Barack Obama and Harrison J. Bounel

Who is Harrison J. Bounel, and might the name suggest something about possible Obama ID fraud?

To be sure,’s failure to verify Obama’s identity implies nothing whatsoever as to whether ordinary citizens should question it.

Undoubtedly, the system glitch represents nothing more, and nothing less, than yet another instance of racist computers conspiring against Obama.

The Harrison J. Bounel controversy revolves in part around the fact — contested by no one — that a personal information database, housed in yet another presumptively racist computer, linked Obama’s Hyde Park Chicago home address and SSN with the name “Harrison J. Bounel.”

So what’s going on?

In order to maximize the prospect of arriving at the truth, let us turn to the decidedly non-racist Snopes folks for the answer, since they are surely the premier debunkers of “crazy” conspiracy theories related to Obama’s identity:

An item from February 2013 resurrected the claim that Barack Obama was using someone else’s Social Security number, this time a SSN supposedly belonging to one Harrison J. Bounel:

Who is Harrison J. Bounel? According to the 2009 tax return submitted by President Barack Obama, he’s the President of the United States….

This claim stems from nothing more than the observation that a search of a personal information database back in 2011 showed that the name “Harrison J. Bounel” had been mistakenly cross-indexed with Barack Obama’s home address and Social Security number. (This type of error is common in such databases and has since been corrected.) Aside from that temporary erroneous entry, there is no evidence whatsoever that Barack Obama ever used the name “Harrison J. Bounel” as an alias, or that Barack Obama’s Social Security number was originally issued to someone by that name. 

There’s nothing like deep inhalation of wintergreen, non-racist air if a cure for your conspiracy-addled mind is what you’re after.

Just think of Snopes as a virtual sanitarium; read what they have to say and nothing else, and your fever will surely break.

But: there are a few problems with the Snopes “refutation” of Bounel-related conspiracy theories. 

In regard to the Bounel/Obama link, we are clearly in the realm of fact, not conspiracy theory.

Notice that Snopes does not deny, but rather affirms, that the Bounel name was in fact linked to Obama’s name, SSN, and home address. 

Snopes’ question, and ours, is why?

It is very easy to show that what the Snopes folks offer by way of explanation for the linkage is very, very weak indeed.

What follows debunks the Bounel/Obama debunkers, all while extending Obama (and his aliases) every benefit of the doubt. Should Bounel-related problems remain for Obama, our reasons for harboring suspicion with respect to his identity will be very much strengthened indeed.

First, let’s quickly deal with the notion that Obama, (like Bounel?), was (and may still be) using a Connecticut issued SSN. 

Here is Snopes’ account:

Why Barack Obama’s Social Security card application might have included a Connecticut mailing address is something of a curiosity, as he had no known connection to that state at the time, but by itself that quirk is no indicator of fraud. The most likely explanation for the discrepancy is a simple clerical or typographical error: the ZIP code in the area of Honolulu where Barack Obama lived at the time he applied for his Social Security number in 1977 is 96814, while the ZIP code for Danbury, Connecticut, is 06814. Since ‘0’ and ‘9’ are similarly shaped numbers and are adjacent on typewriter keyboards, it’s not uncommon for handwritten examples to be mistaken for each other, or for one to be mistyped as the other (thereby potentially resulting in a Hawaiian resident’s application mistakenly being routed as if it had originated from Connecticut). 

You know what?  Why bicker?

Let’s just give Obama the benefit of the doubt here.  A mistake was made.  Beyond question, there are, by now, probably thousands of people wandering around Hawaiian zip code 96814 who are possessed of Connecticut-routed SSN’s associated with Danbury’s 06814 zip code. 

So just banish it from your mind, because there is more interesting ID related material to attend to.

But what about the “cross-indexing” of the name Bounel with Obama’s name, his home address, and his SSN — all of which Snopes admits happened?

The above Snopes quote claims that “this type of error is common in [personal information] databases.”

They supply no data whatsoever in support of this claim, but, once again, never mind.

Clearly, questions about Obama’s identity have nothing to do with data and shouldn’t.

We already know the answers, and the answers are that everything’s A-OK.

And yet, there remain pesky questions such as “just how common is it for names to be mistakenly linked to other names, addresses, and SSN’s in “personal information databases”?

Are such mistakes made more often than not?

I don’t know but I doubt it.

Which do you suppose is more common: (1) “extra” names are associated with personal information database files that include names, SSNs, addresses, and so forth when extra names have in fact been used in some way or ways by the person in question, or (2) “extra” names are assigned to such files by random error?

We can’t be sure what the base rate of such errors in personal information databases is, but I’d be shocked if it happened very often.  If it did, it would obviously seriously undermine the value of the data.

Suppose you accessed a professional personal information database and looked up 100 people known to you.  How many of them do you think would have extra names that were assigned to them randomly?  Fifty?

Oh, I don’t know why it says Frank Marshall Davis there when we both know it should say Bob Kent from Kentucky.”

That kind of thing occurs all the time, right?

