The Law of Natural Belonging

versus U.S. “Imperial” Citizenship Policy

Individuals who think have at some time or other wondered “who am I?”. But that question can’t be answered without first answering the question that precedes it, -which is; “what am I?”
The problem is that that question is never answered because it is never asked. It never even comes to mind. It’s like the air pressure we exist in. It’s unrecognized, along with all of the implications of its answer.
What we are is the most fundamental issue in human life because our entire orientation to the rest of humanity is determined by it. Are we born as human cattle, required by our subservient nature to obey and follow our masters? Or are we born free?

With the complexity of human nature being what it is, it’s accurate to say that for many people, the answer to both questions is “yes”. That’s possible because the question combination isn’t legitimately logical. What we are by nature and what we are by Right are two different things.

We may be born free by natural right but not be adult enough to want to be completely non-dependent on those who are more adult or more capable at caring for us, -including financially.

So the questions are really aimed at those who are beyond the adolescent stage of life and are far closer to what is conceived of as being adult, if just in the social sense. What we are determines our role and position in life; …leader?… or follower?; -teacher or student?; superior or subordinate?; independent, or dependent?
What we are determines our role(s) in life, including our relationship to those with the legal and martial power of government. What is the proper role of government in society? What are its rights?

That can only be answered by first knowing what the natural rights of individuals are. What they are determines what those of government are, -and are not, since it is an artificial creation of the individuals of a nation, -provided the nation is actually free and not an autocracy or plutocracy. Under those systems the answer to the question of what we are is answered very negatively, with negative consequences for all who are not members of the ruling elite.

They define  RIGHTS  in terms of the rulers and not in terms of the ruled. The problem with that satanic approach is that there is no natural limitation on where their RIGHTS and assumed POWER ends. That is why absolute power has always corrupted absolutely.

Mature human nature rejects the power-grabbing greed of would-be masters and senses that their good intentions will not outweigh their bad and selfish inclinations when they reach the point where they have to choose their own personal benefit or the benefit of others.

Those who come to positions of authority, and see themselves as directors, executives, officers, administrators, supervisors, judges, masters, deciders, decree-ers, and dictate-ers are almost always incapable of seeing themselves as servants, -as in servants of WE, The PEOPLE.

Their power gives them a sense of “rightful authority” over their equals as well as their inferiors when there is nothing “rightful” about it. It is instead a sacred trust, a moral duty which springs from an obligation to represent the protection & defense of the rights of The People, and not an arbitrary and self-benefiting exercise of power lacking the consent of the governed.

The rights of the governors is therefore rightfully determined by their relationship to the rights of the individual. So determining what those rights are will answer the question of what we are.

We cannot be something that we are naturally not, and we cannot not be something that we naturally are, so we must deduce what we naturally are.
That is achieved by understanding how we are naturally constituted. How are we made or what is our innate nature? Not our own individual nature at today’s point in our life, but the innate nature of our species at the stage of adulthood.

Being born into a matrix of societal authority, our thoughts do not generally turn to the issue of what our rights are but to what our needs are, -what our wants are, -what will fulfill us and make us secure. As seen in a nation like China, one’s natural rights take a distant backseat to the issue of one’s financial advancement, and that is easily understandable since you cannot eat or wear or drive your right to speak your mind.
We treat our rights merely as an issue that opens doors to fulfill our needs and wants, and not as a primary issue of life that is equal to or superior to our needs and wants. We fail to properly prioritize our rights until they are threatened or stolen from us. That is exactly the reality expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

It speaks of how men naturally acquiesce meekly to the trampling of their rights because rebellion is an extreme and radical response to abuse, but… when the abuse becomes intolerable, they will forcefully reassert the rights that they had unwillingly let slip away via the usurpation of personal liberty, -a usurpation fostered by the oppressive dictates of dictators.

Only then do their minds begin to fully focus on what their natural rights are. The first one that then comes to mind is the natural right of self-defense. No one can tell anyone that they have no right to defend themself because that right is an innate instinct of all living things.

What does it spring from within human society? It springs from the first right of all, which is born in the most fundamental instinct of all, and that is the innate will to live.
The will to live and the right to live are naturally married throughout one’s life, -although they can tragically become divorced.
The right to live is the right that is most central to humans living together and not annihilating each other. If a despotic sadistic alpha-male has no consideration that others have that right, then you have pure evil on Earth. But among civilized beings, that right is recognized and paramount.

But an even deeper question can be asked, and that is; “From what even deeper right does the right to live spring?” That question is not one that need not necessarily be asked because it necessarily must be asked and answered because the answer changes everything by providing a force to make possible a matrix or framework of free and civilized life.

That force is like gravity. Without gravity we still have life, but we do not have an order conducive to living and pursuing happiness. We need gravity to ground us, and everything else, -just as we need an answer to the question about what our right to live is based on. The answer is the gravity that holds together a human existence that is capable of seeking and finding happiness within a social environment that includes individual Liberty.

