Did you need the government’s permission in order to be an American?  If you answer “yes”, then one of a few things must be true about you.

1.  You have one or two foreign parents.

2.  You yourself were born as a foreigner.

3. You are under the ignorant misconception that because your American parents failed to see to it that you were born within the territory of the United States, you yourself were born a foreigner .  If you suffer from that ignorant misconception then you believe that you were born as an alien and could only become an American by being granted the benevolent gift of American citizenship by the generous American government.

If you believe that then you are ignorant and deluded regarding the very basis of American citizenship, including your own.

The common ignorant assumption is that if you are born in America then  you are an American, but that is false in one percent or less of American births because they happen in foreign lands or happen to foreign tourists.  But what is also false is the belief that one is born as an American by being born in America.  That is also false.  But it is true for about 3-4 percent of domestic births.  Those people were born to foreign immigrants.

Your parents, I’m guessing, were not foreign immigrants, even though perhaps your grandparents were (as were my grandmother’s parents).  Their children’s U.S. citizenship was among the 3-4 percent because it was the result of automatic naturalization-at-birth resulting from the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment.

So what about the other 97% or so who were born of Americans?  Did they have to be born in America in order to be Americans even though born of Americans?   The short answer is “no”.

But don’t ask anyone to confirm that fact because no one seems to even know it.  No one in America was ever taught that they are Americans due to the fact that they were produced by Americans, -citizen parents whose citizenship is conveyed via birth to their American children.

But if the assumed source of U.S. citizenship were to be switched from being based on birth-place to birth-parents, what sort of legislation would be needed?  An act of Congress?  A constitutional amendment?  Nope.  Neither of those because the only thing that would need to change is the idea in people’s heads.

How is that possible or even logical?  Because there is no law or constitutional provision that spells out what the principle is by which citizenship is transmitted.  It is not transmitted via law, nor the soil, because no law exists, so there’s no law declaring it to be so.  Similarly, there is no law or constitutional declaration that your citizenship is inherited from your citizen parents.

The founding fathers didn’t see a need to state what to them was an obvious and eternal natural principle; -the  principle of natural membership.  And so they didn’t bother, -and couldn’t bother because citizenship was strictly a State matter, along with immigration and naturalization.  The states were sovereign over who they accepted as, or made into, citizens.

In today’s ignorant world far removed from the realities of the end of the 18th century, people don’t know hardly any of the fundamentals of America’s founding and foundation.  That ignorance is why people believe that mere birth on American soil is sufficient to confer U.S. citizenship.  Then their ignorance is compounded further by the false belief that if you are a U.S.-born citizen then you are eligible to be America’s President.  Both could not be farther from the truth.

But since there is no law of any sort spelling out why that is, ignorance is a natural result due to the Supreme Court’s holding over a century ago regarding citizenship resulting from native birth to U.S. Immigrants.

If your parents’ were not immigrants, then it has no application to you, but nobody seems to realize that fact.  They’ve taken the fact that applies to about 3 % of the population and extrapolated it to the other 97%, facilitated by the fact that there is no law or court ruling covering such natural citizens.

If you were to ask a question about directions to two destinations, and you were given only one answer, you might assume that they are both in the same direction, but in fact one might be in another direction, -a fact not made clear by the answerer.  Silence and partial clarification are the surest means to produce ambiguity and misconception.  And that is what they have produced in America since our founding.

Dumocrats are a variety of citizen that embraces the misconception that if Barack Obama was born in the United States then he must be a United States citizen, and as a native-born U.S. citizen he must be eligible to be the President.  Most people think that, -even his staunchest but uninformed adversaries.   The ignorance is nationwide.

In Canada, they believe that the native-born children of aliens are Canadian citizens but the difference is that in Canada it is actually written law.  It is not based merely on an Attorney General’s misinterpretation of a Supreme Court interpretation of the 14th Amendment over a century ago.  It is real written law.  Here, not so much since we have no such law, -just our never-ending ignorant misconception which affects no one unless they are one in 300 million.

Then it is meant to affect them because if the native-born child of a foreigner has a shot at the presidency they are meant to be shot down by the United States Constitution which does not allow it.  But since no one knows that, the Dumbocrats have gone and nominated, run and elected an ineligible candidate twice!  And the ignorant, cowardly, and complicit Republicrats have gone right along with their constitutional treason.

What makes me so darn sure that I know what’s true and everyone else is the ignoramus?  Simple, I’m pretty confident that I’m well familiar with the English language.  I’m pretty sure that I know what the word “citizen” means, -along with the word “born”.  And I darn well know what the word “natural” means, and those are the words that must describe the man who would be King, er..President.  He must be born as a natural citizen, a born natural citizen, or as the Constitution puts it: “a natural born citizen”.

