Why Obama’s birth certificate can’t be believed

The reasons to doubt that Honolulu was the location of Obama’s birth are all tied to what is missing.

It begins with the absence of any eyewitness, even the women who gave birth at the supposed same time and place.  No one who remembers has ever stepped forward and claimed to remember him or his mother even though new mothers in that era stayed in the hospital for many days after giving birth.  They could not have gone unnoticed and noted since she was a white teenager and her baby was a Negro, and the father was a pure-blooded African.  Did he not visit her even once during her fictional stay at the Honolulu hospital?  If he had, it would have been quite remarkable, and memorable, and yet no one has any such memory.  Why would that be other than that it never happened?

No photos of proud mother with newborn.  Wouldn’t someone have taken one of an only child with her firstborn?  Not even one photo of pregnancy, -the most dramatic event of Ann’s young life.  No hospital claiming bragging rights as the place that a unique President, a Hawaiian supposedly, was born.  No public hospital admissions log that the public is allowed to examine.  No commemorative plaque on any wall in the whole place.  Only an anonymous statement on a website that is connected to no human verifier.

There’s no “half hand-written and half typed” affidavit “vital record” in possession of the H.DoH that anyone has been allowed to examine even though a supposedly real birth certificate image is fully public, nullifying privacy concerns.
No Hawaiian official has ever referred to an “original Hawaiian hospital birth certificate” for Obama.
No Hawaiian official has ever testified under oath or signed a sworn statement as to anything about Obama’s birth record.
No Hawaiian official has released a statement about “the birth certificate” (short form) that wasn’t couched in carefully written, legally ambiguous language.
No Hawaiian official statement (made public as a “News Release”) is legally attached to the person (the Director) who supposedly issued it since its few paragraphs (in the first release) and single paragraph (in the second) are enclosed in quotation marks with no attribution as to who the quoter was, when the so-called statement was made (which reads like a schizophrenic fabrication that is part written and part verbal) nor is a single word of it validated or certified by any human signature.  Nothing printed that is unsigned is considered to be legally identifiable and no one can be held responsible for its falseness since it is not an official public statement by a government official.

No statement made by any Hawaiian official can be taken as true because of a state and party and ideological bias toward supporting their favorite Hawaiian son, -son of one of the most socialistic, welfare-dependent states of all.

The long-form birth certificate image is cloaked in mystery, with nothing provable about its origin and legitimacy, but everything is cloaked in attorney-client privilege, and deliberately so.  Even Obama himself was careful to never once mention the long-form bc that he appeared before reporters to present.  It was not even to be allowed in Obama’s presence as his own WH attorney told a reporter during the pre-appearance of a President who only showed up to dump a guilt-trip on anyone who dared to doubt its authenticity and ask questions, (plausible deniability).

Not a single unbiased, questioning person was allowed to exam what was supposedly created by the Hawaiian DoH.  No one can testify that it was not merely a color photocopy of a digital file that was fabricated on a computer using original Obama and non-Obama sources supplied by an insider in the Hawaiian DOH.

No one can explain why only Savannah Guthrie, an NBC reported, (and no doubt loyal Democrat like all NBC reporters) was allowed to handle it, feel some sort of raised impression, and take what is farcically called a photograph which was deliberately degraded to the maximum by stripping away the color and the detail by down-sizing it to a size and quality so small and bad that if it were even a little bit worse everyone would have exclaimed: “What the hell is going on here?  Some sort of cover-up?”  It was no more useful than a photo the size of a playing card.  Would it have to be the size of a postage stamp before someone with a brain would start asking questions about why?

And the supposed “close-up” image cropped out of the fuller image was virtually worthless as well since it avoids showing the two areas of fraudulence; the lack of a Hawaiian Dept of Health Seal, and the smiling face squiggly added to the letter “A” in Alvin Onaka’s name stamp, -which is also an abdication of certification since a rubber stamp cannot authenticate anything in the real world.

If you wanted to hide the truth in plain sight, that is how you would do it; too dark; too small with no access to full size acceptable quality images.  “See, we provided you with photographic proof, -what more do you want?”  Such an approach to validating something screams of a deliberate attempt to hide incrimination details.  And no one defending Obama can explain why such an approach was taken, and has never been corrected to include high-resolution images that reveal a Hawaiian Health Dept. Seal.

