~Obama is a stateless, documented immigrant

Barack Obama was never an illegal immigrant in the eyes of the government, nor of reason.  That doesn’t mean that he was never an immigrant, -it just means that his presence in the country was never illegal.  I know, that’s one very unfounded, unprovable, disrespectful, provocative, partisan, delusional and almost slanderous statement.


What do I base such a claim on?  Simple, some elementary facts and lots of logic.
Remember the ending of Indian Jones and the Ark of the Covenant?  The ark ended up crated and stored in a vast warehouse where it might have remained hidden forever.  That is similar to the essential documents of Barry Soetoro Obama’s origin and nationality.

They will never see the light of day.  Not now, not in his presidential library, nor in 50 years.  Perhaps in 100.  If those records still even exist and haven’t been destroyed (destroyed?  -like the Ring of Power was to be destroyed? …but something called for it to not be destroyed, (lust for Power!, but in the case of those records, Money!  They’d be worth a FORTUNE!  suppose… -but I digress).

So if they still exist, they must be the most amazing collection of documents on earth related to our present era considering their significance, -aside from evidence of extraterrestrial alien contact and technology (space ships).

They should have been all collected and either destroyed or stashed in a super-secret vault somewhere.  Either way, one of those documents is or was a permanent-resident Green Card issued by the State Department in about 1971.

Why would an American citizen need a Green Card?  One wouldn’t, but a person would if they could not provide evidence of being a United States citizen.  How would such evidence be obtained in today’s world?
Government has taken to resorting to depending on the use of birth certificates as evidence because they are so convenient for the task, even though definitely not intended for that usage.  That began many, many years ago.

So how would that be a problem for the boy Barack Obama when he was taken by his mother  from their Indonesian home at age 10 to his grandparents’ home in Hawaii?

The problem was that his mother was not able to obtain a birth certificate for him wherever he was born.  If he was born in Hawaii, his mother was unable to return to the Hawaiian Department of Health with evidence to back her affidavit swearing that he was born at home in Hawaii (not in a hospital), but with no non-family witnesses, nor proof that she had been a resident of Hawaii for a full year.

If he was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, as reason argues since, -though she seriously tried, she was unable to find in Hawaii, Seattle, or Vancouver a couple to adopt a child that she did not expect nor want (abortion not being available then) then she left Vancouver so quickly that a birth certificate was never created nor obtained (and may have been impossible if born unattended by any licensed medical professional).

Arriving back in Hawaii (possible in the company of her mother who attended her during her last weeks of pregnancy), then her only hope was to lie and try to secure a Hawaiian birth certificate, which was prevented by the law requiring proof of residency (which would have been impossible if she spent the last few months of pregnancy in Seattle searching for an adoptive Colored, middle-class, middle-aged, childless couple which didn’t exist).

That would have left her with a child who had no birth certificate and thus no evidence of nationality, and who’s father, not being a legal American immigrant, would have left his son unable to qualify for 14th Amendment citizenship because that requires birth to a father who is fully subject to the entirety of American sovereign authority over American citizens.

Since his father was merely a guest of the government, he was not subject to that authority, and so neither was his son through him.

Even worse, no American law has ever covered an alien-fathered child of an American mother who gave birth not outside of the U.S. but inside.
And adding to that is the fact that by law, at that  time she was too young for her citizenship to be inherited by her son if born abroad.

So he fell though the cracks in the cracks as the result of one of the most bizarre combinations of problematic circumstances conceivable.

No American father.  No immigrant father.  A mother too young.  Birth location unknown.  No birth certificate.  And Hawaiian residency unprovable.  He was essentially a stateless person.

In stating these facts, it is presumed that the reader is already aware of the fact that what is purported to be the image of an authentic, original Hawaiian hospital Certificate of Live Birth is purely a computer-crafted fake document that no one outside of Obama’s inner circle of closest confidants and attorneys will ever lay eyes on.
It might have already been destroyed just to be safe.  “I lost it, your honor, I swear.”  Regardless, it will never be examined by anyone, and is protected by the 5th amendment right to not be forced to provide evidence that incriminates oneself in a crime.
Nor will it ever be publicly viewable again after being waved about in the press conference on April 27, 2011 in the briefing room of the White House by the obfuscating attorney and aide who introduced it and told a lying story of how it was supposedly obtained.

