The Beautiful, Blissful Blindness of Obama’s True Believers


The Beautiful, Blissful Blindness of Obama’s True Believers

In the on-going war against the falsehoods of the Obama-embracing Left, the battles concerning his presidential eligibility and birth certificate have always elicited the perception of deliberate deceit on their part, but while that is true of some, it appears that it isn’t true of all, because some are true believers. And not just any true believers, but very intelligent, astute, insightful, analytical true believers. Upon reading many comments by such bright people in regard to erroneous conclusions about the nature of Obama’s birth certificate image, and their illuminating analysis of the mind-set and biases of Obama-haters, it became clear that something very strange was going on, -something almost inexplicable, but reflection has revealed the truth of the matter.

What’s going on with them is an invisible kind of blindness, -bias blindness. Human beings develop from the womb with different potentials, -some with little potential and some with great potential, -including in the area of cognitive perception. Some have a much greater innate capability, which they develop through the education process, of being able to engage in the higher function of insightful parsing and analysis of facts, claims, beliefs, inferences,and biases. They can see to the heart of a matter while others are in a fog of subjective feelings. Nothing can block the penetrating power of the logical, electron-microscope-like X-Ray vision of their insight, except one thing. And that thing is a self-defense mechanism that they are unaware of, not on guard against, and misled by.

Their thinking process proceeds perfectly until it comes to a juncture where a threat is encountered, and it’s at that juncture that a blockage appears, but it is invisible because its manner of operation is to turn off the penetrating power of their analytical thought. The level and caliber of their analytical ability drops markedly, -back down to a normal, unfocused level. Kind of like a sniper looking through his rifle scope, -seeing people in great magnification until he aims it at his own family. When aimed in their direction it only functions at normal magnification. But he doesn’t think anything about it because of his built-in bias in favor of his family.

The same thing happens in the minds of Obama’s intelligent supporters and it happens because they are idealists. They are not wicked deceivers, as are some others. They are Pollyannas, and are blissfully innocent embracers of the sunshine. The bliss and warmth of sunshine is much preferable to the cold harsh loneliness of the dark shade and so that is where their built-in self-defense mechanism works unseen to protect them.

Protect them from what? We are all aware that we all want to be protected from lies, falsehoods, misrepresentations, and wishful thinking, but what we aren’t aware of is that we also want to be protected from the truth. It’s not our intellect that has a problem with unsettling, illusion destroying truth, -it’s our hearts. We don’t want to acquire knowledge that will hurt us, -to learn that Santa isn’t real, -that mommy and daddy will soon divorce, -that we were adopted, -that our spouse is cheating on us, or our pet or child has been killed.

The first instance of being protected from the truth is in the very first tale presented in Genesis, -the first book of the Bible. God warns Adam and Eve not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil, but the Serpent encouraged them to not listen to him because he is hiding the truth from them. That was true, but the truth he was hiding was truth that was very bad for them because learning the truth about Evil includes being hurt by that truth. After eating of that tree and having their eyes opened, their innocence and bliss were destroyed. Having one’s bliss destroyed is always a painful thing and that’s why the higher-function analysis of the logic center of the intellect shuts-off when a threat to one’s bliss is detected, -even if that detection is mostly subconscious.

Obama’s ability to inspire a sense of hope and optimism engendered an idealistic view of him as one who would be a savior and solve many of our problems, and that view of him came with the innocent assumption that someone like that has only good intentions, good motives, and people with good motives and intentions have a good heart. And everyone knows that people with good hearts don’t act disreputably. Their high moral motivations are accompanied by high ethical standards of behavior.

For example, you would have full confidence that a donation made to Mother Teresa would not have been used by her to gamble or buy a thousand dollar pair of shoes, nor would she have used your credit card numberto fatten her bank account. Her actions would be as reputable and as beyond suspicion as were her motivations. Since that is true in general, many make the mistake of assuming that it must therefore be true in the particular case of a person by whom they are enthralled, like Jim Jones, David Koresh, the leader of Heaven’s Gate, Jim Baker, and Jimmy Swaggart.

“Good people” don’t do bad things, and people with honest motivations don’t do dishonest things. That’s how people are read by those who trust them, but some people aren’t as simple as they seem. Europe and Russia discovered that in spades with Adolph Hitler, and more recently, America discovered it with Bernie Madoff.

Obama’s intelligent true believers believe that they’ve pegged him correctly as one who is honest and straight-forward, and wouldn’t engage in underhanded, deceitful, disreputable behavior of any sort for any reason. Many true believers in televangelists felt the same way, until their heroes were charged with rape, hiring prostitutes, using drugs, and embezzlement. They were “God’s servants!”, -how could anyone suspect them of such behavior?