The paper original from which the images were made reveals a ring of some sort was pressed against the paper, but nothing more.  A mere ring pressed against a document does not authenticate it since a ring, a circle, is not an official State Seal, as was seen on the short-form fake.

SavannahGuthrieWhiteHouse SavannahGuthrieObamaLongFormCropHUWAII-w SavannahGuthrieObamaLongFormHUWAII-w FactcheckCOLB vs LF seal

It’s true that often embossed seals that are not deeply impressing into the paper become almost invisible in a scan because scanners do not have any angled light source that could cast a shadow that would reveal the detail of a real embossed seal image.  That was a big problem with the short-form certification of birth but a high-resolution photo in angled window light revealed it in clear detail.  (Unless it was added later when it was starkly invisible in the scanned version.)

But why can’t we simply exam a similar photo or photos of the long-form birth certificate?  Because none have been allowed, -no exist and will never exist because they will never be allowed since they would reveal the absence of an official Dept. of Health seal.  One that would and should look like this:


No one can explain why the birth certificate of Virginia Sunahara, born within a day of Obama, was missing from the database, (and presumably the archive) when inquiry was first made.   Nor why her brother was barred by the DoH and a judge from obtaining a copy of her long-form even though she died just days after her birth, nor why her registration number, seen on her short-form, is enormously out of sequence when that would have been impossible under the strict administration of Verna Lee, -the registrar at that time.

No one can explain how ink came to be located in the exact perfect position in relation to the letter “a” of the stamped signature of the Registrar, Alvin Onaka, to result in an unmistakable appearance of a smiling face.  If moved the slightest amount in any direction the effect would not exist.  How great does one’s gullibility have to be to believe in such an unbelievable coincidence when it can reasonably be suspected of being a forger’s covert signature?
How can a document be certified by any legitimate authority when it is not signed nor embossed, and remains uninspected and unevaluated, and is nothing more than an abstract digital creation from an unknown and unprovable source which has never been photographed, -especially by anyone outside of the suspected ring of conspirators?

By the public release of a pdf image of what is purported to be an original Hawaiian long-form Certificate of Live Birth, and by seeking and winning election to the Presidency, Barack Obama has no further claim to privacy, and yet will not give Hawaii permission to reveal his original “vital record” supposedly typed on a plain white paper form.  That record does not exist, and never has, and that is why he must refuse to make it public, and instead rely on a digital creation fabricated on a computer using the text of his mother’s application for a late birth certificate (for home births unverified by an attending medical professional) and text from another’s birth certificate.

What business or organization in the world would accept a document or contract of major importance without a signature when every legal document created requires one?  Who would buy a million dollar bridge offered by a Nigerian “businessman” based on trusting in a contract stamped with a facsimile of a signature?

Why does an unauthenticated “Letter of Verification” from Hawaii to a state Attorney General regarding Obama not bear the actual signature of a human being?  How can anyone have confidence that the clerk that wields the registrar’s rubber signature stamp ever even consults with the registrar?   Without the signature from his hand, how does anyone know that he is even alive?

Why is the US Customs microfilm record of the identification cards filled-out by persons entering Hawaii from outside the U.S. in the first week or 10 days of August 1961 missing from the archive reel on which it belongs?

Why is there no evidence of a husband & wife marriage between Obama’s parents, no witness testimony, no photos of the engaged couple, nor honeymoon, nor place of cohabitation?  Why did Obama, or his ghost writer, claim that they lived together for two years when they didn’t live together ever?  If that can be a lie, what can’t?

Where was Ann Dunham between February and August of 1961?  Who can prove or show that she was not living in her familiar preferred home-environment of Seattle during many of the later months of her pregnancy?

Who can show that she did not want to have her child adopted when that is what a note by a federal official in Hawaii states the she was considering?  Who can show that she didn’t resort to seeking adoptive parents in Canada (Vancouver) because no qualified parents in Hawaii or Washington volunteered to adopt her mulatto baby at birth?

Who can show that the Hawaiian witness (and future adoring teacher of Obama) who recounted hearing the statement: “Stanley had a baby” did not hear; “A Stanley had a baby”, with the letter “a” not remembered or spoken loud enough to hear or remember, which struck them both as very odd since Stanley was a man’s name.  Or that either statement indicates the place of birth?  Otherwise, why would anyone make such a statement to someone who didn’t even know the person being mentioned?
Why has Obama steadfastly refused to present one of his “two certified copies” to any court under any circumstances?  Why has every court folded and caved to Obama even when, in one glaring instance, his lawyer failed to even show up in court?
What naïve fool would assume that Obama-appointed functionaries in the government, including the NSA, IRS, and FBI did not and do not feed his political operatives private information?
If one cannot assume that they don’t, then what else can’t one assume?

