The Obama Scandals and the Limbaugh Theorem

June 11, 2013

By Steve McCann

Virtually all the scandals erupting around the Obama regime involve the loss of individual freedom and the rapid evolution of an oppressive central government.   These ongoing revelations eerily mirror the history of repressive nations such as Germany, Italy and Russia during the past century.   Nonetheless, per the public opinion polls and the lack of enthusiasm by the mainstream media to cover these scandals, Barack Obama remains above the fray and is not directly linked or blamed for any of these debacles — even something as egregious as the NSA and domestic surveillance of all Americans.

Over the past few months, Rush Limbaugh has posited what he calls the “Limbaugh Theorem.”  Essentially he contends that Barack Obama, as part of a calculated and permanent campaign strategy, maintains, with the help of a sycophantic media, high approval ratings despite the unpopularity of his policies.  The core of this strategy is for Obama to remain above politics and not be identified with any of the policy failures or scandals surrounding his administration by blaming others for all that has gone wrong, as he is a dedicated “outsider “doing all he can to solve problems; but first he must slay those purveyors of evil rampant throughout the land: Republicans and conservatives.

The Limbaugh Theorem is spot on.  However, the Obama tactics have been successful only because of the confluence of three factors that came together at a right moment in American history. 

The first is the long-term and intentional dumbing down of the American people.  The second, the incarnation of a celebrity culture as a byproduct of the ill-education of the citizenry as well as the concurrent decline of morality and denigration of religion.  The third is this nation’s unhealthy obsession with race.

The Viet Nam war protests of the 1960’s unleashed far more than just a demand for an end to the war.  Those that blamed America for all manner of alleged sins in the past and determined to transform the United States into a socialist/Marxist nirvana were able to step out from behind the shadows and enter the mainstream of national legitimacy.  This swarm of locusts soon enveloped the higher levels of Academia spawning countless clones to further infiltrate all strata of the education establishment including primary and secondary institutions.

The curriculum throughout all levels of schooling was gradually but inexorably altered to reflect the American left’s mindset, not only about the nation, but also their determination to undermine basic societal moral and religious underpinning as a necessary step in assuring the populace would look to government as their savior.   While the bulk of the populace slept content and mesmerized by the country’s overwhelming prosperity, this process, underway for nearly two generations, has eventuated in creating a massive class of low-information voters unconcerned about the nation’s future and susceptible to all manner of lies and propaganda from unscrupulous politicians such as Barack Obama, who will do or say anything to win an election.

Among the consequences of the successful undermining of societal mores and an ill-educated citizenry is the creation of a pervasive celebrity culture.   As the concepts of God and individual self-determination were increasingly denigrated and cast aside, the populace began to look elsewhere for so-called role models and guidance.  The obvious choice: those that entertain a vast number of people and are adept, through the vehicle of the media, at being constantly in the nation’s living rooms, sports venues, movie theatres, magazines and the internet.

While it is difficult for any national politician to achieve overwhelming celebrity status, Barack Obama made that goal his primary campaign objective.  Once he achieved that end, his checkered past and his record or philosophical bent became immaterial.  Combining that achievement with his African descent, he has been anointed as the national celebrity-in-chief.   Barack Obama is therefore above mere mortals to a majority of the gullible.

One of the aspects of American life that those of us who immigrated to the United States from other nations find confounding is the ongoing national obsession with race.   Particularly as America has made enormous strides in equality since I first set foot in this country in the early 1950’s.  In August of 1963, as college student in Washington D.C., I was one of nearly 200,000 people at the Lincoln Memorial to hear Martin Luther King deliver his “I Have a Dream Speech.”  (Thereafter I became active in the civil rights movement.)

What those in the movement strived to achieve was the end of institutional racism, knowing that in time, the attitudes of the people would change.  For the most part, this has been achieved within less than forty years — a truly remarkable accomplishment in such a short period of time as compared to the history of other nations.   Those of us of all races, some of whom gave their lives, were determined to rid this great country of its original sin.  It was not to give others the opportunity to exploit race as a means to their devious ends, either monetary or political.

