Obama’s Secret Origin

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The Hidden Past He Can’t Reveal nor Disprove

Barack Obama has been “proven” to have been born in Hawaii by the existence of images of old newspaper birth announcements that included his name.  If those newspaper listings of births are genuine and not counterfeit, then Obama’s birth would have been registered with the Department of Health and a registration number would not have to have been “lifted” from Stig Waidelich’s or Virginia Sunahara’s birth certificates (she having died within days of birth) some 44 years later during the presidential campaign in order to produce a counterfeit for Obama.  Such genuine birth announcements would thereby disprove all of the suspicions regarding the origin of his birth certificate number.

But there are two possibilities that would nullify that logic and require that the newspaper images assumed to have been “found” in the microfilm archives be counterfeit.

1.  His registration was over a year after birth.  His mother, who was not even in Hawaii two weeks after his birth, may have spent the last months of pregnancy in Seattle, and returned to Hawaii over a year later and attended college in Spring of 1963.  Since she didn’t attend either the Fall or Winter quarter of 1962-63, her return was certainly later than Aug 4. 1962.  Consequently only a late birth certificate would have been issued, which, if I recall correctly, would have stated clearly that it was a late registration (-just as amended birth certificates are required to be labeled as amended).

In that case the two images of the newspaper birth-record listings would have to be faked, -doctored.  Since the source of the newspaper images has never been revealed, and no one has come forward to testify that they can be found in the Hawaiian and the Californian and  Congressional microfilm archives, -and that they personally have seen them and therefore verify their existence, -and… since the reel on which the microfilm covering August 1-15, 1961 has been replaced with a reel unlike any of the others,  it is impossible to assume that if there was a need to create a fake birth certificate, that the newspaper records would have simply been ignorantly ignored or overlooked instead of being “fixed” to support a counterfeit birth certificate.  After all, what conspiracy of such great importance would not have been well thought out?

That’s not conspiracy thinking.  That is simply the way that amoral politics works, and, more often than not, politics is completely amoral.

Besides not actually being born in an Hawaiian hospital, the other reason his birth would not have been included in with all the others sent to the newspapers is that the vital event reports (birth, death, marriage), compiled for publication in the newspapers, only listed all accepted submissions to the Dept. of Health, rather than all filed registrations.  All hospital birth certificate submissions would have been immediately accepted as legally valid, while all of the self-reported births would not, but were received and filed pending receipt of corroborating evidence.  It would be logical to not include the uncorroborated births in with the certified births that were reported to the newspapers.   They would first need the required corroboration to make “acceptance” possible.

If his mother only filed a self-attesting Affidavit with the local registrar, which was typed up, (“half hand-written, half typed” as reported by an Hawaiian official who observed what was in their records) but it was not “accepted” because of a need for corroborating evidence as required by law (proof of residency for one year, a statement from a medical witness or attendee, or testimony from a related witness, or documentation from another country), then it would also never have been included in the newspaper compilation list, nor given a Registration Number until documentation was supplied to the Health Dept.

But the affidavit in written and typed form would have been left in a file as a “record”, -a “vital record”, -or what (via perversion of language) was falsely called an “original birth certificate” in their archive, but no actual DoH Hawaiian hospital birth certificate would exist regardless of the impossible-to-prove claim that “the original birth certificate” is bound in a ledger with all the others.
[the official statements do not call what’s in their files an original Hawaiian hospital birth certificate]  On the other hand, his birth could have been reported to the newspapers even with no corroborating “proof” received and accepted  by the DoH if the lists were composed of all of the filed self-reports and hospital certificates instead of only the accepted registrations.  So suspicions and questions remain unanswered, and probably unanswerable without some serious investigation.

Does anyone have a good reason why such scenarios are inconceivable without resorting to idolizing and sanctifying the veracity of the word of Hawaiian government employees?   One makes sense and debunks suspicions about a need for a stolen registration number.  The other makes sense and raises suspicions of a need for a stolen registration number for a counterfeit birth certificate for one who would seek the presidency.
Neither can be shown to reflect the truth because of a lack of evidence, which mostly remains classified as non-public.  But from what we know and can surmise from bits of information and plausible -or even likely, possibilities, we can construct the following scenario:

1.  Ann Dunham was an only child who was moved across country about 6 times, with Seattle being her only stable roost for a long time (-five of her formative teenage and High School years) and as a consequence, like an “Army brat” shuttled from base to base (like Clint Eastwood) she grew up with more independence and experience than all of her peers who had never moved , -or moved only once in their lives.

2.  Her attitude and thinking were quite liberated in the High School she attended on Mercer Island.
“1956:  They moved to Mercer Island so that 13-year old Ann could attend the high school that had just opened.  She was on the school debate team and graduated in 1960.  Mercer Island High School was a hotbed of radical indoctrination with ties to the Communist Party. Some parents protested the school’s politics, but not the Dunhams. They had abandoned their conservative religious ties and began attending a Unitarian church which the locals called ‘the little Red church on the hill’.”

