Natural Citizenship & the Gorilla Analogy

~a President unqualified to guard himself

The President of the United States is required by the Constitution to be a “natural born citizen”.  That can mean one of two possibilities beside the obvious requirement that he be a citizen.  But what kind of citizen is “natural born”?  Is it one who is a natural citizen, or one who is a born citizen, or one who is natural-born?.  It can’t be the latter because its only meaning is that one was not delivered via Caesarian section, or carried to term by a surrogate.  So it must be one or both of the first two possibilities.
Who is a born citizen, or what is a born citizen?  It is one who is a citizen from birth, -born automatically possessing citizenship.  That seems clear enough, but it isn’t, and that’s because one can be born a citizen via two distinctly different means.  One is natural, the other artificial.
One who is a citizen at birth via artificial means is one who was not born to native parents but instead is the child of foreigners living in the natives’ country.  Such children are deemed to be natives also, but not natural natives because the recognition of their group membership from birth results from man-made group rules, and not from natural inheritance from native parents via their “blood connection.”
Children of foreigners who have become officially approved immigrants are allowed to be recognized as members of American society via  American rules that grant such children citizenship from birth, but such citizenship is not citizenship by birth because only natives can naturally produce new natives.  Outsiders can only artificially produce new natives since they have no natural right to be members of the natives country being as they are not natural members.

In America, thanks to an 1898 Supreme Court opinion, the children of immigrants were finally, officially, and permanently granted the gift of citizenship upon birth if their parents are officially sanctioned immigrants and therefore subject to the full jurisdiction of the federal government.  That gift was based on the first clause of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution (1868). It also bestowed citizenship to all the freed slaves of the former Confederacy.

That was not a blanket, across-the-board grant of new civil and civic rights to all because not all were viewed as “persons” in the constitutional sense.  In fact, half the population was still in a separate special category, and that half was American women.  Their civic rights were in the purview of state governance and few states saw a need for them to be involved in and muddied by the ugly world of male politics.
Also excluded were Native Americans (Indians) because they were under the jurisdiction of their own individual sovereign tribe.  They were a form of domestic subjects of the federal government but not citizens.  Subjects are not citizens and citizens are not subjects but one might postulate that American women were somewhere between being subjects and being citizens possessing full civic rights & responsibilities equal to men.  Or they might be compared to American Nationals (born in American Samoa or the Swains Island)  Their American passports declare that they are not U.S. citizens, nevertheless they have many of the same rights.
Choosing between the two types of born citizens, the framers of the Constitution included the requirement that the President not be an “artificial” born citizen, i.e., a born citizen by man-made U.S. law, or judicial decision.  Instead he must be a “natural” born citizen, a citizen by natural means instead of legal means; -a citizen by nature and not by statute.  The President must be a natural member of the nation by being born to natives and not to foreigners.  An example of such a natural citizen is John McCain.

He was born to natives of the United States, -American citizens, -members of the country to which they were in service.  So their child was a natural member also via natural means, i.e., his blood connection to natural members.  Such a child is not an artificial member of the American family but is a natural member and as such requires no officialdom be involved except for proof of parentage, -NOT proof of birth on American soil.
McCain is a natural born American, -an American from birth and by birth, and as such the only constitutional role that Congress can play in his citizenship is to officially recognize it, -NOT grant it.  Congress isn’t authorized to meddle in the citizenship of natural citizens although it sometimes appears that it’s standing on the line between declaring the fact of the citizenship of foreign-born Americans and declaring the granting of their citizenship (which it has no authority to do, even though it can do that which is not constitutional).

An illustration of the situation is obtained from an analogy to mountain gorillas.  In the jungles of Rwanda, gorillas reproduce and all their off-spring are gorillas also via the genetic connection to their parents.  Just as gorillas produce newborn gorillas; similarly natives produce newborn natives, -and citizens produce newborn citizens.  It doesn’t matter where the baby gorilla is born (in the jungle or in a zoo) since location of birth cannot change its nature.  So it is with natural members of any group.
Whether they are born within their own territory or outside of it, they are still group members via their blood connection to parent members.  The result is that someone like John McCain is not an artificial member of the American family but is a natural member just like every other child born to American parents.