Barack Obama has both cunningly and egregiously played the so-called “race card” whenever it suits his agenda.  He is reliant on so-called “white guilt” to stifle criticism or dissent, knowing that the overwhelming majority of Americans are too cowed to call him out on his actions or to be honest with pollsters or each other.  Barack Obama wields no greater weapon over the people and the media than his skin color. and as such far too many are intimidated, which allows him to successfully avoid responsibility and accountability.  

Thus Barack Obama reveals his abject lack of character by his dependence on manipulating an ill-educated population obsessed with celebrity, and on a society foolishly intimidated by race — in order to foist his radical and unwanted agenda on the country by any means possible and aggregate more power to the government.  He has shown himself to be the most dangerous, dishonest and narcissistic president in the history of the United States.

The scandals currently buffeting the Obama administration should not be a surprise, as Barack Obama and his minions have been emboldened to either break the law or do as they wish regardless of the Constitution or Congress.  He and his cronies know full well that they will not be held to account as they go about their stealth conquest of America.  There will be more revelations of wrongdoing and more scandals over the next three years, but will the bulk of the American people understand their role in empowering this President and finally hold him to account before it is too late?

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I keep reading one article after another delineating a litany of egregious acts committed by our wholly illegitimate tyrannical government, with a reference to our somnambulistic citizenry that enabled the collapse, then concluding with such questions as “Is it too late?” Well, let me be the first to declare unequivocally that “Yes, it is too late”. America as we knew it has ceased to exist. The Constitutional Republic of old is dead and gone. When the monster Hussein was elevated to the presidency and his Marxocrat minions seized all the reins of power it was the death knell of the grand and glorious experiment in self-government and individual rights that was once the hallmark of the entity we knew as the USA. The 100 year long project by the “Progressives” to dismantle our Constitutional Republic brick by brick has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Whatever we become from this point on is a dreaded unknown, but our position as a unified free people that became the greatest power the world has ever known is distant history that can never be recovered again.

Marion Michele Palmer

 They have maybe,  looked  like they have won ….but   THEY  HAVE  NOT !     Evil  has not conquered Good !  Uncivilized have not won over order !  Up is not down and BLACK is not WHITE !     Hope is never gone,   we are America,  there is a spirit  and  honesty and willingness to solve the most stubborn and nasty problems….In our special uniqueness,  stubbornness, and love for the good and truth…and with God’s help we WILL restore this nation!


Like the children of Israel taken into captivity by the Assyrians, we have a long hard road ahead of us. They HAVE succeeded–for now. But things always change sooner or later. Nothing remains static. Even the most repressive of regimes is destroyed in time.

We have to start thinking long-term, as they did. that’s how they beat us.

We must do what they did – take our values underground, learn to somehow survive  in their culture without becoming them. The Irish had their hedge schools. The Jews had their Yeshivas, the Native Americans preserved their values and culture in the face of a determined effort to eradicate it. Their traditions were handed down through song and dance. This is what we must do.

For as long as they will allow it, we must teach our children at home.  When we are forced to put them into government schools we must have our own hedge school and teach our children the truth in the evenings.

We must commit the documents and concepts of liberty to memory so that we do not have to depend on books, e-books, whatever. They probably plan to burn the books. 

As the conquering culture becomes more repressive, people will begin to look for a way out, a way to overcome the repression.  If we can keep the tradition of liberty alive, then we will have something to offer.

It will take a long time. It took them 100 years to destroy our liberty. It will take at least that much to regain it.

(As I read what I’ve written, I wonder if I am being too dramatic. Possibly so, but when I think of what happened to other cultures taken over by the statist regimes, China, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Congo, Zimbabwe, Persia, Cuba, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria….and on, and on, I think we should prepare for the worst and pray we never see it.)


I could not agree more, I refuse to give up.  My father who served in WWII and grandfather who served in WWI and my great-great grandfather who fought in the Civil War would haunt me and would tell all of to stop whining and get to work.

Sadly, unless enough of us wake up and get people who can fight this man and his movement elected, we are finished. Very few of those elected officials we have now are doing much to stop this. Actually, they are just as bad. It seems once they get a taste of power, they join in and do what they must to keep it. Term limits is the only thing that would help, and that will never happen. None of them will vote to give up their power.