What naïve fool would assume that the revelations of Edward Snowden do not reveal anything about how secrets are uncovered and covered-up by operatives hired by the government?  What naïve fool would assume that key Obama supporters in the Hawaiian Dept. of Health would not justify “the means” used to provide him a way to present the appearance of having a Hawaiian birth certificate for “the ends” of not seeing his presidential legitimacy crack apart and crumble?

Even if none of these possibilities reflect reality, they definitely could, -and you can’t tell the difference between what’s true and what’s false because none of them have been answered.

By Adrien Nash  july 2013  obama–nation.com

[ Jack Cashill wrote:  Birthers have known for years that there was no Obama family, that the couple never lived together, that Obama campaigned on a lie, and that the major media covered for him every step of the way.  This, ironically, Maraniss confirms in Barack Obama: The Story,..
“In the college life of Barack Obama [Senior] in 1961 and 1962,” writes Maraniss, “as recounted by his friends and acquaintances in Honolulu, there was no Ann; there was no baby.”

Although Maraniss talked to many of Obama Sr.’s friends, none of the credible ones ever so much as saw him with Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham. One Obama friend, a Cambodian named Kiri Tith, knew the senior Obama “very well.”  He had also met Ann through a different channel.  “But he had no idea,” writes Maraniss, “that Ann knew Obama, let alone got hapai (pregnant) by him, married him, and had a son with him.”  Jack Cashill

Having established the facts, Maraniss turns protective.  He refuses to explore the implications of his own reporting.  The most consequential is that Obama grounded his 2008 campaign — his very persona, for that matter — on a family story that was pure fraud.
http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/06/maraniss_bio_deepens_obama_birth_mystery.html ]


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“When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain - Politicians and diapers - change 'em often, for the same reason. "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." Ronald Reagan "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." William F. Buckley, Jr. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it. Abraham Lincoln “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell “Satan will use a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison”.

12 Responses to Why Obama’s birth certificate can’t be believed

  1. smrstrauss says:

    …the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii are lying when they have repeatedly confirmed that they sent the birth certificates (short form and long form) to Obama and that ALL the facts on the image that the White House has put online are EXACTLY the same as on what they sent to him.
    Yet, the birther sites that have not shown that Obama’s mother had a passport in 1961 and do not show the date on which Obama’s mother’s passport file was created still want us to assume that she had a passport, and that she traveled to a foreign country despite the risk of stillbirth, and that the Hawaii birth certificate and the officials of both parties in Hawaii are lying about his place of birth.


    As I’ll be relating tomorrow in a new almost-final exposition, Ann Dunham gave birth in Vancouver, Canada, flew to Hawaii without need of a passport but with the standard requirement to complete a Custom’s card, the record of which is mysteriously missing, returned about 7-10 days later to Seattle where she had been living before giving birth.

    YOU are the one who LIES by claiming that Republicans in the Hawaiian government assert anything other than what the Republican governor was told by her lying underlings in DoH, which is only that a vital record was found, -NOT that the BC images were created by the Hawaiian government. She never said any such thing. It is all the product of lying sycophantic socialist Dumocrats, none of whom have ever had to swear under oath to anything.

    • smrstrauss says:

      Re: ” Ann Dunham gave birth in Vancouver, Canada,”

      Please show a birth certificate or hospital record from Vancouver, Canada or a record from the Canadian authorities showing that Obama’s mother entered Canada.

      I agree that the Republican governor was merely agreeing with her officials. That means that she trusts her officials and not the claims of birthers that there is no birth certificate in the files. She’s right to do so. IF birthers had shown that Obama’s mother had had a passport in 1961, then we could seriously consider the POSSIBILITY that she traveled late in pregnancy to another country and gave birth there.

      But, they haven’t.

      • arnash says:

        No passport was needed to travel to Vancouver from the U.S. So it is only reasonable that no passport was needed to return, including by air. Lack of a Passport is irrelevant to birth in Canada. And stop promulgating the unprovable claim that she would only have traveled late in pregnancy. I claim that she left Hawaii in about May. Read my next exposition all about it.

  2. smrstrauss says:

    Re: “No passport was needed to travel to Vancouver from the U.S.”

