Larry, Moe, & Barry O.

~Three Stooges Playing Opposite Roles

Barry O. (pronounced: BARE´ ree; ~nickname for BARE´ rek -the pronunciation used by his namesake, -his father)* was conceived in and raised in the cross-currents of many opposite worlds, -the most obvious of which is the disparate racial nature of his parents.
That abnormality was followed by the disparate nature of the nationalities of his parents and their families, their cultures, histories, traditions, religious backgrounds (one of which included bigamy, -anathema in America).

Then there was the disparate political nature of the anti-Liberty socialism of his family, and their friend and son’s chosen mentor Frank Davis (a communist publisher, author, and erotic photographer).  Throw-in the disparate alien Muslim influence he was exposed to from his earliest academic years, followed by the disparate American cross-current of the drug culture of the 70’s, later topped of by the strongly disparate cross-currents of the friends he “chose carefully”. “The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist Professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.”

And let’s not forget the strong cross-currents of his Jeremiah Wright Black Liberation, (anti-American, racist) Theology which was a lake he swam in for 20 years.

As an adult, the cross-currents essentially were non-existent in his life since he was surrounded by socialists like himself.  Everyone sang from the same hymnal.  Counter-culture was his home turf.  He was totally out of the mainstream of American political culture and immersed in an alien, hegemonic, liberty-strangling political heresy.  He was a through-and-through American apostate, -a traitor to the Constitution of which he was supposedly an expert scholar.  Wow!  How much more Bizarro World can you get?
The socialist river that he swam in was totally at cross-currents with the Mississippi river of mainstream all-American culture that was being contaminated with alien political ideas inherited from the Communism & Soviet Union idealizing & apologizing era of the Great Depression.
But once he presented himself to the public as a mainstream statesman who would bring everyone together, then he had to abandon his socialist background, including his mentor of 20 years, the most irReverend Wright, and switch to swimming in the Mississippi of the American mainstream of politics.
That entailed pretending to not be himself, -to pretend to not be someone who claimed he was born in Kenya for two decades or so, -to pretend that he was definitely born in Hawaii, -to pretend that his name was ba-ROCK instead of BARE-ek, or Barry -to pretend that his Certification of Live Birth was legitimate, and worst of all, to pretend to all 50 states that he was constitutionally qualified to be President.

The greatest of all pretenses involved fooling all who could be easily fooled into thinking that mere birth in America qualifies one to be Commander-in-Chief of thousands of nuclear bombs, all U.S. Military forces, and all executive branch agencies and departments.  Wow!  What a truly liberal country!  Anyone of any stripe, -any background can be the most powerful man in the world.  Isn’t that just wonderful?

That’s what he wanted everyone to believe, -or not contest, (including all those who knew better inside the U.S. Government), and nearly all of them still believe it, with the exclusion of those who know the pretense to be false but are too afraid to speak truth to that kind of power.  They hold positions of influence inside and outside of the government, including lifetime positions on the Supreme Court, and lower courts across the land, as well as state Attorneys General offices, but they know that their power is minuscule in comparison to that of the IRS, the FCC, SEIU thugs and who knows what else,
So Barry O. continues to live the lie that he has created and promoted with the full backing of the treasonous Democrat party that has defied the Constitution and offered him as their candidate regardless of his not being a natural born citizen as the Constitution requires.

His role playing is like an inverse image of one played by a couple of people in the past.  Larry & Moe were two fairly bright Hollywood actors playing the roles of two rather serious dim-bulbs who were unaware of their lack of smarts.
Their modern counter-version is one Barry O. who’s a rather non-serious dim-bulb Affirmative Action fake scholar & Hawaiian “actor” playing the role of a fairly bright statesman, -but who, like Larry & Moe’s characters, is unaware of his lack of smarts.

He’s a stooge of a false ideology that he clings to like a religion, -the religion of utopian socialism.  It believes in a world in which the Holy Grail of “Social Justice” has been achieved, -thereby ushering in political nirvana.  Unfortunately, the cost of attempting to achieve it is the death of individual liberty and the trampling of constitutional rights.

Oh well, sacrifices have to be made, -and you are the one who will have to make them in order to better the lives of others who didn’t work to obtain what you have obtained in life.
T.S., it’s only fair to share, so he and his ilk with be the ones empowered to decide what is fair, and how much you have to share.  That choice is no longer yours because the process to amend the constitution has been beheaded by the Supreme Court, along with your individual liberty.
Now a simple majority of Congress (as with the courts) will decide major changes, i.e., transformations, in the country.  The People no longer need to be consulted, nor is their approval required in the form of constitutional amendments.

