Obama’s Background, Eligibility, and Motives Remain Dangerously Hidden

Obama birth certificate issue more urgent than ever

By Joan Swirsky  [abridged by h2ooflife] http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/swirsky/100328

Now that the regime currently occupying the White House has bribed, threatened, intimidated, bullied, manipulated, and cut unconstitutional and illegal deals with Democrats in exchange for their votes for the totalitarian nightmare of socialized medicine, the subject of Obama’s missing birth certificate is more timely and relevant than ever — precisely because the ugly spectacle emphasized once again the degree to which Obama has arrogantly flouted, sneered at, and spit upon the U.S. Constitution, a document he and his handlers and henchmen clearly revile and are determined to shred and destroy.

The same contempt for the bedrock foundations of our country was apparent during Obama’s run for the presidency and his refusal to produce his birth certificate. It reminds me of the search I conducted in 2004 for my mother’s birth certificate, a non-negotiable prerequisite for her admission into a nursing home. Although she was born in a farmhouse in 1913 to immigrants who didn’t speak English, it took me only three phone calls and not more than 20 minutes to locate this valuable document. Unlike Obama, who was born — he says — in 1961, I didn’t pay nearly two million dollars to lawyers to fight the nursing home’s request.

To this day, Obama has failed to produce proof that he was born in the United States and that he is a natural-born American citizen, one of only three absolute requirements in the U.S. Constitution to become President of the United States. In fact, if Obama is not a natural-born American citizen, he is acting as president under false pretenses, which de facto makes every statement he has made as the usurper POTUS, every bill he has signed, every czar he has appointed, every act, proclamation, signing statement, executive order, and law, et al, fraudulent, illegal, and therefore null and void — including this unconstitutional healthcare so-called reform bill.

As I type, Mr. Hope & Change is working on granting citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants to further bankrupt the United States and thereby etch in stone a constituency that relies on free everything — and will therefore return the favor by voting Democratic in future elections. This will actualize his and the far-left’s goals of turning our democratic Republic into a Communist share-the-poverty facsimile of a Russian, Cuban, or Venezuelan state!

When this or that writer or commentator asks, “Doesn’t he realize X, Y, or Z?” — the answer is, of course he does! His entire raison d’être is to convert the country he hates — America — into the kind of socialist/communist/fascist country he clearly admires. Exhibit A is surely his serial embrace of foreign dictators and his undisguised hostility toward our most trusted allies.

How did this happen? As blogger Daniel Greenfield notes, Obama’s election “was not about what the people wanted. It was about his own victory by any means necessary. Hardly surprising from the man who began his political career by betraying and destroying his own mentor, climbed into the United States Senate over two sex scandals that were a product of his opposition research [“convincing” judges to release detailed sealed divorce records to the public!], and reached the White House through voter fraud, illegal campaign donations, and an owned media corps…. Each win for Obama was another loss for fair and honest elections. And each time Obama won, it was not because the public decided he was the better man, but because the sheer array of dirty tricks, fraud, and media propaganda insured that no choices would be allowed.”

Today, there are few Americans, even Obama’s acolytes and fans, who now think he is a natural-born American or, for that matter, a Christian, as he pretended to be as a congregant for 20 years in his Chicago pastor’s Black Theology church. In short, black theology is Marxist doctrine: hate America, hate whitey, hate Jews, hate free-market capitalism, hate the U.S. Constitution. Here, he just about admits as much. From where I stand, that pretty well sums up Obama’s first 14 months in office.


At this point, every honest, decent member of Congress and the media, as well as ordinary citizens, knows that there was something putridly rotten about Obama’s election. Not just the billion dollars in campaign donations, most of which are still unaccounted for but known to have flowed from foreign donors, many of them enemies of America. And not just the missing mountains of qualifying data that all presidential candidates are expected to produce, including:

  • His Illinois law license. Was he even a lawyer? [-or just a supervised Law Clerk?] Where is his supposed Harvard Law degree? Where are the papers he wrote in law school? Why does he not correct people when they say he was a law professor when he was never a professor but only a lecturer?
  • His Selective Service registration, which investigative-journalist and lawyer Debbie Schlussel has reported to be falsified,  [EXCLUSIVE: Did Next Commander-in-Chief Falsify Selective Service Registration? Never Actually Register? Obama’s Draft Registration Raises Serious Questions]  -an accusation that Linda Bentley quite persuasively documented just the other day. [“I had to sign up for Selective Service (SS) when I graduated from high school …in 1979”    ~the registration requirement was suspended in April 1975 by President Gerald Ford and wasn’t reinstituted until 1980 by President Jimmy Carter!  Opps!  “a miss is a mile”.  HE LIED!]
  • His passport, or more probably passports. After all, he did travel to Pakistan in 1981 when Americans were forbidden into that country. Did he use the Indonesian passport he got when he was a citizen of that country?
  • His school records from Indonesia and Hawaii.
  • His college transcripts from Occidental College in CA, Columbia College in NY, and Harvard Law School in MA.
  • His records from the University of Chicago, where Obama, the instructor, supposedly taught.