    Ah, but you have not yet shown PROOF that Obama was born in Vancouver. It remains unlikely that Obama’s mother traveled anywhere in the last two months before the birth (afterwards, sure, but not before) because of the rate of stillbirths. And the birth certificate of Hawaii, and the Index Data and the birth notices and the teacher who wrote home all say that he was born in HAWAII.

  3. smrstrauss says:

    Still no PROOF that Obama was born in Vancouver.

    • smrstrauss says:

      Still no PROOF that Obama was born in Vancouver.

      • arnash says:

        Still no proof that he wasn’t. But if he was born in a hospital and not in a home, there is a record somewhere. Maybe we’ll see it in fifty years, unless it has already been burned. Since it wasn’t in any hospital in Hawaii, only Obama knows where it actually was. He may have had his socialist “fellow travelers” in a foreign country (really only one possibility there) find and destroy his original record. Who wouldn’t do the same thing in his situation.

  4. smrstrauss says:

    Re: “But if he was born in a hospital and not in a home, there is a record somewhere. ”

    Kapiolani Hospital has confirmed TWICE that Obama was born there. Birther sites have simply not shown you that. Here is one of them:


    [ARE YOU THAT STUPID OR JUST PRETENDING TO BE? Kapiolani (which is not a person but an entity) did not confirm anything. You have no grasp of what “confirm” even means. Confirmation is not some politically biased unnamed person making an unsupported claim, -it is irrefutable evidence. What evidence has anyone from the hospital presented? NOTHING! Nothing can’t be wrapped up in a bow and presented as if it were something.
    All claims regarding the birth location of B. Obama Jr. must be taken with a gallon of salt because lies have been issued repeatedly by Obama’s trench defenders, none of whom are unbiased.]

    And that is just in addition to the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers in 1961:
    (And as you can see the section of the paper is called “Health Bureau Statistics”. Well, as the name indicates, and as both the papers and the DOH confirm, ONLY the DOH could send notices to that section of the paper, and it only did so for births IN Hawaii.)

    Here is the Index Data file:

    [YOU ARE DESPERATE AND NOW JUST FLAT OUT PREVARICATING. The Vital Statistics sent to the papers were all birth registrations and reported deaths and marriages registered in Hawaii. The newspapers didn’t care where a birth took place and didn’t even include that information in the announcements, hence there would be absolutely no reason for the DoH to filter out the few rare registrations of births that happened on the mainland, or elsewhere. This is common sense that every fifth grader can grasp. Why can’t you? Are you stupid or just pretending to be?]

    And those are just in addition to the birth certificate from Hawaii itself (short form and long form0 and the repeated confirmation by the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii that they sent them to him and that ALL the facts on the copy that the White House put online MATCH (meaning are exactly the same) the facts on the copy that they sent to him.

    Here are some, though by no means all, of the confirmations:

    [I HAVE DEBUNKED THOSE CLAIMS by revealing the subtle, covert twisting of language used in making them, language chosen by a lawyer to protect their asses from signing perjurous statements. They were cleverly crafted because they had to convey one thing while actually saying another. That shows how deceitful the whole lying Dept. of Health is when it comes to protecting the presidency of their beknighted Hawaiian socialist messiah. But you are correct in at least one instance where a flat-out lie was offerred to the public, along with the baseless and extra-legal claim that birth in Hawaii made him a natural born citizen, -which is something that Obama has NEVER claimed about himself. He has only called himself “native-born”.
    As for the Index Data file, don’t you think that if they were going to counterfeit birth records for Obama, that they wouldn’t be so stupid as to not “fix” the Index to match? Don’t you give their intelligence at least that much credit? Are you aware that there is something highly unusual and unexplained about the page on which Obama’s name appears?]

    Still no PROOF that Obama was born in Vancouver. And regarding your recent reply: “still no proof he wasn’t.”

    Answer: That isn’t the way that proof works. You claimed to know that Obama was born in Vancouver, and, of course, IF he were born in Vancouver, there would be documents showing that he was born in Vancouver, but you have not shown any.


    YOU FAIL COMPLETELY TO UNDERSTAND HOW PROOF WORKS. If you go to apply for a position working with and controlling nuclear weapons, you will have to report an extensive amount of information about all of your relatives and in-laws. You will have to prove that you are, in effect, a natural born citizen or they will not accept you for such a position.

