The Origins of Citizenship: Predestination vs Permission

Who is an American?

Answer:  Every person born of Americans.

Who is a U.S. citizen?

Answer:  Every person born of U.S. citizens.

What two questions are missing?

These:  Who is a natural American?  and…  Who is a natural citizen?

The answers are the same as before, but they leave unasked and unanswered “Who is not a natural American?”  and  “Who is not a natural citizen?”

Who else is a U.S. citizen besides natural citizens?  Answer:  Every person provided citizenship by law.  Who else is an American besides natural Americans?  Answer: Every person born of foreigners but allowed to be an American by law.

Why would one need to distinguish between those who have national membership naturally and those who have it by law?  One would never, ever need to distinguish between the two origins of citizenship except in one setting which only happens once every four years when one is in the election booth selecting who shall be the President and Vice-President of the United States.

Nothing in American law distinguishes between them (although there is federal policy regarding top security clearances that definitely does) so no normal citizen in any context whatsoever will ever encounter a need to do so either             except when it comes to being faithful to the United States Constitution.

It requires something that nothing else in American law requires of anyone, and that is that they be born as a natural citizen in order to be the President or Vice-President of the United States.

If you are not about to cast your vote for a presidential candidate with foreign parentage, then you have no connection to such a requirement and won’t encounter it anywhere in your life  [unless you are subject to a Yankee White Single Scope background investigation in seeking a top security clearance].

Those who are not naturally either an American nor a citizen but are citizens nevertheless are those who were not born of Americans, -of United States citizens, but of foreigners known as “immigrant aliens” (or of one American parent and one foreign parent).

Everyone mistakenly lumps them together with “non-immigrant aliens” (an INS term) when it comes to the babies that are born to them within United States borders, but while they have much in common, there is a significant difference between the two designations.

The former are fully subject to the authority of the federal government while the later are not because they are merely guests in the United States while having their home in their own nation.

They remain under its authority.  As such, any baby born to them while they are temporarily in the United States cannot accurately be characterized as anything other than a foreigner, (-a native-born alien) because their parents are from a foreign nation and will soon return to it and be subject to it probably for the rest of their lives, as will their child.

American parents produce American children.  Foreign parents produce “foreign national” children even though born within borders defining American State or Federal territory unless the foreign parents are legal, authorized, Green Card permanent resident immigrants.   So the answers to the ambiguous questions: Who is an American and who is a U.S. citizen?” are likely overly simplistic because some Americans and some citizens (essentially the same) were not born of American citizens but of immigrants.

“Foreign immigrant” seems as first blush to embody some redundancy since all immigrants are foreigners.  But life is more complex than we normally take note off.  Some immigrants might be U.S. citizens who were born and raised for some length of time abroad.

When their parents move back to the U.S., their foreign-born child is an immigrant to America and yet is not a foreigner.  Such a child might be designated a citizen immigrant.  He or she is just as much a natural American as other native-born American children and is just as much a natural citizen.

But what if the foreign country in which a foreign-born American child is born is one that grants citizenship to all born on its soil?  Does that make the child a dual citizen?  Can a dual citizen also be a natural citizen and eligible to be President?  The answers are “yes” and “yes”.

Natural membership in a country and nation is the result of a natural connection to parents who are members, -a blood relationship.  A natural relationship simply means that one’s parents are not adoptive parents who may be of a different nationality.

Everyone is a natural citizen of their parents’ homeland.  Homeland is not plural, i.e., homelands, meaning of two different nationalities.  No child born of parents of two different nations is a natural citizen of either nation but is a dual citizen by blood connection to two different nationalities, (not by border location during birth).

That is the form of citizenship that is barred by the Constitution because it is incompatible with the principle of natural membership.  The principle of Natural Law is that off-spring of male and female identical pairs will be just like their parents; -natural members of their species, breed, family, tribe, and nation.  But children of mixed pairs will not be natural members of any group because mixed natural groups do not exist, -not in the natural realm nor in the political realm.  There is no American-Kenyan natural political group since you are either an American or a Kenyan.

When nations allow one to be both then one’s children may also be allowed to be both under the proper circumstances, -but one’s children will not be members of a natural political group because being such a dual citizen is not a form of natural membership but of legal membership, -just as there is no natural American-Kenyan political entity of which one could be a member.

But the other form of dual citizenship, -that not based on blood but on borders, makes the terms “dual citizen”, “dual citizenship” and “dual nationality” ambiguous  .  Nations that grant citizenship to children born on their soil will result in natural citizens of another nation having a dual citizenship child if their baby is born in such a foreign nation.

