Naturalized Bombers & Natural Born Presidents

~Obama, Natural Citizenship, & National Adoption

I’ve been on a very long and wide-ranging journey for three full years, one that has led to writing a couple hundred thousand words of exposition, and reading ten times that many.  In all of that time I’ve been looking for the keys to understanding the nature of the citizenship of Barack Obama and the words describing what an American President must be in order to be valid and not an unqualified imposter, -those words being “natural born citizen.”
Along that journey I’ve rediscovered several overlooked truths, and forgotten facts, which together create a picture that was previously unknown to Americans of today.  But there was still something missing, one last piece to the puzzle, a missing key to unlock the final mystery and make everything make perfect sense.
Yesterday I had a new realization, -one which was uneventful in its impact, but which carries enormous significance.  It was a simple Eureka moment which put in the final bolt to finish the roller-coaster ride that my journey has been on, and thereby allow it to come to completion.  One over-looked truth came to mind, and I realized that when applied to the mystery, it solved it by explaining it.   And now it needs to be shared with all those who care about their country and the rule of law.

The bombing of the Boston Marathon by naturalized citizens, brothers who became citizens on September 11, 2012 after living in America for many years, serves as a teachable moment to point out the thinking of those who wrote the presidential eligibility clause, as well as those who approved it.
Our Founding Fathers trusted naturalized citizens to not be anti-American bombers, traitors, or King George loyalists.  They knew that if they were any of those things, then their true nature would not be kept secret unless they were spies, of which there were some.  But few or none of those had lived in and among the Americans for 14 years, and were a mature 35 years of age, -two qualities any naturalized citizen was required to possess in order to be trusted to serve as the Commander-in-Chief of the American Army and militia.  But, even though the Founders gave them that opportunity by allowing their own generation of foreign-born Americans to become President, they knew that they had virtually no chance of actually being elected, so the risk of a monarch-loving traitor being elected President was essentially zero.

Reality hasn’t changed significantly in the two and a quarter centuries since then, and the nature of naturalized citizens is forever one that, in general, can’t be viewed as being naturally loyal to their country since their natural country was not America.
Thought should be given to the danger they potentially pose, and whether they should be allowed all of the rights of natural Americans (like buying all sorts of weapons and ammo).  The problem with adopting such an attitude is that they are, in the eyes of the government, indistinguishable from natural Americans.  And here is the reason why…

Life can be divided into two kinds of divisions; – that which is Reality, and that which is Fiction.  Fiction is an important part of all of our lives, and we would be very much impoverished without it (no movies, no TV dramas or comedies, no novels, no imaginative art, etc.), and so it is embraced as important, and valuable to the pursuit of happiness.
Fiction does not exist solely in the public realm, it exists also as an important element of the legal realm, being known as “a fiction of law”.  A good example is that of the desire of the “morally upright”, (or uptight, depending on your perspective) to criminalize sexual behavior by minors.

That is done by first laying the foundation of it as always viewing the female as an unwilling victim, and then making the male, (likely her 18-19 year old boyfriend, out to be an evil aggressive predator toward an innocent young girl, (like his 16 year old girlfriend).  Then lastly, you slap a criminal term on their…err his behavior and call it something heinous like say…Rape!  But…since it is not at all rape, you have to tweak it to distinguish it from real rape, and so you call it “Statutory Rape”.  Viola!  The doer of the dastardly deed can thereby be labeled as a criminal for following the overwhelming desire of nature.  And it’s all made possible thanks to the convenience of a created fiction of law.

That’s a great example, but let’s focus on the subject at hand, -the fiction of adoption as a metaphor for naturalization.  The most desirable adoption is an early adoption.  Adopting a baby at the beginning of its life helps to create the strongest bond between the parents and the child, -a child which they already highly value.
In order to protect that bond, the government allows a fiction of law to transpire when it comes to the creation of its birth certificate.  Instead of letting the facts be the facts, by law the Registrar of Vital Statistics is allowed to let the fiction be the facts, and thereby hide the truth about the real parents from the child, forever.  The original birth certificate is placed under seal by court order and it is never again accessed by anyone related to the child, including the child as an adult either, and in its place a new “original” birth certificate is issued.

