Richard Nixon, unlike Barry Obama, was a natural born citizen, born of American parents, but he had one characteristic in common with Barry; he also was a liar.  He lied about the Watergate break-in cover-up, just as Obama has lied about… well, everything, but there is something that they both lied about since it was something of great significance to many people, and that was the truth about where they were born.

Nixon’s lie about his birth place had nothing to do with general notions about his eligibility to be the President of the United States, unlike Obama, but was tied to the same format as Obama’s lie, namely; his autobiography. “I was born in the house my father built.” Nixon stated.

To be fair, neither really knew where they were born because no one knows anything about that except what they’ve been told, or what’s been shown on their birth certificate.  But Nixon, like Obama, never had a birth certificate, which is actually logically contrary to the following story about his birth place.  It only makes good sense that he didn’t have a birth certificate if he was born at home and not in a hospital, as was reported.

That would put him in the same situation as that of Obama, whose mother swore in a hand-written affidavit-application for a late birth certification from the Hawaiian Dept. of Health that she gave birth to her baby at home in Honolulu on August 4th, 1961.  Of course that is only speculation, but no other speculation can explain the statements of the governor of Hawaii Neil Abercrombe, and that of the Director of the Dept. of Health Fukino that the record was “written down”, “-half hand-written, and half-typed.  See what it might have looked like, although it was probably on a formal form with boxes for typing in the information:  ANN DUNHAM’S SIMULATED AFFIDAVIT

But whether Nixon was born at home as claimed, or born in a hospital as stated, one learns from his case that one’s birth place, even if Vice-President of the United States, is just as susceptible to dispute and erroneous claims as anyone else.  And that of course includes one community organizer from Chicago by way of Hawaii.

Neither Nixon nor Obama could know the truth about where they were born, they could only know what their mother told them.  And both mothers may have told them that they were born at home.  In Nixon’s case, that story was vital to the civic pride and perhaps tourism of little Yorba Linda, California.

Nixon was the biggest thing to ever put such an otherwise nondescript community on the map.  They made his home a community attraction, adding a bronze plaque claiming it as his birth place, -kind of like claiming that a certain log cabin was where Lincoln was born.

But in Obama’s case, the location of his birth was not about whether it was at home or in a hospital, but whether it was in the United States or in a foreign nation, and that difference was critical to the ignorant public’s perception about his eligibility to be President.

Everyone falsely assumed that native-birth constitutes eligibility to be President, but the Constitution does not require that the President be native-born, but that he be a natural born citizen, -meaning a citizen born of citizens and not aliens.

So the stakes, while similar in nature, were vastly different in scope and importance, since a falsehood in Nixon’s case would be insignificant, while a falsehood in Obama’s case would be gigantic, and could destroy his presidency and his party for knowingly and deliberately foisting him on the American people though fully conscious of the fact that he was absolutely not a natural born citizen.

In fact they were so sure of that, and so insecure about being able to get away with such a huge and obvious lie about their candidate that they removed the certification language in the candidate nomination certification which previously said of Democratic Party presidential candidates that they are certified to be constitutionally eligible.

Why did they remove that certification?  Because they had to sign the darn think as sworn written testimony.  That means the endlessly lying Nancy Pelosi was afraid to lie on such a serious and formal document for fear of prosecution.  Of course that fear vanished as soon as her candidate was elected, so she had the confidence to reinsert the constitutional certification in the 2012 document.  No one on Earth could or would ever touch her while Barack Obama was President.  She and he were above the law.

The lesson of Nixon’s life is that Obama also could have and would have gone through life and gotten by without a birth certificate from any State in America, just as Nixon did.  It isn’t clear from the article if Nixon got a birth certificate at age 29 because he actually needed one for something, or just for the sake of having one, but since it states that it is not legitimate for identity purposes, it must have been purely a nostalgia motivated document.

In Obama’s case, he got his first birth certificate at age 47 when one was digitally created for him.  Getting a real certificate number was the tricky part.  That required assistance from his acolytes within the Hawaii Dept of Health.

But to produce what the public was getting impatient to see, a long-form, actual hospital birth certificate, was much more difficult since that required access to the original affidavit written out by his mother, -and the director of the department at the time was not allowing that since it was not legal.

Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way, so when she retired, and the new governor, Abercrombe, (a HUGE puppy-dog Obama supporter emotionally attached to the Obama fantasy, including his own dreamed-up part in it, appointed a new director who discovered within two weeks of his appointement, that he had resigned for personal reasons, -reasons that he knew nothing about.

Adios, Republican Dr. Palafox,  -you need to make way for the sycophantic leader of the Subah cult (of which Obama’s mother was a member) because she will be more accommodating about allowing access to the critical document.  And Presto!  within two weeks a brand spanking new Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth is announced, -not by Obama mind you, he was not allowed by his lawyers to even mention its existence, and avoided doing so, along with avoiding even being in the room with the thing.

Ask your self; “Where have I ever seen a photo of Obama with his long-form, -or short form, birth certificate?”  Don’t wrack your brain because no such photo exists since no such occasion was allowed to ever happen.

You can’t take a picture with a document which isn’t to be allowed anywhere near you.  And so Obama’s own White House lawyer foolishly admitted in the excitement of the moment during its unveiling, that he would be removing the two fake documents before Obama entered the room.  What a very strange thing to say!  No doubt it was very much on his mind if it got past his own internal censor.  But I digress.