There is another type of artificial membership and it results from hybridized reproduction.  Instead of having parents who are outsiders/ foreigners one might have only one parent who is an outsider and one who is a native member of the group.  The off-spring that results from the union of insider and outsider (domestic citizen and foreign citizen) is a hybrid citizen who is a member of both groups.  But hybrids are not natural members of either group since their membership is the result of the permission of the two groups via their laws.
If a gorilla could mate with a bonobo (a recently discovered great ape that lives in trees) the off-spring (which is probably impossible) would not be a natural gorilla nor a natural bonobo but would be instead an unnatural hybrid, -neither this breed nor that breed. It would be an unnatural mongrel cross-breed.   Just because it would be a great ape (like the over-all category of “citizen”) that would not make it a natural gorilla, (just as artificial citizens are also citizens, they nevertheless are not natural citizens).
If a child was born on the Canadian-American border, how would it be categorized?  First let’s ask; “If a person died on the border, to which country would the body belong?”  Your answer informs the answer to the first question.  It belongs to country of the parents (or spouse).  A child born on the border would be a natural citizen of the nation of its parents, and an artificial citizen of the other nation which grants it citizenship via law.

In short:

1.  Native parents produce native children regardless of their birth location.

2.  American parents produce natural American children regardless of their birth location.

3.  Visiting foreign natives (non-immigrants) produce foreign children regardless of birth location.

4.  Legal Immigrant parents produce American children via the 14th Amendment

5.  Parents with different nationalities produce children belonging to both nations.  Historically they would be natural citizens of the father’s nation only because the wife would have been naturalized by marriage into his country’s citizenship via reciprocal treaties.

6.  Children belonging to more than one nation have artificial citizenship via written law and not natural blood-connection.

7.  Only single, uniform parental citizenship produces natural membership which is not dependent on birth location.

8.  Dual-nationality parentage produces off-spring that are never natural, -just as mules aren’t natural horses nor natural donkeys but instead are unnatural sterile hybrids.  Crossing a horse and a donkey won’t yield a natural horse or natural donkey.

9.  A citizen “at” or “from” birth is a legal citizen, but only a citizen by birth is a natural citizen.

10. Legal citizens (citizens by law) are not constitutionally eligible to be President because they are not natural citizens.
But in our politically correct era, no one could say such things because the person they would have been aimed at was half black, and so everyone was afraid of being publicly called a racist or a bigot.  Hence the universal silence allowed an emperor with no constitutional clothes to be unconstitutionally elected to the position of Commander-in-Chief, -exactly what the founding fathers sought to prevent.  Fear allowed that, (along with ignorance), because some on the Supreme Court, and in Congress and the Military knew the difference between a natural citizen and a non-natural citizen but “the buck” stopped at no one’s desk and so no one spoke up.

Finally, what about instances of quadruple-nationality parentage?  If both parents possessed different dual citizenship from four separate nations between them, what would be the nationality of their child?  Is it becoming clear just how “unnatural” such a situation is from both a natural law perspective as well as a legal perspective?  Such a child is not a natural citizen of any nation, including the one in which he was born.  His/ her citizenships are totally artificial, -being a form of naturalization via statute or administrative policy.  Such a one could never be entrusted with a top security clearance in any of the four nations because there could be no certainty as to his allegiance or loyalty.
In the United States such a citizen would fail a Yankee White Single Scope background investigation and thus would not be qualified to guard the President and Vice-President, nor have access to nor control over nuclear weapons.

To insure undivided loyalty the founding fathers barred everyone not born as a natural American citizen from the office of President, and more importantly, from the position of the Commander-in-Chief of all federal officers and the U.S. Armed Forces, -a condition met by every President throughout U.S. history with the exceptions of Chester Arthur (fathered by a British immigrant whose naturalization came many years after his son’s birth) and one Barack Obama, fathered by a foreign student.
In the future we may see Marco Rubio unconstitutionally elected to the presidency.  His natural inherited nationality would have been Cuban but his parents were in the unnatural situation of being political refugees whose only home, as a result, was the United States.  Without being naturalized citizens, their son was born being a “native-son” but not a natural son of America.  He, like they, possessed no natural right to American citizenship, but he possessed a constitutionally right to it thanks to the Supreme Court’s opinion regarding the meaning of the 14th Amendment’s citizenship clause: “All persons born in the United States, or naturalized, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the state wherein they reside.

by a.r. nash  march 2012 -revised sept. 2012


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