Obama and Hawaiian DoH Director Fuddy’s Convenient Death

All cold-blooded killers like to leave no loose ends that point back to them. Consequently, witnesses or hired underlings end up being dispatched to the next life so that they can never give testimony against secret criminals that could put those criminals on death row.
That danger to them is why the witness protection program was created. There are plenty of people who will kill other people for reasons of hate or profit. They have to be kept away from their would-be targets or they will end up dead.
But people in the public eye cannot just enter the witness protection program and disappear into a new identity in a new unknown location. They have to continue living their lives in the public eye and hope that secrets that they know, -which it would be better to not know, won’t eventually cause wheels to be put in motion that will figuratively drop a meteor on their head. The sword of Damocles hangs over their head, which they have to live under everyday. Until it drops.
Sometimes it drops in very suspicious ways, like a “suicide” by shooting oneself in the back or some such unbelievable circumstances. But more often it drops in very, very subtle and believable ways. Bullets are no longer a credible way to eliminate the cognoscenti; they raise too many eyebrows. So other methods must be employed.

As everyone has been made aware via fiction and fact depicted in films and novels, the security agencies of powerful governments know dozens of covert means to make people dead, with the worse being thorium injected with a fine tip needle. But that is too revealing since it’s highly radioactive. Something much more subtle would be something that would simply stop one’s heart.
An autopsy might show death by an air embolism, or some form of poison but will not show something that causes a “natural death” by blocking the electrical signal to the heart muscle. That could work by stopping the heart outright like they do in open-heart surgery, or by causing the muscles to not receive a consistent pulse of electricity but an inconsistence pulse which causes the muscles to contract separately instead of in unison. Such an effect would result in a death that a coroner would assume was caused by cardiac arrhythmia, even though it can’t be detected in a non-beating heart. One can’t detect an irregular heart-beat if the heart is not even beating. One has to draw assumptions in the absence of detectible fact.

The coroner who did the autopsy of Loretta Fuddy, -the deceased Director of the Hawaiian Department of Health, chose to ascribe her unexplained and unexpected death as being due to cardiac arrhythmia. Well, for that to be believable a few things would have to be true; she would have to have had a prior detection of cardiac irregularity via some experience that made her feel “ill”, or was detected during a routine heart exam. Being 65 years of age, and head of the department of Health, it would be certain that her health was not overlooked or ignored.

She would have had a stress text or two over the years because women have been known for some time now to have as many deaths due to heart disease and heart attacks as men.
According to her own brother, she was in excellent health, and there were no known heart problems. If she had been my grandmother’s age when she died from cardiac arrhythmia due to forgetting to take her digitalis with her during a few days away from home, then it would be understandable, but then my grandmother was 88 years old, while Fuddy was still a relatively young 65, very active and fully functioning as a department director, -which, he brother pointed out, requires strong nerves and not a ‘fraidy-cat spirit.

On the other hand, there are many things about her which we do not fully know. Including how she got the job in the first place. She was appointed to replace the sitting head of the department who had just been installed into office just three weeks prior. When asked by a reporter why he had resigned, that was the first he had heard of it, and answered that it was news to him.
So everything about her “appointment” was suspicious, including the fact that unlike a doctor, which all previous heads had been, she had no experience in life that would have produced those nerves of steel one would expect for a department head. In fact, she was an emotional, vulnerable, needy, gentle, single, childless soul who was a church member and a cult member, -being a leader (or the leader) of the branch of the Subuh cult in Hawaii.
Obama’s mother had also been a member. Obama and Fuddy were connected through his mother, -at least in a tangential way, but even more so in a political way.

We all know that spy agencies and the military, both of which must keep very classified secrets, are always concerned about an agent being susceptible to being emotionally compromised; charmed, wined-&-dined, hopelessly involved with a person of the opposite sex (or a person of the same sex, -even more worrisome).
But influence does not have to be so involved. All that’s really needed is for a vulnerable person to be placed in a position of being charmed by a very, very powerful and charming person, like say…. oh, maybe the debonair President of the entire United States! The one who makes a personal call to ask for one’s help to solve a problem.

“Her most important events in life were the confirmation of hearing the birth of her nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews. Some of her hobbies were the collections of various cat and angel figurines and taking care of her pet cat.”