In America, all citizens are treated as “natural citizens” via the fiction of law known as the doctrine of citizenship equivalency, but they come in two types: real and artificial (or doctrinal).  A sub-category is “born citizens” but they also come in two types; -those born of Americans and those born of immigrants.

To avoid having a President that was an artificial natural citizen or was an alien-conceived, United States-born citizen-at-birth, the two terms had to be combined, which was done when General Washington adopted the suggestion submitted by his future Chief Justice, John Jay, who wrote to him and urged that the power of the Commander-in-Chief not rest in any who was not a “natural born citizen” underlining the word “born”.

So a so-called “natural citizen” is not enough since the term is ambiguous and included naturalized foreigners and sons of foreigners; and a “born citizen” is not enough since it is also ambiguous and could include sons of foreigners.  Therefore the two terms must be combined as a qualification which the presidential candidates must meet or they are, by the 20th Amendment, to be disqualified by Congress.

The President must not be anyone who is not a natural American citizen by birth; -a born natural citizen, or in constitutional words “a natural born citizen”.

The leaders of the Dumocrat party knew that the person they wanted to run for President was alien-born and ineligible to run for that office, (though eligible to run for all others) so to hide that fact, they removed the language in the official “certification of nomination” which certified that the candidate was constitutionally qualified.  Instead all they certified was that he was duly nominated by the party.  Unqualified but duly nominated.  Okay!  Let’s run with it!  And run they did.

They ran right over the United States Constitution, along with every top State official that accepted it without question, and right over the American people as well.  Lord knows, the intellectually traitorous main-steam media was riding right alongside and even ahead of them to clear a path.

How does this connect to the Dumocrats being as stupid as stones?  Simple, all of their thinking is closer to feeling than to stone-cold logical analysis.  Their thinking is far closer to that of Rosey O’Donnell than to Mr. Spock. They only inadvertently have an objective, logical philosophical thought on occasion.  But they’ve learned to completely dismiss it if it does not support their subjective objectives.

Whether or not a thought is accurate, true, logical or reasonable is irrelevant.  Emotion trumps ideas and reason.  Security trumps freedom and independence.  Like the sentiment of a mob.  How objective is that?

Dumbocrats are a mob of folks with a sack full of good intentions that they dream about making everyone submit to.  Whether they like it or not.

Some of them even were recorded a few decades ago as theorizing that perhaps ten percent of the population might have to be eliminated so that their good intentions could flourish.  Eliminated.  Thirty million people.  Small price to pay.  Collateral damage necessary to achieve a dictatorial socialist Utopia that’s best for everyone.

Now here’s the connection.  The Dimocrats controlling Congress in 2009 had dumped onto their heads two massive versions of a national socialistic health care scheme from two different socialist think toilets, -excuse me, I mean think tanks.  One for each of the two houses of Congress.

The House passed their bill, but the Senate took a completely unrelated House bill, erased everything in it except the House ID number, and dumped in their communist health care scheme.  That is unconstitutional on its face, but compounded by the fact that their unread bill contains lots of taxes which are also unconstitutional since taxing bills can only come from the People’s House, -not the Senate.  [did the Supreme Court object?  Hell no, half of them are traitors to the Constitution so they don’t care.]

But aside from all of its illegitimacy and the nefarious arm-twisting and political bribery needed for both houses to pass it unread, there is the colossal issue of its brain-dead requirements and exemptions and subsidies and mandates and penalties and surrenders of Congressional authority to the massive federal bureaucracy.

Now that folks have begun to learn what it will require, it is finally being grasped that it is an impossible scheme of scaffolding reaching to the heavens but with support poles made of balsa wood instead of hardened steel.  IT WILL COLLAPSE of its own weight and stupidity and impossible assumptions about human behavior, in particular that of the young.  They won’t buy expensive health care insurance that they know full well they’ll never need nor use, when instead they can pay a small fine and simply sign-up for it if and when they need it since pre-conditions are now banned as justification for denial of insurance (which is no longer insurance since insurance is a gamble on both sides that one will come out ahead.

Where’s the gamble if an auto insurance company has to accept you as a client after you’ve caused a horrible accident?  To pay for all the costs associated with such cases, (pre-existing conditions) rates have to go up for everyone, which they are now doing big time.)  Now, finally after it is too late to derail in Congress, reality is beginning to set in as to just how impossible and utterly stupid the whole damn scheme is.  One of the sponsors even called it a train wreck”.