The answer to the question is that the right to live springs from the fundamental right of ownership, -not of property but of one’s very self. Who owns you? Is it anyone who is stronger than you and can dominate you? Is it the government? Or do you own yourself? If you own yourself, then your life belongs to you, and no one has any right to take it.

What does human nature tell us about ourself? Does it tell us that we are born to be someone’s slave? Or that we are born to be free of anyone else’s ownership over us because we own ourselves?
The answer is not a philosophical one because it springs from the very nature with which we are constructed. It is innate, part of the fabric of our being. Independence is the only air that our spirits want to breath until the heart enters a relationship of co-dependence.

Beings that own themselves (“freemen”) do not accept dictators running their lives and herding them like cattle because the self-appointed masters do not own them. No one does. They own themselves. That is their natural right because that is how they are made. The core of their make-up is the spirit of self-autonomy.
But their natural right to own themselves does not end at just themselves. It extends to that which they rightfully own and need for self-protection and maintaining their existence. And it extends further still, -to those who are intimately tied to them; -their spouse and children.

They are a part of them and cannot be separated by any authority other than rightful punishment, -or for their own personal protection and right to be free from threat and harm. Otherwise they are all one unit, bound together by bonds of devotion and blood. They belong to each other.
And that brings up the issue of the other fundamental right, and that is the right to belong. One might think of it as co-ownership. One belongs to one’s self but also to another to whom they are naturally connected.

I’ve been told that there is a grove of Aspen trees in the High Sierras which are unlike other trees in that instead of each tree being a single individual tree, they are all linked together underground. Their roots are all connected to each other as one organism. No tree is an island unto itself.
That is similar to the situation of families, clans, tribes, and countries. In all natural countries, bonds of kinship bind them together, and those bonds are all natural bonds. Those bonds are the reason they are all natural members of their own people, -their own country.

When a country is advanced enough, it becomes a nation that is governed by established laws, written laws, administered by servants of the State. If the State is a monarchy or a dictatorship, then the members of the nation are its subjects.
If the State is an independent democratic republic, then the members of the country are the citizens of the nation. They are bound to their countrymen and to their nation by the natural bonds of kinship, -including the kinship of respect for natural rights and principles of individual liberty.
It is those natural bonds that produce natural members of the country, and natural citizens of the nation.

Government does not produce natural members of the country. Rather, the natural members of the country produce the government and the nation of which they are natural citizens. The nation belongs to them and they belong to it as a member of the national family.

They do not require the government’s permission to be what they are naturally.
Their membership is automatic, immutable, permanent because they are either of the generation that created the government or are descendants of those who did. (or they are members by legal allowance, -being children of those made legal members by immigration and naturalization)

What they are is seen in what they naturally belong to. They are first freemen and members of their family, and second they are countrymen, and members of their homeland, -and third they are citizens, -members of the nation established in their country.

The government does not make them freemen. The government does not make them sons and daughters, husbands and wives. Those bonds are natural bonds; -bonds of the heart and bonds of blood.
The government does not make them countrymen because they are born into that relationship with the fellow members of their homeland.
And THE GOVERNMENT does not make them CITIZENS because they are born as citizens by being born of citizens, -as the natural members of their own country and nation.
Their relationship to their family, their society, their country, and their nation is a blood relationship passed from parents to children generation after generation after generation.

Government does not create that relationship and government cannot terminate it. It is beyond any authority given to it by those who created the government. How could freemen give the government the right to own them and own their children as well, and to tell them whether or not they are accepted as members of their own nation?

But that absurdity is exactly what most people were raised to believe to be true. It’s not an overt belief that is indoctrinated into us all of our young lives. It is very covert, and it comes in the form of the belief that government owns us since it owns the means by which we were allowed to become members of our nation. It makes the rules and its rule is that members must be born on the government’s land.
Where do we find such a rule that is the source of the government’s “authority” over our membership? It does not exist.
The government has no such authority over us nor over our natural membership in our own country and nation. We belong because we were born belonging. Belonging is as much our fundamental right as is the right of self defense, -which is its sister right.
The right of belonging comes with the right to be defended and the duty to defend those to whom we are bonded. The able defend the disabled or less able. The strong defend the weak. The young defend the younger and the elderly. The mother’s defend the children. The males defend the females, etc. That is the duty of their bond.