-Gee, I wonder if her life could have been a made a little richer by a personal call from the President of the United States with a little request for a little favor so he could end the “silliness” surrounding his non-existent birth certificate?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to the female gender, Obama, more than any President ever, is able to come across as very charming. That is why we was elected, -and reelected. It sure wasn’t due to masses of men-folk being charmed by him personally while disdaining his policies, actions, and non-actions. That was the wide-eyed infatuated low-information, The Bachelor-watching members of the gentler sex.

Does anyone dare so say that Loretta Fuddy would been immune to the Obama charm when he applied it full force? It would have been emotionally impossible for her to say no to him. That’s how charm works. That’s how people get bamboozled everyday by smooth-takers who are so sincere, it seems, and so friendly. Who wouldn’t enjoy knowing them better, and being liked by them? (and buying a great bridge from them at a steal!)

What am I getting at? I’m suggesting that Barack Obama personally called Fuddy on her private line and shmoozed with her about his lamentable problem of having been born in Hawaii but his mother not having been able to get a birth certificate for him because of date and timing factors which didn’t allow it at the time. He needed her personal help to help get him past the doubters who suggested he was foreign born.

They were a big distraction and the issue “needed to be put to bed”, (quoting god-knows who) especially with that big-mouth Donald Trump raising a fuss for god-only-knows what reason. Maybe racism?

Well, she got aboard and was determined to help her knight in shining socialist armor, and she could do that by making certain old records available for others to use to put together an official-looking long-form birth certificate. It wasn’t like it was criminal, even though it wasn’t legal. Everyone commits a crime or three every time they drive a car. She would be doing a good deed, -good for Obama, -good for the Democrat Party, good for Hawaii, and good for the nation.

Bending the rules a little would not hurt anyone, but would benefit millions by keeping Lord Obama in office for another four years, -protecting the Affordable Health Care Act from being repealed. Why it was almost obligatory to help provide him with a birth certificate before the issue got out of hand and people started thinking that he was not even eligible to be President. That kind of thinking could be dangerous and completely uncalled for. For the sake of the country, that needed to be nipped in the bud, -and so it was.

She opened the computer data-base which stores all of the digitized records going back to before Hawaii even became a state. She located the computer-stored microfilm image of his mother’s original affidavit applying for recognition of birth for her newborn son. That affidavit was accompanied by a typed version of Barack Jr.’s vital facts regarding parentage and such, and the text of those facts was added to the form of an archive page for someone else, such as Virginia Sunahara who was born the day before and died the day after Obama was born, -after deleting its digitized text imagery and replacing it with Obama’s. Presto! a very passable birth certificate, -if one does not examine it with a microscope.

Well, it has been examined with a microscope, so to speak, and it has been discovered that the layout of the lines, the spacing of the words and some letters would have been impossible under any ordinary circumstance of a clerk putting a blank form into a typewriter and typing away, word by word, line by line.
Placing text onto a digital form cannot replicate the precision of the mechanism that is a typewriter. And so the imprecision of the fake Certificate of Live Birth gave it away as being fabricated on a computer, and not produced by a typewriting clerk.
-That’s old school investigation. Nothing digital in nature, just an old fashion grid matrix laid on top of Obama’s bc and on top of a control bc from someone else. Obama can’t say; “Who ya gonna believe? Me? or yer lyin’ eyes?”

So compliant Fuddy did her democratic duty for her party and her charming champion and it turned out to be a very profitable compliance it seems. Doug Vogt, who filed a legal petition in Seattle, [http://obamaforgerybook.com/ ] named her in a sealed affidavit which accompanied his open brief detailing all of the accumulated evidence of forgery of the long form birth certificate and the Selective Service registration card. In that sealed affidavit he detailed his investigation into Fuddy’s finances. He found that she came up with between 50-70 thousand dollars that could not be accounted for, -which went to pay down her mortgage and such.

That is a lot of money to come from nowhere. Many people have been killed for far less. And many people who knew about such inexplicable manna from heaven when it fell on some gangster, mob boss, or powerful executive ended up in a pine box before they made it to the witness stand in a criminal case against the criminal.

So does one dare speculate as to whether or not Loretta Fuddy might have been seen as a potential witness for the prosecution, -a witness that could blow Obama and his overlords’ world to kingdom come? What the heck, why not. Nothing can hurt her now. So since just about every court in the land that has been presented with a suit against Obama has caved before even hearing it, one might be tempted to suspect that his socialist ilk are embedded in all of the institutions of the land, including law offices and court offices.

