Blowing out the Fogblow Bloviation; Obama is an Alien!

…from deep inside the hidden, quarantine zone at, comes a knock-down, drag-out battle of truth versus lies, stupidity, faux, feigned naivete about government, and obscene vitriol that would melt most monitors.  Obama and his boot-lickers come out the losers, as they always will.

I replied: As for her marriage going south after two years…, -what marriage?
First you have to establish that there was one, -an actual one, not just a paper one. Please share her love letters, romantic-couple pictures, sweet wedding photos, pregnancy and birth photos, and happy family photos.
Mere sex partners do not have such photos.
And thus, they DO NOT EXIST!
No marriage. No co-habitation.. No paternal income. No job. No co-habitation. No family “home”. Polygamy. No marriage!

“If she resided at home in Hawaii, where’s the evidence?”

If she resided at an established residence in Seattle in ’61-’62, it can be presumed, and should be, that it was established before delivery, -not immediately after, -and for the purpose of searching Seattle and Washington for an adoptive couple to spare her the ball-and-chain of a newborn when she was just beginning to be free as a new adult.

You know that that is what she was wanting, just like the tens of millions of other young women who have since had access to abortion service.
It seems that nothing much can be proven to fit Obama’s lying scenario of a united family for two years. More sound-good fantasy to sell his book and himself.  Please explain where my logic has gone wrong. Good luck.

WHO MUST REGISTER   [for Selective Service, -the military conscription agency]

Some non-citizens are required to register. Others are not. Non-citizens who are not required to register with Selective Service include men who are in the U.S. on a student or visitor visas, and men who are part of a diplomatic or trade mission and their families.

Almost all other male non-citizens are required to register, including undocumented immigrants, legal permanent residents, and refugees.
The general rule is that if a male non-citizen takes up residency in the U.S. before his 26th birthday, he must register with Selective Service. see Who Must Register – Chart .

Let’s see… you fired a forward & backward firing shotgun and took off my earlobe while blowing your own head off! Brilliant!
You fail to grasp reality. You cannot require illegal aliens to register because there is no penalty if they don’t. What sort of requirement is that, bonehead?  [That is as brain-dead a pretense as “requiring” them to report themselves and their address when they get to their destination which the ICE service allows them to proceed to after releasing them from custody on the honor system.  Honor?  What illegal violator of our national borders has any honor???]
The penalties only apply to citizens and those who intend to and can become citizens.

If they don’t register, they can never become citizens. They can’t become citizens anyway, so tell me what the hell difference it makes???
Talk about me not doing my own research. I’ve done far more than most of you Bozos but I have mostly researched things that had some relevance. And I did not read them through flat-land bias but with a searching eye for three-dimensional collateral consequences to what was written.
That is known by the word “contemplation”. Don’t bother looking it up since it will never apply to your in flatworld.



Student Visa = not subject; Not subject = not subject child (regardless of native-birth); Not subject child = non-citizen.
Obama is not only not a natural born citizen, he is not even a citizen at all!

(yours truly is the one who finally, after 2-3 years, realized that fact after putting together some important pieces of the puzzle, such as what that quote reveals.)

Yes, under International Law, the real International Law, not the one you dreamed up in your head, foreign students and visitors can be tried for treason. “it is well known that, by the public law,…” “…and may be punished for treason, or other crimes, as a native-born subject might be, 1851”

WOW! That’s too stupid even for you! Opps, I’m apparently wrong about that.

You refer to international law while citing British law from over 150 years ago, while ignoring the law of the United States. Brilliant! -Einstein.

Gee, last I checked, we were a sovereign nation and not subject to British nor international so-called law.

An American can be tried for treason for acts committed anywhere in the world. However, they obviously have to wait until the person returns to a place they have juridiction (which means “legal authority”) to try them.

Tell that to Anwar al Awlaki. Drone execution. No return. No trial. The exercise of the sovereign right of self-defense against traitors and enemies.

“Thus, jurisdiction does end at the water’s edge”

You are confused. Jurisdiction is the authority under which citizens are permanently held regardless of their location on the planet. They must pay U.S. taxes, -not commit treason, submit to military induction, etc. If they were not subject to that jurisdiction, then it would not exist anywhere in the world, including the US.

You confuse martial power with legal sovereign authority. Foreign governments have no right to exercise martial power within another’s borders, like Pakistan, because it violates their sovereignty, but like an animal picked-up by the pound, the owner is still the owner even though not in charge of the pound.

That owner’s authority still exists and that is why the animal is returned to him. The animal is still subject to his ownership regardless of not being within the property of the owner.
Don’t confuse being within a jurisdiction (territoriality) with being subject to or under a jurisdiction (authority). One can be within but not subject, -like criminals, outlaws, Mexican invaders, American Natives pre-citizenship, etc.