The society that preserves and promotes Nixon’s boyhood home as being his birthplace maintains a pretense, or not, that it is somehow an indisputable fact that he was born where they say he was born, just as Obama’s supporters maintain a similar stance about where he was born.

In Nixon’s case, there was an eye-witness; his mother.  According to a reporter, she said he was not born in the home but in a hospital.  Later, she said that he was born in the home, (and not a hospital).  Apparently someone is lying and changed her story due to pressure from the townsfolk who depend on the story of his home birth to make everything work for the best, or a reporter was sticking his neck out for no reason just as some strange practical joke.  Which makes more sense?

Either way, you have the same non-conclusive “evidence” in both Nixon’s and Obama’s case, only in Obama’s there are no witnesses at all.  And that is very strange when one of his loyal supporters (Elenor Nordyke, whose twins were born in that hospital in Honolulu the next day, Aug. 5th) has no memory at all of ever seeing young, very white, Ann Dunham with a Negro baby, and his very dark African father.

Would a mother in 1961 forget another mother in the same maternity ward who fit such a description?  Not in any conceivable universe.  That argues very, very persuasively that she was never there.  She was either giving birth at home, for no conceivable reason, or she was in Vancouver giving birth while seeking to give her baby up for adoption to a couple there that had shown interest; -interest that vanished upon seeing that it was not what they had been expecting.

In both scenarios, Ann Dunham is left without a birth certificate since she didn’t stick around in Vancouver, if in a hospital, long enough for the birth certificate creating process to occur.  She was confident that she could get one back in Hawaii, but she was wrong since the law had been tightened significantly years earlier to avoid fraudulent applications for births that were not attended by licensed Hawaiian health care providers.

So, like Nixon, Obama could not know for sure where he was born, nor why he did not have a hospital birth certificate.  With Nixon, creating one was no big deal since it wasn’t legitimate anyway, as the big bold red-ink stamp across its face attests, but in Obama’s case, it was the exact opposite.  EVERYTHING was riding on it.  It had to support the public delusion that place of birth in the US makes one eligible to be President.  That’s what we were all raised to believe, but we were all raised to believe a falsehood.  A blind, stupid, and thoughtless falsehood based purely on common misconception.

So, read now the story of the previous President with a birth certificate problem, and learn a lesson or two about the validity or non-validity of the claims about his birth place, along with those about the birth certificate of the current unconstitutional occupant of the White House.


Aug. 4, 1960: Members of a Nixon club replace a sign that was stolen from Richard M. Nixon’s boyhood home in Yorba Linda, which brings us back to a story posted in 2009.

Times reporter Art Ryon covered the dedication of Nixon’s birthplace in a Jan. 10, 1959, story with the stunning news: “He was born in a hospital,” smiled Mrs. Frank A. Nixon, his mother, who looked pert and sweet and proud in a gray suit and pillbox hat. “But we lived here until Richard was 7.”

As far as I can tell, this account only appeared in The Times. Neither the Examiner nor the UPI wire service interviewed Nixon’s mother in reporting the dedication and neither said anything about him being born in a hospital. The Mirror and the Herald-Express, both afternoon papers, did not cover the event.

The Times story touched off denials by Nixon and his mother, and was refuted in Bela Kornitzer’s biography “The Real Nixon.” (Kornitzer, a Hungarian refugee in deep sympathy with Nixon’s anti-communist beliefs, was given access to the family in preparing his flattering 1960 biography and openly stated that he would avoid anything controversial about his subject.)

Kornitzer says: “On Jan. 9, 1959, Nixon’s 46th birthday, when the township of Yorba Linda dedicated a bronze plaque commemorating the vice president’s birthplace at 1806 Yorba Linda Blvd., a nationwide furor was caused by a reporter who asserted that the vice president had actually been born in a Yorba Linda hospital and not in the parental home. The family and Yorba Lindans became irate at the distortion: Richard was born in the home of his parents.”

The day after Ryon’s account was published, The Times backtracked by saying “The report, evidently in error, appeared in yesterday morning’s Times. It said Nixon was born in a hospital. ‘He was not,’ corrected Mrs. Frank A. Nixon, the vice president’s mother, who was there. ‘He was born in the front bedroom of that very house.’ ”

The Times Washington bureau also wrote a small story reaffirming Nixon’s account that he was born in the home. Nothing further was written in The Times and apparently the matter was considered closed.

All very odd. So I decided to do a little digging.

Nixon was proud of his humble origins, famously beginning his autobiography “I was born in the house my father built.” For that matter, being born at home in Nixon’s era (1913) was nothing unusual and not only in more rural places like Yorba Linda. My own father was born at home in 1916, even though the family was living in urban Detroit.

I assumed that Nixon’s birth certificate would clear up the mystery, but interestingly enough, he didn’t get one until he was 29. (It’s on the jump). To settle matters, Kornitzer interviewed Henrietta Shockney, the nurse who delivered Nixon, and published a photo of the card she filled out when he was born. (Note: Nixon weighed 11 pounds. A serious baby.)  read on and view the birth certificate, and the newspaper articles and photos.

by Adrien Nash  July 2014  obama–nation


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