If one of Obama’s lying, atheist, socialist acolytes read what Vogt revealed about Fuddy, why would she or he fail to make herself a hero to her hero by giving him a heads-up? No good reason not to. After all, who the heck would ever know? Answer: no one. And what happened after that sealed affidavit was submitted to that court?

Fuddy is soon dead after the highly reliable plane she was in dies in midair just after take-off following a report muffled bang sound.
Now I don’t know about you, but I know that when a bullet hits an insulated car or plane or train, it makes a thump instead of a loud clang or bang. I also know that snipers can take out a target from over a mile away. Also, a small explosive next to the magneto would kill the engine dead. Kind of just like what happened.

So, you have a highly suspicious and inexplicable death preceded by a highly unexpected and inexplicable engine shut-off, and this all happens after the dead person has been personally named in a court filing which implicates her in a financial circumstance that is inexplicable and may be tied to a conspiracy to produce a badly needed birth certificate to silence critics who were hounding the President of the United States with irritating and suspicion-raising questions about where he was really born and whether or not he was really eligible to be President, -and was even a United States citizen.

Well, I, as Obama’s personally appointed judge, and cop, rule that there is nothing suspicious here, so just move along to your own homes, folks. There’s nothing to see. And by the way, that large, moving, maneuvering object you and thousands witnessed in the sky, that was just an odd cloud. Trust the government. It would never lie to you.

Edward Snowdon taught us that the government is completely above-board and we can trust its minions with our safety and liberty, -and let’s not forget; privacy as well.
Just because the Congress passed, and the President signed, the National Defense Authorization Act which includes the authority for the executive branch and military to arrest and imprison American citizens without charges, attorneys, trials, or judges, does not mean that government thinks it is your boss. So stop being worried, -stop being overly concerned.

And speaking of being overly worried, did you know that hyper-stress can kill you by causing cardiac arrhythmia? And what causes hyper-stress? Why fear of course; -terror of something very malevolent or threatening.
I’ve heard that it’s been found that a pilot of a fighter plane died in the cockpit before his nose-diving plane even hit the ground. I assume he was attached to telemetry which showed that he flat-lined out of stark fear.

Now put yourself in Loretta Fuddy’s shoes; you are the only loose end in a conspiracy that goes to the very top of the American government, and you are the only person in that conspiracy who is not a lawyer and thus can’t claim attorney-client privilege, -with the client being one Barack H. Obama, POTUS.

-And your perfectly working plane engine, checked-out just before flight, -no history of problems, a reliable work-horse of aviation, suddenly dies while you are high in the air with no second engine to take over.
You “know where the bodies are buried” and maybe no one has your back, expect perhaps with cross-hairs on it, and that those included behind the scenes as faceless enforcers are aware of what you know, just as they may have been regarding what Breitbart knew about something or other. You just might have a panic attack if you thought about your situation, and that of the coroner who did Breitbart’s autopsy and the next day turned up dead.

But panic attacks don’t kill, and neither does “hyperventilation” kill a director of a Health Department, especially not when there is no reason to be hyperventilating while peacefully floating among many others in the warm waters of the Hawaiian coast (just a half mile away). Why would such a placid setting inspire the kind of shear panic that could derange normal heart rhythm?
Either it didn’t, but something else did, or else her heart stoppage was caused by an injected neurro-toxin that attacks the heart.
I learned, I believe in boot camp some forty years ago, that there is a chemical agent so powerful that just a drop on your thigh will kill you in about 10 seconds by stopping your heart. It might have been a man-made chemical, no doubt, but there are super-powerful nerve agents produced by living creatures, such as the box jellyfish (which just happens to inhabit the ocean). But its sting of the skin is very painful. But if injected below the skin, then what would happen? Probably just what
happened to Loretta Fuddy, -whatever that was.

That seems like plenty of questions surrounding her death, but the public is left with one more huge one; and that is; “what were the results of the NTSB investigation of the cause of the engine failure?”
If you do a search for answers you’ll find absolutely nothing after the January autopsy results. At least on the first few pages. It’s all regurgitation of the crash and autopsy news. End of story. Now it’s over three months later. What the heck happened?