Let’s get serious.  Obama’s problem is not just the infrequency of random name-assignment errors in professional personal databases. 

His problem — and it is a most incorrigible problem — has to do with the rarity of the name “Harrison J. Bounel.”

To the best of my knowledge, it’s not clear any instances of the name other than the instance putatively “randomly” assigned to Obama exist.

If “random error” explains an extra name having been assigned to Obama, why wasn’t the random name something on the order of “Robert Smith”, or “Juan Gonzalez”, or “John J. Jones” for that matter?

A rational decision as to which of random chance or conscious, purposeful choice best explains the association of the Harrison J. Bounel name with Obama, Obama’s SSN, and Obama’s home Chicago address requires only that we acknowledge that a conscious decision would itself provide a perfectly good explanation for the appearance of such an unusual name.

That is, “Harrison J. Bounel” rather than, say, “Robert Smith,” appeared simply because an unusual name was consciously desired and therefore consciously selected. 

Indeed, the Harrison J. Bounel name may well have been selected, at least in part, precisely because there were no other instances of it.

Notice that if we accept this explanation of the origin and assignment of the Harrison J. Bounel name, there is no longer anything unusual about it at all — statistically or otherwise. Instead, under this explanation, the assignment of the name is exactly what one would expect

Oddly enough, with respect to the Harrison J. Bounel name, it is Obama supporters who must grasp at straws and pretend to rest satisfied with explanations that invoke random error stacked upon random error.

Indeed, the above argument is sufficiently powerful that some of Obama’s supporters attempt, consciously or not, to avoid it by postulating a conspiracy theory which apparently holds that an anti-Obama individual may have placed the name “Bounel” alongside the Obama record!

It’s a notable coincidence that Bounel appeared in a record with Obama’s social-security number just one month after Orly Taitz published the President’s social-security number on the Internet (meaning that anyone could have learned of it, along with Obama’s name and public home address).

The fellow who wrote this calls himself, quite appropriately, Dr. Conspiracy. 

His real name is Kevin Davidson, and he is not a doctor –but never mind.

I guess Davidson is either unaware of, or chooses to ignore, the many “notable” coincidences attending Obama’s background and identity (some of which are specified here).

Either that, or Davidson’s rule is: coincidences that can be construed in favor of Obama are actually conspiracies against Obama, while all coincidences that cast Obama’s identity in doubt are in fact idle conspiracy theories.

In any event, there is at least one enormous problem with Davidson’s conspiracy theory defense of Obama/Harrison J. Bounel:  what search procedure did Davidson’s supposed random anti-Obama actor employ in order to unearth a name they could be sure absolutely nobody else was using?

Dr. Jason Kissner is associate professor of criminology at California State University, Fresno.  You can reach him at

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Re: “Who is Harrison J. Bounel, and why do he and President Obama have the same Social Security number?”

Of course, the answer is obvious for those willing and able to face the truth – much of Obama’s entire life story is a fraud – a Potemkin Village designed to seduce the gullible into believing that he was “the change” for which they were waiting.

The standard of proof of guilt in a criminal trial is “beyond all reasonable doubt;” by that measure, Obama should have been judged a fraud and a fake a long time ago.

The criminality and immorality of their actions aside – one must acknowledge the astute reading of human nature on the part of Obama and his team of revolutionaries, grifters and political con artists, vis-à-vis the “marks” – those naïve souls who were to be the targets of the greatest con job in American political history. These revolutionaries knew that once the mark has been taken in, and has bought into the deception, he will go to almost any length to deny being a victim of it – even if it means the rejection of the most-obvious facts and basic truths in front of him.

One might expect that once the victims of such a con job started to get hints they were taken to the cleaners, they would begin to search for the facts of the matter and demand that the truth be brought to light. Au contraire, this rarely happens – the victims are often the most-ardent defenders of the con artist!

By the time the con starts to wear thin, the snake oil salesman/con man has skipped town and is presumably laughing all the way to the bank and a cushy retirement in exile in some foreign land. Some of the marks finally, years after the fact, finally face that they’ve been had – but others never do! That is how powerful the hold Obama has on the minds of his supporters; their devotion is literally cult-like. It is a very powerful form of psychosis – a type of brain-washing, really.

What does it take to penetrate the denial of such fanatical devotion? History suggests that something dramatic is required – an upheaval or trauma that shakes the believer’s worldview to its core. In the case of Hitler and Nazism, it took the destruction of Germany and the fall of Berlin before the Austrian Corporal’s most-devoted followers finally began to show cracks in their faith.
In Soviet Russia after the death of Stalin, it took decades and the anti-Stalinization movement to shake (to some extent, anyway) the power that leader held over his land and people.

Nothing like these events seems to be on the horizon – which suggests that Obama and his merry gang of con artists will get away with it. Perhaps that is why they no longer even trouble too-much to hide the evidence of their crimes; they have contempt for those whom they fooled and swindled so effortlessly. They’re laughing at us…. almost daring someone – anyone – to say that emperor has no clothes…. but no one says anything – at least not anyone in a position to make a real difference.