That story is demonstrably a lie because they went a step too far and claimed something which on its face is flat-out false.
They claimed it was a printed copy from a scanned original Certificate of Live Birth.  What idiots.  No such scans are ever performed in the digital era, -ever!  Everything that gets printed is printed from a digital file that is already stored in the Dept. data-base.
Those files are from two eras; one is the present one in which scanning of documents is how they are archived and backed up, unlike the previous method which relied on micro-film.  All old micro-film images were digitized but with the deletion or erasure of the imagery of the paper that they were written and typed on.
That left a much, much smaller file to store on expensive hard-drives connected to much, much slower early-generation office computers.  The birth certificate images of text was thus “floating” on an invisible, non-existent background.  That made it possible to over-lay it onto the image of safety paper or to print it on actual safety paper with a pattern that confounded early scanning devices that might be used for counterfeiting.
What is the proof that the result (an Abstract) is what Obama was actually presenting?  It is the fact that no state issues birth certificates that look like the pdf image, which was one of a certificate (fake) imposed on a full sheet of safety paper.  That shows two things; they didn’t even bother to crop the image, and that the image is an abstract of text over-laid on top of a safety paper design, with the paper of the original totally missing.   Where did it go?  It was erased when the micro-film image of the affidavit that his mother wrote-out, (and which was then typed, and “received” but never “Accepted”) was digitized and digitally archived.
Before digitalization and digital erasure were possible, all certified copies of birth certificates were reproductions of the original and labeled as a “True and Correct Copy” -not an abstract.  The image released by the White House was absolutely not a True Copy but was an abstract.

You cannot scan an abstract because it only exists in the cyber-realm.  It does not exist as a real document.  Once it is printed, then it is an Abstract of an original document.  As such, it cannot be certified as being an original reproduction “True Copy” because it is not since it is simply a digital print of an abstraction of an original.
So we have the head of the Department of Health lying by saying she witnessed the copying-(scanning-printing) of an original paper Hawaiian hospital-certified Certificate of Live Birth, and the White House repeating the same lie.  What could be a clearer case of openly deceiving the public and the ignorant and gullible and obsequious press which was unopposed to being deceived if that protected the President?

So you have a young mother with a child having no evidence of nationality, but who marries a man who adopts her son and thereby gives him a nationality, albeit a provisional one that could be lost in adulthood by not living in Indonesia or failing to renew his passport every two years.

So… when Ann Soetoro took her son Soebarkah to Hawaii to surrender guardianship to her parents, he needed some document for entry to the U.S.  What document did he have?  He had what his parents obtained for him, an Indonesian passport.
That passport, and a Visa, gave him entrance to Hawaii.  What happened when that Visa expired?  Well, if he had been an adult, like the millions of other over-staying Visa-entry foreigners, nothing.  But with his grandparents being law-abiding American adults, they would have applied for permanent residence for him, and that would have meant obtaining a Green Card.

As a Green Card foreign-citizen immigrant, he can sympathize with those who are almost like himself;  June 15, 2012 – President Obama Signs Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to

 Allow Some Undocumented Immigrants
 Who Came to the United States as Children
 to Stay in the Country

    “Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children will be allowed to remain in the country without fear of deportation, and able to work under an executive action the Obama administration announced on Friday.
Administration officials said the president used existing legal authority to make the broad policy change, which could temporarily benefit more than 800,000 young people.