You can now hold a funeral service for your American Freedom because Chief Judas Roberts issued an opinion along with the other four traitors of the Supreme Court that the government has the authority to order you to not do anything it disapproves, (Wichard v Filburn 1942) as well as order you to do everything that Big Brother deems you should do (Obamacare 2012).  Seventy years of treason by the Supreme Court and Congress.
The Stooge in the White House, viewed as “the White Knight in the White House” to his fellow traitors, wants to behead even more of your rights in the next four years, and those rights include the rights of the state in which you live.
He, along with his cohorts in the Big Brother federal government have effectively neutered the authority of the states in almost all matters, leaving them with about as much sovereignty as counties possess within the states.
It’s now all about top-down government, folks.  The states have been reduced to the status of piglets suckling at the teats of mother sow.  The federation of sovereign states ended a long, long time ago, and ever since the Feds have been making like a giant anaconda, -tightening their suffocating grip.
Why would anyone not think that we would be much better off if they are allowed four more years to squeeze even more?  What’s not to love about such a scenario?  After all, if you think about it, Barry O. and his henchmen are the best thing that ever happened to America.  If you don’t believe it then just ask them.  They’ll gladly inform you that it is so.
In fact, they are so darn good for America that the stupid 22nd Amendment should be repealed so that King Obama can have free reign to “fix” America for as long as it tickles his fancy.  Eight years?  Why stop there?  Why not 12, or 16?  There’s a lot to be fix and only he can do the job.  He truly is our Modern American Messiah.  We would be lost without him.
At least the American stooges that put him in office would be lost because they don’t have a clue as to what it means to be an American nor to be a citizen.  Their parasitic, fiscally paralyzing policies are draining the blood from the future as nothing is done to staunch the gushing of red ink.
Their vampiric approach to and attitude toward the federal budget and the citizens of the near and distant future is draining the life-blood from them via the worm-hole of federal bonds and notes that can never be repaid, -the wealth “stolen from the future” that will be piled on the heads of all who survive & are born into that future.
The terms that will define our future are; “unfunded mandates” and unrepayable “federal debt”, along with  the immense interest costs that have become an enormous proportion of the federal budget, amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars per year.
Unfortunately, the stooges and traitors aren’t solely Democrats.  Republicrats have just as much love of a powerful federal government, but they like to see the might used to support the most powerful military forces in the world, instead of wasteful socialist redistributionist federal programs.
They have been fellow backers of a defense budget that is more than the next 15 highest- spending countries combined.  Our gold-plated military spending programs do not know what fiscal responsibility is.  Their bloated waistline hasn’t seen a belt in over a decade.  How can a country preserve its future when it’s spending itself into oblivion in the present day in the name of future security?  Where is the security in financial collapse?  The pigs in the Pentagon will squeal loudly as their fat is trimmed, but like a morbidly obese Maharaja, a diet will do them and the nation some good.
When I was in Vietnam, as an enlisted Marine, we in the Supply Company of a field Battalion had a relatively cushy life in tent “hootches” compared to our four companies of “grunts” who had to live and fight in “the bush” and were gone from base most of the time.
That all ended when “the Brass” decided it was time to shake things up and up-root us from our comfortable accommodations and make us pack up everything we and the battalion owned and move to another hill somewhere else.  Or, move back to the hill we had called home many months previously.  All in the interest of making us leaner and meaner.  Too much perceived comfort was seen as making us soft & unsharpened, -and so we were reduced to a much more minimal environment.
That is what the future holds for America, -or not.  Depending on whether our government fails or succeeds in doing something that its spending-addiction resists.  Will it, can it pare the fat, and discombobulate millions of people?  Will it act as hard-nosed Marine officers and put our bloated nation on a strict diet?  Of course it will, when pigs fly.
If it doesn’t, there is only one other possibility, and that is that we will be the ones doing the flying as we race off the edge of the cliff, a la Thelma & Louise, only it won’t be by choice, and it won’t be melodramatically appealing.
It will instead be ugly, uglier than anything we’ve seen in Europe possibly.  After all, they don’t have the kinds of sub-cultures as those found in America, -sub-cultures that are alien to American culture and values, and even civilization itself, -sub-cultures without morality or social integration.
If or when that happens, the securely employed slumbering self-narcotized, entertainment-addicted masses will once again awake as on Sept 11, 2001 and will ask what kind of country we are living in.  No one will dare to give an answer because the truth as an answer will be worse than no answer at all.
Then they will wonder “How did we get here?  How was this not prevented?  Why did this happen?  And who is to blame?  To answer that last question, all they will need to do is to look in the mirror, and then look at the government and its media arm which set the stage for everything that unfolds by means of policies and laws and court opinions that were based on personal and ideological self-interest instead of national interest and national character.
When the salt of national character was banished from the national public square by the anti-religion, anti-American secular Humanist Progressives, then the pork barrel began to rot from the inside.   The rot was invisible and hidden for a very long time, but it will eventually manifest itself as it has in every other civilization that lost its edge, its moorings, its national cohesion, its morals, its self-reliance, individualism, and its appreciation for the price paid for its freedom and independence.
When we finally wake up in that world we will know for sure that “fundamental transformation” has finally born the fruit that its stooges failed to realize would be the result.  We will then fully realize that we have become the Obama nation.