Not unlike the musical “Chicago” and shyster lawyer Billy Flynn, Obama and his gang continue to “bead and feather ’em,” and “stun and stagger ’em”… and so the greatest swindle in U.S. political history continues….

“The victims are often the most-ardent defenders of the con artist.”

Indeed, those victims do not want to look like idiots, that they were taken to the cleaners.

Indeed, those victims will attempt to deflect by denouncing the messenger as being a racist, a misogynist, a hater of homosexuals, etc.

Their denouncing of the messenger becomes so intense and so prolonged that they forget that they were victimized.

But worse than that, do we perhaps have the Stockholm syndrome en masse?

Steve, you are right and there is a far bigger picture. I began to grasp this as I followed Jack Cashill and other investigative authors throughout obamarx’s reign. In 2011, when I stopped teaching students algebra to retire, I sensed something was very wrong at my school. I finally had the time to read read read and follow all the rabbit trails as I pleased. John Taylor Gatto was the beginning. I then realised that public education was the main method of spreading the koolaid widely and quickly. In 2012 I found a website:
This site, run by a lawyer, mom, education activist and conservative historical researcher, connects all the dots for the planned programming of our children and these dots date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. They have specific names, dates and places, and the trail leads back to uncles Karl and Joe, and American cooperation in planning a new world government that we can all see coming.

The escalation of these plans is planned and facilitated by the Common Core Curriculum, a nationally designed and tested curriculum, unfortunately not by real educators but by political and corporate honchos, promotes Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming with alarmist passion in not only Science classes but Social Studies, Language Arts and even Math classes. The CCC also rewrites Western Civ history and promotes all things un-Western, while it berates our brilliant founders and patriarchs and promoting those from alternate lifestyles and liberal progressives throughout time.

To get the Big Guy(s) at The Top of this morass, sad to say, will take a more informed electorate than we see devolving in the US today. I am optimistic only because I know who holds the future and I know who holds my hand. And so I say, “bring it,” or better yet, “Maranantha, Lord Jesus.” (but I will also pray and vote -just FYI)

I agree that there is some sort of scheme but it doesn’t appear to be very clever. BO’s story is full of holes, but I agree that he’s the designated teleprompter reader for the unseen hands.

I also agree and have asked many times before, who are the unseen hands? Who benefits from this scam? I also assume that any sophisticated foreign intel service knows who BO is. Is there not a single one of them that finds it in their best interest to expose BO?

BO will be in the rearview in a couple of yrs, but the unseen hands will remain. The first step is to understand the battlefield and who we’re dealing with.

George Soros, a felonious character, has bought the Democrats. Soros has grandiose schemes. He was a known felon in three countries: Britain, France, and Indonesia. The ingrate was received and became a citizen in the U.S., and his response is to tear our country down. This is one disturbed–and trite–mind who fancies himself a philosopher—-and,” errh, I, sometimes, errh, think, unhh, I, errh, am God”. (Soros). Soros wants to bring America down, and, clearly , so does Barack Obama. These two felons may have different reasons for their actions but they are very compatible.

Soros is only one part of the story, and in the world of the highest levels of finance, he is small time. (That was stated to someone I know by someone who knows.) But Soros’ association with Barack Hussein Obama has, no doubt, topped up his bank account. He had holdings in Petrobras (insider trading?), and he has his eye on mines in Burma and Africa.

This push “forward” to create a Socialist America, reduced in power, is endorsed by a number of various factions. . They are the collective (pun intended) tail wagging the dog. There are members in the press helping to keep Americans ignorant. I believe that some are actually paid (indirectly) by Soros. Soros is not the only very rich person backing the “transformation” of America. Peter Lewis, caught with a cache of pot in Australia, and the owner of Progressive Insurance, is also behind the “transformation”. Their goals, like those of Jay Rockefeller and Gates, go beyond the borders of America.

They have big global plans to change the world. Some of their goals are couched in the language of “good intentions”, and many are fooled into thinking that the planned 21st century version of a global “Socialist Utopia”, will usher in a world free of hunger, poverty, and guns, peaceful euthanasia, “reproductive rights” that reduce human population, no gender biases, etc.. Their goals for a New World Order cannot succeed if America holds onto its Constitution, and if Christianity is not marginalized (and ridiculed). But all those middle-men who decide how all of this wealth is spent, (is AlGore one of the hopefuls?), are set up (I believe, primarily in London) to earn a fortune. Even after stating all of this, I have to say that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. “Agenda 21” is the name of the game. Or put another way, 1984.


This is precisely the means by which elderly estate grifts work: the elderly person hoodwinked out of their money by the ‘poolboy’ or the ‘manicurist’ becomes their champion defender, while his legitimate family which has been trying to get the attention of the corrupt, incompetent courts and the beer-slop, fat-ass, bought-off socialist werker agencies becomes their blood enemy.
This is exactly how it works: their victims become their staunch defenders.