Mercer Island High School was a hotbed of pro-Marxist radical teachers.  John Stenhouse, board member, told the House Un-American Activities Subcommittee that he had been a member of the Communist Party USA and this school has a number of Marxists on its staff.

Two teachers at this school, Val Foubert and Jim Wichterman, both Frankfurt School style Marxists, taught a “Critical Theory” curriculum to students which included; rejection of societal norms and questioning authority, attacks on Christianity and the traditional family, and assigned readings by Karl Marx.

The hallway between Foubert’s and Wichterman classrooms were called ‘Anarchy Alley.’
Stanley Ann Durham was an atheist and an original believer in women’s liberation.

A “friend” from high school has said that Dunham “touted herself as an atheist, and it was something she’d read about and could argue.”

Barack Hussein Obama Junior said, “My mother…was a lonely witness for secular humanism, a soldier for New Deal, Peace Corps, position-paper liberalism.”.

3.  After graduation, she / they moved again, -to Honolulu, Hawaii.  There the family connected with Frank Marshall Davis (“Frank” or “Pop” in Obama’s autobiography) a Black Marxist, Communist Party member who published a communist periodical.  He was also a photographer, with his specialty being erotic and nude scenes of young women which he sold to men’s magazines.
He shared his work with Ann during that first summer in Hawaii as a seventeen year old with all of an exciting life before her.  She liked what she saw, was thrilled by the forbidden-ness of it, the sensuality of it, and the visceral appeal to ones erotic desires, and was tempted into participating in some photo shoots in semi & fully nude scenes.

What could have felt more liberating than that?  That was way beyond mere liberated thinking.  That was fully liberated feeling, and no doubt it was kind of intoxicating compared to a boring everyday existence.  The two of them may have taken that excitement to the next level (or depth) of experience, -and desire.

[“In Hawaii she started classes on September 26, 1960 at the University of Hawaii in Manoa, having arrived as a full fledged radical leftist and practitioner of “critical theory.” She also began to engage in miscegenation as part of her attack on society.  Susan Blake, one of her friends has stated she never dated ‘the crew-cut white boys’  ‘She had a world view, even as a young girl. It was embracing the different, rather than that ethnocentric thing of shunning the different. That was where her mind took her.’”]

4.  In college Russian Language class she met Barack H. Obama from Kenya [very, very different!]
5.  At the end of October, perhaps on the night of a liberated Halloween party, with the drinks plentiful and inhibitions minimal, she may have wanted to repeat the liberating excitement of her hypothetical encounter the Davis, and so they had an intimate encounter.

6.  In December or January she deduced that she was pregnant.  In February, somehow, someway, somewhere they got “married” to protect her child from the scourge of discrimination that would be directed at it not only for being bi-racially conceived (a crime in many states, along with mixed marriage) but also an illegitimate one who would be stuck with the stigma of being a bastard.

That presumed marriage is believed to have taken place in February of 1961.  After that point, there is no record whatsoever of any kind or form of where she spent the months between then and late August of that year when the University of Washington has her recorded as enrolled in classes on August 19th.

7.  Such a vacant record allows speculation as to where she was during August and July and June and May… She probably spent February and March and April at her home in Hawaii, but if she had been allowed and funded by her parents to returned to Seattle where she was planning to attend Washington State U. beginning in the Fall semester (funded by them no doubt) -where she would be away from their new home with her growing embarrassment while feeling right at home where she had “grown up”, then it would follow that Seattle was the place that she intended to deliver the baby and perhaps hand it over to an adopting couple through an adoption agency working with a home for unwed mothers.

Since a State Dept official noted in his notes about the foreign student Obama that they were considering adoption, that would be a most likely solution to her predicament.  She would have disappeared off the radar if she was residing in a home for young women who found themselves to their embarrassment “in a family way”, -homes such as were run in a socially invisible manner by various charities.

8.  If such an adoption agency was relied on but it could not find any takers for a mix-race baby, she would have to have widened the area of her search.  There was a whole other large pond of potential parents just over the Canadian border in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Along with that as a possible lure, was the fact that Canada may have had socialized medicine, and since the father was a subject of the Commonwealth, as was Canada, the expense for a delivery there may have been little to none.

9.  She is given hope that a Vancouver agency may be able to find a willing couple, so she travels the two hours drive North, and checks-in to a home for such occasions.  But any and all potential takers in Canada decide against adopting her child, or she chose to keep her own flesh & blood for herself after holding and nursing him.
10.  After recovering for two days, on August 7th she flew to Hawaii from Vancouver.  The next day, August 8th, she went to register her child with the local registrar.

