The Alpha & Omega of Belonging

Blood Citizenship vs Legal Fiction

revised 2-5-14  10:30 am

The genesis of all belonging is in family connection, -in a blood bond.  That is true not only of single families but also larger families, -whether they be clan or tribe or country or nation.

But natural belonging is not an integral element of adoption, whether it be in a tribal society or an established nation, since children can be adopted without having any natural connection to their adoptive parents, -unlike  grandchildren, nieces and nephews which do.

Belonging via adoption is not natural belonging. It is voluntary and also law-based in all but primitive societies.   Legal adoption, although voluntary, has no connection to natural belonging, to a natural bond, to a blood connection.

Parents who adopt may adopt a stranger or a blood relative.  Nations that adopt may adopt a stranger (an alien) or adopt a relative who’s the off-spring of one of the parents who is a member but married to an alien.  Such children are only half-blood connected to the nation’s society because one of the parents is an outsider.

Outsiders cannot impart a natural connection to the other parent’s national family or society since all they can impart is a connection to their own.  In political jargon that foreign connection is known as “alienage”.

Just as natural belonging always results from a blood connection, legal belonging always results from legal  permission since such belonging is via legal adoption, -which is never natural in nature.  No one has a natural right to be adopted by non-related parents.

Parents can adopt or not adopt.  Nations can adopt or not adopt.  It is determined by the choice of the nation.  Such a form of belonging is not by a blood connection and thus does not provide an automatic conveyance of belonging, or membership, -including  national membership, i.e., citizenship.

National membership comes either via a natural blood connection (resulting from inherited political nature) or from a legal, artificial connection resulting from an allowance of Law (enacted by those with a natural connection, i.e., the natural members who constitute the society and government.

They may provide a means for outsiders, -strangers, foreigners, to become equal (-or unequal) members of the national group.

In Mexico, foreigners given citizenship by legal process are not equal members.  They are inferior members.  They are not naturalized as foreigners are in America.  Instead, they are legalized as citizens of a sub-class.  They cannot serve in the military, as policemen, as mayor or governor, as elected representatives, as judges, or as President.

That is because Mexico does not follow the American doctrine of citizenship equality, by which there exists ONE CITIZENSHIP FOR ALL.

Mexico was not founded on principles of equality which view all men as being created equal, and thus by extension, -all citizens as well.

But America had its own version of Mexican inequality, and it, of course, was in regard to the female gender and other races.  Women were not viewed as equal to men in a political sense, -as bearers of the responsibility to feed and protect and provide for their family, -to bear arms in battle to defend Freedom, and property, and American sovereignty.

Thus, they were treated in America as the so-called “naturalized” Mexican citizen is treated today.

I say “so-called” because in reality, being “naturalized” is in fact being naturalized into a new political being by being made into a new “natural citizen“.  America then ceases to recognize the existence of a previous nationality.

All natural citizens are the same because they are citizens by blood, –blood citizens with a natural connection to their nation.  THAT is the American legal fiction underlying the concept of  natural-ization.

All natural citizens have a natural right to engage in all of the activities of citizenship, -with one tiny, rare, unique, one-in-150 million exception [300 million population divided by one President and one Vice-President].

The position of “Command in Chief”  of the American military was set apart from the otherwise universal equality of all citizens for the purpose of insuring that he was a citizen-born American and not an alien-born American.

That was mandated in the U.S. Constitution’s presidential eligibility clause by requiring that the President not be one bestowed with adoptional  citizenship from birth but that he be one born as an actual natural citizen.

Being viewed as a natural American citizen, -even though born of immigrant foreigners and naturalized at birth by American law, was not sufficient to protect the nation against foreign-nation favoring sentiments of one born in America but raised abroad (or not) by a father devoted to his foreign Monarch, foreign government and/or foreign homeland.

Such a citizen was to never wield the power of the American military.  The office of the President, by itself, was limited strongly by the Constitution and the Congress, but the authority of the Commander-in-Chief of American armies would be limited by neither in event of national “emergency” other than by the lack of authority to declare war.   So it had to be required that he have no foreign alienage and the foreign allegiance possibly springing from it, -which might inspire him to take actions that could result in massive public resistance and a civil war to protect American sovereignty from his actions.

So it was mandated by the framers of the Constitution that he be no one except a “natural born citizen”.  And all officers of the American government, civilian & military, were to swear -not to preserve & protect the government, or the President’s power & position (unlike with Hitler, -to whom personal allegiance had to be sworn) but instead, the U.S. Constitution which limits the President and the military to lawful orders conforming to it.

Who did the “natural born citizen” requirement exclude?  All who lacked a full blood connection to the nation.  Those with a half-blood connection would have the other half connected to a foreign nation and thus carry the excess baggage of that alienage, which would be whatever sentiment, affinity, loyalty and allegiance that they might possibly harbor toward their foreign parent’s homeland.

But there is an even worse form of alienage or foreign connection, and that is when both parents were / are foreigners.  How can foreigners produce a natural citizen with a natural connection to America?  They can produce a “natural citizen” by the allowance of American socio-political policy and the doctrine of “citizenship equality” as seen in the legal fiction of natural-ization, -including at-birth naturalization.

But they cannot produce a natural connection to America.  Rather, their child’s connection is a fictional connection.  The connection of “native-birth” is merely an ethereal, intangible, transient connection.  Blood is forever.  Birth lasts but minutes and it’s location is irrelevant to experience.

