Citizen Zero & The Constitution’s Ban Against Obama’s Presidency

Congress is not the determiner of who is eligible to be the President.  Neither is the Supreme Court, nor are the States.  Though Congress has no authority in determining who is eligible to be President, it does have the authority and responsibility to determine if the winner of the presidential election qualifies to be sworn-in as President based on the criteria written “in stone” in the Constitution.

The Constitution requires that the President be a native-born citizen of the United States.  Everyone knows that, right?  If you believe that statement to be correct then you are woefully ignorant of the truth.  The Constitution requires no such thing.
For the adults living when the Constitution was adopted, the requirement was that they be citizens of the United States when the Constitution was adopted.  Very simple and clear.

It could have required less, -it could have allowed foreign non-citizens to be the American President, -but it could not have required more of candidates because that which it required of Presidents of future generations was a quality which none of them of that generation possessed.  It was natural United States citizenship.

The founding fathers decided that for the post-Independence generation, the power of the Commander-in-Chief should not devolve on any person who was not born with natural U.S. citizenship.  That meant that the father must be an American.  [The citizenship of the mother wasn’t relevant because by marrying an American man a foreign woman automatically acquired his U.S. citizenship, -so consequently both parents were Americans.]

For their own generation they could not require that of a President because no adult in America was “a natural born citizen” of the United States since they were all born as American subjects of Great Britain. But they weren’t Englishmen nor viewed by the British as rightful holders of the protections of its laws and court rulings.

They weren’t part of the nation.  They were distant foreign step-children. They were viewed as a form of subject that was akin to a serf that was the property of the land owner due to his indebtedness to him for allowing him to live on his private land and farm it.  America was viewed as the personal property of the Crown and its inhabitants were a form of property of the King.  He could treat his property anyway that he wished and his loyal English subjects would back him up in his abuse, which they did.

It was only after the colonies ratified the Declaration of Independence that children born in America, from then on, would be no longer “natural born subjects” of the King, nor solely natural born citizens of their home colony, but natural citizens of the united States of America.

But the future United States didn’t yet exist, so how could they be its natural citizens?  Because of the meaning of the word “united”.  The title “The United States of America” didn’t refer to a nation but to a union of quasi-nations.  A State is a nation and the 13 Colonies became the 13 countries, or nations, or States of America, and they were united in a covenant of war, liberation, and mutual survival through it all.  They were united in their cause, political philosophical, religious principles, and defense.
Every child born in America to citizens beginning in July of 1776 was a natural born citizen of the Nation-State of his birth and that State was united with the others in a self-defense union, making him a member of that Union.

But children born to foreigners were foreigners like their father even if he was an English immigrant, until the father became a naturalized member of the State in which he resided.  If a certain Barack Obama had been born at that time, his citizenship would have been purely British because his father was a British subject and not an American, and citizenship passed from father to son.

The first child born in America to American parents after the Declaration of Independence was signed was what could be labeled “citizen zero”.  That child was the first natural citizen who could fulfill the constitutional requirement for the presidency for the period of future American history that began that day and continues to this.  All of those who would become President before his generation were allowed to do so by the exception made on their behalf by the language of the presidential eligibility clause.

They were “citizens of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution” because they became citizens via the union established with the Declaration of Independence, -or they were immigrant citizens naturalized by the naturalization law of the State in which they lived.  Those citizens, -naturalized in their State before the Constitution was ratified  in June, 1788 by New Hampshire [the ninth and final State needed for ratification] could become President if they had lived in the United States for 14 years and were 35 years of age.  So immigrants naturalized in the year the armed struggle against Great Britain began (1775), were by 1789 qualified to be the first President.

But the founding fathers had no such person in mind as being the first President since they weren’t American by birth, up-bringing, or education.  And, in fact, about the only person they could see filling that position was George Washington.  He, like all of his fellows, was a natural born American, but not a natural born citizen of the United States, so he, they, and naturalized immigrants only qualified via the exception written for their generation.

After them, the only type of citizen that could be President was  “a natural born citizen”.
And since almost everyone born in July of 1776 and thereafter were natural born citizens, (born to American parents) the only ones left out, deliberately, were those who were born as foreigners or born to foreigners.
But they could serve in every other high office in the land, -even Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but they could not serve as the Commander-in-Chief of the United States military forces.