They would have found an answer within a week of getting the engine, but just try to use the NTSB website search engine to find anything. You’ll find zip. Nada. Wouldn’t you think there was some data-base of plane crashes and investigation results? Is the NTSB in the stone age or are they just under the domination of Obama’s enforcers and hiding the results.
What kind of results would Obama need to hide? A bullet hole for one, -a bomb explosion for another. Something caused that muffled bang.

On Apollo 13, it was an explosion of an oxygen tank. So we are left with what we are always left with; no answers and more questions.  When does it become politically okay to say that silence has become suspicious? Well it doesn’t matter what is okay because Americans with brains in their heads instead of pudding, want to know a heck of a lot of answers that are being deliberate kept secret.

“Lois Lerner, what did you know and when did you know it regarding the IRS scandal?”

“Eric Holder, what did you know and when did you know it regarding the Fast & Furious scandal?”

“Hilary Clinton, what did you know and when did you know it regarding the Benghazi scandal?”

Answers? They can’t handle answers. So you aren’t going to get any, not now, not ever, especially about the counterfeit birth certificates and their production. I can’t say “their production and investigation” because there will never be any investigation unless the sky falls.

Why won’t anyone investigate or ask questions? Because no one is partial to implied threats against their loved ones. That’s the consequence of not having people like yours truly where they are most needed. I speak of people who have no loved ones.

Anyone who doubts that that is the way the truly hard-core behind-the-scenes agents of merciless power operate, then just try to explain the unexplainable flip-flop of chief justice roberts, who stabbed the Constitution and the America people in the back with his treasonous opinion on Obama-care.

Did he just wake-up one morning and decide to flush his values and integrity down the toilet? If he did, we are in as much trouble as if he did it out of primal fear.
So far, you can count on the fingers of one hand, with fingers left over, the number of people in positions of authority or influence who have had the courage and intellectual honesty and integrity to dare to broach the subject of Obama’s unconstitutional and counterfeit-secured presidency.

We are on our own on this one. No one will stand with us, no politician, no news anchor, no pundit, no commentator, no belt-way analyst, no bureaucrat, and no official of any branch of government. No one will stand up and exclaim that the emperor has no constitutional clothes.

This is what we’ve devolved to. Or at least those who are on the inside. If you are not, you should be glad that you are not, because you could not have any self-respect or intellectual curiosity and patriotic protectiveness of the Constitution and rule of law if you were. They are all compromised from East to West. This is the picture of what the corruption and / or intimidation of the entire establishment looks like.

But hey, why complain, just pour another pina colada, put on some reggae music and kick back to “Don’t worry,…be happy.” (for tomorrow you perish.)
As for me, I’m not worried or looking over my shoulder, after all, I don’t know any secrets. I just draw conclusions from stuff I’ve read. And does anyone pay attention? Nope. I’m as invisible as the cosmic background radiation.

But I raise a glass to the hope that some judge, somewhere, sometime just might have a spine and a brain and bring the whole damn house of cards crashing down. That’s the dream, (-a pipe dream it would seem). A dream of Justice.

“Let Justice Be Done Though The Heavens Fall”

by Adrien Nash March 2014 obama–nation.com

Loretta%2BFuddy 28199fuddy_r  Fuddy

Fuddy’s Convenient Death  pdf 5 pages






About arnash
“When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain - Politicians and diapers - change 'em often, for the same reason. "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." Ronald Reagan "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." William F. Buckley, Jr. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it. Abraham Lincoln “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell “Satan will use a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison”.

5 Responses to Obama and Hawaiian DoH Director Fuddy’s Convenient Death

  1. arnash says:

    News Flash! Dr. Conspiracy BANNED “Doc. Nash” from his disinformation rag after Nash revealed too much truth! See it in the message before this one.

    “Doc. Nash” continued presenting more truth that was like gravel to Dr. C’s delicate throat. He couldn’t swallow it, so he banned it: The response of a quack and a coward. I wouldn’t want a weasel like him in a foxhole with me.

    March 28, 2014: I, h2ooflife.wordpress.com/ replied to whatever4:
    who asked:”Have you examined the rebuttal evidence by Frank Arduini, John Woodman, and others?”
    I replied:
    If you would, please point to an expert that has “debunked” the spacing impossibility of the Obama document, -or even addressed it. That would be necessary to fully lay to rest the doubts about its authenticity.

    (what could be less belligerent than that innocuous request?)
    It is intellectually dishonest to pretend that the debunking of the layers anomaly debunks all other issues when they are still there, begging for explanation. Which does not exist aside from the explanation of digital manipulation.

