America’s Progressive Gangrene

Obama’s Fraud; the 2nd Anniversary

April 27 is the 2nd anniversary of the posting on the White House website of a counterfeit digitally fabricated image of Obama’s birth certificate, uncorroborated by an actual physical certified paper document.

Everyone knows that it is counterfeit but no one can attach blame to Obama because he never even mentioned the questionable thing one time during the press conference in which he appeared for the sole purpose of convincing everyone that it’s their moral duty to ignore it completely since he and the nation have more important things to do.  And since the entire process of producing the thing is cloaked in attorney-client privilege, his White House lawyer, who resigned the next day to become his personal lawyer, can’t be questioned about how he shepherded the whole process of producing it for his client Obama.  How convenient.

Like the short-form fake before it, the new fake facilitated the bamboozling of everyone into not questioning Obama’s qualification to be the President based on the words of the Constitution: ”  “No person, except a natural born citizen,…shall be eligible to the office of the President,…”   So not only was the crime of document fraud overlooked, and the Constitution overlooked, but even the 20th Amendment was ignored like it didn’t even exist.

The 20th Amendment: its betrayal and burial

The 20th Amendment requires that the winner of the presidential race qualify to serve by proving himself to be constitutionally eligible.  That means he must show himself to be 35 years of age, 14 years resident in the United States, and foremostly he must be a natural born American.
By failing to prove that he is qualified by all three accounts, he is to be disqualified and the Vice-President is to take his place as President until a new qualified President can be elected.  If both fail to qualify, then the Congress is authorized to select a President or chose how one is to be selected.

Be it known to the American people that Congress, the American courts, and the American media, closed their lazy and dishonest collective eyes, turned the other way, and, in unmistakable violation of the Constitution, allowed an illegitimate person, -a citizen-by-policy and not by law nor nature, to usurp the highest and most powerful office on earth.

But being as the ignorant and somnambulent population has no clue as to what a natural born American is, and thus doesn’t realize that Obama isn’t one, we should be thankful that Obama’s counterfeiter failed to save his creation as a flattened jpg image instead of a 9 layer pdf.  We should count our blessings and appreciate that fact that it is never going away.
We were robbed of the rightful repercussions on his re-election that should have followed the release of the counterfeit, but like the unmistakable evidence of unexplainable unidentified flying objects being ingrained in the awareness of the population regardless of the feds efforts to ignore and downplay the facts,  Obama’s fraud is now a permanent part of the political landscape, and it does not require a paranoid conspiracy-minded fanaticism to understand what your own eyes are seeing on your own computer.

So thank you, Barack Obama, for providing the best ammunition for taking down the pretense of your legitimacy.  We should be grateful to you.  Yes, we should, just like we should also thank you for pursuing your socialist dreams all the way into the White House while falsely swearing a lying oath to protect and defend the Constitution from usurpers such as yourself.

And Thank You, Democratic Party leadership, the Congress, the Supreme Court, and all main-stream media for allowing the United States Constitution to be as front-and-center as the back side of the moon, as obeyed as the speed limit, and as revered as toilet paper. *
Thank you for your unbroken complicit silence.  Thank you for your cowardice.  Thank you for your wanton and weasely abdication of your sworn constitutional duty.  Thank you for being party to the greatest travesty against the office of the President in American history.

Thank you for putting us on unlawful ground and in growing danger.  As much as we rightfully despise you, our children and yours will one day despise you far more, because they will reap the whirlwind that you have sown.
And last but definitely not least; Thank you for wrecking the future of America via your silence and absence while allowing an incompetent, inexperienced, Marxist-oriented, highly partisan and ideologically radical affirmative-action candidate to sweep into office with a fraudulent and highly secretive background, who then does nothing to fix the damage due to the fateful fiscal and social-engineering course he has put us on and is keeping us on.
No illegitimate house of cards can stand and expand forever.  No bubble can inflate forever.  Unjust, irresponsible, and overly-powerful government cannot be tolerated forever, -not by a Free People.