There are millions of Americans who do not know who their biological parents are, and can never know because those parents are being “protected” by a fiction of law, whether they want to be or not.  But they aren’t the only ones; the adoptive parents do not want their growing child to be shaken by the unsettling, world-changing information of being an actual stranger to one’s parents and not their real child. [disregard the fact that some parents are so bad that the children would be happy to know that they are not of the same stock]
So with the fiction firmly established by law, life can proceed as it would normally for a natural child, -a blood member of its family and true child of its mother, -and father.
That is how it works for adoption at the personal level, for individuals.  But there is another kind of adoption, and it is adoption on the national level.  It can also be an individual thing, or it can be a mass thing, as it was a few decades past when over 100,000 desperate and stateless boat people from Vietnam sought to escape from persecution for their crime of having worked to avoid enslavement by the socialist North.
They were slowly allowed to come to the United States and with their numbers being so great, it was decided that America, being their new and permanent home, needed to provide them membership in the nation, and so Congress did just that.  It adopted them en mass into the American family by granting them U.S. citizenship, -naturalizing them.  Congress exercised that same authority when it turned all of the citizens of Puerto Rico and Guam into Americans.

Naturalization is also a fiction of law.  By it, the government can pretend that natural-ized persons are natural citizens just like those born being citizens.  After natural-ization, they are considered to be natural members of the American family and not adoptees.  That is a good thing.  Everyone knows that it’s like a dart to the heart when some bully or older sibling yells; “You’re adopted!”  That implies that you are unnatural and therefore second class and an outsider by birth, rather than a natural insider.

So how does this relate to one Barack H. Obama II?  It’s not related to his naturalization since he was never naturalized (that we know of, but we know hardly anything since all records are sealed, destroyed, missing, or counterfeit).  Rather, it is related to the office to which he was elected, and whether or not he was actually ever eligible to hold it.
That question springs from the the requirement set forth in plain English in the United States Constitution: “No person, except a natural born citizen, [or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution] shall be eligible to the office of the President,”.  [brackets added]
Since Obama was not alive when the Constitution was adopted, he is required to be what all Presidents before him were (with one lying exception) -a natural born citizen.  So does Obama meet the primary requirement of the Constitution?  Or does he fail to meet it and therefore fall under the authority of the 20th Amendment by which Congress is to reject any President or Vice President that fails to qualify by the Constitution’s criteria?

That is a question that most intelligent people in the U.S. government know the answer to but are afraid to acknowledge.  And that is because he manifestly does not quality since he is not a natural born citizen, and yet he is the President anyway because not one single person in all of public American life had the courage to state the obvious; the emperor has no constitutional clothing.  The fix was in, and in big-time.
If he is not a natural born citizen, then what kind of citizen is he?

Americans can be divided into four different varieties, only three of which are acknowledged by the government, (though not publicly).  They are: natural born citizens, native-born citizens, and naturalized citizens.  The forth unacknowledged type is presumptive citizens, i.e., citizens by policy.  The elite ignorati in the fields of constitutional and naturalization law think rigidly that long established policy going back five generations simply must be settled law, but even five centuries cannot make policy into settled law.  It’s still nothing more than policy, and their worshipping at the alter of precedence cannot change that fact.  Long established policy has been over-turned many times before, and it’s time for a new over-turn in the arena of citizenship-by-policy in order to re-establish the true legal policy laid down by the Supreme Court.

Natural citizens are those born to American parents, -citizens by nature, -by blood connection, by political inheritance, by birthright, by patrilineal descent.

“Native-born” citizens are those born in a state or colony that granted its citizenship to the native-born children of its immigrants.  There was a least one such state (Virginia, with its “sons of the soil” provision).  On a national scale, that form of “naturalized-at-birth citizenship was made part of the Constitution, being enshrined as the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment.  “All persons born in the United States, or naturalized, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside.”

