Obama’s Real Birth Date & Real Father

Don Wilkie, on  October 30, 2012 posted a column titled: “Just When Was Obama Born?” in which he stated: “It is beyond any reasonable doubt that Neil Abercrombie, Governor of Hawaii, and Ann Dunham’s girlfriends, Susan Blake and Maxine Box, have been telling falsehoods about the President’s origins.  It is also beyond any reasonable doubt that there are people within the Obama camp who have managed their fabrications.  It now appears that Mary Toutonghi, (Ann Dunham’s sometime babysitter in Seattle), was also ‘managed.’
Mary and her husband were the managers of the Villa Ria apartments located in the Capitol Hill section of Seattle.  The apartments were carved out of a large old house.  We now know that Ann and baby moved into Mary’s apartment house in late August or early September 1961.  This is confirmed by David Maraniss as well as by Marc Leavipp in the registrar’s office of the University of Washington.  Ann is also listed in the 1961-1962 Seattle Polk Directory at the Capitol Hill address.
In late 2008, it was revealed that Ann had enrolled in classes at the University of Washington for the fall quarter of 1961.  It is clear that the Obama camp was caught off-guard by this revelation.”


The premise of his column is the speculation that Obama may have been the son of someone other than Obama Sr. and been born 7 months earlier than late August or early Sept., that being in January-February instead of August.  But if F.M. Davis was the father that would not have been likely.  About the earliest that he might have impregnated Ann was the night of July 4th 1960 since the family probably only arrived in Hawaii in mid-June at the earliest.  That would result in birth in early April ‘61, making Obama only 5 months old in Sept, not seven months as he speculates.
What needs to be born in mind is the fact that the State Dept. officers who dealt with the Obama Sr. case noted that the couple was considering adoption of their yet unborn baby by means of the Salvation Army.  That course of action would have two possible means, -pregnancy and birth in Hawaii, or pregnancy and birth in Seattle (or birth in Vancouver B.C.)
Ann’s parents would be scandalized by their 17 year old daughter’s pregnancy outside of marriage, and worse, (socially-speaking) with a Negro man’s child.  They probably would have wanted to hide her pregnancy from their circle of social acquaintances.  She could have remained indoors at home for months on end after dropping out of college, or she could have moved back to her home territory in Seattle, staying with some close, sympathetic family friends up until the last several weeks.  Then she could have moved into a Salvation Army home for unwed pregnant girls.  If that home was unable to find an adoptive family for her child, she may have transferred to a Vancouver branch as a Hail Mary attempt at finding an adoptive couple there in Canada.  Either way, after delivery, it would have been time to leave that home after a few more weeks of recovery and adjustment and it would have been then that she moved into the group apartment.

Taking that move and timing as an established fact, we can deduce a few things from it.  First, that she probably wasn’t doing any flying at eight-months pregnant.  So if she remained at home in Hawaii up until then, then she would have given birth in Hawaii and not have flown to Seattle.  That raises the question of when  she arrived in Seattle.  That brings one back to the issue of adoption, and whether or not there was any couple in Hawaii that was willing  to adopt a mixed-race baby and whether or not any adoption agency knew of such a willing couple.   If none was known, -and Ann’s parents had preferred that their pregnant daughter was out of public view, then they could have funded her moving back to Seattle around the time her pregnancy began to show.  If she was impregnated by Obama Sr. on the night of Halloween, during some loose boozy party, then she would have been three months pregnant in early February -the same time when records of her whereabouts end.
At that time, or a few months later, she could have moved to Seattle, and given birth (after nine full months of pregnancy) on August 4th.
If Frank Marshall Davis shot the risque and nude photos of Ann during the summer of 1960, and, (as described in his autobiographical novel) had sex with her, then by late October, she would have been interested in re-experiencing that gigantic, liberating rebellion against all that was considered “decent” and “acceptable”, (forbidden pleasure being the most intensely experienced), and a new and exotic, foreign, younger partner would have filled the bill.
With all inhibitions having already been shed with Davis, it would not have required a preliminary courtship to surrender to seduction and enjoy a forbidden one-night stand.
With there being no record of any marriage between Jr.’s parents, nor of any relationship between them, it is conceivable that Ann’s parents eventually concocted a scheme of obtaining an official divorce because that would be evidence that he was not born as a bastard, -outside of wedlock, because who gets a divorce unless they were married? (-everyone would reason)  Who?  Someone who wants to avoid that social stigma as well as secure parental custody rights that might free her from needing his permission for leaving the country or allowing adoption by a new Indonesian step-father.
If Ann’s parents faced knowing that their grandchild could not be legitimized via marriage to an unwilling father, then they might have considered that he could be retro-actively legitimized via a divorce (for which no proof of marriage is even needed) from a claimed marriage that took place before the birth.  An uncontested divorce would be easy and affordable.
There is some serious significance to the fact that she didn’t just name Obama Sr. as the father, but that she gave her son his name.   If he had been fathered by another man, if would not have occurred  to a new mother to name her child after someone who had no connection to his birth.
But if Obama Sr. was in fact the father, then naming her son after him would have been the first possibility that would have occurred to her.  Of course that would carry the eventual complication that he would be ineligible to be the President.
She could have labeled the father as “unknown” but would not have felt any reason to lie.  She was being honest and truthful in her statement of official record, unlike her son who is being just the opposite, and for darn good reason, whatever it is. If Frank Marshall Davis were the real father, and he, she, and her parents wanted to keep that fact secret because he was a friend and a fellow socialist and publisher of a communist periodical (as well as being black) and also could have been under possible criminal charges since Ann was only 17 when she became pregnant (although the age of consent could be as low as 14 years old) then she didn’t have to name him as the father, nor name her son after someone with whom she had no intimate connection.  The likelihood is that she had been intimate with both of them, just not concurrently. That would have made it quite clear who the father was and who it wasn’t.  By Ockum’s Razor one would conclude that she choose to name her son after his father, -a chip off the old block.  Being a free and adventurous independent spirit, and a broadly-minded thinker, she probably would have gotten a kick out of giving her child such an exotic, unconventional, non-American name.  And so she named him Bair ak Obama, (accent on the first syllable) -just like his father, producing the nickname of Barry.
But Barry, like his fake name (Ba Rock!) is also a fake President, having been fathered by one who made him exotic, half-foreign, international, demographically unique, appealing to uniters, to globalists, and international-socialism embracers, but who also made him constitutionally ineligible to the office of President because he was consequently not born (as required) as a 100% natural born American citizen.

by A.R. Nash  Nov.  2012  obama–nation.com


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