by a.r. nash  july 2012  http://obama–

* (as opposed to: ba ROCK´ ~which would result in the nickname Rocky,  or: ba RACK´ ~resulting in the nickname Rackie)


About arnash
“When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain - Politicians and diapers - change 'em often, for the same reason. "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." Ronald Reagan "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." William F. Buckley, Jr. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it. Abraham Lincoln “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell “Satan will use a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison”.

2 Responses to Larry, Moe, & Barry O.

  1. arnash says:

    comments from American Thinker

    The fact that we as a nation elected Obama as POTUS, and furthermore that after what may be kindly termed a disastrous 3.5 years in office approximately 50% indicate in polls that they still support him is irrefutable evidence that today’s America shares nothing in common with the America at the time of the Founding. We have shed our virtue, our values and our common sense in a quest for self-enrichment and sin. I don’t hold out much hope for the future of our country because an increasing number of Americans are so corrupt and so dependent upon the government for many aspects of their life that, unfortunately there is no turning back to the bygone days of austerity and self-sufficiency. We might give Obama the bum’s rush in November, but he has left us with so much baggage to move and such a mess to clean up that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be cursing us in this generation for our selfishness and foolishness. Trust me, right-thinking historians in a few generations will avoid the hype and political correctness that permeates our time and put this presidential clunker where he rightfully belongs…at the bottom of the list. For once in his woebegone life he has actually earned something…obscurity.


    The Obama years are a comedic-tragedy for the American people and millions have only themselves to blame for voting for the most incompetent, unprepared presidential candidate in our history just to prove they were not prejudiced! I proudly declare I am prejudiced against presidential candidates who do not have the experience and gravitas to run the most powerful country in the world. Obama’s election just illustrates the stupidity of voters and the outright chicanery of the Democrat Party whose lust for power knows no bounds. This monumental disaster hopefully will reduce the Democrat/Progressives Party to impotence for a decade or more!

    No grades, no papers, no friends willing to come out with how brilliant he was at Columbia (the organizer for the class reunions can’t remember him at all), no explanation of how he qualified for a foreign student scholarship at Occidental College, no clue who paid for Harvard, why he has a Connecticut SS number, and on and on…


    Obama, like Gandhi and Hitler and others, is an accident of history. With superb speaking skills, he followed a president who mumbled. With black skin, he came to power in a country sick with racial guilt. Thru no effort on his part, the media dominated public discussion and it fell in love with him, hiding his errors and making him seem far more perfect than he ever was.

    With these elements in place, traditional corrupt politics did the rest. Now, with the sudden discovery that he’s a dufus-head with nothing whatever to recommend him – no ideas, no people skills, no sense of history, no concept of how an economy works, no clue about the working class – he is about to be rudely flushed down the toilet of history.

    Bon voyage, liberal tool. And take your insufferable spouse with you.

    Read more:

  2. arnash says:

    comments gleaned from an article.

    Seeing the GOP ignore the biggest Constitutional crisis in this nation’s history over the past 4 years has taken away every shred of motivation I have to even vote anymore, at least on the national level. I deployed while in the Army and have lost a handful of friends fulfilling the very same Oath that every one of these traitors took upon assuming public office. Every single Republican in Congress and in upper level state office are nothing less than traitors. And that includes veterans in Congress such as Allen West (who I once thought would make an excellent President). He is a traitor to the United States Constitution, period. Both Allen and I have served in the Army, deployed and lost friends overseas, but the difference between he and I is that there is no way in heck that I would have ignored this issue. The powers that be would have had to put bullet in my head to silence me because I actually still honor the sacrifice my friends made. The Oath I took in the Army does not expire.