It provided American citizenship to sons of native-born & imported slaves and sons of immigrants, provided that their fathers were domiciled in the United States and therefore subject to the authority of the national government (as opposed to merely being short term or longer term visitors not possessing permanent residency permission).  Obama’s father, being the latter, was subject solely to the political authority of the government of Britain, -as was his son through his inherited political status, and the British Nationality Act of 1948.

Naturalized citizens can be divided into various sub-groups such as the mass naturalized, the automatically naturalized children (derivative citizens) of individuals & parents who complete the naturalization process, and children born abroad to mixed-nationality parents (statutory citizens).  After completion they are then considered members of the naturalized citizen group (by fact) as well as the natural citizen group (by fiction, -a fiction of law).

In the legal philosophy by which naturalization exists, one who is natural-ized is regarded as having become natural.  It is a fundamental fiction of citizenship law and can’t be altered by Congress.  Those who have become new “natural” citizens are indistinguishable in the eyes of the government from those who were born being Americans by blood connection.  As such, their citizenship, though bestowed, cannot be rescinded because it has become natural citizenship.
Even if they are terrorists, jihadists, or marathon bombers, if they are Americans, the government cannot nullify their citizenship except by proving that the oath of allegiance and renunciation was a false lying oath when it was taken, which would render their citizenship void, -not rescinded.

Natural citizens are not granted their inborn nature by law or government.  They are born as Americans, inheriting the American  (political) nature, their American status & membership.  Government can not rescind natural citizenship anymore than it can rescind one’s race or  gender.  The founders knew this since they were men quite aware of the principle of naturalization, knowing that not all “natural citizens” were made by nature because some were made by human action, -as a fiction  of law, -similar to calling the son of an alien subject “a natural born subject” when he in fact was an alien born subject.

[An alien subject is an oxymoron that results from the confluence of natural law and human law (government authority).  An alien is a foreigner, but when  he takes-up residency under another government, he falls under its jurisdiction, which includes a civic responsibility to defend the land and people that are his adopted land and people.  He is not a subject in a strict sense since he was not born a subject, nor naturalized, but since he is fully subject to the national authority, he can be called a subject because he is subject, -as a member of the society and nation in which he lives and works.]

The founders faced several choices; the President could be nothing other than a natural American, -born of American parents, making him a natural citizen of his liberated home colony, or…he could be either that or be a foreigner who had become an American [and also reached 35 years of age, having lived 14 of them in America].

They chose both.  When the Constitution was being written, Alexander Hamilton advocated that the presidency be reserved solely for those born as citizens, excluding, by implication, naturalized citizens.  In response to that suggestion made in an early draft,  John Jay, future Chief Justice, strongly suggested in a letter to General Washington the additional factor of being a natural born citizen.    He even underlined the word “born”, -which made no sense to me and made me wonder if he inadvertently underlined the wrong word since “born” appeared to be redundant, -being as all natural citizens are citizens by birth.

But I was missing the last piece of  the puzzle, -the final key to the riddle that had eluded me for three years, -that being the fact that not all natural citizens are born citizens because some were once foreigners who were made into natural citizens via a fiction of law.  So to prevent foreigners from being eligible to serve as President by becoming natural-ized, it was necessary to  distinguish natural citizens by law and natural citizens by birth.

John Jay avoided that ambiguity by adding the additional requirement that the natural citizen candidate also be a citizen by birth, -born a citizen by nature, -not made a citizen by law.
Hence his emphasis on not just being a born citizen (“sons of the soil” were also born as citizens -though by law and not by nature);  nor being solely a natural citizen (since some were “natural” by law and not nature), but he must be one born being a natural citizen, -not merely one “born a citizen”, nor one who became a “natural” citizen by a fiction of law, but one born being a true natural American, having American parents and not foreign parents.  And so the solution was that the President be “a natural born citizen”.