In no species that has ever existed, including humans, has the location of a baby’s exit from its mother’s womb produced a natural connection to her, its father, or the group to which they belong.  The only natural connection is a blood connection.   The children of alien immigrants were the equivalent of natural citizens from birth, but they were not natural citizens by birth, -by blood, -but instead by legal fiction.  They were not blood citizens but adopted citizens with foreign alienage.

They are labeled by the U.S. Census Bureau as “foreign stock” [as opposed to “native stock”] even though born on US soil.

What does the word “stock” imply?  It implies everyone in a group, -parents and off-spring as well.

In the culinary realm, the stock for making sour dough bread or buttermilk contains the live organism which reproduces in the bread or milk, releasing carbon dioxide and lactic acid.  Just a small amount is needed to produce a whole lot more.

So it is with livestock.  The parents produce more of whatever they are.  From a nationality perspective, foreigners produce foreign stock and citizens produce citizen stock or “native stock”.  Birth location is irrelevant.

Legal fiction is one thing when it comes to civil and civic rights, but quite another when it comes to demographic analysis and presidential eligibility.  Reality has to deal with real things, fundamental things, and the genesis of natural national membership is not in a fiction of law but in blood, -the blood of citizens, -the members of the national group.

The “foreign blood” of alien-born children delivered on U.S. soil never has to be mentioned, considered, or dealt with except in private in the analysis tank of the Census Bureau, or in the public spotlight of an American presidential election when the command of the United States Constitution that “No person, except a natural born citizen,…shall be eligible to the office of the President;” may have to be run up the flag pole in the event that an alien-born candidate dares to piss on the Constitution and run anyway.

In 2008, and again in 2012, that spotlight could have shined, -it should have shined, and it would have shined if the nation was not so chock-full of traitors to the Constitution and those intimidated into silence by them.

You see, there’s a problem with sticking up for the Constitution if you work for the government, and that is that almost everything that the federal government does is in actual violation of it as written, -and as often as not, that includes the rulings of the people who sit in judgement on the U.S. Supreme Court bench.

You can’t look to government in order to discern what is constitutional and what is not since the Constitution was thrown overboard a long, long time ago.  Now Congress is free to do whatever it wants, and it does just that.

Just consider the “Affordable Health Care Act”.  It was authored in the Senate which has zero authority to initiate bills that include taxation.  And yet the bill is chock-full of new taxes.

Did anyone complain?  Did the all-wise intellectuals on the high court rain hell-fire on the constitutional abomination?  Nope.  Not a single peep of complaint.  Cowards and self-serving sell-outs all.

People, we have been abandoned by our national government when it comes to our Constitution, and we are now governed by an elite plutocracy which has replaced democratic constitutional rule of law.

As Homer Simpson says: Oh well, what cha gonna do?

Very likely, November 2014 will reveal what we’re gonna do, -or not do.  If the Republicrats don’t retake the Senate and the Tea Party conservatives don’t take-over the Republicrat party, we are pretty much cooked, finished, doomed as far as continuing to live in the nation we thought we grew up in.

We will instead be in some kind of “Twilight Zone” version of America, -an alternate reality, -a “Bizarro World” version of the United States where laws might mean the opposite of what they say.

Then the light of the law that shines in the land will forever be artificial light instead of the sun light of constitutional law.  It will be a parallel universe in which things are similar but yet different from how the framers and the Constitution required that they be, -not unlike Rome under the Caesars when the Senate of Rome was impotent and cowardly.

The Congress will  only acknowledge a diluted synthetic version of the Constitution’s limits on their power, and the President will only acknowledge a diluted synthetic version of his limitation by the authorities reserved for Congress.

The Supreme Court, -at least half of it, as always, will acknowledge no limits on its power being as they are answerable to no one.

In that bastardized world we can look in the mirror and say: “Alice, welcome to Wonderland!  I hope you like it cause you’re stuck here forever.”

From Wonderland, there is only one escape.  Move to a State that has the backbone to follow the Constitution and enforce its limitations on the federal government by nullifying its unconstitutional mandates,- including those of its courts.

The only big break-through on that front so far has been in regard to the federal criminalization of marijuana.  (~not exactly a shining issue for reestablishing the rule of constitutional law, -but a start, –and a major step forward towards realizing the full extent of constitutional State sovereignty.)

It will be constitutional America versus unconstitutional America, Blue States versus Red States, Freedom-loving States versus security-loving States, free-enterprise Property Rights States versus collectivist-welfare-for-all  States, abortion-protecting States versus Right-to-Life States, gay marriage States versus real marriage States, gun law States versus 2nd Amendment States, smaller government States versus bigger government States.

In that future, as in the present, national victory will be decided by a few swing states that can tilt either way, with a few constituencies that can tilt either way.  As we’ve previously seen, the winner may be decided by a fraction of a fraction of the total  votes in those States.

Let the national polarization proceed apace.

by Adrien Nash  Jan. 2014  http://obama–

Ps:  The Alpha of belonging is blood bonds -not the artifice of borders. The Omega of belonging is legal bonds, -not the connections of Life.




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One Response to The Alpha & Omega of Belonging

  1. David Farrar says:

    “…[A]nd confirm the definition of an Article II “natural born citizen.” was the amendment I tried to add on to the Article V COS resolution presently working its way through the General Assembly of the Georgia legislature. Sadly, nobody seem to know what I was talking about.
    But I think with so many states now considering an Article V convention, this amendment might get address in this process, somehow.

    ex animo

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