    ~also, this false obot claim:
    “The Hawaii DoH Verification letters provide official confirmation that the “information” –i.e., each and every vital fact of President Obama’s birth stated in the LFBC posted at whitehouse.gov – is the same information contained in his original LFBC on file with the department.”

    Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language 1587 (1989). To “verify” means “[t]o PROVE to be true; to confirm or establish the truth or truthfulness of or establish the authenticity; to check or test the accuracy or exactness of; to authenticate. . .
    ~NOTE: a biased person with an agenda and a conflict of interest cannot “confirm” anything because of a lack of credibility. Those in the Hawaiian DoH are/ were just such people. “confirmation” is not PROOF.

    ~standard Obot gospel:
    ” No one has examined the ORIGINAL, vault edition, hard copy Certificate of Live Birth for Barack Hussein Obama, II. That document resides in the office safe of the Hawaii state Registrar of Vital Statistics, Dr. Alvin T. Onaka who has issued three Certified Letters of Verification for the original, hard copy of the Vital Record of Birth.” [-the one that does not even exist and has never been seen by any neutral witness.]

    comment-323145 [Dr. Conspiracy, aka Kevin Davidson, claimed]: “It is intellectually dishonest to claim that layers are all that have been debunked. It’s all been debunked. But the basic fallacy you make is ignoring the fact that no expert has said that there is anything wrong with the spacing”

    Dear Dr. C. I begged you or anyone to point me to evidence regarding the debunking of the spacing issue, and you failed to do so. I have to assume that is because it does not exist.
    It is irrelevant who does the debunking or validating. All that matters is what one can see with their own eyes and deduce with their own brain.

    I’m not asking for an expert on either side to tell me what to think. I just want to see believable reasons for how the impossible spacing of the LFBC text can be explained.
    You’ve given me none. I take that as your position on the issue.

    ~more Obot gospel: “The PDF issue has been settled. It was settled with empirical data,…”
    That is true, but the issue of the original counterfeit hard-copy that was scanned still remains. No one with even average intellectual competence in our lifetimes will be allowed to ever see and examine it, -or them (“two copies”).

    And speaking of which, when you look at the worthless rubber-stamped facsimile of Onaka’s signature on the letters of verification to the three states, you will see it on top of a glaringly visible State Seal. So, punk, you need to ask yourself, how the hell can that seal be so darn visible on all three copies and yet be totally invisible on the pdf image?

    That is literally impossible unless the counterfeiter was not allowed access to the seal device, or simply forgot about it while in a rush.

    PS after writing all this I read your kind statement banning me for general purposes.
    “So you won’t waste your time, I’m deleting most of your stuff on general principles, because you’re banned from the site. Doc.”

    To which I responded in this post that will never be posted on his disinformation website:

    That tells me that in your definition, “general” actually means “hiding-the-truth purposes”. You sir, are a total hypocrite tool of the Marxist Left, and an intellectual fraud. Truth is your Kryptonite and you can’t let it anywhere near your deluded acolytes.
    I won’t bother daring you to publish this because I already know that you are way too big of a coward and a Luciferian to do so.

    The truth I’ve shared strips the legitimacy from your vaunted “legal verification” and that scares the hell out of you. As it should.

  2. arnash says:

    An obot wrote: “Here are links to the three Certified Letters of Verification for President Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth that were issued by the Hawaii state Registrar of Vital Statistics:

    Arizona: http://archive.azcentral.com/12news/Obama-Verification.pdf
    Kansas: http://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/106576604
    Mississippi: http://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/96289285

    Man are you gullible. The letter from the HDoH to those states were not official communications from him or anyone else. Why not? They are UNSIGNED!!!

    No court in the world would accept an unsigned “document”.

    Plus, even worse, in order to avoid committing perjury, something most central of all was deliberately omitted. -something that the sycophantic mind overlooks; it gives the birth place of the mother and father, it gives the time of birth, but where the hell is the one most important fact of all; WHERE WAS Jr. BORN?
    It jumps from Time of Birth to… place of birth? NO!!! -to “Name of Hospital.”

    What hospital? The hospital that was the time of birth?

    It is impossible to inadvertently leave out the most important detail of all. IT WAS DELIBERATE! NO PLACE OF BIRTH? NO VERIFICATION!

    And a rubber stamp cannot validate anything from one AG to another. IT IS AN UNOFFICIAL COMMUNICATION. No one can go to prison for it.

