother’s name is not to be found on my birth certificate. My (adoptive) parent’s names are on it instead. My birth date was changed as well. The date which now appears on my BC is actually not the date I was born, but the month and day I was adopted.

I am not entitled- nor do I have any hope- of ever seeing my original BC. The information which is stated as fact on my BC is fictitious, although it IS accepted as a legal document. If my own BC were investigated, it would appear that it was a forgery as well…even though it was legally changed by the state as a result of my adoption.
Therefore, we may NEVER see his actual BC. Heck, HE has probably never seen his BC.
So, which should we be focusing on,…his BC or his actions/policies?”

Reply:  We should be focused on his birth certificate tangentially to his non-natural citizenship because if you think that anyone can defeat him in popularity, then you’re not giving him credit for how well he is able to manipulate people’s feelings and sympathies.  If he can be found to be ineligible to run, then the next president will be a Conservative instead.  BTW, very informative account of the reality of birth certificates.

“What if Madelyn and Stanley were swinging with Frank Marshall Davis (a leading communist and publisher of a communist newsletter who felt compelled to “flee” from Chicago) and perhaps others, and Madelyn, being 39 years old and not having been pregnant since Ann was conceived, didn’t make her partners use rubbers? Maybe Stanley was shooting blanks for several years, so it didn’t occur to her to use protection.
Not knowing that she was going to have a black baby, she went to the hospital, and the SHTF when Barry came into the world. Back then, some doctors were lenient and bent the rules if they knew their patients would have a scandal on their hands. So the doctor had her sign as her daughter, whom she usually called just “Ann”, not Stanley, and in her discombobulation of the moment, omitted the Stanley from Ann’s name. The next couple of days, Stanley and Madelyn scrambled to figure out a plan, and perhaps FMD knew of BO Sr., and suggested his being named the father. That would explain the delay (3 days) of the recording. (of the mother’s signature)”

That may sound fantastic to some who live in basement caves, but it isn’t fantastic to VP candidate John Edwards.   The reason it is plausible is because of the paucity of the record from that period, as well as there being no record of a marriage, nor witnesses.
What argues against it is the fact that between Feb ’61 and August, -two weeks after the supposed birth date, there’s no record of where Ann lived. She could have left the islands and returned to Seattle, giving birth in Vancouver, then starting classes in Seattle a couple weeks later.
When her parents learned of her pregnancy, and who the father was, they would have wanted to spare themselves the embarrassment of both.  It would be natural to want their daughter to disappear during those pregnant months and they may have supported her moving back to Seattle.  Their hope and expectation would have been, in order to erase the episode from any future public knowledge, that the baby would be adopted, -and INS records reveal that that was what the parents (Ann and BO Sr.) had contemplated.
But if Ann’s mother was pregnant with Obama, and her husband was impotent, then both of them would have had to disappear during the pregnancy or else people would notice the mother being pregnant and Ann not.  That wouldn’t work for later selling the story that it was Ann’s baby.  They both could have lived in Seattle (but such an absence might conflict with some provable work record).  That would explain a lot, like Ann being supported to go to school and raise a kid that her mother wouldn’t want and couldn’t be associated with as being its mother in 1961.
Perhaps that is why the argument before one court was that the ordered release of his birth record would “embarrass” the President.  And how!  Your grandmother is your real mother!  That would also explain the grandparent’s being willing to raise him.  Of course empty nest syndrome could also.
The other thing arguing against it is the recently discovered nude or semi-nude photos of Ann taken by Frank Marshall Davis.  She clearly had a wild side and that might have resulted in sexual encounters with both him and Obama Sr.  And don’t forget that both Sr. & Jr. embraced their familial connection, including their name, although Sr. failed to mention his American son when applying for a State Department visa extension.  He could have had concerns that such a child, having resulted from a sexual encounter with a white women, and a minor one at that, wouldn’t be something that would recommend one for being allowed to remain in the country for a longer period.

by a.r. nash  2012   http://obama–

About arnash
“When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain - Politicians and diapers - change 'em often, for the same reason. "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." Ronald Reagan "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." William F. Buckley, Jr. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it. Abraham Lincoln “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell “Satan will use a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison”.

6 Responses to An Unvetted Counterfeit President

  1. EllenHancock says:

    Mitt Romney has shown only an image of the black-and-white photocopy of his short-form birth certificate. He has not shown the physical copy with the seal, and he has not shown the long-form, and he has not allowed access to the document in the files, and no officials in Michigan have confirmed the facts on it. What is Mitt Romney hiding?

    • yo says:

      Oh, he has shown a photocopy of his bc?

      Obama has only shown something that is a forgery. That is per a law enforcement agency.

      ellen, what do you think you are getting by covering for obama’s crime? Are you on a gov’t handout program?

    • arnash says:

      Your points are valid but irrelevant because no one has any questions about who his parents were and whether or not they were U.S. citizens. No one smells smoke nor suspects that there is perhaps some hidden fire, it’s a non-issue. Hence, the non-interest.

  2. yo says:

    The only qualm i have with the article is the statement:
    ” Would/could sophisticate liberal elites in government and the media be deceived by an inexpert counterfeit?”

    BS–There is not anyone in washington dc that is fooled. They all know the score. They may not know all the gory details, but to suggest that they have been fooled into believing the big lie is preposterous. Sorry, arnash.

    • arnash says:

      Two points, the quoted sentence didn’t claim that they were deceived, just that they could be. But from the things I’ve read by some off the very intelligent Obots, one learns that they have a carefully constructed world-view, and it includes a bias blindness that prevents them from seeing things that are obvious to the unbiased. It’s impossible to believe that they really think the someone like Obama is a natural born citizen, but it’s easy for them to deliberately stay uninformed about the nature of the birth certificate image, and dogmatically refuse to believe that their white knight could have duped them all by being a fake and ordering up a counterfeit to legitimize himself in the minds of the ignorant public.

      • yo says:

        I just think that the selective service issue is so simple that there is almost no way that anyone can explain that they were fooled. The stamp is invalid and anyone can see it in a jiffy once they know that a valid stamp required four digits.

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