With keeping perspective in mind, we should realize that obama and the so-called “progressives’ are not unusually intelligent or crafty. H.L. Mencken in “Notes on Democracy” in 1925 wrote of the people of his day and prior that were mostly “inferior” men without the intellect to progress beyond the emotional or academic age of twelve. Their instinct is to tear down “superior” men as opposed to pulling them up by the bootstraps. He spoke of these “inferior” men as not capable of the most basic abstractions such as “liberty” and continually sliding back towards “security.”
A reading of the American Revolution of which “Conceived in Liberty” by Rothbard is excellent, the Patriots composed perhaps one-third of the nation as one-third were Loyalist seeking security or at least rejecting liberty, and one-third that could not think past their supper and Saturday night with the wife.
So while I do not dispute your analysis, we must realize that many “inferiors” are only capable of licking boots and carrying demagogue’s bags. Praise God that we are not among them. Moreover, there seems to be a natural separation of the one-third from the rest in America, and our influence is not just helping in places such as the Carolinas, Texas, Tennessee, Kansas and Nebraska; but it is spreading to far corners of the world even in parts of China such as Hong Kong and has taken hold in South Korea.
I am as saddened as you as I watch the country I grew up in turmoil. But when I meet an ignorant, narrow-minded and angry liberal, I do always think “that for the Grace of God could be me.”


Actually, I think the Marxist moles and programs put in place in the government will far outlive the mere two terms of Hussein Obama. The progressive judges, the explosion of union supported government employees, the vast number of programs run by the likes of Lois Lerner and her ilk, etc…..

BHO does not need another term…..he has seeded the landscape with enough followers to continue his diabolical work for several generations. And when the Marxocrats and their Republican familials in the Senate pass immigration “reform”, then its “turn out the lights, the party’s over.”

R Felini

 The progressive ideology was already in place within the educational and government institutions when Obama was elected in 2008.  They have only arrived at the place where they have no further need to operate in the dark.


well, if you understand what Ms. Maxine Waters was telling people a few months ago about the o’s “foundation” it lays the framework and brickwork and statist-marxist tentacles deeply into the ever-growing bureaucratic government.  He won’t need to continue as dear leader as the leadership is intrinsically — turnkey—communism…just wait.

R ThePeeledEye

As you point out, Maxine Waters noted, in a television interview earlier this year, that Obama’s legacy would continue as a result of

“an organization that contains a kind of DATABASE that no one has ever seen before in life”.   She added, “That’s going to be very powerful”.    She, further, stated:  “And that DATABASE will have information about EVERYTHING on EVERY INDIVIDUAL in ways that it’s never been done before”.

R ThePeeledEye

You are exactly right in that Waters was not believed by many, after her statement was reported.   Those who commented on the article thought she was totally daft.   Now, it turns out that she, in fact, knew what was going on.  

It appears, based on what she said, that Barack Obama is the reason that so much information is being documented and stored, very likely, to be used AGAINST an adversary, at some future time.   It, also, appeared that her words were a threat to those who would oppose him.

When Obama was running against a Republican for Senate, the dirty Chicago political machine was able to get into Obama’s opponent’s personal divorce records.   Judge Bork, a truly good and exceptional American, and many others, have, over a period of decades, been smeared by Democrats, while their  corrupt liars, like Elena Kagan, get pushed up the political ladder.    The corruption in the Democratic machine is, now, an extreme threat to the very survival of our Constitutional Republic.

 So few want to believe what is happening before their eyes.    The Democrats are involved in the stealth Coup that is taking place—if only to keep themselves in power.  The old-time Republicans are a major problem and disappointment, as well.    Rand Paul should be leader of the House—not Boehner!


Becoming a second class power should be the least of our concerns when it is freedom itself that hangs in the balance. I once lived in a police state and I can tell you that, as night follows day, the State will continue its inexorable path to total control by, first, identifying and targeting the opposition, and, second, by the use of its vast power to intimidate the rest of us into silence or turn us into sheep for fear of being targeted ourselves.  I agree with another commenter that we are not a police state yet, but the seeds of one are being planted at a frightening rate.