…that any one nation should [not] be at liberty to regulate either persons or things not within its own territory.” Joseph Story, Conflict of Laws, pg. 23 (1841)

One’s obligations are not synonymous with being regulated. If a draft dodger fled to Canada, he was beyond regulation but not beyond obligation. It does not end at borders. It took decades before they could return to the U.S. Same with deserters.

Persons visiting the US owe a temporary allegiance while in the US and can be tried for treason for violating such termpoary allegiance as Mr. Webster said.

That is simply absurd. We are not under the British concepts of unlimited government power which included the doctrine of temporary allegiance. We operate according to law or according to non-law policy.

As a matter of policy or statute, I don’t think the US does this, but it could under International Law if it wanted to.

International Law is irrelevant. It could not do it under American law, -as well as the international law of nations and comity between nations, which are what Congress is limited by.
You have a horribly distorted idea of what the law of the land in America is. International law does not govern within our borders unless it is made a part of the Constitution or passed and signed as a treaty.

But international conventions do and they apply to foreign guests, which are exempt from the obligations which come with residency and citizenship. Thus they are not subject to our obligations as we are. They are exempt, as are children born to them here.
Such children, historically, would be presumed to be soon heading back across the Atlantic with their parents where they would be raised as foreign subjects.

And that is why they would not be considered by sane people to be fellow Americans. Nor considered so by the 1898 Wong opinion of the high court, although the AG at the time exploded their limited opinion to include everyone born of anyone except ambassadors, when the opinion itself was limited solely to immigrants.

And his perversion of their opinion has never been challenged and thus never been invalidated. It has been erroneously presumed ever since to be the law of the land, when it is nothing more than the policy of the land.
The A.G. today could declare Obama to be an alien, and there would be nothing that he could do about it since that authority rests with the Attorney General.
Talk about a constitutional crisis! Yikes!

PatGund wrote:What I find funny is that Mr. Nash pretty much demands that we treat his unfounded conspiracy theory as “facts”, and yet he pretty much treats actual facts as unfounded conspiracy theories.

“pretty much”?? “demands”??? You are a fool. I present a speculative scenario that needs to be shown to be impossible, and yet with all of the facets it contains, none of you losers are able to do that.
That should raise some questions in your minds, but your minds are all warped and deformed into a demented manner of reasoning because you are not free from the powerful bias that grips you all.
Authority worshipers all. Kool-Aid drinkers all. “The adults say it is good for us, so down the hatch!”

realist wrote: That’s all he’s done on his “blog” and at Mario’s and I’m certain anywhere else he’s said/posted anything. He just makes shit up as he sees fit, ignores all the credible evidence and facts, and like his BFF Mario, WINS!! Every. Single. Time. Cuz he sez so.

Could you possibly be a bigger idiot??? Not a chance.

My  “BFF Mario”???  Funny how he refers to me as “you and your Obot friends”!  You’re both deluded, dogmatic true believers, only in different doctrines and deceits.

You and all of the cowards here in La-La Land have failed to debunk something that you’d think could easily be debunked, but instead you whine and groan about making things up (that’s what a hypothetical is, you moron!) and bitch about me ignoring “facts” when none have been presented that have shown anything to be impossible other than there being no Indonesian consulate in Hawaii.
When will one of you babies actually state a fact that renders the scenario impossible or implausible? You can’t and so you don’t.
You just drone on like the pathetic sycophants that you are, unhindered by logical thought, driven 100% by bias. You can’t be fixed without your over-confident arrogance being smashed by reality. Fortunately for you, but also unfortunately for you, that is quite unlikely to ever happen.


A quote by a government employee: “The person in question (Obama Jr.) is a United States Citizen by reason of his birth in Honolulu… he is living with the supplicants spouse in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is considered the Supplicants step-child…” [Lolo Soetoro, second husband]

Well, that’s pretty conclusive!

No proof of a birth in Hawaii. Only presumption that it was so because his mother’s affidavit was believed since it was written out under penalty of perjury.
What attitude should a non-related government agency (INS, STATE Dept.) have toward such a statement made to one’s own state government? That they are all lies until proven otherwise?

He was nothing more than his step-child until his Indonesian adoption was finalized, some time later.

However, getting anyone to take you seriously is another matter.

You idiot. No one has to take me seriously. Who took Einstein very seriously until he published his theory of relativity?
But what you all are running from is the great likelihood of the scenario speculation being true, and to hide from that reality, you have to hope that killing the messenger will also kill the message. It won’t. It will only be killed by facts that apparently do not exist, or are still unknown.

I present a speculative scenario that needs to be shown to be impossible, and yet with all of the facets it contains, none of you losers are able to do that.

What a dishonest made up load of crap. Why do we have to disprove your fantasies, which are not supported with a single shred of documentation? Where is that written down? You were a dishonest, racist, nut job, loser when you first posted here and all you have done is confirm for all the world to see is that exactly what you are.