But after that date, only the children born to citizens could qualify.   Naturalized  foreigners and those born in America to immigrants who were not naturalized could no longer be qualified, even though they were United States citizens, because that was the cut-off date implicit in the Constitution.  Following it, only Americans born to Americans could command the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and State Militias in time of war, peace, or national emergency.

The man elected President in 2008 is included in the group that is excluded because he was born to a foreign father, -and not just any foreign father, but one who was not even an immigrant.  He was merely a foreign guest and not a member of American society, -and thus not subject to the responsibilities of both citizens and immigrants.  As such, he is not a part of that group of natural Americans which began with citizen zero, -the only group that was born eligible to be the President of the United States from the founding of the nation through to today’s world.
Instead, he’s a part of another group and that group is barred from the American presidency.   No new qualified members were added to that original group following the ratification of the Constitution, and when it’s last member died in the next century, that group ceased to exist.

Who knows about these facts and what can be done about them?  The answer to the first question probably goes from bad to worse because if most of those in positions of authority and media prominence knew it in advance and yet remained silent, that is worse than if they were merely ignorant (which is bad enough in itself).

What can be done about it?  What can be done about a beached blue whale?  A whole lot of shovels and a whole lot of shovelers are needed to bury it.  But the potential shovelers don’t know that there’s a chore for which they are needed, and those who know aren’t sure where to gather.  And those who’ve gathered are few in number.

Without some “big guns” to sound an alarm and draw attention to the situation, silence will keep the nation in a state of violation of the foundation on which our nation is built.  Unfortunately, that violation is just one more straw of a zillion piled on the poor camel’s back.  When it will finally break is anyone’s guess.  But it appears to be closer that it has ever been.
The situation won’t improve with time because those in the media, and those in the government are either ignorantly sleeping, or they know the truth but it is unspeakable and contrary to their agendas.  As a result they have a very bad case of lockjaw due to the fear of being ostracized for being an eccentric non-conformist outsider kook, and everyone knows that such people are always wrong, -are always ridiculed and humiliated.  Just like those quacks with the weird Italian names, -what were they?  Oh yeah, Galileo and Columbus.

And who wants to risk the scorn and infamy garnered by those loose-cannon conspiracy-theory crackpots named Woodward & Bernstein?  What did they ever get right?  Right?

Citizen Zero would have wondered what all the fuss was about. After all, to him and his generation, the only Constitution in history wasn’t a big deal.  No, it was just a kind of guideline. It wasn’t as if anything depended on faithfully following it. Flexibility was a preferable option. Like the President being flexible enough to dissolve Congress
and the Supreme Court and nullify the Bill of Rights.
Everything is relative and that which is best is in the eye of the beholder, -so why not just have Eric Holder declare to the Supreme Court that Obama may not be a natural born American citizen, but so what? It doesn’t matter anymore because the Constitution is too old fashioned and no longer need be adhered to.   And for that matter, the same goes for them.

by A.R. Nash April/October 2012

by Clarence L. Ver Steeg  California State Series textbook  copyright by Harper & Row 1965

After Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the American colonies became states.  Americans then had to answer an important question: Should each state be a separate nation, or should all thirteen states join together as one nation?  If each state became a nation, all would be weak and they might not be able to defend themselves against enemies.  In addition, each would be a foreign nation to the others, and one state might quarrel with another and go to war with it. A man from Virginia would be a foreigner in Maryland; a man form Pennsylvania would be a foreigner in New Jersey, and so on.

On the other hand, if all the states became one nation, a government would have to be established for all, and the people were not sure they wanted that.  They were fighting a war to break away from one such government, the king and Parliament.  Some people did not want to have another one imposed in its place, even though they might elect the officers of the government.

The people finally decided to form one nation, or union, instead of thirteen nations.  Toward the end of the war for Independence, Congress made a plan for a national government, that is, a government for all the states.  The plan was called the Articles of Confederation. (which took 5 years to agree to since there was so much fear of and opposition to the tyranny that a strong central government might bring upon them.)

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