American Foreigners & Native-born Aliens

The understanding of the American people, whether average citizen or Supreme Court Justice, is very limited regarding the subject of citizenship.  We are raised under concepts that have no connection to actual reality.  We have concepts that denote facts that in fact are merely connotations which are incorrect.  We think we understand the meaning of words like immigrant and alien, native and foreigner but what we understand is only a piece of a larger puzzle that we can’t see because the perspective of our understanding is too narrow.  What we think we know makes perfect sense to us, but like the Matrix, we don’t comprehend the big picture.

We think that certain ideas are mutually exclusive and oxymoronic, including “native-born alien”, while others may be completely ambiguous, and undefinable, like: “American foreigner” (explained below) but they reflect very real-world truths.
The government has coined a new term (U.S. persons) to refer to everyone present in the United States.  That is an easily understandable concept, but the persons that constitute it are not so readily comprehended because of the complexity of real life.  In the real world we have those who are not of us but are of another nation and culture and history and perhaps language, and many of them are not among us legally, and hence are unavoidable labeled as illegal aliens.

Those who wish to abolish the use of that term would also love to abolish the use of the term “alien” and have open borders to all who are willing to make the effort to cross our borders without permission.  But the term “illegal alien” is necessary for the rule of law because it is in contradistinction to “legal aliens” who are here with the permission of the American government.
So we see three delineations: Aliens, meaning non-citizens of the United States, legal aliens, and illegal aliens.  The differentiation does not stop there since we also have foreign-born aliens and native-born aliens.  They are in contradistinction to foreign-born Americans and native-born Americans.
What makes the determination as to who is a natural American and who is a natural alien is not a geographical determinant but a biological determinant.  American parents produce American children by Natural Law, -just as citizens of other nations do similarly with their children whose membership in their parents’ nation is membership that is inherited via natural transmission of the parents’ political nature to their off-spring.
If the parents are of different nations, and thus are the rare exception to the almost universal rule that people who meet & marry do so as members of the same society and nation, then their children will not be natural members of either society because their origin is unnatural, -being bifurcated and thus dual instead of uniform and singular.  Their political nature is that of a hybrid, and no hybrid is natural.

So, one might think that no foreigner could be a natural American citizen, but that assumption does not take into account Americans who are also foreigners.  It is a mistake to assume that all foreigners are non-US citizens, and that all aliens are foreign-born, because both are false.  That is seen by looking at the big picture (which is never done except when almost compelled to do so).
Some foreigners are foreign-born-&-raised Americans who by Natural Law are natural members of the group that their parents belong to, i.e., the United States of America.  American parentage produces American children everywhere on Earth because by Natural Law the off-spring are formed in the image of the parents, -chips off the old block, -like father, like son.  Such foreign-born and raised American children may one day emigrate to their political homeland and doing so makes them American-citizen  immigrants or American foreigners.
Thus we have “American-citizen immigrants”, “foreign legal immigrants” aka: “legal aliens”, (non-citizens), and “foreign illegal immigrants, aka: “illegal aliens”.
But what few people realize is that not all aliens are immigrants.  Some are born within U.S. territory.  They are the native-born aliens.  They are the alien-born whose parents are (1) illegal immigrants or (2) non-immigrants.

Native-birth and American citizenship are only connected by the bridge of the Supreme Court’s opinion regarding the case of Wong Kim Ark in 1898.  Prior to that opinion, bridges existed in a few States but not in most, nor in Federal policy.  With that being the situation, the situation was somewhat confused and unsettled until the high court settled it based on the words of the 14th Amendment: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside.”

That citizenship clause was written to overtly provide citizenship for freed slaves who until then were not citizens of any nation, and it was covertly anticipated that one day it would be ruled to apply also to native-born children of immigrants on the national level.  Thirty years later the high court made that dreamed-of day reality via its holding that Mr. Wong was an American citizen regardless of having alien parents because he was born in the United States to immigrants “permanently” domiciled here.

