The Obama Vital Record simulation


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Why are you overlooking the fact that IF Ann Dunham had a passport in 1961 and IF she had done something so ridiculously foolish as to travel halfway around the world to have her first child without her husband, on her return trip she would have flown from London to New York and would be listed among NY immigration records, NOT Hawaii’s? [records are missing only for Hawaii international arrivals]

Ann Dunham Obama received her first passport in 1965 after she married Lolo Soetoro, in anticipation of her traveling to Indonesia. This is clearly seen in all her passport records. There is also the fact that there are witnesses that remember seeing Ann Obama in Kapi’olani Hospital, one of them is the mother of Stig Waidelich, who was born a day or two after Barack Obama and she clearly remembers a black baby in the nursery and realized it had to have been Obama. She also mentioned seeing his parents together, an unusual sight in 1961.

There is nothing that indicates that President Obama was born outside the U.S., only the delusions in the minds of birthers.  ~~~
A. Nash replies:
~There are a few major holes in your assumptions, and they are all explained by the Vancouver Scenario which I wrote a while back. (found at obama–nation. com

It goes like this: Ann D. was living back in her old stomping grounds where she felt at home, Seattle, Washington, during her third trimester. She couldn’t find any adoptive parents in the state so she arranged with the Family Services of Greater Vancouver to try to find adoptive parents in Canada.  [from their website:  Our services range from prevention to intervention. We provide: abuse prevention & trauma treatment; addictions treatment; adoption services; community education & development; counselling; employee assistance; employment services; immigrant services; intensive family & parenting services; support for youth with special needs; victim support; and youth services for homeless youth and youth living in at-risk situations.

83 years after we started out, our 525 staff, together with 295 volunteers and 38 students, continue to provide crucial social services in over 30 languages at 20 locations throughout the lower mainland (Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Surrey), and other areas of the province. Last year, our annual agency revenue was $22,276,296.]

Striking out there also after traveling to Vancouver and giving birth there, she flew to Hawaii three days later, checked her baby into the hospital, and attempted to register his birth the next day with the Dept. of Health.  She didn’t need a passport for travel between U.S. and Canada at that time but INS cards were required to be filled out regardless.
The affidavit she filled-out for the DoH was insufficient for issuing a Hawaiian birth certificate since she provided no evidence of having lived in Hawaii for a year, nor sworn statements from any witnesses.

Thus, Obama has no birth certificate from either Canada or any U.S. State.  He only form of ID all of his life has been his Indonesian passport.  That was why he had to “request” a birth certificate from Hawaii in 2008 since he never had one, and never will.  That’s why his “request” produced two counterfeits.

How did that come about?  Axelrod: Hey Barry, we need to scan your birth certificate and show the public that you were born in Hawaii.

Barry:   uhhhhh, that might be a problem since I don’t have one.  And brace yourself; I never have had one.  So if we’re going to release a scan of one, we first have to make one.

Axelrod: No problem, the useful idiots in the Hawaiian DoH would be willing to provide us with whatever materials we need.  We’ll just have to release it surreptitiously so that it isn’t traced back to anyone in particular.


Here’s something on the seriousness with which the government takes affidavits and sworn testimony or oaths.

U.S. Department of State Foreign Affairs Handbook Volume 7  –  Consular Affairs

(CT:CON-110; 09-13-2005)
The purpose of the notarial act of taking an affidavit is to have an individual make a statement under penalty of perjury by personally swearing to or affirming the statement.
Personal Appearance Required
: The notarizing officer must require that the signer personally appear, verbally swear the oath or affirm the truth (or provide other indication of assent if the person is unable to speak), and sign before the notarizing officer. An oath cannot be taken on behalf of someone else, including a corporation. Oaths cannot be given over the telephone. The oath-taker must be in the physical presence of the notarizing officer.
Penalty of Perjury: By taking an oath or affirmation with respect to an affidavit or other statement to be used in an official proceeding, a person may be subject to criminal penalties for perjury, should he or she fail to be truthful. Oaths and affirmations should therefore be conducted in an official setting, with the U.S. flag on display.
The solemnity of the taking of the oath or making of the affirmation should be indicated.
If possible, the affiant should stand and raise his or her right hand. The notarizing officer should also stand if possible.
a. A jurat is the written statement attesting to the administration of an oath or affirmation.
The usual form of a jurat is: Subscribed and sworn before me this day.
The jurat must reflect the venue and must be signed and sealed by the notarizing officer in accordance with general procedures for signing and sealing notarial certificates (see 7 FAM 830).