Georgiaboy61 I am copying and pasting this comment of yours without your permission to an email and will deliver it via email to about 200 or more of my friends. You should submit this comment to a dozen or so conservative web pages that refuse to write about the biggest fraud ever committed against ANY free nation.

If Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Lt. Mike Zullo are not able to garner the attention of at least ONE true American journalist of reputation who may still love this country or ONE media person of reputation who may still love this country with their “universe shattering” evidence Harrison J. Bounel walks away unscathed. Perhaps it will be the Globe or the Inquirer that will become America’s patriot heroes. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot.

Just reading Birther Report this morning. Senator Lee tells us that the Obama fraudulent LFBC is “water under the bridge.” Deeply disappointed in him. One comment below the article asked the obvious question: “If I steal a car and manage to get it registered in my name, I can keep it, right?” Every day I wake up praying for our country. Where are the heroic profiles in courage? Today, I would say they are in AZ at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. An outpost unconnected to the nest of vipers in D.C.

Thanks for the compliments…. they are much appreciated. For what it is worth, I have tried to submit at least one article on the subject of the Fraud-in-Chief to a well-known “conservative” website (which shall remain nameless) – they refused to run it. They also spiked a story I did on electoral fraud.
Too hot to handle, apparently…

So, 28% of “voting age” Americans have doomed the rest of us to hell, because they can’t bring themselves to admit that they’ve been had?

Precisely.  I suggest it’s far more than not being sufficiently informed as much as some of those hit-pieces on news and commentary shows would have us believe. That is a factor (no pun intended) to be sure.

I suggest that it’s far more to do with exactly as you’ve commented. All we need to do is observe a person’s reaction when you tell him that the snake-oil salesman sold him flavoured water.

For example, how many people buy bottled water at exorbitant prices – because it makes them look “with it”, thereby enhancing their image – when free tap water is equally good? When someone tells them about tap water, they then proceed to denounce the messenger because it appears to them that their self-image has been damaged!

As the Bible says, “The proud will be humbled, but the humble will be honoured.” — Proverbs 23 (CJB)

No. 28% voted for Obama in 2012. 93 million eligible voters did not vote at all. 32% voted for Obama in 2008. 77 million eligible voters did not vote at all. The no-shows stayed home and pouted because the opposing candidate wasn’t perfect. They allowed Obama to win, twice.

The salient point of your point is in the word “eligible” voter.  Odds are very high that they are not registered because they are uninterested in politics, or knowledge, or thinking.  They are “reactors” and not actors in life except when it comes to things that give them a nice adrenaline rush, of which there are many these days.

But those who ARE registered and don’t vote may have divorced themselves from the hope that change can come via the ballot box.

Some, or many, of them also may be looking for the end of days, the Great Tribulation, and “the Rapture”.  There are millions and millions of them and they don’t think that politics will prevent or impede the doom that is coming.  So they have no incentive to vote.  They want it all to go to hell in a hand basket so the end will finally come.  But they may be helping to contribute in a self-fulfilling of prophecy sort of way.  They expect bad changes to come, and by doing nothing to prevent them, they unintentionally contribute to them happening.

Perhaps calling Obama’s revolution a mere “con” was a mistake on my part; it would have been more-accurate to call his deception-laden rise to power a bloodless coup d’état.

Who or what is a Barack Obama remains a puzzling mystery, wrapped in a web of deception, which includes a false birth certificate, a mysterious social security number, and a forged draft registration card. We do know that a massive fraud has been perpetrated on the American people, and that it will take decades for the nation to recover from the damage done to it by this leftist criminal.

The true criminals in this biggest fraud ever committed against this nation are those in the conservative media and the Republicans in Congress. We expect the brain dead nation hating radical progressives to act the way they do. I puke when I see folks like Col. Allen West on TV because I know he has been hand delivered enough criminal evidence proving Obama attained to the highest political office in the world via fraud and he did NOTHING about it. As a matter of fact, he might just as well have flipped the bird to Arpaio and Zullo. He is certainly not the only Congressional representative who has done that.

This “0bama” is a cleverly devised scheme intended to divert valuable time and resources away from the people and agenda that created it.

It is crystal clear that 0bama is a fraud. The real and foreboding dilemma is who created this persona, and why he is POTUS.

0bama is not the “head of the snake”. He is an expendable soldier in a global initiative enjoying his position while it lasts. The “head of the snake” is an international hydra, not some half wit community organizer from Chicago.

There is a far bigger picture to this “progressive” movement, and they set plentiful traps along the way. The “Mystery of 0bama” is one of them. A political time waster like Candy Crush.

0bama as a person is not the “top level” threat to America, and the concept of freedom, the people who created him and put him in power are.

Did congress realize what they created with the Patriot Act? Did they foresee the kind of monster the NSA would become? Just about everyone has something to hide, with all the domestic spying, I’m guessing they all can be blackmailed from logged on porn sites to adulterous affairs to tax evasion to shady deals of some sort, or drunken, drug induced wild orgies, they probably have dirt on just about everyone in congress and that is why we’re seeing so much incredible lawlessness go unabated.