In the pre-9-11-world, could she have flown between Canada and the U.S. without a need for a passport?  I drove from Seattle to Vancouver in 1974 and didn’t need a passport at the border, so why would one be needed to make a similar return trip by air?
If she took such a flight, would not all passengers from an international inbound flight nevertheless be required to fill out a U.S. Customs card for items being brought into the country?

Since the section of the microfilm record of the Custom Cards for the first week of August is missing from the reel it was once attached to (without any explanation) could that fact be because the record she filled out on such a flight needed to disappear since it would be evidence that Obama was not born in Hawaii because his mother was not even in Hawaii on the day he was born?
Or did she drive back to Seattle, move in with others, register for Fall classes, and remain there until 1963 without either an American birth certificate nor a Canadian birth certificate for her son?  That can’t be ruled out because her mother or father could have completed an affidavit on her behalf, -claiming a home birth or whatever else may have been acceptable.  She could have informed Obama Sr. about the birth via telephone since he knew about it at the end of August as seen in the notes of a State Department Officer.

11.  After giving birth, she may have returned to Hawaii soon after or a year and a half after.  Either way, she needed to obtain a  birth certificate for her son in order to secure his U.S. citizenship.  To do so, did she write out a self-attesting affidavit declaring that he was born in Seattle, or Vancouver, or at her parents’ home in Honolulu?  If she did, what required proof would she have had with her?  None.
If the clerk took her submission, typed it up and filed it, would not the next step have been to return with the needed proof of one year of residence per the law *, or some other official record of the birth from another jurisdiction outside the country, -or a notarized affidavit from a parent or witnesses to the birth event having occurred at home?

[*Section 57-40 of the Territorial Public Health Statistics Act in the 1955 Revised Laws of Hawaii which was in effect in 1961, and other subsequent Hawaii birth laws that allow registration with no hard proof, or allow foreign birth registration, leaves an opening to claim Hawaii “birth” without it being true.

12.  In Hawaii, with evidence supporting the statements in the affidavit being required but never supplied, would the registration ever have been sufficiently validated to issue a “normal” short-form birth certificate?

13.  If she had returned with some acceptable verification of some birth facts, would that not have resulted in the issuance of a birth certificate?    Such a birth certificate is not what Obama’s campaign nor the White House has shown.  Neither images released are images of True Copies since they are merely standard “Abstracts”  So either that possibility is true and allowed his mother to obtain a “real” Hawaiian birth certificate, or else  Obama’s birth certification and birth certificate are fakes.  But how can we know which is true and which is false?  Just trust and don’t verify.  That’s all they ask.

14.  Was Obama Jr. able to travel to Indonesia with his mother and adoptive father Soetoro at age six without having to provide the State Dept. with a birth certificate because he was traveling as the son of a foreign national and it’s not the job of the State Dept. to care about the birth circumstance of children of foreign nationals who are leaving the country accompanied by their parents?

15.  When, at age 10,  he and his mother returned to Hawaii, did he travel with Indonesian papers only and not an American passport because he lacked an American birth certificate?

16.  Does he even possess an American passport or has his entire sojourn in the United States been one as an Indonesian citizen?  What identification did he use in order to obtain a drivers license?

17.  What passport did he use when he traveled to Pakistan with his Occidental College room-mate in 1980?  Was it a renewed Indonesian passport?  If he had a renewed Indonesian passport, why would that not have served as his primary identification?

18.   If that was his primary identification, and he needed to release an American birth certificate to run for the office of President, would he not have had to obtain a counterfeit birth certificate since he didn’t have one?

We can’t and won’t ever prove what is true and what is false because Obama and the Obamunists who control the State Department and the State of Hawaii will never allow anything to ever be made public beyond their previous statements.  The public display of a digital image of a supposedly real birth certificate will not be treated as permission to make the original papers in the Hawaiian archives public for the American people so that they can ascertain whether or not they illegitimately elected and reelected an illegitimate President (regardless of the de facto waiver of confidentiality or privacy concerns by its public availability).
They cannot be persuaded to do that because they know what is in their archive and it is not what Obama has released.  What he has released is only found in the computer database, (-not in their archive files) having been easily added as a digital file like all of the rest of their digitized records.
Since no one can ever disprove their statements, even if they boldly lie, they can “validate” or “Verify” anything, any claim, and the only authority they need to do so is the fact that they work for the State-established bureaucracy.  They have what is in effect a State-license to lie with impunity and never have to be questioned about it.

That’s because constitutionally we are under the “Honor system”.  Every State must accept everything from every other State as being legitimate.  That is well and fine and no problem, until it comes to certifying the legitimacy of a man that they adore and want to support and maintain in the national center of power as the one-in-300 million President of the United States.  Then the Honor System becomes a giant impediment to the ascertainment of the truth.