So native-born children of immigrants are alien-born Americans.  They are in contradistinction to the 97% of Americans who are citizen-born Americans, and thus eligible to serve as President.  But what about children of “non-immigrant aliens” (as they are designated by the U.S. government)?  Are they also eligible to serve as President?
The question is nearly brain-dead because the real question is: by what law, amendment, court opinion, or natural law are they even citizens?
It first must be established that they are citizens before the question of presidential eligibility can even be raised.
That question cannot be answered in the positive by any of the means mentioned, but there is one that was not mentioned, -and it is: federal policy.  While the court ruled that children of immigrants are born with automatic citizenship (naturalized at birth), it did not rule that children of non-immigrants are also U.S. citizens.

Such a legal right cannot be found anywhere in U.S. law, but nevertheless, it is almost bedrock federal policy, -existing as an institutionalized error since 1898 when the Attorney General at the time (John Griggs) chose to make it so of his own volition.
That was a leap of unfounded interpretation that logically and legally was “a bridge too far”.  But it followed the bridge too far taken by the high court which ignored the fact that since the founding of the nation, children of aliens were always aliens from the stand-point of the national government, and most State constitutions as well, and that was due to one inescapable fact: They were subject to a father who was subject to a foreign government or dictatorship, and thus, through him, they were not naturally subject to the American government.
From the standpoint of the United States government, no one who was subject to a foreign government, such as U.S.-born British subjects, could be considered to be an American because they already had a nationality, and dual-nationality was not permitted.  One could not have two nationalities anymore than one could have too wives.  Political bigamy was unthinkable since it involved split, divided, polygamous allegiance and obligations of citizenship to two possibly warring nations.
A third bridge-too-far was also crossed with the false concept that not only can the US-born son of a loyal British subject be an American citizen, but he could also be the President and Commander in Chief of the United States military simply by having exited the womb within U.S. borders.
Only a fool of a cosmic proportion would conceive that the founding fathers would allow such a dangerous and feared eventuality.   What they actually required of the President is stark evidence that they did not allow such a thing except within their own generation, among those alien-born Americans that they knew and had seen tested and proven through a long and costly war.
Those so born, who had sworn allegiance to their State and renounced all loyalty to the government of their homeland, were allowed to seek the presidency if they had become naturalized American citizens before the adoption of the Constitution.  Those who became citizens after that were barred in perpetuity.  From then on: “No person, except a natural born citizen (or a citizen of the United States before the adoption of this Constitution) shall be eligible to the office of the President,”.  Article II, Section I., U.S. Constitution

by Adrien Nash  Jan. 2014.

PS.  Unknown wrote regarding the Naturalization Act of 1790: “There was no need to address the case of children born within the jurisdiction of the States.”
While true, that statement misses the point, which is that Congress possessed no authority to address the case of natural born citizens since their national membership was before, beyond, beneath, and above the authority of Congress, -whose only authority was to make a uniform rule for the States to apply in their naturalization law and policy.
Naturalization only applies to foreigners, -not Americans, so the only legislative authority they possessed was in regard to the citizenship of those born without it and with no natural right to it.
Geographical coordinates do no supply one with an inherent unalienable right of membership in their parents national group.  Only parentage is the source of that natural right, -not government permission.
If a law applies to one’s citizenship then one is a legal citizen and not a natural citizen.  No law applies to natural citizens and no legal citizen is eligible to be President because they were born of an alien father.  It was for them that naturalization laws were written.  If both parents were American then no law was needed in order for them to be that which they were born as.   That was the status quo of 1788 and far beyond.

That is no different than the situation for the parents.  No law was needed and none has ever been written to grant citizenship to those who are born with it by being born as citizens, -as natural members of the group into which they were born.  It came by inheritance, and no group of men has any authority to “give” them that which is theirs by unalienable natural right.  Their national membership is natural membership, -the result of the way that life in the universe is wired.