He did not consult with Congress, where Republicans have generally opposed measures to benefit illegal immigrants…

“They are Americans in their heart, in their minds, in every single way but one: on paper,” President Obama said in announcing the new policy in the White House Rose Garden on Friday…

~and he is one of them, -An American (of a very unAmerican sort), but not an American “on paper”.
No one argues that Obama is not “an American”, but understand this; there is nothing in American law that declares that a birth certificate from an American hospital is legal proof of citizenship.  Nothing.  With or without a genuine U.S. birth certificate, he cannot be an American citizen due to American Law, -but is one by set federal policy.
I’ve explained why over the spread of dozens of pages so to conclude here, I’ll just emphasize the fact that being the greatest policy-changer in presidential history, Obama could also change the policy regarding the faux-pseudo citizenship of those born of foreign guests since it is not based on the 14th Amendment nor the Supreme Court case that construed its citizenship clause.

It is based on nothing but one individual’s choice in 1898 (Attorney General John Griggs).
Barack Obama and Holder could reverse that policy with their signature on an executive order which would thereby legally and openly render Obama a non-citizen who needs naturalization.  I suspect that neither one of them will ever do that.

by adrien nash  march 2014,  obama–

p.s.  If Barry’s grandparents adopted him, then he could have obtained citizenship through them by legal process, but adoption would have made them liable for all medical expenses, which as merely his guardians, the State would have to pay.


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  1. arnash says:

    You are a fraud and/or you are stupid, or do you just not read anything that might teach you something that you do not want to know?
    Probably all three since I’ve thoroughly addressed the issues you think argue for U.S. birth.
    Either you were too afraid to read what I wrote or you’re suffering from a serious memory problem. If you make anymore claims that have already been rebutted I will delete them since that is proof that you are just copying and pasting canned responses for your wonderful overlord Soetoro.

    “For Obama to have been born in a foreign country:

    (1) Obama’s relatives would have had to have been rich enough (and they weren’t.”

    Good grief! Tell that to the millions of people who live along the U.S. border you nut-job!
    Sure Hawaii is an island, but his parents were responsible working adults with the expense of only a single child. they easily could have afforded a plane ticket back to Seattle (in her 5-7 month of pregnancy) where Ann hoped to find an adoptive couple since none existed in Hawaii.

    There were no couples in Seattle either because no white couples wanted a mulatto baby in 1961, and no child-less middle-class black couples who wanted to adopted existed either. That’s why Ann gave Vancouver a shot, but not telling the would-be parents that her baby might not be white like them. That didn’t fly and she was stuck “being punished with a baby”.

    Flying from Vancouver to Hawaii required no Visa.

    If you want answers (and I know you don’t) to the rest of your unargued points, read WHY BABY OBAMA WAS BORN IN VANCOUVER. (Nov. or Dec. 2013)
    I’m deleting the rest of your drivel since it is all addressed in that exposition.

  2. smrstrauss says:

    BTW, IF Obama were born in Vancouver, there would be evidence that he was born in Vancouver—and there isn’t any.

    [Again with the incredible ignorance of what I wrote: she left Vancouver within two days. There was no time for the creation of a birth certificate hence one does not exist. Even more so if unattended by a medical professional who would be needed to certify a vital record.]

    Flying to Seattle after Obama was born does not run the risk of stillbirth of flying there late in pregnancy, and the idea that Obama’s grandparents would have paid for both a trip abroad late in pregnancy and one shortly after the birth remains nutty.

    [Again with the incredible ignorance of what I wrote: Are all of you replies just canned replies? It seems so. I wrote that she flew to Seattle in the Spring of ’61 in order to find an adoptive couple since one did not exist in Hawaii. (as you learned after reading WHY BABY OBAMA WAS BORN IN VANCOUVER)

    Spring is NOT late in her pregnancy. It was probably 4-5 months before her due date. Neither you nor anyone else can show that she was not already living in Seattle when he son was finally born. She had every reason in the world to be there and none of importance to not be there.

    There is not even one single point of what I wrote in the Vancouver scenario that you have dared to address. Instead you just go on false tangents thinking I’m maybe as stupid as you and won’t notice the inconsistency with what I wrote. Pathetic… or paid, and just putting in clockable hours like a lying attorney who pads his billing hours. Either way, you are a wretched excuse for a member of a race with the ability to discern truth from lies, half-lies, and mendacious obfuscations. It must be liberating to not have a conscience.

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