The Law of Natural Belonging, Pt. 2

 Versus U.S. “Imperial” Citizenship Policy

A very clear circumstance that reveals in stark terms the difference between the natural right of belonging and the nature of satanic, tyrannical ownership of human beings is seen in the example of the Greeks and Spartans vs. the Xerxesians.
The “god-king” Xerxes felt that all souls should be his souls since he was naturally their superior. What right did they have to live autonomous lives when a greater and superior than themselves was rightfully their master by the satanic principle that might makes right and the strong are born to rule the weak?

The Spartans and the Greeks embraced self-governance for all freemen because they owned themselves, and would fight to their last breath to defend their natural autonomy. So it was a situation of primal conflict; -good vs. evil; between the domineering satanic spirit and the human spirit fashioned with the nature to be free and independent and able to exercise autonomous free will.

So, just as a Supreme Being is naturally free, so also would be the apex creation of such a being; -independent souls designed to value liberty. But the satanic spirit yearns to be God over all others, and not just by their devoted and submissive obedience, but by the dominating force of shear power.

The satanic spirit also often contains a strong streak of the the demonic, which is the sadistic spirit that wants more than just authority, but wants to revel in unbridled domination and infliction of crushing force and pain. The more bug-like status one can reduce their victims to, the more pleasure is generated by stepping on them.

That is the end-stage of power-madness, -a stage that many an absolute ruler arrived at throughout human history.  But freemen fought back because they became conscious of their natural rights in this life, -rights viewed as innate to the nature with which mankind was imbued.

But Dictators have a mind-set that rejects all gods but themselves, and since they themselves gave their subjects no such natural rights, they therefore do not exist. Their subjects exist solely for the monarchs benefit, -not the other way around, because they are naturally or divinely entitled to rule as they please. That is what they view as being the order of nature, (the strong naturally rule the weak) -or, if embracers of the philosophy of the Divine Right of Kings, the divine order of things mandated by Heaven.

But freemen reject both of those self-serving and self-elevating attitudes and philosophies because they know that no man is a god. They are not created superior and inferior in the eyes of their creator. They are all equal on a horizontal plane, not in a vertical hierarchy, -and also equally entitled to be free and to be governed by men who respect their rights, -the rights of those who elected them to represent them, guided above all by the rule of law. ~ ~ ~

99% of the time, membership in nations, (including in the United States) is accompanied by or results from birth within the nation. That membership is automatic, unsupervised, unrecognized, unnoted. Government does not show up and announce “For the record, we have a new citizen here!”
All newborn citizens are equally anonymous to the central government and indistinguishable until when later reported in income tax filings, welfare and medicaid fillings, and census reporting. They are all the same, it would seem, whether one was born of Americans like some 97% are, or born of immigrants. All are equal members of the same playpen, the same school yard, the same neighborhood and town or city, and subject to the same courts and laws.
No distinction can be seen. All are native-born new members of American society who grow up with the same American identity and language, -although the children of immigrants grow up learning two languages from two very different countries. So there is something different about them after all, or about their origin and upbringing.

That difference is little noted by the American government. In fact it is probably only noted within an analysis think-tank of the Census Bureau which collects and pours over demographic statistics. They are charged with noticing what others have no reason to notice, namely the facts about origin.
They have to have labels for everything and that includes the children of citizens and the children of foreigners. It labels the latter as foreign-stock and the former as native-stock because they were born of natives and not outsiders.

But Census statistics have no connection to the rule of law within society. They are real but abstract to American life until legislative districts are redrawn, Congressional seats reapportioned, and funding gets shifted based on numbers. But statistics have no direct impact on any given individual. In fact nothing does except in the very rarest of rare circumstances.

So you see, although there is no open delineation between the newborns of the nation since they have no spotlight shined on them, and are essentially ignored as inconsequential to the government, there is something that does distinguish them. That something is some words written in the past by a Supreme Court of the United States which makes a difference by not making a difference between the native-stock and the foreign stock.
Those words were an opinion of the court handed down in 1898 in the case of Wong Kim Ark, by which it declared that the children of immigrant Chinese parents are American citizens, -and thus by extrapolation, the children of all other immigrant parents as well.

That made a difference for U.S. born immigrant children by eliminating a difference between them and citizen-born children by declaring them to also be citizens of the United States.
Ever since it has been a fundamental policy of the nation, the government, that the court’s opinion is the law of the land.