 You are not being fair to blackelk. It is not seed that is in place that can be rooted out. It is not weeds that can be pulled up. It is like kudzu that has infiltrated the schools, the bureaucracies, the court seats, the cesspool in DC, the arts, the music, entertainment, books, the media, science, businesses, lawyers and many other things. It is these things that are deeply integrated into the system that cannot be rooted out of our “republic” unless there is surgery, amputation and even death. It will take violent action to purge the system. Will it happen in mine and blackelk’s lifetime? I doubt it unless the 1/3 rise up and say “no” with force. And soon. Real soon. No really, real real soon.
The Muslims will do it after it falls if we do not …

R BlueWoad

You are right. This “fundamental changing of America” has been going on since before WWI, and is pretty well complete. It is like a cancer cannot be easily rooted out, if at all, because it has its tentacles into everything. I am of the opinion that we just need to “put it down” and start all over with smaller states of similarly-minded people, and with a clean slate. There is just too much socialism/communism/progressivism (take your pick; they are all essentially the same) deeply rooted into the U.S.A. body politic that cannot or will not be removed. The great experiment is complete and it was unsuccessful, over the real long-term. We now need to tend to the heirs of the U.S.A., the new states that will form under the same or similar Constitution, once the old country is mercifully put to rest.


First and foremost focus on defeating ANY and ALL Democrats running for office at any level and talk to everyone you know about that goal.

Some of us have been doing that for many years now.  While I still am fighting the good fight, it’s in a different way.  Mainly because I saw the fraud going on with voting.  A lot of time and energy goes into campaigning, rallying, making calls, writing letters to then watch both Republicans and Democrats make a game of who can throw their constituents under the bus faster.  It’s hard for me to muster enthusiasm to do the above things based on a goal to attain seats in 2014 when I believe the fix is already in for 2014.  I don’t think it’s “game over” yet.  But I do think it’s darn close; and I intend to make sure my family is prepared.  So THAT is my focus.  Not pumping up some candidate that doesn’t give a hoot about you, me or this country.  I’ll still vote.  I firmly believe in that.  Even when it’s the “lesser of two evils” – what we usually get.  However, I’ve lost all faith in the system.  Sadly, that’s just the way the left want it.  I think the fight has moved into a new phase.

R robert108

Nice pessimism, but remember this: the generation in China that was raised exclusively by a Marxist govt with 100% power and penetration into society was the one that rioted in Tianenmen Square twenty years after the “Cultural Revolution”.  “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” – Yogi Berra


I agree. The reason they have succeeded is because we allowed them to change the culture. Well, it’s changed. Look around at the prevalent values and mores, the indoctrination that takes place in schools. It took them generations; changing culture always takes time, but I would say they’ve succeeded.


 Obsession with race may indeed be a “Black thing,” and Democrats DO most definitely find it useful.  Since the Liberal Socialists have control of the Army, one of their programs is to CREATE HATRED for Whites in new Black and other minority soldiers, as rapidly as possible!  I have seen young men and women from several Indian Reservations who enlisted in the Army in order to 1) get off the Reservation and 2) get a better education and prepare themselves for future achievement in REALVILLE.  Once the Army EEO and “Social Awareness” Programs get their teeth into these kids, they turn BITTER toward Whites, are convinced that they can NEVER ACHIEVE anything because of White “racism,” and must return to the Reservation.  Then, they “educate” other Indians as to how “racist” Whites are.  This happens with Black kids too, who enlist hoping that they’ve gotten out of the inner-city and the “Hood.”  But the Army convinces them that they are still victims.  Everybody is a VICTIM according to Army EEO and “Social Awareness” programs.  Instead of COHESION in the Army, Liberal Socialists have introduced DIVERSITY.  Diversity that destroys morale and Esprit de Corps!  Since the homosexuals are now out of the closet, they too want THEIR CUT of the EO pie!  I think that the ultimate goal is SEGREGATION.  Very few Blacks, Hispanics or Indian soldiers want to live with Whites.  They find Whites to be repugnant and have been trained to think that way, by our own Army’s Leadership.


Same here. I don’t partake but I have come to believe that those in the elite class, whether inherited or nova riche, can not square the circle that is their lives. They enjoy the bounty of their wealth while viewing, on the periphery, those who are far less fortunate. Those people intersect their circle when they are serving their needs and wants.  They know they have “won life’s lottery.”  Instead of sharing their time and money to assuage their guilt, their concerns become a cause and the cause requires little of them except their voice and some money thrown about now and then. They can feel better about themselves and talk about how sad it is and how mad it makes them at their next cocktail party. Nothing of substance changes, but at least they tried.


