Class Presidents & U.S. Presidents

~The Eligible & the Ineligible

Some weak and confused minds are unable to penetrate the simple language of the U.S. Constitution in regard to presidential  eligibility.  “No person, except a natural born citizen,…shall be eligible to the office of the President,…”  To help clear up their  confusion, a simple comparison is useful.

Just as the nation elects a President, so also, the fictional College of Diplomatic Officers elects a student President.  They both do it by similar rules and with a similar purpose determining those rules.

The President of the United States wields the authority of the Commander-in-Chief and so he must have the most unquestionable loyalty to the nation of all officers of the United States government.

The President of the Student Union goes on after graduation to become the chief deputy officer for diplomatic security under the  Secretary of State, and so is entrusted with the lives of American diplomats around the world.

The rules for selecting the person voted to be President include the following considerations:

No person is eligible to be President of the Student Union except a student.
No person is eligible to be President of the United States except a citizen.

No alien-born student is eligible to be President of the S.U.
No alien-born citizen  is eligible to be President of the U.S.

Only American-born students are eligible to be President of the S.U.
Only American-born Citizens are eligible to be President of the U.S.

But there’s a problem.  What the heck does American-born even mean?

Does it mean born in America or born of Americans?
Those are very different possibilities since not all students / citizens born in American are born of Americans.
Some are born of foreigners because their parents are a foreign Diplomat-&-spouse serving in the U.S.

Are all “native-born-students” American students?  Well what does “American student” even mean?
Does it mean any student in America?  Any student born in America?  Or only students with American parents?
Confusion exists because of ambiguity of language.

Some “American students” were foreign born.  Some were “native-born” to foreigners.  And some were born of tenured American faculty  members or patriotic American citizens.
Some American citizens were foreign-born to foreigners.  Some were “native-born” to foreigners.  And some were born of American  parents.

Language is needed to clarify what “American student” and “American-born” means, -who it excludes, if anyone.
Language is needed to clarify what “born citizen and “native-born” means, and who it excludes, if anyone.

Children of foreigners can’t serve as President of the S.U., even if they are “American born”.  They must be citizen-born.

Children of foreigners can’t serve as President of the U.S., even if they are “American born”.  They must be citizen-born.

Therefore language must reflect those facts.  What language does that?
“No student except a natural-American student shall be eligible…”  That excludes American students-by-registration only, as well as U.S. birthed persons with foreign parents even though “native-born”.
“No citizen except a natural-American citizen shall be eligible…”  That excludes American citizens-by-naturalization, as well  as U.S. birthed persons with foreign parents -even though “native-born”.

It could also be worded: an American by nature, one born of Americans, one born a citizen by nature, a natural citizen, a born natural citizen, and, as it is written; “a natural born citizen”.

A natural born citizen or natural American, has loyalty to only one country because he only has one  country.  His nationality is a singular nationality.  His roots are undivided if his parents are assimilated American citizens.  His national  history is a singular history because his parents are both Americans and not foreigners, nor were they a half-&-half, cross-breed, hybrid combo of two nationalities resulting in divided national attachment due to dual heritage and dual citizenship.

A similar revealing comparison is that of twins.  What does the label “twins” really mean?  That is similar to the question; “What does “born citizen” really mean?  Are those labels ambiguous?  Let’s consider a hypothetical.

Suppose you are a prejudiced Southern redneck from a bygone era.  Your friend tells you that he’s set you up on a date with twins!  Oh boy!  Just image a beautiful blond on each arm and all the pleasure that will follow.  But when they arrive you find that one is a fat black woman, and her twin is a skinny white albino gay man.  They are twins but they are not identical twins.  They’re only fraternal twins.

What does that mean?  It means they do not have an identical origin (from one single egg instead of two) -but have only the time of gestation and birth in common.  What they have in common does not truly provide them something innately identical, -as in their nature.
Similarly, native-born citizens who are children of immigrants (citizens by the 14th Amendment) have nothing innately in common with children of Americans, other than having the same national citizenship, -akin to fraternal twins having the same mother but not the same origin of a single egg fertilized by one father.

BAIR-ek H. o-BAMMA, (the true pronunciation of Barry’s name as spoken by the father whom the name came from, -and his mother and relatives) is not your American identical twin because his father was not your father.  His origin is not your origin.  His father was an alien, not an American, nor even an American Green Card permanent-resident immigrant.  He was absolutely and totally an alien in every sense and as such no child born to him could even be an American citizen by the United States 14th Amendment.
Like the alien-born American student that is not an American by nature, so Obama is an alien-born something and not an American citizen by nature.  He’s only half-American by nature and zero percent American by actual American law.
With that being the case, he is ineligible to serve as President, -but is doing so anyway in unmistakable violation of the United States Constitution.  He is a walking, talking crime against America’s foundational charter, -the one he swore a lying oath to preserve, protect and defend.

by Adrien Nash  May 2013  http://obama–


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