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2 Responses to American Foreigners & Native-born Aliens

  1. arnash says:

    There are two forces that guide action; 1. A fundamental principle, or 2. An arbitrary policy. Governments will adopt either a policy to follow a principle or a policy to follow a preference not based on any principle.
    Whenever one considers the nature of that which passes for “law” one must question whether or not it is actual law or merely a policy of the government. A policy can be changed with an executive order by the President or the Attorney General or the heads of the various departments.
    That is legal if Congress has surrendered its authority to them instead of following the Constitution and deciding the policies themselves. But it should not be forgotten that policy is not law even though it carries the force of law. Courts can throw-out policies that conflict with law or the Constitution, but policy makers cannot throw out the law nor the Constitution. They are bound by them if they choose to be or are forced to be by the courts.
    Otherwise they can act tyrannically with impunity if their political bosses are also traitors to the Constitution and the laws of Congress. That is not a hypothetical situation. Rather it is the everyday situation under the most lawless President and Attorney General in American history. His lawlessness began with his unconstitutional presidency which violates the requirement that he be something that he can never be, namely a natural born citizen.

    see: Why baby Obama Was Born in Vancouver

  2. arnash says:

    A.R. Nash February 4, 2014

    Question: Can someone whose very citizenship is either non-existent or highly questionable be a natural born citizen?
    Question: Does the 14th Amendment only require native-birth for citizenship or does it also require full subjection to U.S. political authority?
    Question: If a baby is not born of parents who are subject, by what principle or mechanism is such a baby’s nationality determined? Natural Law or national law? If national law, then which national law? That of the parents? -or the country where the baby is born?

    If that country requires full subjection passing by inheritance from and through the parents, and they are not subject, would their domestically-born child not be an alien? (a non-citizen)

    Obama Sr. was not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and therefore he could not father a child that was subject through him, -he being the head of the family and the person through whom subjection flows.

    If anyone wants to argue that subjection does not flow through the head of the family, then they need to elucidate exactly how it is judged to be present or absent.

    The U.S. government knows the answers to these questions since they are revealed in U.S. law, -indirectly. Here’s the smoking gun as found in just one case.

    Section 201, Public Law 402, 80th Congress

    The White House April 5, 1951


    By virture of the authority vested in me by Title I of the Selective Service Act of `1948 (62 Stat. 604), as amended, I hereby prescribe the following amendments of the Selective Service Regulations prescribed in part by Executive Order No….

    3. Section 1611.11 of Part 1611, DUTY & RESPONSIBILITY TO REGISTER, is amended to read as follows:

    Sec. 1611.11 ALIENS WHO ARE NOT REQUIRED TO REGISTER. (a) A male alien who is now in or who hereafter enters the United States and who has not declared his intention to become a citizen of the United States SHALL NOT be required to be registered under seciton 3 of Title I of the Selective Service Act of 1948, as amended, and shall be RELIEVED from liability for training and service under section 4 (b) of said act provided: …

    (6) He is a person who has entered the United States TEMPORARILY as a non-quota immigrant under the provisions of subdivision (e) of section 4 of the Immigration Act approved May 26, 1924, as amended…

    (e) solely for the purpose of STUDY at an accredited school, college, academy, seminary, or university, particularly designated by him and approved by the Attorney General, and continues to pursue such purpose to the satisfaction of the Attorney General; or

    (7) He is a person who has entered the United States temporarily pursuant to the provisions of section 201 of the United States Information and EDUCATION EXCHANGE Act of 1948 …and continues to pursue the purpose for which he was admitted.
    Such students are GUESTS and not citizens or immigrants or permanent residents. THEY ARE NOT SUBJECT! THEY ARE EXEMPT! SUBJECTION DOES NOT FLOW THROUGH THEM.

    Get the picture? Obama is not a U.S. citizen per the 14th Amendment and that means that he is not a U.S. citizen at all.

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