We need someone to clean house. At this point, it can’t be a politician, they are too weak.  Anyone read the Vince Flynn novels, main character Mitch Rapp?  That’s who we need, he puts up with no one’s crap.

Our Congress, courts, FBI, and CIA are like the 3 monkeys protecting this charlatan . All have broken their oath of office, and I hope they all have to answer some day.

Snopes folks are a husband and wife who live in a trailer in the desert. I found myself writing them over a statement they made that said, “Every rancher uses hormones with their cattle.” I told them that was called OPINION not fact.
Ranchers do not use hormones with our cattle. Feed lots might but not ordinary cattle ranchers. And they could back up no proof so I looked into them further. They have become the de facto definitive answer for many when they are two libs living in a trailer in the desert.
But to this article. We all know who the man at the top is and isn’t. The thing is, he silences his detractors and we are on the slope headed to a crash of the worst proportion here in this country. Millions will be hurt and die when the shoe drops. And I figure as much as I am being awakened at night lately, it may be real soon.
God will expose him eventually. But it will be too late.

In this day and age where affectation rules
the culture,name dropping is like the verbal extended pinky.Useless,but it gives an empty soul a sense of self identity.Snopes
will be “cool’ till it isn’t,and then it will be on to something equally as useless and fraudulent.Like the term “carbon footprint”.

I said it before on this site, so I won’t beat a dead horse too much, but it is amazing how people come to give credence to some just because they demand it. I remember the Snopes couple from many years ago, before the web, when they were prolific posters on a Usenet group called alt.urban.legends (or something like that). They don’t have any particular credentials or qualifications, weren’t and aren’t any smarter or more honest than anyone else, but they worked and developed their brand. Even more absurd is “” and similar sites. Being relatively recent inventions, their only qualifications is their URL and their connection to a university, foundation, or media company. Who still considers these to be unbiased, reliable sources? Newspapers used to be considered fact checkers, but now the discredited Washington Post will reference these outside groups selectively to back up their claims.

If it has anything to do with political standing, Snopes is just as biased as the MSM. Same goes for Wikipedia

 The investigator, Albert Hendershot, who discovered that Harrison J. Bounel and Michelle Obama (no mention of Barack Obama) were listed in real estate tax records as residing at their Chicago home. When an alias is listed, there is the real possibility of Real Estate Tax Fraud.

Obama is a live Piltdown Man.  The greatest hoax? My nominee is Anthropogenic Global Warming. The thing has been exposed but public policy is still being formulated on the basis of its veracity. Global Warming might even be the eventual cause of economic collapse in the USA. There are a lot of these great hoaxes and scams permeating public and private life in this country and in the West. Barnum’s Law, the W C Fields Corollary are the governing factors.

Instead of always speculating how about we demand that Obama (as president of these United States) unseal his records and find out exactly what he is hiding, or better yet, have one of our wonderful investigative hacker get the info for us?
It all has to be locked up somewhere. Anyone who knows where should let us know. I’m sure we could finance a cat burglar to sneak in and photocopy the records and put them on the net for all to see. How we ever elected someone to the highest office in the land without any evidence of his past is beyond me.

May I suggest you watch the 1949 version of All the King’s Men ?
“Appeal to their emotions. Make them laugh; make them cry; make them mad, even if it’s you they get mad at. But whatever you do, don’t try to improve their [the voters’] minds.” – Reporter Jack Burden to candidate Willie Stark

Kevin Davidson pretends to take a scientific approach to conspiracy theories about “obama,” but it is clear from his postings that he is a simply a political hack masquerading as an impartial observer. He is not scientific or even rational.

“obama” has presented a facsimile of a document on the internet. When a harvard-educated lawyer participates in this kind of misdirection, it is evidence of bad faith. If the facsimile is genuine, there is no need to hide the original.

But it is Boehner and his cronies, who refuse to even consider the duly-sworn law enforcement agency’s allegations of fraud and forgery, who are responsible for facilitating high crimes and misdemeanors.

You know, the problem with Dr. Conspiracy is that he never actually investigates ‘missing’ Obama data. Presidents records become magically available soon after election, for all to see. Yet, we know that Obama’s public records of entry into Hawaiian grade school, which would include his birth certificate, are just ‘missing’. Not a single child from the class that he attended record is missing, but Obama’s record is gone. That’s not Conspiracy, that’s fact. Obama’s public records are ‘missing’ and the private records are ‘locked down’ preventing verification. Everything else is likely forgery or manipulated, his selective service registration and White house birth certificate. If the Obama people wanted to know the truth, they would be looking for it and verifying it. Questions should be: 1) Where did Bounel die 2) What is the lapse period in his SS benefits/payments. 3) Whose name is on the deed of Obama’s house and who pays the taxes there. No better way to destroy conspiracy theory, and prove your not a hack, than to investigate and publish the answers. I notice Kevin Davidson has done none of that.