Their child will be a natural citizen of its parents’ nation by being born of its citizens, and that is all that matters in order to be eligible to serve as President.  The laws of other nations are completely irrelevant because being a natural citizen is totally unrelated to law, but instead is solely the result of natural membership via blood relationship.

That is the principle of Natural Law that all families, tribes, societies and nations follow (whether they know it or not).

The transparent folly of relying on the conveniently provable fact of one’s birth location to determine citizenship is seen in a hypothetical situation.

If you were born in America to foreign immigrants you would be considered to be a U.S. citizen per the 14th Amendment, and nothing could change that.  If a few minutes of your life could be erased here or there, you would still be an American, with one exception.  If the few minutes that could be erased were the few minutes that passed during your delivery from the womb, then Presto!  You are no longer an American!

Why?  Because there is no record of you being born in America.  So for the rest of your life you are an alien unless you pass through the naturalization process as an adult.  All because the first minutes of your life were made to vanish.  Does that seem like a sane basis for life-long membership in the country that is your own?  Does it seem like a natural basis?  -or unnatural?

If your parents were Americans, -that could not happen to you because the basis of your citizenship is a blood connection that is part of what you are.  Neither the choice of man, the laws of man nor TIME are a factor.  It’s the automatic outcome of nature, of life transmission and membership transmission.  You would be what they are, biologically speaking, and politically speaking.  You belong to them and to what they belong to, having been born as a new member.

NO APPLICATION REQUIRED, its automatic.  HUMAN LAW: NON-APPLICABLE,  -it’s irrelevant.  Before you were born, you were PRE-DESTINED to be an American.  Nothing could change that after conception had taken place.  Not so for the embryo of foreign parents since their child’s eventual citizenship upon birth, –at birth, –from birth is totally dependent on where its mother is situated during the minutes in which it is born, -not simply to whom it is born.

Magically erase those minutes of delivery and citizenship is not obtained because the transient, temporal, fleeting, but obligatory crucial moment of the event of birth within the sacredly determinant national borders is missing.

Without those minutes all you have is a baby without a geographical origin.  It has foreign parents and is a citizen of their nation, but nothing more.  Meaning not a citizen of the United States though present in the United States.

Such is the nature of jus soli, -native-birth determined citizenship.  It is concocted and enforced as a policy of politicians and the government that they constitute.  It is artificial, fabricated and arbitrary, -as arbitrary as the rapaciously acquired borders within which one is born.  It has nothing at all to do with nature and natural transmission of anything.  Thus, no citizen who is considered to be a citizen based on it is anything remotely connected to citizenship that is natural.  Citizenship by nature and citizenship by law are mutually opposites.

Those are the only two citizenship origins and yet some have invented a Frankenstein third form which creates an unholy spawn by mating the two into a requirement requiring both.  How can East be mated with West?  How can Black be mated with White?  How can Life be mated with Death?  How can Nature be mated with Law?

Nature doesn’t depend on Law and Law doesn’t depend on Nature, so how can they logically be mated?

Well, they can’t, but some folks embrace the fantastical and impossible because it sounds great as an imagined security feature required of all Presidents.  It requires that he, or she, not only be a natural citizen but also one who had entered the world within our hallowed national borders.

That is their definition of the words the Constitution uses to describe what kind of citizen is eligible to be President, -those words being “a natural born citizen”.

It does not use the words: “a born citizen” nor “a native-born citizen” nor “a native-born natural citizen”.

It merely requires that one be born as a natural citizen, -a natural citizen by birth, -a born natural citizen, or natural born citizen.  They all amount to the same thing.

What it does not required is that every American Ambassador, diplomat, foreign service worker, military person stationed abroad must force his dear pregnant wife to make the long voyage across the sea in order to make it back onto American soil before giving birth in order that their child be considered the same as all of the other children born of Americans.  That sameness would mean that they are all eligible to be President.

What American Ambassador stationed abroad for many long years in the era of the sailing ship, or an American President traveling abroad with his pregnant wife, or an ex-President & family for that matter, wants to hear someone telling them that their own personal theory of American citizenship principles dictates that the dear son or daughter born to them while they were not on American soil is an alien (!) in need of being naturalized by congressional statute and is therefore not eligible to serve as President, and can never be eligible?

Tell me that that is something less than the height of madness.  Well some people embrace mad ideas because they sound good when you fail to consider all of the implications and consequences of inherent in them.

Citizenship is not as simple a thing as everyone commonly believes because of foreign birth and foreign parentage.  If you skip those two issues, then nothing could be simpler.  American parents produce American children following the natural law of natural membership.  Citizen parents produce citizen children.  Things get complicated by foreign Americans and native-born aliens and mixed-nationality marriages.