Will you tolerate it forever?  Or will you strive to right that which is wrong, -to correct that which is in error, to reclaim that which has been abandoned, to hold those to account who participated or failed to resist while nefarious forces and their idealistic, naive “useful idiots” altered our nation, (and not ours alone) for the worse rather than for the better?
How long will Americans tolerate ever-greater proportions of their Freedom being taken from them and given to government bureaucrats?   If one were to guessimate based on the past, then the answer is “a whole lot longer”.  The only thing that can stem the tide toward state totalitarian authority is resistance from individuals in conservative states because those who are allied against Constitutional Freedom and Rule of Just Law are very united and motivated by the greatest gravy train in world history and the allure of the siren song of socialist security.

They will resist strongly the elimination of their power and perks and posts.  But the evidence of their legacy, the results of their policies and corruption are visible all across the country, as many of America’s formerly great cities have degenerated into swamps of bankruptcy, poverty and crime thanks to their spoiled selfish inflated sense of entitlement.

Those in control in those now decaying cities will not change course nor be ejected by their dependent voters, -the takers.  And so in time they’ll slide toward the fate of Detroit.  A basket case.  A nightmare of collapse and abandonment, reaping the results of the self-serving, greedy policies of the overlords of the lazy, incompetent, infantile and  amoral many who aren’t of the same stock as the forgers of a new free nation, the explorers of new frontiers, the defenders of Liberty, and fighters of totalitarian oppression.
Life is complicated.  Living is hard.  Effort is painful, dull, and often unrewarding.  But if the American people become a people who do not wish to live in a meritocracy that values liberty more than security, -reward more than hand-outs, then the mortar that built and holds this country together will crumble.
The results may not come tomorrow, nor a ways down the road, but they definitely will come as they have already come in places like Cyprus, Greece, and Detroit.  Resist that happening in your city and your state.  Do not assimilate, -do not comply, but if that war is already lost, think seriously about taking advantage of your liberty by moving to a state that is a free meritocracy and not a dependent mediocracy.

There you can take a stand and even thrive, while back in the over-taxed, and over-regulated socialist states of America, -as in totalitarian-leaning Germany where it is a punishable federal crime to educate your own children at home (while resisting the absolute authority of the government to kidnap them from you as punishment while slapping you with a huge fine) state and county governments, while spreading their tentacles into ever more areas, degenerate into statist, bankrupt oligarchies run by  ever-increasingly radical environmentally dictatorial bureaucracies led by a single irresponsible, short-sighted, self-serving, Freedom trampling, anti-Constitution party, -like in California where the over-spending corruptness and foolishness of the “wise” and “well-intentioned” erode what was once a sound, prosperous & free economy and society.

Like in the former film capital of the world; HOLLYWOOD!, where most film production has been chased out of the city, and even the state by the high cost of pride & selfishness that predominates in the leadership of its unions, -the free, the talented, the proud, and the unemployed and bankrupt.  [And that’s in addition to high state taxes.] As if they are superior and more deserving than people anywhere else who are ready and eager to grab their jobs and do them, (and more) for a hell of a lot less.

“The pride of life” scripture calls it, and in some places, they’re infected with it in spades.  There is no way to humble such arrogant minds and egos, and so the slide they precipitate by their demands and expectations is inexorable.
That party’s opposition party isn’t the diametric opposite by a long shot, but when you are being led into slavery and crushing debt, it’s preferable to be shackled with lighter chains rather than heavier chains and leg irons.  But regardless of which of the two current parties is in power, our progress down the path to serfdom is only varied by the speed with which each one moves us.
One thing is certain, at this pace, in 50 years America will be unrecognizable, -just as it is today from the perspective of 100 years ago.  Will it be paradise or purgatory?  Will people be glad to live then and not now, or just the opposite?  Definitely future instruction in the History of the United States will be a very tricky subject because there will be no clear demarcation point at which we changed from being a Free nation to a starkly different nation of passive government drones.  We will have become the frog that was too relaxed to jump out of the slowly boiling pot of water.

by a.r. nash  april 2013

*   [The United State Constitution and Toilet Paper;  we value them both, but we’re not going to put them on the mantle.  We’re not going to wave them around or discuss them in public.  We will ignore them until we happen to need them, and then they will serve us, but we won’t serve them.  After all, We are the Master, the Mob Majority. We can ignore anything we want.]