I suspect Boehner, and other Republicans have been blackmailed with Intel obtained through the NSA. Why else would even a RINO allow the country to be destroyed from within without even a whimper?

Obama WAS born probably in Kenya, and we have the PROOF he is a FOREIGN person. BECAUSE we KNOW HE wasn’t BORN in the United States. Sheriff Joe has investigated his FAKE birth certificate, AND FAKE selective service card with Mike Zullo. Hillary and the WHOLE democratic party KNEW this BEFORE the 2008 election and I heard Chelsia was threatened to keep Hillary and Bill from squeeling. Probably MOST of the republicans KNEW it. Like Clint Eastwood has said, we have a “HOAX” in the white house. What is EVEN worse is our politcal parties, Nancy Pelosi in particular have committed TREASON against the American people, and got away with it. Pelosi sent a FRAUGILENT eligibility statement to Hawaii. She “left out” the words “CONSTITUTIONALLY QUALIFIED”, when she sent it to Hawaii. Why?? BECAUSE Hawaii would NOT put Obama on the ballot with those TWO words in there. They “KNEW” Obama didn’t qualify. How?? Because they have NO COPY of his ORIGINAL birth certificate! Pelosi included those TWO words to the OTHER 49 states. You can look these up on the internet. I have SEEN them. This is complete TREASON. and EVERY politician in Washington, in 2008, was in on the FIX! Semper Fi

  • The SSN issue alone isn’t the problem, it’s all of the inconsistencies regarding Obama’s background put together that, to me, would have spurred even an average investigative reporter to dig deeper into those inconsistencies. For anyone else, an army of “professional” journalists would have been on top of the story. There’s too many road apples lying around for there not to be a pony running loose in the area.

    Regarding Snopes, I learned in 2008 that if there was anything negative regarding the “facts” or suspicions about Dems in general and Obama in particular, the “truth finders” glossed over it and defended Obama. Nothing was ever found true. I learned then that Snopes is ok when questioning innocuous topics but don’t trust them when it comes to liberal versus conservative politics. Their ideology became very apparent.

    Well, I have proof Harrison J. Bounel is a fake identity. In May 2010, after Al Hendershot uncovered the Bounel Identity, I started a facebook page as Harrison J. Bounel. The page was political satire and gained nearly 5000 friends. Then one day, Facebook terminated my page, telling me Harrison J. Bounel was a fake identity and I would need to provide a government issued photo ID to reactivate him (ah, the irony). Proof positive that Harrison is a fake identity. Facebook said so.

    There are many fake identities on Facebook. Why did they single out yours?

    Why do you think? I’m guessing some liberal narced me out.

    From The Obama Timeline:

    A Chicago real estate database lists Harrison J. Bounel (or Bounel Harrison) as living at 5046 S. Greenwood and using the same Connecticut-issued Social Security number currently used by Obama: 042-68-4425. The database shows the mansion is not owned by Obama, but co-owned by tax attorney Harvey Wineberg and Circuit Court Judge Jane L. Stuart, an Obama campaign contributor. Wineberg raised more than $100,000 for Obama’s 2008 campaign. In 2010 he was appointed to the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability; he later resigned.

    The 1910 census records from New Haven, Connecticut show a Harry L. Bounel residing with a family named Robinson. Harry L. Bounel was born in 1860 in Connecticut; Robinson is the maiden name of Michelle LaVaughan Obama; and the Social Security number being used by Obama was issued in Connecticut. Some might not unreasonably suspect that the Harrison J. Bounel listed with Obama’s Social Security number is a descendent of the Bounel in the 1910 census and is a friend of the family of Michelle LaVaughan Robinson Obama.

    According to “skip tracer” Al Hendershot, who is the individual who discovered the Bounel alias, the records have since been “scrubbed” from the databases. The Social Security Administration has refused to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests for Bounel documents—even though Bounel has apparently been dead for decades and the law permits the release of information of “extremely aged individuals.” One possibility is that Bounel’s death made his SSN “available” for Obama to steal. Some suspect the name Bounel is related to the revocation of Michelle Obama’s law license—the reason for which she has so far successfully kept hidden from the public. According to attorney Dr. Orly Taitz, Obama also once used the Social Security number of Lucille Ballantyne, the late wife of Harry C. Ballantyne—a former Social Security Administration actuary. The Obama Timeline believes Obama has had to use stolen Social Security numbers because he never had a valid U.S. birth certificate to prove citizenship and obtain a valid number.

  • All of the scientific discoveries that weren’t due to serendipity, were the result of someone’s conjecture. Conjecture is what makes it possible for you to spout-off against conjecture on this thing called the internet. Someone took what they knew about certain things and connected the dots to create something new.

    FYI, I’ve done just that with the known facts about Obama, and came to an irrefutable scenario of him being born in Vancouver, B.C. If anyone really wants to know where he was born and why, you will have to read it and have your eyes opened. It’s on my blog at obama–, one of the first links on the homepage.