With an estimated five million Americans living temporarily, permanently, or semi-permanently abroad, many of them also have children abroad.  Since they are born of American parents who were probably raised in the United States, they also are natural Americans like those who produced them.

~    ~    ~    ~

   The idea of membership should be viewed conceptually as being composed of five hierarchical planes of existence with the most fundamental plane being viewed as either the foundation plane or the apex or pinnacle plane.

Adopting the view with the least inclusive being at the bottom, rising up to the most inclusive at the top, we see that the lower plane is that of the legal citizen, -one allowed national membership by permission because they have no natural right to it since they are outsiders.

Above them is the plane of the natural citizen.  Nations have written laws and established governments, and membership is a legal status but is obtained by them automatically via birth to members.

Above them is the plane of natural membership in tribes and countries.  They exist without established formal governments and written laws, -being natural organic organisms built of natural relationships.  They pre-date all governments and are the primary structures of human societies.

Above them is the plane of human membership.  It includes humans of all races and backgrounds.  It’s primary unit is the family.  Its secondary unit is the clan.  But humanity is its unifying quality.

Above that is the plane of all sentient beings with consciousness, including all thinking and feeling animals of all kinds.   We all have very basic biological, emotional, and psychological needs in common.

Above that plane is the metaphysical plane of the spiritual realm, -the fourth dimension that is not understood nor even known in any meaningful way.

All of higher consciousness is about attachments, about belonging, about connection.  Isolation of sentient beings is torturous because living consciousness cannot maintain its integrity in a vacuum.

Prisoners isolated for long, long periods have reported that they would have preferred to be beaten at certain stages when they could no longer bear the aloneness of isolation.  Any human interaction was preferable to what their minds were suffering in solitude with psychic deprivation.

So human life is all about connections, bonds, membership, and belonging.  One form of belonging or membership is citizenship.  One form of citizenship is natural citizenship.  It is simply the acknowledgement of the membership seen in a higher plane of existence, that of natural membership in one’s own country.

Outsiders are not natural members of countries foreign to them, and so to be accepted as a legal member of the nation established within the foreign country into which one has emigrated, laws are needed to provide the permission required for legal acceptance.

Such laws are not required (nor written for) the natural members of a nation because the natural members of the country that formed the nation are members naturally.  There is no separating their membership in their country from their citizenship in their nation because the two planes are connected by a living link.

 ~   ~    ~    ~

   With millions of illegal aliens present in the United States, along with numbers of foreign representatives, guests, visitors, tourists and students, some of them give birth before returning to their homeland.  Such children are native-born aliens since they were not born of lawful immigrants subject to the political authority of the central government.

Such children do not meet the second criteria of the 14th Amendment and are therefore not citizens by birth in America, -even if the Attorney General, -in the absence of any lawful basis for doing so, considers them as being citizens, -and even if every Attorney General before him viewed them the same way going back to over a century ago when that erroneous view was first made the policy of the government by the Attorney General in 1898 following the Supreme Court’s construence of the 14th Amendment citizenship clause.

When a transient Visa Card foreigner impregnates an American female in America, her child will lawfully be an American citizen like her, but only since the year 2000 when a new nationality act was passed making it legally so.  When a certain President was born in 1961, there was no such law covering births within the United States, and as such he did not received U.S. citizenship through his mother.  He therefore was born solely as a provisional citizen of the British Commonwealth via his Kenyan father since his father was not an immigrant, which therefore made them both exempt from the subjection required for citizenship via the 14th Amendment.

So he not only was not a natural citizen since he had an alien father in place of an American father, but he was also not a constitutional citizen since the 14th Amendment did not apply to him through his foreign student father who was not an immigrant, nor was he a statutory citizen since the change of the year 2000 was four decades in the future.

That only left his British subject status which itself was not natural citizenship from a Kenyan standpoint since it was merely provisional being as he was born abroad of a foreign mother in her country.

When he allowed that Kenyan citizenship to expire by not renouncing his presumed American citizenship and swearing allegiance solely to Kenya, he became a stateless person, technically speaking, except for one fact that he has keep very secret.

Besides his secret place of birth, which may make him a Canadian citizen just like Ted Cruz, there is his status as a citizen of Indonesia through his adoptive father Lolo Soetoro.

What exactly is that status?  Has he shared it with the American people?  Do you remember him addressing it ever?  I sure don’t and I’m quite sure I sure would have heard of it by now.

Maybe there’s a story there.  Maybe the story is that he maintained, through his mother and Indonesian adoptive father, his Indonesian citizenship and passport.  Maybe he used that passport as his primary identification because he lacked having any birth certificate being as he was not born in any hospital in the United States.  Hmmmm… suspicions of his images of birth documents being images of counterfeits… -that would then make sense.