How do Obama’s flying monkeys respond to such questions and suspicions?  Their only recourse is to stringently adhere to the pretense that the word of Hawaiian officials is the gods-honest, official, grown-up authority-figure, unquestioningly truthful truth.

In other words, they never lie.  They work for the government so you have no choice but to believe them.  They would not lie.  And yet they have lied.  Not one of them can claim that they have never in their adult life told a lie.  They cannot claim with any veracity that there is nothing on earth that would prompt them to lie.  They cannot claim that even if they do lie, it would bother their atheist consciences.

So there are real reasons that would lead them to lie, but the total collapse of the regime of their favorite native-son and his abject humiliation and possible prosecution is absolutely not one of them.  No, no, never.  Trust them, and stop asking anymore damn questions!

Questions like:  who verifies the verifiers?  Fast & Furious.  Who verifies what or who instigated that mammoth fiasco when the President claims executive privilege in the absence of any such authority in the Constitution?

Similar questions can and should be asked about the FBI spying on journalists in flagrant violation of the law as written and intended, along with the unanswered questions about culpability for Benghazi, the GSA scandal, the NSA scandal, the State Dept. scandal, the IRS scandal (which leads to the brick wall of 5th Amendment silence lest one incriminate herself), and new ones popping up all the time, -all of which are of course “phony” as proven by….?  NOTHING!  No, wait, -proven by Obama himself! -having labeled them all for us so that we know the truth about what they really are.  Phony!

If Christ himself or the angels of God were to so inform us, then we should and would believe it, but Obama?  He’s the biggest prevaricator to ever set foot inside the White House.  His word can be trusted only as far as one can verify it.  And he and his cannot be the ones to do the verifying because they can’t be trusted since the truth is their greatest enemy.

And yet, they cannot be challenged either because all of the evidence that would reveal the truth is kept by them under lock and key, (or under a blanket of intimidation and fear), -or it went up in smoke years ago. But what good is evidence if no one will ever even ask to see it (other than a Congress that gets fed pages of blacked-out text)?  Not the infantile, spineless, lap-dog media, nor the generally silent Congress (which fears the NSA knowing all of their buried secrets) nor any court in the land, -almost all of which are on the side of ever greater government growth and power.

It’s not just the cult of the Emperor, it’s the Cult of the “sure-thing”.  And a great gubmint job is a very secure sure thing, -fer sure, along with Big Government benefits, bail-outs, hand-outs, subsidies, financial guarantees, tax exemptions and protections from non-union enterprises .  Protected by self-serving anti-taxpayer government employee unions no less.

  by Adrien Nash  August 2013  http://obama–nation.com

PS     The lying liars in the DoH claimed to have witnessed the copying of Obama original birth certificate but they couldn’t have actually done what they claimed,  especially since they never do that for any other birth certificate because all of them are already digitized and in their data base.  Original birth certificates haven’t been “copied” for about two decades, -ever since they were all digitized.  They just call up the record on their desktop computer, and press print.

Also, does anyone really think that the 1961 bound volume is just sitting on a shelf and not under lock & key?  Or if it is on a shelf, that it still contains the affidavit and typed version that constitutes what they have the audacity to call the  “original birth record” -like its some form of authentic official document signed by a doctor and Verna Lee?  Bunk!  or as  Betty Davis once said: “Garbage, pure garbage!”

   Senor Obama does not have an original Hawaiian hospital birth certificate and that’s why he can’t show the one that he’s used all of his adult life instead of needing to “request a copy” in 2008.  What idiot would think that he never needed and  never had a birth certificate before running for the office of President of the United States?  You’d have to be the  dumbest person on earth to believe that.
On the other hand, he wouldn’t need one if he had a valid Indonesian passport to use for ID.  We know that no one and no thing vetted his constitutional qualification to run for the presidency, but who or what even vetted him to run for the United State Senate?

   Senators must be American citizens for nine years and yet no one has verified that he is even an American citizen at all.  [everyone just presumes that be must be because they presume that he must have been born in Hawaii, and they presume that that must mean that he is a citizen, and that must mean that he is eligible to be President.

   None of that nonsense is necessarily true and yet everyone assumes that it is.  Mix counterfeit legitimacy with public ignorance and misconceptions and Viola!  You have a perfectly legitimate American Presidente!  What’s there to question?  Inquiring mind do not want to know.  They just want to move along because there is nothing to see here.  These are not the droids we’re looking for.

Check-out my simulation of what is actually in the Hawaiian archive, -namely the half-written, -half-typed affidavit.  Jpeg version: (large file size)  https://h2ooflife.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/duham_affidavit_simulation.jpg

Pdf version (small file size) https://h2ooflife.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/dunham_affidavit_simulation-b.pdf