    Also, the label “original certificate of live birth” is applied to anything that they want to apply it to, including fake birth certificates made for witness protection program ID and new birth certificates for babies adopted soon after birth.

    They are both fake but both labeled “original” in order to hide the truth, as is the case with Obama’s fake “original”, which does not even exist in their paper archive, only existing in the digital data-base.

  3. arnash says:

    Cause of death for Health Director Fuddy released
    Posted: Jan 13, 2014

    Associated Press

    Hawaii’s health director died of an irregular heartbeat that was triggered when a small plane she was riding in lost power and crash-landed off the Hawaiian island of Molokai, police said Monday.

    Loretta Fuddy’s irregular heartbeat was the result of stress from the Dec. 11 crash, Maui police announced, revealing the findings of an autopsy conducted two days after the crash. The pilot and seven other passengers on the Makani Kai Air flight survived without major injuries.

    Pilot Clyde Kawasaki and a passenger who swam to shore have said Fuddy appeared fine while bobbing in the water after everyone exited the plane and waited for help.

    Fuddy, 65, was healthy and didn’t have any known heart problems, her brother, Lewis Fuddy, said Monday.

    “She wasn’t an anxious person,” he said. “To be head of the Health Department, you have to have some cool nerves.”

    When the plane’s lone engine failed, the 60-year-old veteran pilot and passengers stayed calm as the aircraft glided toward the ocean and made a belly landing…

    There was a “muffled bang,” Hollstein has said, and “then we were a glider.”
    “There wasn’t panic or anything,” Hollstein has said. “It was very orderly.”
    Makani Kai Air owner Richard Schuman said he has no idea why the engine failed. The plane had no previous problems, he said.

    Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

    Details in the autopsy report of Hawaii’s former health director who died after a plane’s ocean landing revealed how traumatic the ordeal was for her.
    FRAUD!!! COVER-UP!!! Her body showed NO SIGNS of “trama”. Floating in the ocean is NOT STRESSFUL! -as hundreds of millions, billions of people can testify. THE FIX IS IN FOLKS!

    “The autopsy report obtained by The Associated Press on Monday said Loretta Fuddy was “markedly afraid” while waiting for help to arrive after the small plane crashed off Molokai on Dec. 11. ”
    MIND READERS WITH A TIME MACHINE AND TELEPORTATION DEVICE!!! They went back in time and space and conducted an exam of her vital signs while she was peacefully floating with her companions.
    Where is there some testimony that she was HYDOPHOBIC??? After decades in the most aquatic state in the modern world, who would believe such an absurd claim, yet that is precisely what they are attempting to imply. What exactly was she “MARKEDLY AFRAID” of??? Sharks surrounding them all? No? Well maybe they existed in her imagination, and her imagination killed her with a level of fear describable only by reference to a night-terror. Likely? Absolutely not.
    But some reason has to be given for her unexplainable death other than at the hands of another via an unknown toxin administered in an unknown manner while in the water or before.
    Folks, this is exactly what a conspiracy looks like. A conspiracy to murder someone in plain sight. You know it can be done and that it has been done before by experts in that craft.

    “The report says 65-year-old Fuddy was a “rudimentary swimmer” who never swam in the ocean.”

    Maui police have said her death was the result of an irregular heartbeat triggered by stress. The autopsy said the acute cardiac arrhythmia was due to hyperventilation.

    The pilot and seven other passengers on the Makani Kai Air flight survived without major injuries.

    Maui County cited privacy laws for redacting SIGNIFICANT PORTIONS (!) of the report.

    Pilot Clyde Kawasaki said the plane’s power failed suddenly, shortly after take off from Kalaupapa on Molokai last Wednesday. The hope is the engine holds the answer to what went wrong.


    George Orwell said: “Political language [LIKE AUTOPSY LANGUAGE]… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”.
    That describes both Fuddy’s autopsy and Obama’s health report, both having a false appearance of solidity when in fact they are pure wind.

  4. arnash says:

    Read the excellent follow-up article by Linda Jordan of the SSN fame: Report: Evidence Hawaii Medical Examiner Turned Blind Eye To Death Of Loretta Fuddy
    Or just read the optimized version that I prepared in pdf format (7 pages, half being comments, -many of them my own) :

    It’s worse than the birth certificate. At least with it, no one was killed.

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