Hmmm… suspicions of obtaining foreign student education grants and or loans would then make perfect sense as well.

Hmmm…an identity that was that of a world citizen and not an American would then make sense.   It would also explain the need to float a birth certificate for the sake of his presidential campaign (a Certification of Live Birth digital image that appeared out of nowhere on an obscure blog with no attribution as to origin) instead of simply showing the one that, -like every other adult in the nation and world, he already had and had used throughout his adult life, -well that would make sense as well since he could not show a birth certificate that he did not, and never could possess due to his mother prematurely and permanently leaving the jurisdiction in which it would need to be obtained (Vancouver, B.C.).

Someday, maybe 50 or 75 years from now, when Obama is dead and his daughters go through his things they will come across his Indonesian passport but will not find any genuine Hawaiian hospital birth certificate.

I pity them when that happens because they will first wonder why he had such a thing for so long (his mother didn’t divorce his Indonesian father until 1980 when he was about 19 years old) and why he maintained it well into his adult years.  Then they will wonder where his original birth certificate is, -the one that his mother would have acquired for him if it had been possible.

They may even come across correspondence between his mother and her mother written while she was living in Seattle before he was born.  It might talk about how she couldn’t find anyone in Washington state to adopt her nearly full-term baby.  It might mention that she was thinking that as a last resort she would contact another adoption agency, a foreign agency, and try to find an adoptive couple across the border in Vancouver, British Columbia.  And then they will be struck by the thought that their father may have been born outside of the United States.  That he might have been born as a Canadian citizen along with being a Kenyan member of the British Commonwealth, but not born as an American citizen.

And then the questions will assault their minds of how could he have been eligible to be the President of the United States if the truth was something quite different from what they had always believed?

A shockwave of uncertainty and confusion would then sweep over them creating an awful swirl of suspicion and questioning.

Such speculation assumes that one day the facts will be discovered, but also assumes that they may only be discovered in such a personal and direct way because everyone one who knows the truth will take it with them to the grave rather than betray their socialist messiah.  At least that is their attitude in the present.

A young White House intern that had a sexual affair with President Kennedy made the truth publicly known eventually, but it took fifty years.

By then it won’t matter because the nation will have already reaped the whirl wind, and the world as we know it today will be long behind them in the distant past.

There is no good reason to hope for a miracle, -for rescue to come, although that is a long-shot possibility.  Not only will the truth about Obama’s origin be unknown, but even the simple facts about citizenship, as shared herein, will also go unknown.

After all, if a constitutional scholar such as Mark Levine can be totally ignorant of, and hostile toward, the facts of life herein shared, then the mountain of ignorance that blocks the American people from seeing and understanding the truth is one that very few people will ever climb.  Congress won’t climb it.  The courts won’t climb it.  The executive branch and the military won’t climb it.  Nor will the main stream media.

We will remain in its shadow forever it seems.  We will not learn from history nor nature nor common sense because we have a perfect substitute taking their place.  Consider; a people and government too stupid to stop calling American Natives “Indians” (like from India) is too stupid to recognize and root out its ingrained and institutionalized errors.  Once fixed in place, they, like cement, become permanent.  And so it is with American concepts about citizenship.

Americans’ thinking is not set in stone but the possible sources of correction and enlightenment are.  No one wants to investigate that boat much less rock it.  That’s a political hornets’ nest that no one wants to disturb because of the massive number of aliens who have had babies in America without the sanction of federal or state law.

And so the status quo will continue, and Obama’s constitutional treason, -along with that of much of the government, will go unknown or unacknowledged, unreported, and uninvestigated.

Statists in both parties, in both houses, in all three branches of government don’t have a problem with violating the Constitution without hesitation or remorse since they can all do so with impunity, unless… the States fight back.  Any hope that exists pretty much lies with them and their willingness to assert their sovereignty against a century of treason against the Constitution and the 9th and 10th Amendments in particular.

Some have shown in recent years that they will not tolerate nor acknowledge the authority of federal laws and policies that violate their rights as the sovereign entities that created the central government in the first place.  The only light visible in the dark tunnel of federal usurpation and criminality is the light of State Nullification.  The founding fathers endorsed it as a legitimate and necessary response when all else fails.

And all else has failed and will continue to fail at defending the Constitution, -that musty, dusty old out-of-touch charter of government limitations and personal liberties that all civic leaders pledge lying oaths to protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic, which happens to include, first and foremost, themselves.

   by Adrien Nash  Sept. 2013



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