    It is not your place to require that the government prove that you are not one or else if it doesn’t then you are automatically eligible for such a position. Such a position, like the presidency, is not a right that anyone possesses. It is purely an honor, a privilege, and a sacred trust. It is your job to prove that you qualify.

    The American people are the employer of the President, and he has not, will not, and cannot prove that he is eligible, -and that is because he is not eligible since his father was not an American citizen. He was a non-immigrant alien guest of the government and never subject, per the 14th Amendment, to the government’s national political authority, and thus neither was his son subject through him.
    Therefore, it doesn’t matter if he was born in the White House. He is not a natural born citizen, and even worse, he is not even an American citizen at all. Through his mother: NOT A CITIZEN. Through his father: NOT A CITIZEN. Through the 14th Amendment: NOT A CITIZEN. HE IS A STATELESS PERSON unless he has retained his Indonesian citizenship somehow, which I doubt.

    His citizenship is an illusion of a delusion perpetuated for a century since WKA but not based on its ruling. If his father was a Green Card immigrant, then Obama would be a naturalized-at-birth citizen, but still ineligible to be President.

  5. smrstrauss says:

    A Nash wrote: “The newspapers didn’t care where a birth took place and didn’t even include that information in the announcements, hence there would be absolutely no reason for the DoH to filter out the few rare registrations of births that happened on the mainland, or elsewhere.”

    NOW YOU are desperate. In 1961 the DOH was not allowed to register a child that was not born IN Hawaii,

    [A. Nash replies: My mistake. A birth on the mainland would already have a birth certificate, hence no need to register in Hawaii, but a birth outside of the U.S. to a mother not old enough to pass her citizenship to her child, and to a foreign father, would NOT produce a U.S. citizen. It would then be desirable to register a foreign birth in Hawaii under the pretext that the birth occurred at home and not in a hospital.

    All the mother or related party need do is write out an affidavit “swearing” to the truth of its claims, and PRESTO! -an instant American citizen! Thereby Obama’s birth location would be switched from Vancouver to Honolulu. You’d do the same thing in her circumstance so don’t pretend it makes no sense.
    That would explain everything known about the statements and circumstances surrounding his birth.
    One must surmise that she did not move back to Seattle just a week or so after giving birth since that would be a cumbersome effort even without a newborn baby, so very likely she was already living there.

    She found no adoptive parents in Washington state but believed there was a chance across the border in Canada, and so she made the drive north and ended up giving birth there. Then she flew to Hawaii to be with her mom for a week or two. It all makes perfect sense, and that scares the hell out of you.]
    ~ ~ ~ ~
    AND the officials in Hawaii must be lying when they say that there is a valid birth certificate for Obama in the files and when they said that they made a photocopy of it onto security paper to created the long form BC.

    [reply: What they claim is a flat-out provable lie. It’s unprovable that it isn’t a lie because the original record, under lock and key, will never be revealed. Thus they can say any damn thing that they want and no one can show that they are lying.
    But I can show that they lied because what they claimed was impossible. Only an abstract digital file of pure text and no original paper background imagery can be printed on security paper with none of the image of the original paper present.
    Otherwise you would see the original paper sheet that it was typed on at the hospital that created it and it would be surrounded by the image of security paper. You can’t print a photo of an original document retrieved from microfilm onto any paper but blank paper or else the pattern on the print-paper will interfere with the image of the photo.
    To print on security paper one must have a file of text that contains no background, like it’s typed on clear plastic, floating in the air. That requires that one print from an abstract digital file which contains no background imagery.
    The liars in the Dept. of Health claim to have witnessed that which is impossible, -the photocopying of an original birth certificate onto security paper. That has never been done in world history as a means of producing a birth certificate.
    Doing what they described would capture the image of the original paper that the record was typed on, and yet there is no paper image. Where did it go? Answer: it never existed, just like the original long form never existed either. The Hawaiian officials are just as corrupt and dishonest at the crook that they lie for.

    Now do you understand?

  6. smrstrauss says:


    Here is what you said:

    “As I’ll be relating tomorrow in a new almost-final exposition, Ann Dunham gave birth in Vancouver, Canada, flew to Hawaii without need of a passport but with the standard requirement to complete a Custom’s card, the record of which is mysteriously missing, returned about 7-10 days later to Seattle where she had been living before giving birth.”

    That is what you said. .