But anyone with the ability to objectively assess people would have seen through them because they would be aware not just of what they say or how they say it, but of their situation and position in relation to the finances of their operation, -as well as the nature of human nature and how it responds to possessing a great amount of power over others, and over money.

Obama’s true believers believe him to be an honorable man, -a man who would not deliberately lie, deceive, nor act in a disreputable manner because they see him through the lenses of idealistic motivations. If those motivations are viewed as all good, then his character and actions must also be all good, since actions spring from motivations, and motivations determine one’s character. This Woodstockian, naive, innocent, ignorant view of human nature provides them with a wonderful, warm cocoon of blissful certainty that their messiah would never act unethically, and therefore it must certainly be an incontestable fact that a real Hawaiian birth certificate exists in the Hawaiian archives and therefore that he has certified copies of it .

When an intelligent person has that assumption as a starting point, then everything is colored by it. They can and will astutely analyze the flawed analysis of those who, assisted by their expertise in one area, inexpertly pontificate in another area. (that’s what humans have always done since they lack a self-limiting mechanism, -just as government lacks such a mechanism when it comes to spending). Thus, they are able to expose the flaws of the analysis of the birth certificate debunkers and that gives them an even greater sense of certainty that it is legitimate.

That correctness places then on a righteous high-ground from which they view all below them as ignorant Kool-aid drinkers, all the while totally unaware of and blind to their own bias blindness which is working to protect them from the truth, -from thinking about facts that are painful bliss destroyers. Those two factors in combination are an impenetrable wall that won’t allow in any thoughts that upset the foundation that their true-believing intellects have constructed for them, -which serve to support and defend the reputation of one whom they believe to be above reproach, -above using underhanded methods and means to achieve his ends and protect his presidency.

They believe him to be above and more moral than the behavior that Richard Nixon displayed to defend his reputation. But he is not more moral that Richard Nixon. He is equally capable of lying, deceiving, deflecting, obfuscating and misrepresenting. He is perfectly able and willing to employ whatever tools are necessary to defend his illegitimate presidency, including, it would seem, serious intimidation against potential truth forums such as Fox News and the courts of various states. But it’s all done invisibly and there’s nothing concrete that one can point to, -like surface ripples from something moving under the water.

An example of the invisibility of his complicity is the fact that when he appeared at the press conference on April 27, 2011 to acknowledge the release of his long-form birth certificate he instead did no such thing. He never mentioned it even once. He instead only mentioned that he had already released his birth certificate back  in 2008. End of story, -then on with a pathetic plea for everyone to forget about the birth certificate issue entirely. He knew that that was his only means of using the prestige of his bully pulpit to derail people from doing any critical analysis of the image, which he reasonably feared due to what was uncovered when Dan Rather reported on a military reserve document detrimental to the re-election of George Bush but which turned out to be a demonstrable fake.

He knew his new long-form birth certificate was also a fake and in case it contained some undetected evidence of that fact, he would need to be protected from the fall-out, and so in furtherance of that motive he never mentioned the thing once. He was confident that nothing further damaging would come to national media attention regarding the short-form BC because it had been around since 2008, but he wasn’t so confident about the new and much more complex one. His fears would have proven to be unwarranted if only the forger hadn’t forgotten at the last minute to save the image as a flat jpeg file instead of a pdf file which still retained the seven layers used to create the thing.

Everyone would have been silenced indefinitely if they had not been able to open the pdf in a pdf reader and discover that they could move the multiple composite layers in any way they chose, delete them or save them individually, change their color, reverse them, layer them on other backgrounds, etc. [see  His lawyers had removed a print-out of it from the room before he entered it. It was never allowed in his presence. He never touched it, held it, was seen with it nor referenced it. He therefore possesses plausible deniability that he had anything to do with what might become evidence of a falsified State issued vital record.

Even more suspicious is the fact that the very next day his White House lawyer resigned and left to serve as his “personal attorney”, further protecting him from connection to the lies of how the White House supposedly came into possession of “two copies” of his Certificate of Live Birth direct from Hawaii -supposed hand carried by his other personal lawyer at a cost of perhaps $7,000.

Since there were no “two copies” made (due to there being no original that could be copied) it was necessary to fabricate the entire story and the supposed correspondence between Obama’s lawyer and the Hawaiian Dept. of Health and in doing that it was necessary to seal the whole conspiracy in the inviolable cloak of attorney-client privilege, otherwise lesser people could testify as to what never happened, -as to the flight to Hawaii that was never taken (if they dared transferring the sources of the fake via the internet or mail, -if not, then they had to be acquired in person by a lawyer, -not an aid or assistant).