If he had reversed the order of the words [a born natural citizen] they would have meant the same thing.  Those not born as actual natural citizens were in fact alien-born “natural citizens”, and they were not to be trusted as the Commander-in-Chief after the Revolutionary War generation had passed.   So, not trusting future naturalized citizens who had not passed through the crucible of war and become patriotic, freedom-loving Americans, they excluded all naturalized citizens who became Americans after the Constitution was adopted.   So after that pre-Constitution era of naturalized citizens had passed, only true natural citizens would be allowed.

So Obama not only was not born as a true natural citizen, (nor even a born-citizen by the 14th Amendment), but neither he nor his father were “natural citizens” via the naturalization process.  Nor did he inherit his mother’s nationality since that is possible by law only in situations of foreign birth, and by legal tradition nationality flows from the head of the household to the children, and being married, Obama’s mother was not the head of the household, -his father was.

So he is not an American through his mother, through his father, through 14th Amendment native-birth, nor through naturalization.  That only leaves the forth unacknowledged means of citizenship, and that is presumptive citizenship.  He is presumed to be a citizen based on a policy put in place in 1898 by Attorney General John Griggs whose job it was to interpret the implications of the Supreme Court ruling of that year regarding the case of one American-born son of Chinese immigrants, -Wong Kim Ark.
Unfortunately for America, he interpreted it very wrongly, and that mistake may spell our doom.  He incorrectly surmised that not only legal immigrants’ children were born with American citizenship due to the words of the 14th Amendment, but that any and all children born in America were thereby American citizens with the one lone exception of children of foreign ambassadors.

His misconception was a consequence of not understanding the meaning and history of what is involved in being subject to the full jurisdiction of a central government, -who and what that involves.  The result is that the United States is the sole nation on earth that thinks that by merely being domestically born, one is granted citizenship automatically by fundamental law.  But that is not the truth of the matter since neither the Amendment itself, not the Supreme Court opinion declaring native-born children of immigrants to be Americans, contains any such meaning nor mandate.  So Obama is not legally a citizen by birth in Hawaii, but is merely a presumed citizen by erroneous executive branch policy, and not American law.

Now let’s concisely state the known facts;
Obama is not:
1.  A Natural Citizen having an American father & mother
2.  A Born Citizen via birth to a legal immigrant mother and /or father covered by the 14th Amendment
3.  A Naturalized Citizen via the naturalization process
4.  A Derivative Citizen through naturalized parents
5.  A Statutory Citizen via positive law covering children born abroad to married mixed-nationality parents.
6. A Provisional Citizen dependent on living certain years in the U.S. due to birth abroad to an unwed mother and foreign father, or an American father who will not acknowledge paternity.

Obama’s citizenship is strictly presumptive in nature and could be nullified by an order of the Attorney General or the President and not violate the Supreme Court opinion of 1898, nor the 14th Amendment.  Obama could, by his own constitutional authority, politically decapitate himself by declaring that his own presumptive citizenship will no longer be recognized.
No other President in American history could have done that because they were all (with one secret exception) natural born citizens, -citizens by nature, –not by law, and especially not by presumption.

What will be done about the travesty of an ineligible person assuming the Presidency, -twice?  Nothing, and for two reasons: fear of being either harmed or ostracized, and ignorance.  The latter can be corrected, but the former never will be unless sufficient numbers of citizens have their ignorance erased and replaced by the truth.  The subtle treason of silence will continue until notable public voices push past fear and volunteer to awaken the sleeping masses to the travesty that took place under their noses, and even with their participation.  So far, no such public figure has had the courage to come forward.  Perhaps with the knowledge of the truth that is now available, they will find the inspiration and strength to do so.  If they don’t, we surely and deservedly will go the way of morally and spiritually corrupted ancient Israel, or Imperial Rome as “the rule of Law and not men” is forsaken.

by a.r. nash  april 2013


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