    Even the staunchest Obot is unable to find any fault in it. The facts speak for themselves.

    blasphemy. you shall be excommunicated from the GOP for such utterances. Soetoro, I mean Barry, I mean Obama, is an American citizen of the highest standing, who believes in the freedom and opportunity that this country offers, and wants nothing but the best for its citizens. Obama is a partner that the GOP establishment is happy to stand behind and help carry out his policies of bipartisanship, unity, and compassion, and anyone who says otherwise is a dirty bible/gun clinging raysist ….(for all non NSA, IRS, or NDAA empowered intelligence groups, that was sarcasm.)

    So we now live in an age where information and technology are more widespread than ever before in history, and where data about each person is in dozens if not hundreds and even thousands of databases, yet we have so many strange coincidences and unknowns about Barry – we know less about him and his history than about any other President, going back at least 100 years. But Snopes and others on the left tell us we all live in a fever swamp of our own devise…

    P.T. Barnum was right, he just underestimated the frequency.

    Been dealing with Dr. Conspiracy for years, he is the biggest supporter of Obama you will ever find, he ended up banning me, he could not refute my logical arguments that were based on reason, fact and logic.

    It was bad for his image.

    Funny guy doc, he has been steadfast in his belief that Obama is a victim, where have we heard that before out of liberals.

    In 2004, Barack Obama was chosen to speak at the Democratic Convention. He had clearly been groomed for bigger things, but most did not know that then. He read a speech that was meant to give the impression that he was a great unifier. “There are no hyphenated Americans.” It was later that we began to learn more about Obama: Harvard Law School, well spoken (in 2004), nice looking, relatively young and dynamic. Most people paid no attention to details concerning the man. For example, that he was a far left U.S. Senator, not to mention his voting record as a state senator. I believe that Obama’s success in fooling people is that he is a consummate actor. He passed himself off as basically clean cut. If I had not begun researching the man in late 2007, I would never have guessed how radical he was. His seamy character was all deliberately hidden back then. He was “Mr. Sincerity”.

    Contrary to all the false cries of “Racist”, I believe that Americans wanted to further help racial relations. The man ran, and was promoted, for two years before the 2008 election. Every other sentence on the lips of news people was “Barack Obama”. I was beginning to think that the country had gone mad and that they had become members of a Mass Cult. (Now, we know that Soros has some control of the press.) John McCain began to act a bit weird later in his campaign, praising Barack Obama.

    Then, in 2008, more facts about Barack Obama began to surface. Sean Hannity was probably the first who understood the insidious connection between Obama and his church.) Criticism of Obama was not tolerated in the mass media, and Obama’s critics were attacked as “racist”, and it has not stopped yet.

    And the coverup continues., although the curtain is now torn, and more Americans are beginning to see the fraud standing behind it.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that the author of this article will be hearing from the IRS in the not too distant future…. is run by the husband and wife team of Barbara and David Mikkelson. David is a coder and web designer, and Barbara works primarily doing research for the website.

    They are nothing but urban legend chasers and have no more ‘access’ to hidden or privileged information then anyone else.
    They have been exposed for the puppets and DemoRat shills they are

    Unfortunately, you don’t know what you’re talking about.  Your experience is irrelevant to the software fabrication of the LFBC pdf image.  It’s layers resulted from the compression software of the high-end (very expensive) Xerox Workstation in the White House.  Software can lift anything from anything, and did so to create the smallest size file humanly possible.

    You said you could move the state seal around, and yet the pdf has no visible state seal.  Do you know what a state seal is?
    Regardless, the pdf is legit, (and I spent days and weeks examining and “debunking” it, but what is NOT legit is the counterfeit birth certificate that was scanned to produce the pdf.

    Instead of producing a fake pdf, they had a real paper fake produced and then scanned it and forgot to flatten the layers, -wasting all of our time with debunking it.  It seemed to be fake because no one had a $10,000 Workstation to run tests on.

    Still, Obama will never allow anyone near his counterfeit hard-copy.  He will destroy it before surrendering it to anyone, if it still even exists.  Probably doesn’t.  Probably was burned within the first week.
    Too bad Fuddy knew the truth.

    Today the age of Bounel would be 100 years (plus). The mistake made when obama’s minions selected this SS # was that Bounel’s birthdate was not more than 120 years ago. For those born 120 years ago or prior are not recorded. More stupid errors like they made on his B.C. and also on his Selective Service application.
    Since he lied on his application to the Illinois Bar, he had a choice to stop practicing law having his license rescinded or be charged with perjury. What, oh what a dilemma for a candidate for the presidency of the U.S. Axlerod and all his crew sure had their hands full.
    Stay tuned………answers still coming.