When affidavits are to be used in U.S. federal court proceedings, notarizing officers should encourage use of u declarations under penalty of perjury” provided for by federal statute, 28 U.S.C. 1746 in lieu of administering an oath or affirmation. Such a statement should include the following language:
“I declare (or certify, verify, or state) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed on (date)

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One Response to The Obama Vital Record simulation

  1. Adrien Nash says:

    The REALITY that is the USURPER .

    Obambi was DISBARRED by Illinois in 2002
    Obambi failed all his College Courses
    Obambi was at best a mediocre pupil at School
    Obambi used an Indonesian Passport to go to Pakistan in 1981
    Obambi received FOREIGN STUDENT funding in College.

    Not true you say and I say OK PROVE it.
    An open CHALLENGE to all the loyal Obamanation worshipers . All of those documents listed below are HIDDEN. So take the list of documents that he is HIDING and give us a point by point explanation why each one is being HIDDEN or alternatively show WHERE that information is AVAILABLE for scrutiny. Only when you have done that can you then throw out your wild accusations of conspiracy nut against anyone. The ones who ARE CONSPIRING are the ones who are HIDING the documents not those merely asking to see them and only a blind worshiper would have the reverse morality to see it any other way. So lets see what you are made of.

    Oh and just in case you want to pretend you dont know what is missing here is a list .
    Here apart from his REAL Vault Birth Certificate are just some but my no means ALL of the OTHER documents and information the Obamanation is HIDING.

    There is a lifetime of “missing” documentation — but it must a coincidence — it has to be a coincidence — just keep telling yourself, “it’s a coincidence.”

    Obama/Dunham divorce — Released (by independent investigators)

    Soetoro/Dunham marriage license — Not released

Soetoro adoption records — Not released

    Punahou School records — Not released

Soetoro/Dunham divorce — Released (by independent investigators)
    Soetero/Obama name change documentation – Not released

    Selective Service Registration — Released — Probable counterfeit

    Occidental College records — Not released and vigorously defended

    Passport records — Not released and official government passport files scrubbed clean by John O. Brennan — now Obama’s terrorism and intelligence czar

    Just a coincidence???????????

    Columbia College records — Not released

Columbia thesis — “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament” — Not released

Harvard College records — Not released

Harvard Law Review articles — None

Illinois Bar Records — Not released

    Baptism certificate — None

Medical records — Not released (unless you count a one-pager from his personal physician saying Obama’s healthy)

    Just a coincidence????????

    Law practice client list — Not released

University of Chicago scholarly articles — None

Annenberg Challenge Board Minutes — None

Illinois State Senate records — None

    Illinois State Senate schedule — Lost

    Almost 50 years old and there’s no paper trail — coincidence, Would you hire someone with this curriculum vitae? The man is completely undocumented. You don’t know anything about Obama — operative word, KNOW. None of us really do because he and his life are undocumented — an impossible coincidence — and Obama fiercely defends the release of what documentation is available.
Some of us believe that something isn’t on the level and that we are entitled as United States citizens to ask any damned politician who he is, what his politics are, what his agenda is, where he came from and who sent him.

    Adrien Nash

    Health records not released? Hey, Magic Johnson mysteriously contracted the AIDS Virus yet with medication is quite alive and well. Who’s to say that there are not others just like him only who haven’t come out of the closet?

    Obama and the Illinois State Bar exam; where’s the proof that he took and passed it? Just try to find it. You’ll fail as I did. Nothing is public except the an unproven and unsupported statement that he was a member of the bar. Heck, legal instructors are allowed to be members without even taking the test because they won’t ever practice law, but they can work on the side as legal clerks, as Obama did.

    His birth certificate had to be manufactured because all he’s had all of his adult life in the way of original ID is his Indonesian passport. He never received a U.S. birth certificate because he most likely was born in Vancouver, B.C. across the border from his home in Seattle for the first nearly two years of his life, but his mother promptly flew from Vancouver to Honolulu where she attempted to register him as an out-of-state birth, but couldn’t without any attesting papers as proof. Hence no birth certificate, just an affidavit in the archive. learn more @ obama–nation. com

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