You think and act like a petulant six year old. If we don’t discuss your stupid fantasy that you pulled out of your ass are you gonna stomp your widdle feet and hold your breath? Please proceed Abomination.

“the woman I spoke with very patiently explained that Indonesian adoption laws would not have been applicable to him as a citizen of the U.S. I was also told he did not and had never held an Indonesian passport. If you don’t like the answers to my research or don’t agree with them, I suggest you call the Indonesian embassy yourself.”

Either you are a fool or she is a fool. My bet is that it is both.
No person in any Indonesian consulate or Embassy would know jack squat about what happened before they were even born, and would have only been recorded back in 1970 or so on paper stored in an unvisited archive that no one has looked at.

He updated his passport as an adult every two years for an indeterminate period, but NO DIGITAL RECORDS EXIST. NO INFORMATION OBTAINABLE VIA COMPUTER.
She, it seems, spoke based on her understanding of law, (not old records) and the presumption that Obama possessed U.S. citizenship. BUT HE DID NOT! He was NOT a citizen!. Without a birth certificate he had no proof at all of being an American. Thus his adoption opened the door for Indonesian citizenship, his only citizenship.

Do you have a passport? Given that President Obama did in fact have a US passport [NO APPLICATION FOR A PASSPORT BY OBAMA ON FILE!](as displayed above), [A US SENATOR PASSPORT, NOT PERSONAL] and has most likely had one since he got one to return from Indonesia without his mother, I doubt…bla, bla, bla…

Your lack of doubt and presumptions of likelihood are simply manifestations of your dogmatic naivete, not unbiased thinking. And they are irrelevant to the scenarios plausibility or possibility.
It is not about odds. It is about specific events. Were they possible or impossible. What was the likelihood in 1963 in Dallas that President Kennedy would suffer a bullet to the head? Essentially zero. And yet reality is not determined by odds. Otherwise no one would ever win the big lottery or be struck by lightning.
So don’t talk to me about odds or likelihood. I want to see facts that disprove the essential elements of the scenario.

Given the near total absence of any facts at all, that is pretty much impossible.
But with so many elements to it, you’d think that there might be at least one fact that would disprove something important, and yet there are none. That is a pretty damn big problem when one reads it with an open mind and not a devotee’s bias.
I don’t buy the bull that we can all just assume that incompetent Barry lost his birth certificate (and passport) and therefore only requested a new one after becoming a presidential candidate. In what flood, what fire, what tornado? He has said nothing about losing it. He has explained nothing about not having it already. Don’t put words in his mouth that are not his.

The LFBC is a photocopy from the bound volume of original documents. It was copied onto security paper and the document was stamped and sealed by the Hawai’i DoH.

Well, you can wallow in your pigpen of ignorance or learn the truth about the production of birth certificates from my exposition titled: Why Obama’s Birth Certificate Can’t Be Believed. I explain the complete falseness of your understanding.
I had to educate the out-of-touch Dr. Conspiracy years ago by explaining the modern truth to him. He no longer spouts your passe ignorance since he learned the facts of the digital age.
They destroy your illusions, so if you want to continue to wallow in your blissful ignorance, I suggest you not read the truth.

Post by obama–nation » Wed Jul 02, 2014

“No. It’s the allegiance vs. jurisdiction distinction.”

18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason
Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death,…”

“Treason can only be committed by a citizen against his own country. Non-citizens get charged with other crimes, they aren’t immune from prosecution in that country.”

And that is where you are wrong, -or lie. All legal permanent members of American society are subject to a shared responsibility for the survival of the nation. Their lack of citizenship does not exempt them from that responsibility. Only their gender and age does that.

Legal immigrants must serve in the military if called and will be imprisoned if they refuse. I know from the testimony of an old Mexican friend in Mexico who told me that that happened to him during WWII. I was dumbfounded. Unbelievable!
So it is wrong to think that only citizens owe allegiance to their society since immigrants also owe allegiance to their adopted country. They can be punished for rejecting their obligation and they can be executed for treason against their adopted country.
That is the unknown reality that no one had ever uncovered in relationship to citizenship until I remembered what he had told me decades earlier.

but everyone on an immigrant visa and all illegal aliens (??? HA!) are required to register.
Non-immigrants have been subject to conscription before.

Oh?? On what planet? Not this one. I guess that on flat-world even tourists are subject to involuntary conscription, but not in America.

“As for taxes, both resident and non-resident aliens are subject to income taxes and other taxes.

Non-resident aliens would rarely be allowed to earn enough money to be subject to taxes. Perhaps entertainers on tours here. Otherwise, no. But you missed the context. It is WORLD-WIDE subjection to U.S. Law. That subjection follows American citizens everywhere.  It follows foreigners nowhere.


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