    People sometimes ask why Congress, who knows Obama is an imposter, refuses to do anything to expose the charade. Here is what I believe, after 5 years of watching the actions and inaction of Congress, is why they fear doing anything about the usurper:

    It’s not the “dirt” on individual Congress members that keeps them protecting Obama from any action on his ineligibility and identity fraud, it’s the TREASON every last one of them committed when they sat on their cowardly, afraid of
    being called “racist”, overpaid lying butts and watched and did nothing to stop an unvetted, identity fraud con-artist from becoming the putative president. From that moment, when no one in Congress objected to the usurpation of the presidency, they all became guilty of treason at the highest possible level. It has only worsened since then as Congress refuses to do anything to stop Obama. No impeachment, no investigation, no matter how many blatant violations of the Constitution the regime commits.

    Congress doesn’t even react to being told by Barry…and Holder, that they are irrelevant and the regime will do whatever it pleases. WHY?, It’s because Congress will do…or not do, ANYTHING to keep Obama officially considered “legitimate” until he leaves the usurped presidency. They believe that is the only hope for
    getting away with treason for their part in the biggest fraud in
    history. If, like Senator Mike Lee, they have to make absurd comments, considering we have an enemy of America in charge of her military and her nuclear weapons, they will make those comments in the desperate effort to not have to deal
    with the huge screw-up they allowed and abetted. Imagine members of Congress explaining to the loved ones of military personnel killed and wounded in combat why they allowed an enemy of America to send those loved ones into combat? That is just one of many things Congress will do anything not to have to deal with:

    Congress will do ANYTHING and say ANYTHING, no matter how stupid it sounds, to prevent themselves from being changed with the treason they committed in the act of allowing Obama’s usurpation. The inaction, lies, BS and obfuscation they have immersed themselves in to try to save their own sorry butts has dug them a hole they see no way out of except for more of the same.

    Congress protects Obama to protect themselves

    ~and here’s an assortment of acerbic remarks by…

    Giovanna Sabella

    I recommend the book, “The Death of the Grown-Up: How America’s Arrested Development is Bringing Down Western Civilization.” by Diana West. It explains so much of why our culture is changing. People don’t take the time to find out what the truth is about the people for whom they vote.

    Like children, they rely on the “experts,” i.e. the liberal mainstream to instruct them. They KNEW that Barack Obama had attended a church for 20 years whose pastor (and “spiritual mentor”) was rabidly anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-white, yet they still voted for him. Why? Because the media were so in love with them, they refused to treat these things as what they were. A harbinger of things to come under a man who must have believed as Rev. Jeremiah Wright did. Why else would he have been involved with him for 20 years? He obviously hates America. Take a look at what his policies have done. Take a look at his attitude toward Israel. Take a look at all the scandals he’s involved in, none of which he regards as important enough to actually bring people to justice. They are always “under investigation.” Or there is not a “smidgen” of evidence of corruption. Or he will tell us that a deadly terrorist attack which killed four Americans, one of whom was Ambassador Chris Stevens, in Benghazi was sparked by an insignificant anti-Muslim video.

    Giovanna Sabella

    Because Sheeple believe his lies, even the most blatant ones. Because the progressive media who think like he does protects him, even though it hurts our country. Obama is not the only criminal here. I hold the mainstream media in contempt because they are complicit in aiding and abetting Obama’s damnable transformation of the United States. History will record this as one of the most damaging and corrupt administrations in American history. If our country survives it will be because someone brave enough to tell the truth comes along to lead our country back to its former state and if American citizens will have the brains God gave them to elect him.

    O’Reilly: Interviewing Obama was hardest task ever

    Giovanna Sabella
    Obama a patriot!!! A patriot would not sit in a church for 20 years under a pastor who was anti-American, as well as anti-Semitic. A patriot would not say he was going to fundamentally transform the country of his birth. A patriot would not put in place policies that are destroying our beloved country. A patriot would not shred our Constitution with his “phone and pen.”

    Finally, a patriot would not bow to a Saudi king. Obama is the antithesis of a real patriot. In Bill O’Reilly’s supposed “spin zone,” Obama spun him like a top.

    Obama’s imperial presidency

    Giovanna Sabella

    Impeachment is the only answer. He has been committing High Crimes and Misdemeanors since he was elected. He has lied to the American people, he has trashed the Constitution and led our country into Socialism. The Communist party has endorsed him because of his leftist policies. How much proof do we need that he wants to turn our country into a Socialist state?

    Giovanna Sabella

    This is the real story about Allan West.

    The mainstream media has lied about him because he’s a patriot.

    How the GOP lost Middle America

    Giovanna Sabella

    America is indeed the land of opportunity. For anyone who wants the government to provide all their needs. They are descending on our country in droves. They will all become Democrats because that’s the kind of government they demand, one that will keep them enslaved, uneducated, untrained, having no pride in their accomplishments, because they will not have to accomplish anything except to collect their welfare checks, food stamps, free phones, etc. Thanks to Marxists like Barack Obama, our country is being fundamentally transformed right before our eyes.









    About arnash
    “When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain - Politicians and diapers - change 'em often, for the same reason. "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." Ronald Reagan "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." William F. Buckley, Jr. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it. Abraham Lincoln “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell “Satan will use a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison”.

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