This was all foreseeable to anyone willing to open their closed, subjective, compromised eyes.  It was even obvious.  Sarah Palin once mentioned one of the inevitable consequences of socialized medicine, -that being the control given to rationing panels which make life & death decisions as to who gets care and who doesn’t.  Now folks like Dr. Howard Dean, former leader of the Democrat Party, is realizing that her warned-about “death panels” are unavoidable because there isn’t enough money to provide everything to everyone since costs are not being drastically reduced and it’s even wide open for massive corruption under the “self-attesting honor system”.

So stupid is as stupid does, and the Dimocrats have done two things that are really, really stupid.  Fraudulently nominating and running and electing an ineligible but Teflon candidate (twice), and then using their Congressional majorities to jam through a gigantic brain-dead, unconstitutional monstrosity.

It isn’t surprising then to consider that with such stupidity guiding them, there may have been something seriously wrong with Obama’s eligibility, but they were too dumb to think that it mattered since the ends justify the means to all good closet atheists of the Marxist bent.

And American ignorance concerning the nature and source of citizenship played right into their hands since if they could convince everyone that he was born on U.S. soil, then they would ignorantly believe that he was automatically eligible to be President.

And so here we are today with a President with two fraudulent birth certificates and a fake Selection Service Registration card, and a press that will not ask a single question about the truthfulness of his history, -about his birth certificates, his sealed academic records, his trip to Pakistan as a student, his decades-old ring which is inscribed with a Muslim maxim about Allah, his Annenberg Foundation supervision records as a community organizer, his association with communists and radicals and ex-terrorists, with a Black Liberation Theology Marxist minister, -about his State Senate records or his constitutional eligibility,-about his bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, about his avoidance of using the words Islamic and terrorist together as a phrase, and on and on.

Even the fearful traitors in Congress and on the Supreme Court will raise  no questions about his eligibility.  As if it is gospel that he is of course a natural born citizen even though he was alien-born.

That is a hornets nest that they all are afraid to kick.  And now we finally have a revelation to explain their silence.   It is what the NSA either knows or could know about them in a heart beat.  With all digital communications in America having been captured beginning some time before or after September, 2001, thousands of skeletons in thousands of closets sit just waiting to be revealed.  And a whole lot of them no doubt belong to congressmen.

You’d be silent too.  Who knows how much “insider trading” has been done by Congress people, providing them enormous wealth because it was not banned for members of Congress.  Not to mention sweet-heart deals and bribes of all sorts communicated via e-mail or cell-phone calls, -sexual liaisons facilitated by e-mail and cell-phone calls, Anthony Weiner style e-mails, -email that is stored in the NSA hard drives.  Nefarious deeds that can be dug up for extortion can buy a hell of a lot of silence, and so they have.  Including the Chief Judas of the Supreme Court who swore-in the traitor with a lying oath whose words meant nothing to him, and who violated them from the git-go by taking the oath to protect and defend the foundational charter that bans him from taking the oath in the first place, much less enforcing anti-constitutional and anti-Liberty socialized medicine.

Where in the Constitution is Congress given authority regarding the health of the citizens of the sovereign States?  What constitutional amendment allowed that?  None.  In fact two (the 9th & 10th) expressly forbid it.

Which leads one to conclude that when treason is everywhere and everyone is committing it against the principles and charter of the nation, then it seems like normal behavior.  How can you change that when it has been accepted and taught for at least two generations in High School and umpteen in University and college settings?

It’s as if a few generations back, a look-alike fake king replaced the real one, and he had children and grandchildren who are all viewed as being dear royals and in line to the throne.  Does anyone want to hear that the whole royal line is bogus?  Hardly.  The status quo seems quite nice so don’t spew your rotten facts about a counterfeit king and his counterfeit documents because no one cares to hear it and no one will believe it anyway.

“The king is quite popular so don’t bad-mouth him.  His actual qualification should not be considered.  That is just a technical issue.  What really counts is what the people want.  That’s democracy.  Why do you hate democracy”?

Well I for one do not necessarily hate democracy.  What I hate is stupidity, -especially when it’s by the trainload.  Ignorance isn’t so bad because ignorance can be fixed, possibly, -but “stupid can’t be fixed.”  And no doubt won’t be.  Oh well, who cares, -America’s Got Talent is on!  No wait, let’s watch “Professional Wrestling” instead, and break open a six-pack!

by adrien nash  August 2013



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“When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain - Politicians and diapers - change 'em often, for the same reason. "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." Ronald Reagan "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." William F. Buckley, Jr. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it. Abraham Lincoln “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell “Satan will use a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison”.

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