Attorney-client privilege surrounds Obama’s invisible connection to the fake pdf BC image and there is nothing that ties it to him directly. He is safe as long as he doesn’t have to show and have validated a hard-copy certified copy. If he did, then he’d be in serious trouble because one doesn’t exist, and for that reason he can’t let anyone inspect it, -not even one single person who could verify its authenticity. One can’t authenticate a document that doesn’t even exist. Hard-copies of the image exist though since all it takes is a printer to print them.

A test that Obama’s blissfully ignorant media & political acolytes would find instructive would be to see him holding the supposedly real document in his own hands, inviting any expert in Adobe pdf software development to analyze the nature of his pdf image. That will never happen. He will never be in the same room with a print-out of it because that would impute culpability which he must avoid entirely. But without something even so simple being allowed, they trust him fully and will believe that an original birth certificate, and two certified copies, like Santa Clause, do actually exist. Messiahs do not lie and if they do, it’s better not to know about it because that knowledge would come at the high price of having one’s blissful illusions destroyed. And no one wants that. Subjective and objective denial, evasion, deflection, and distortion are much preferable and so that is what their response is and will continue to be. You can lead a horse to water….(but you can’t make him think).

But the most unexplained aspect of the birth certificates issue is the fact that the issue even exists. There’s no logical reason for it to exist in the first place because no mature adult natural born American who’s married with children ever needs to request a birth certificate upon seeking the presidency because they already have one. They, just like every other native-born American, acquired one when they were children. No parent in any advanced nation in the world is lacking a certified copy of the birth certificate for each child. That certificate is needed for various things, and obtaining various things, -the most important of which is a driver’s license or identification. Then there’s Social Security and military enlistment, as well as obtaining a U.S. Passport. Just as he possesses the certified copies of his daughters’ birth certificates, so also he possesses the copy of his Hawaiian document that his mother acquired for him when he was a child. He mentioned it in the book “Dreams From My Father” that was ghost written for him, serving to give him the appearance of intellectual weight, talent, and substance which his absent, missing, hidden college writings certainly fail to do.

There is no one of presidential age, with children and a wife, with a previous law, and college lecture career, with official State ID from multiple States, with a Social Security card who does not possess a copy of their birth certificate, -a copy that’s been around for decades, unless they suffered a catastrophic flood, fire, or tornado. Freak accidents happen but Obama has never claimed that his dog eat his birth certificate, or that it fell in the toilet, or was lost or misplaced. He has provided no explanation whatsoever as to why in the world he would not have his when everyone else in America has theirs.

Any explanation he would give would be a lie, and he isn’t that good of a liar because he isn’t some career criminal. He’s an ordinary guy but with an extraordinary voice, deliverance, and assortment of secret socialist backers. But keeping disagreeable facts hidden is much easier than lying to people’s faces and so he avoided doing that, but now he is quite practiced at it, along with his intellectually corrupt supporters, as they gain ever greater experience at it by giving speeches and speaking to news anchors and reporters who rarely object that the smell-o-meter has gone off quite loudly.

But the sheeple were blindly led to believe that he, like no one else in modern presidential history, didn’t have his and therefore had to request a copy. In what alternate, Bizarro world would that be likely to be true? Only in the one in which he was not born within the United States and his original birth filing provides no evidence that he was since it’s solely an affidavit submitted by his mother which stated either that he was “born at home” or that he was born abroad but possessed the legal right to be registered as Hawaiian born because she was a U.S. Citizen and had lived in Hawaii for a year as required by Hawaiian law.

What his mother received from the Hawaii Dept. of Health years later after she applied for a birth certificate in order to obtain a passport for him for traveling to Indonesia, is unknown, but it was a “TRUE COPY” of whatever “facts” they had in micro-film and not an unathenticatible, digitally manipulatable, computer-extracted “Abstract” image of document text such as they produce in the current digital age. It was as accurate as the information it was based on, (garbage in=garbage out) like the IDs obtained for people in the witness protection program. It says only what they allowed it to say. Obama is in an ID protection program and it’s administered by his inner circle and his co-conspirator sycophants of the Hawaiian government.

Obama has needed and has provided his birth certificate several times in his life and used it as needed like all Americans, so why has he not shared it with the American public? Because the information it contains would not reveal him to be eligible to be President. There is no other logical reason. The crazy thing is that if his father had been an American and not merely a Visa Card foreign student then he would be eligible to be President even if born on the Moon because natural citizenship, unlike 14th Amendment citizenship, is not dependent on birth within the the borders of the United States, and that fact is why Obama, and the U.S. Senate passed resolution 522 declaring John McCain to be a natural born citizen eligible to be President even though born in Panama. But anyone born of a foreign father, -whose citizenship is dependent on the 14th Amendment, is not eligible because being a native-born citizen does not make one a natural born citizen.

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by A.R. Nash April 2012 http://obama–







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