    ~ ~ ~
    Nash replies:
    Columbus claimed that he could reach the East by sailing West. Did he claim to “know” that for a fact? Claiming something to be so is not the same as claiming to “know” it for a fact because true knowing is personal. I claim that you get hungry at times but I “know” that I do. One is personal knowledge, -the other is an extrapolation from public knowledge.
    I claim that Obama’s birth certificate is counterfeit. I claim he needed a counterfeit because he was not born within the United States. I claim that he was born in Canada because that is the only conceivable place where he could have been born if not in the United States. Since he is unwilling to prove where he was born, nor to make any form of original documentation public, one has to go with an explanation that makes sense of what is known.

    What is knowm is that he is a liar. That his parents NEVER lived together, and certainly not for two years. We know that his mother attending college in Seattle beginning in August, the month in which he supposedly was born. We know she didn’t return to Hawaii for about a year and a half, which shows that she preferred Seattle to Hawaii or had to leave the islands to spare her parents embarrassment.
    So exactly what reason exists to make anyone assume that she was not already living in Seattle when he was born? None.

  7. arnash says:

    ~my comment to the folks at the Reality Check blog

    You folks think that you have open and analytical minds, and yet you refuse to even consider all of the possibilities that face you in the real world. You live instead in a Pollyanna world of sunshine and rainbows where no adult ever lies, especially not if they are crowned with a government job title.
    Well it’s about time you confronted the very real fact that government jobs are filled by party faithful. That is the truth, that you are well aware of, not just at the national level involving presidential appointments, but also at the State and local levels as well.
    Consequently, nothing said by any government official in Hawaii can be accepted as the God’s honest unquestionable truth because if it would hurt the President, then there isn’t a one of them who would not be willing to lie to protect him. It seems juvenile almost to have to state something so obvious, and yet you pretend that it not only isn’t obvious but that it is unthinkable! What a joke!

    So let’s consider ALL of the other possibilities.

    1. It is a lie that there is a real HAWAIIAN HOSPITAL certificate of live birth in the Hawaiian archive, -which is something that none of them have ever claimed to be true.
    2. There IS a certificate of live birth but it is from a hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia which Ann Dunham surrendered in anticipation of receiving an Hawaiian birth certificate in its place.
    3. All that is actually in their archive is the reported “half-written and half typed” affidavit of Obama’s mother or grandparent, and it is what has been referred to as the “original vital record”.

    4. The affidavit, which may have claimed home-birth in Hawaii, whether true or false, was insufficient to generate a birth certificate because it lacked the needed corroborating evidence which was never supplied since it didn’t exist (it being unprovable that Ann lived in Hawaii for a year or that the birth was witnessed by a non-relative at her home there.)

    5. The registration via affidavit was sufficient to be included in the vital events reports sent to the local newspapers.

    6. The registration was insufficient for inclusion in the vital events records sent to the newspapers and thus the newspaper images had to be counterfeited, -with the original microfilm having been replaced with a duplicate that was otherwise identical.

    7. Barry did not need a birth certificate within the United States because of the presumption that he was born in Hawaii, (regardless of lack of proof) and to an American mother.

    8. After she married Soetoro and he adopted Barry he became an Indonesian citizen who eventually had an Indonesia passport. He used it to fly to Hawaii at age 10, he had it renewed up to and past the age of 19 when his parents divorced, and used it to register at Occidental College, and Columbia and to obtain driver’s licenses. It has always been his main and only form of official identification.

    9. Having only an Indonesian passport as his ID, it was necessary to produce counterfeit documents in 2008 and 2011 since he could not show the birth certificate that he already had and had used all of his adult life since he did not in fact have one. Hence all the need for secrecy about his past and his papers.
    Obama lied about his mother having lived with his father for two years when they never lived together. Any one who will lie about the little things will certainly lie about the big things, and lie he did, big time! About almost everything, -but he has never yet dared to call himself a natural born citizen. He’s never lied about that because he wants that topic buried six feet under and that is accomplished by never mentioning it.
    If the possibility that Obama was born in Vancouver is true, then he would have had citizenship in four different nations. In what Bizarro world would such a person be considered to be a natural citizen of any nation?

  8. smrstrauss says:

    More than a year has passed since this article was published, and Obama is still the president. No evidence has been shown proving that he was born in a foreign country, and certainly not in Vancouver, Canada.

    reply: What you really mean to say is that since the day he and his mother left Vancouver, no proof has been available at all as to where he was actually born. Why is that? Maybe because there is none, and if there was something, he would want to keep it hidden.

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