Race is really an obsession with any “ethnic group” except whites and therein lies the problem. Caucasians have been beaten relentlessly with the race club everywhere on the planet. The lie that whites are responsible for everything bad that has happened throughout human history has been told so often that the lie became truth. Other races of people are taught at an early age to take pride in their race and to be suspicious of those not of club membership. Over time, each race as developed their protectorate mentality to differing degrees, except for the white man. Most races are most comfortable living with and among their own. It is only whites that are stupid enough to encourage race mixing which results in culture mixing and development to the extent it changes a country’s appearance. The results of which you currently see in modern-day America.

Before Snowden came forward, the White House had vowed to get the whistleblower behind the NSA scandal. We have heard no such vows regarding the other scandals. I still think that the first scandal, Fast and Furious, came the closest to finding the culprits. When it got too close, Obama’s Executive Privilege told Issa to shut the “F” up , go home, the game’s over. Instead of Issa replying with “Game On,” Issa shut up, went home and found a new game. Instead of storming Normandy, Issa felt that Malibu was a better target. Were Issa in charge of D-Day, Hitler would still be vacationing in Cannes. Issa never figured out that there had to be something there for Executive Privilege to be pulled out of the bag. Obama never would have used the big club if it weren’t absolutely necessary. It was time for Issa to seize the momemt, to attack, attack, attack. It was time for audacity, but Issa wasn’t up to the challenge. Obama knew who was behind Fast and Furious. That was why there was no vow to find the culprit. There was no need. Now, Obama, Holder and Clinton sit behind the tower of Executive Privilege laughing at the peons that they have fooled again. I sometimes wonder if they ever feel quilt over the death of Brian Terry.


The Gop keps nominating moderates who campaign by Mayberry rules. If by accident that they win, they “reach across the isle and “compromise”. (Give Liberals what they want) We need to get control of nominations process first. The country club will not ever fight to win. It would interfere with their cocktail party circle.


There is so much wisdom in what you wrote.  Just look at Tears Boner the next time he’s in Obama’s presence–it’s disgusting how cowed Boehner looks and how he obviously glows just from being in the glow of the Won.


It is a pity that the Bill Clinton disgraced the Oval Offfice with a young inturn and that cigar and it was ignored.  If you and I had done that we would still be in jail.  Previosly as Governer of Arkansas, Clinton exposed himself to Paula Jones and nobody cared.  I read somewhere that an Arkansas trooper said he was going to the press with the whole sordid story was found dead in a garbage can with the back of his head blown of.  The Arkansas coroner ruled that he had committed suicide.
Funny that the feminists paid no attention, and rewarded Bill Clinton with a dinner and an award for , “staying active below his waist”.
Democrats are scumbags and I would not trust them to walk my dog.


The  Buckhart Theorem offers two more reasons why Barack Obama will never be held accountable for his criminal activity:
1. Mitch McConnell
2. John Boehner


Dumb voters, check. Starstruck voters, check. Obsession with racism, check. But none of this could have happened without a corrupt, Marxist, complicit mainstream media. 0bama was created by the media, and can only be destroyed by the media. Fat chance of them ever turning on their Messiah. They will deflect, omit, spin, and distort facts to protect him to the bitter end. This is OK, because only they know what’s best for We The People.

R rmacintyre

Terrific point.  The media in this country are the epitome of what Mr. McCann describes in this article.  Ill-educated, celebrity driven and obsessed with race.  That is why they are in the tank for Obama.  All one has to do is listen to many on the media being interviewed, I doubt if many of them have ever generated an original thought.


The one thing that has enabled the left/obominites to get ahead is amnesty and illegal immigration. Most of the country is for the country but we are outnumbered by illegals and outright voter fraud. Do you really think a pelosi would “win” without cheating. It’s not us giving in to them or being dumb, though many are, it’s the fact that they cheat, steal, and lie to get what they want. And they do it because they believe they are morally superior. No irony to them because they are so stupid they don’t even see it. They HAVE to cheat to win.

To paraphrase: “Treason (conspiracy)  doth never prosper.  What’s the reason?  For if it prosper none dare call it treason ( conspiracy )”.