That law resides in the minds of all persons having a responsibility to administer laws regarding who is a citizen and eligible for citizenship, with its benefits and protections, and who is not.  It can hardly be viewed as residing anywhere else than in their minds alone because everyone in America who is legally here is treated equally. So there are no litmus tests in society to discern a resident’s nationality source because that is not a role that non-authorities are charged with, -and under the current administration, no one is charged with, in effect, in any way that changes their lives.

That leaves that one very extremely rare circumstance in American life kind of overlooked and consigned to a back closet of a sub-basement of our national obligation toward something penned two and a quarter centuries ago and very rarely written about. And that something is the issue of who is allowed to be President and Chief Commander of American Military Forces.

All of the children born in America to alien immigrant parents can bless the Supreme Court of 1898 and point to its ruling as the (publicly unknown) source of their acceptance as American citizens. But very few, if any, even know of its existence. All they know is what is “general knowledge”; namely that if you are born in America, then you are automatically given American citizenship. And that is true, even though not legitimate in all circumstances, -including Barack Obama’s, and all children born of foreign guests.

How does that relate to who is allowed to be President? It is connected by way of the words that the members of the Constitutional Convention chose to use to describe who is eligible to be President. Their words were that the President must be “No person except a natural born citizen”.

That sounds totally organic and homegrown; -all-American and nothing else. The nothing else is where there’s a problem, because the children of all foreigners have something else about their origin that the children of American citizens do not have. In fact they have two things.
One is the one that the founders of the nation and framers of the Constitution meant to prohibit, and that is direct foreign blood connections, otherwise known as “alienage”. No one who is the issue of American parents has any alienage because their only direct ties are to America. So that is what the Constitution requires and alienage is what it forbids.

~ In their lifetimes, two American children may have grown up together and had very similar lives, but one is eligible to be President and the other is not because of who his father and mother were when he was born.
If they were not American, then he was not born as a natural American but was born American by the second thing that distinguishes him from his companion, and that is the law of the land as determined by officials of government.
You see, if your American citizenship is established by and forever protected by American law, -is even enshrined by the United States Supreme Court as an element of a constitutional amendment , -then you have the authority of an essentially immutable law on your side to protect your U.S. citizenship, but you also have the original and unchanged constitutional prohibition against you being constitutionally eligible to be President.

The very fact of your being a citizen by law makes you ineligible because only those with alienage, (-those who were born a part of the “foreign stock”) are protected by American law, and the Supreme Court.
The other 97% or so are not. Their citizenship is not granted by anything in American law because it’s acquired by conception & birth that involved the political DNA of only American citizens.
They are citizens by birthright, -by inheritance, by membership handed down from parents to children generation after generation. They don’t need any law because they were the same sort of native countrymen as those who created the law.

They who create a world of robots do not need to make a robot-world law to allow themselves and their progeny access to that which they have made. Their right of access is fundamental, intrinsic and unwritten. It is a natural ownership right of the creators, and that right is passed on to their children, just like wealth is passed, like copyrights and patents are passed, like property is passed.
The fundamental natural rights of ownership and belonging are at play, and they are all that is needed. Fundamental rights do not need to be stated in legal documents because they are unquestioned and unalienable.

Government might write down in some document that individual citizen rights exist, (like the Bill of Rights) and has done so right from the beginning, but language written to protect natural rights is not the same as language designed to grant a right, -to institute a new legal right, -even though they both may sound identical as declaratory statements.

Declaratory statements written by Congress do not include a mention of the source of their authority, -whether it be the Natural Rights of Man or the authority given to Congress by the Constitution.
Consequently, those who are unaware of “what they are” fail to understand that they are not a child of government and what it gives, but are a child of their society and were born possessing a natural right to be part of it, -the consequence of a natural mutual bond of belonging to parents who are members.

The children of immigrants acquire that natural right more and more as time passes and they grow-up in a society alien to their parents but of which they themselves become an integrated part.

They also have a constitutional right to be considered as a citizen of the nation formed by that society. But they do not have a right, -natural nor constitutional, to command all of the power and weaponry and nuclear bombs of the nation because that critical role is rightfully and wisely reserved only for the natural citizens of the nation, -and forbidden to the legal citizens.

So if you are a citizen by the gift of American law, then you are not eligible to serve as President. Only those who are citizens by no law whatsoever are eligible because only they are natural born citizens of America as the Constitution requires.


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