    For the first time since I was able to vote 18 years ago, I will not be voting for President, at least not for the Republican Mitt Romney. I will never give a cent of my hard earned money to another Republican that has not had the guts to attack this issue. I truly believe that if the millions of pro-Article II citizens had stated this a couple years ago, we may have seen some action. These people have no loyalty to this nation, only power and money. While I have no doubt Romney would be better and may even prolong the eventual collapse, I’m beyond the point of caring who sits in the Oval Office. In my opinion, as bad as this may sound, maybe people will wake up once the crap hits the fan and we can fight another Revolutionary War and get it over with. I encourage everybody to write their state GOP leaders and state this.

    And Ken Bennett (you are not worthy of “Mr.” or “Secretary of State”), if you by some chance happen to read this: I would be so ashamed if I was your child. We know Obama is an enemy of our Constitution and he is a criminal; we know every decision he makes is pointed towards our destruction. It is you, every GOP governor, every GOP Congressman, and every state Director of Elections/Secretary of State that is allowing him to wreak havoc on this nation. Every decision he makes is not on him, I don’t blame him anymore, it is on you. You are the one that is intentionally destroying the futures of your children and grandchildren. It is you who is spitting on the graves of every man or woman that spilled blood fulfilling their Oath to support and defend the Constitution. You are a gutless, traitorous coward. The amount of hate that you have shown towards your children as to allow this guy in the Oval Office( who you know is ineligible) to destroy their chance of having the same freedoms and liberties we had is unconscionable. You are a gutless, traitorous coward; you will have blood on your hands when this nation falls into chaos. By the way, please do not ever wear any military related piece of clothing like the USS Arizona hat in the picture, you are not worthy to even speak of anything that involves sacrifice, selflessness, and honor.
    Posted by giveusliberty1776

    If only your words weren’t full justified…if only we could all awake from the wacky Mad Hatter Wonderland that the U.S. has become in regard to rule of law and the supremacy of the U.S. Consitution. If only the Supreme traitors of the high court were loyal to America and their oath of office and the Constitution it is written to defend…if only everyone wasn’t in a drug-induced comma of obliviousness to the fiscal and spiritual plight of the nation. But what else can one conclude or say than what you’ve said? If the uncle or grandfather standing beside you has his hand in your pocket and is scooping up your hard earned cash, are to supposed to just dumbly look at him and think that he can’t possibly be doing what it seems he is doing?
    We are all, whether we know it or not, watching our future get the same treatment as the victims of Jerry Sandusky, as the “trust-worthy” smiling adult supervisor does the despicable crime against the innocent who don’t know how to fight back.
    Well, some of us do know how to fight back, and do know what’s really going on, and won’t remain silent enablers to the greatest usurpation and victimization since FDR ravaged the sacred liberty that our founding fathers secured for us. The time of accommodation and acceptance and silence are over. It’s well past the time to throw down the gaunlet and call out the duplicitous and treasonous among us and throw the ice cold water of truth in their faces. And stand up to what our own eyes tell us, not what the anesthetized minions in government and the press pretend is reality. They are fools living on borrowed time, -literally borrowed via borrowed and created money. The unworkable remedies will run out before the American people feel confident that their government can be trusted, and its gargantuan regulatory bureaucracy has been reined in and bridled. AN

    As far as the direction in which our nation is heading, I shouldn’t have said that we’ve been drifting left.
    We’ve been hurtling toward the left.

    And, given our cultural trajectory, things such as socialized medicine are inevitable, unless something upsets the apple cart (and something just may). This cultural trajectory is obvious; in fact, I perceived it already in my teens during the Reagan years. And it was clear to many in the ’80s. Note that when KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov was talking about the Soviet process of “demoralization” — the process by which communists would target an enemy nation for destruction by undermining its morals and social fabric — he said that the process was already “more than complete.”

    This was in the 1980s.
    Our problems are not just political. The political is simply the external signs of a metastasizing cancer eating away at the body. And, once you see those signs, you know it is already too late for anything but radical treatment.

    Read more:

    I suggest that we intelligently let go of all that has happened thus far regarding Obamacare and dig as deep and fight as hard as is physically and financially possible and get this law repealed. That repeal will do for America more than the supreme court could. We toss this law out now with elections and that will put a stake in the heart of the liberal agenda deeper than any SCOTUS decision could. Lose this election and Obama gets 2 maybe 4 SCOTUS appointments. Lose this election and it will take 100 years to get freedom and liberty back in America. My office is 4 blocks from a mass grave where scores of revolutionary war soldiers were bayoneted in a night attack by the British. I drive by that mass grave a number of times every week. I often say thanks to those who died as I pass by, I also say to their souls that we will not let them down or future generations. It is up to us today to right this wrong and we will need to employ every legal way to remove this legislation from the books. It was a RINO ( Arlen Specter ) who put this over the top in the Senate. NO MORE RINOS!

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