 Marion Michele Palmer

It isn’t the Patriot Act the way it was operational under G.W. Bush….that is the problem.   Then the Patriots were in charge…. now for all we know they can use all that spying  for political payback.   Did anyone notice when the OLD IRS boss under Bush spoke to the media…he came off as a straight shooter,  and man with integrity  and honor….fast forward to Shulman who “KNOWS  NOTHING”  only the Easter bunny!   See the difference?   One went to the Whitehouse ONE time,  and the other 157 visits…..!


The very root of this evil is The Low Information Voter. Period! Had even 25% of these people tried even half heartedly to educate themselves this POStus would have spent his life as a worker bee in some cinder block hive.

Mr. McCann,

Your well crafted article was a pleasure to read. It’s probably the best I’ve read here. I hope it’s widely linked to; you deserve a large readership.
I do have questions. Why do virtually all articles on this subject, including yours, appropriately excoriate the MSM but ignore the enormously disappointing performance of the Conservative MSM, which will never mention–let alone discuss– the constitutional issues surrounding Obama’s election and re-election? In fact, the Conservative MSM has implemented a total blackout on this subject, as well as on the subject of the controversy surrounding Obama’s identity documents. Again, why? Isn’t it a legitimate subject? And, in fact, isn’t it the sole remaining weapon which can be used to stop Obama and his administrative agenda?

This could have been an outstanding column, but it is fundamentally compromised by Mr. McCann being low-information on Martin Luther King, Jr., believing the myth rather than the reality. Mr. McCann would have us believe that King never began supporting the Communist victory in Indochina at the behest of Stanley David Levison in 1965, thus decoupling the civil rights movement from democratic principles. King had anti-capitalistic feelings as early as 1950, and in his “Beyond Vietnam” speech of April 4, 1967, he said: “I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a ‘thing-oriented’ society to a ‘person-oriented’ society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.”

Mr. McCann needs to check out David Garrow’s “The FBI and Martin Luther King Jr.,” paying particular attention to chapter 6, “The Radical Challenge of Martin King.”

Mr. McCann correctly points out that “The Viet Nam war protests of the 1960’s unleashed far more than just a demand for an end to the war. Those that blamed America for all manner of alleged sins in the past and determined to transform the United States into a socialist/Marxist nirvana were able to step out from behind the shadows and enter the mainstream of national legitimacy.” But he is so obsessed with race that he doesn’t understand that this describes Martin Luther King, Jr. perfectly.


“…and is not directly linked or blamed for any of these debacles… “

I had read  somewhere, that Hitler left no paper trail between himself and the gas ovens….  Not having a link is not proof of innocence, especially since the default Chicago way is to be seen and photographed golfing with the mayor when the ordered hit goes down.


You are correct. The MSM media elected him because he was a gay black and a marxist.  They have supported the Bolsheviks for one hundred years, they are still fighting the Russain Czars, and they are still angry at Richard Nixon for winning the 1972 election in a landslide and for exposing Alger Hiss for a GRU spy.


 Obama has won a lot of battles, but that is only because he brings a gun to the fight and the Republicans bring knives. Or nail clippers. I was listening to Rush today as he indicated the many reasons why we might feel depressed. But why, I was wondering, doesn’t Rush spend the time at least alluding now and then to Obama’s many vulnerabilities?

The man is walking on thin ice. Why don’t people talk about his private life in Chicago, and Frank Marshall Davis, and why nobody seems to remember him from Columbia, and that only he could give the stand-down order, and Shulman at the IRS  would not have acted without orders from above, and the fact that Obama actually does not seem to have a birth certificate. (Wow! There are many implications but the most devastating one is that he looked in the camera and lied that this was a non-issue and we didn’t have time for such nonsense. Compare Clinton and sex.)… Some people say this stuff is not central. But I remember Dan Rather going wall-to-wall for a month about an Army document. When somebody like Dan Rather goes wall-to-wall for a month about a phony birth certificate, then we will at least have brought a gun to the fight.

Excellent.. You have hit all of the problems associated with the true liberal agenda that has plagued this country for the past 40 years.
There must be drastic changes in the attitudes of it’s people in order to save it.


It is too late. The college generation know no other way
My hometown is approving an Indian Casino in the center of town. MGM is buying all the RE.

WATCH BACK TO THE FUTURE II . We are living in a parallel time continuum. Robert Zemekis was prescient.

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