That duty extends all of the way from one’s own immediate family on up to one’s nation. It is a natural duty to which we are born and which sustains societies and nations in times of attack or grave impending danger.
Governments are aware of the natural bonds and natural duties of their citizens, and require that members fulfill their obligations when and if needed. Many nations have mandatory military service for all young men, and Israel requires it even of her young women. That reflects a clear understanding of the right of self-defense, not just of individuals but also of nations charged with protecting them in perpetuity.
Governments rightfully require young people to do their duty not because they own them but because it is their natural duty to their own people and their own countrymen who are united in the task of national survival and defense of freedom.
And like a father who does not allow his children to shirk from their assigned chores, so the government does not allow its lazy and reluctant sons to shirk their national duty.
If they refuse, they will be sent to the woodshed of the federal penitentiary. But just as one can quit their family, so citizens can quit their nation because that is their natural right since they own themselves and are not the property of the government.
If the government owned you then it could tell you that you are no longer a member of the nation, and perhaps worse, neither is your wife, -nor your children. But if you have a primal right to own yourself, and a natural right to belong to those to whom you are bonded by nature, then government can do no such thing since you belong to the nation by a fundamental natural right which cannot be infringed.
That right does not evaporate at the water’s edge, nor just across an artificial and usually invisible border. It is an organic right that cannot be separated from you by any circumstance because it is supreme over all legitimate government authority.
An extension of your right to belong to your own is the right of the children you might produce. They inherit that right as a birthright and it is theirs regardless of the location of the momentary transition from womb to world.
Neither that event nor its location can negate their natural right to belong to the people and nation of those who produced them and in whose image they are formed. They are natural members at birth, by birth, before birth, and after birth. And “birth” does not mean birth-location. It means the process of producing new life, -new American life.

end of part 1 (of 3), pages 1-4 of 10.

by Adrien Nash  March 2014  obama–


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“When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain - Politicians and diapers - change 'em often, for the same reason. "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." Ronald Reagan "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." William F. Buckley, Jr. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it. Abraham Lincoln “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell “Satan will use a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison”.

4 Responses to The Law of Natural Belonging

  1. The Magic M says:

    > And THE GOVERNMENT does not make them CITIZENS because they are born as citizens by being born of citizens

    But how do you prove it? Your argument is, in part, that the biological father’s citizenship is important for the child’s citizenship. However you fail to explain how this was supposedly proven before the advent of DNA analysis. You can’t say “the legal father counts” because the legal father (as in “the legal father is the mother’s husband unless proven otherwise”) is a man-made construct and can’t count within your framework.

    So how would an NBC by your definition (two citizen parents) be proven during the Founders’ days?

    This is why your specific variant of Vattelism utterly fails even the most basic smell test.

  2. arnash says:

    It seems you didn’t read what you are supposedly responding to. You present a presumption of what my framework is when it is NOT my framework. So congratulations! You’ve deconstructed a construction of your own imagining.

    You fail to connect to reality, now and then, as in the late 1800 century when divorce was almost unheard of, -all childbirth to all of a respectable character was within marriage, and the father was the dominant head of the household who “owned” his own issue and was the mold from which they were cast, being fashioned in his political and social likeness.

    His political DNA was theirs as well.
    As for the “legal father” -your term, he was not a legal construct, nor was marriage, although it was necessarily tied to legal sanction. Marriage was a very real bond of belonging which nothing could sever except infidelity or cruelty or infertility or impotence. It produced off-spring which were a natural part of the bond of belonging, including family membership, state membership and national membership.

    As for proving nbc status, it wasn’t needed if the father was an American by birth. If his nationality at the time of the child’s birth was unknown, then records could have been consulted. Was he a foreign subject or a State citizen? The answer determined whether or not his son was born as an American or as a foreigner but possibly with state citizenship in a jus soli state.

    His child might be foreigner-born but recognized as a native-born citizen of the child’s home state, but nevertheless not recognized as a natural born citizen of either his state nor the United States.

  3. Burnell L. Harrison says:

    I understand that it is fun (for some people) to write and speculate about the “late 1800 century when divorce was almost unheard of”, but it does not have much relevance to the real world today if it is not backed up by real facts. In the 1800’s they had slavery, and only white men who owned substantial property were allowed to vote. And you had to have a father who was a Nobleman if you wanted to be in the House of Lords.

    None of that applies today, and no actual existing court or legitimate legal system recognizes any such thing as “The Law of Natural Belonging.” The bottom line is that a citizen at birth is a natural born citizen.

  4. arnash says:

    “no actual existing court or legitimate legal system recognizes any such thing as “The Law of Natural Belonging.”

    You are both right and wrong simultaneously. What they ALL recognize is the law of natural belonging. (see what I did there? No capitals, no quotation marks) You cannot find a government on earth that does not hold it as an unwritten natural right. If you prefer, you can call it something else, like the law of blood connectedness, the principle of natural membership, the rule of natural bonds, etc.
    The law of natural belonging is an unalienable right of all sentient souls, animal and human. Governments create by humans for humans are incapable of surrendering that right to the government that they create unless they are really, really stupid,… which some people are, but not our founders.

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