Just as mysterious is the question of who exactly backed this virtually unknown neophyte senator with the paper-thin résumé and almost non-existent voting record — this man who had lifelong associations with countless dubious-if-not-criminal friends and associates, as well as political radicals.

We now know that leftist billionaire financier George Soros was and is a major backer. And we’ve also learned that dozens of Clinton administration leftovers and elected officials, all of the hard left — as well as a number of hugely influential executives and bankers from AIG and Goldman Sachs — were part of Obama’s toxic brew. But how, you may ask, could these arch capitalists be leftists? Because, like Soros, they fancy themselves Kings of the Universe, smarter than the average Joe, and therefore destined to join a new American oligarchy in which the few rule and the many are under their collective thumbs.

The motives of these megalomaniacs involve the tenacious belief — facts to the contrary — that the proven tyrannies of socialism and communism will improve the lot of the masses they consider so stupid, combined with a driving lust for absolute power — you know, the kind that corrupts absolutely. Underlying this is a worldview in which most people are perceived to be “victims” of “the system.” And of course a fulminating rage.

Again, Greenfield weighs in, explaining that this rage is part of “the bargain leftists always strike: I Will Only Love You If You Kill Yourself. Leftists only love an America, he says, “in which the Constitution is wielded to protect Islamic terrorists and a man who hates the country can take office in the White House, in which the lives of Americans are worthless but the comfortable treatment of captured terrorists is worth more than gold, in which all of the country’s history and values are viewed as nothing more than the brutal atrocities of greedy savages, while the brutal atrocities of newly arrived greedy savages are treated as heroic achievements worthy of celebration and praise….”

“In their more honest moments,” Greenfield continues, “leftists will admit that they do not love America — only its potential…to be changed by them…moments like Michelle Obama proclaiming that she had never been proud of her country before…a chilling glimpse into the mind of the left that cannot love anything that is not an expression of their own ego….”

“They love [an] America that legalizes illegal aliens, displaces its own citizens to make way for them, and tears down all barriers against crime and terror. They love America, so long as it frees terrorists from prison — and when war is declared against it by a fanatical cult of mass murderers, it gives the murderers their day in court with lawyers and a trial!!!  This is the America they love. “I will only love you, if you kill yourself.”


A coup d’état is never an overnight phenomenon. It takes years, often decades, of planning, and more often than not, there are thwarted attempts along the way. In America, leftists have been actively trying both to undermine and overthrow our country since at least the 1960s (actually well before then, as far back as a hundred years). They tried with Jimmy Carter, but in spite of the lasting harm he did, his stupendous incompetence ultimately did him in, relegating him to one ignominious term.

They tried again with Bill Clinton, who as a student spent years — when he might have been fighting for our country in Vietnam — hanging around England smoking pot and, oddly, “visiting” Communist Russia. Clinton lasted two terms, largely because he was too narcissistic and undisciplined to stick to the leftist party line, craving the spotlight to such a degree that when the electorate smacked him and his wife down for trying to inflict socialized medicine on our citizens, he moved ever so nimbly to the center, where he stayed until he practically had to be dragged off the stage during the most self-aggrandizing departure of a president in American history.

Through these failures, the left learned never to depend on a genuine natural born American citizen to actualize their coup, that the real thing would somehow retain some random DNA strands of affection for our republic. They would have to find a faux American, one who looked and sounded like the real thing, but whose allegiance to America was non-existent — perhaps someone who had lived in a Muslim country, studied the Koran, subscribed to Sharia law, and had lifelong relationships with Marxists and Communists, Islamists and other America-haters. Enter the man who calls himself Barack Obama.



“According to Dr. Manning,” Spingola writes, “Obama was an interpreter for the CIA during the war in Afghanistan. When Obama completed his CIA operations in the mid 1980s and returned to the U.S., he persuaded the State Department to maneuver his entrance into Harvard Law School….”

Needless to say, Pastor Manning’s life has been threatened and continues to be threatened by people who are deeply afraid of his explosive charges.

And here is yet another bizarre oddity: an article saying that Barack Obama, former editor of the Harvard Law Review, “voluntarily surrendered” his law license back in 2008 in order to escape charges that he lied on his bar application, and that First Lady Michelle Obama “voluntarily surrendered” her law license in 1993!


I have written at length of the many lawyers and journalists who have addressed the birth certificate issue. You can read some of their names here. But with the notable and noteworthy exceptions I’ve mentioned, other so-called investigative journalists who should have been asking and answering the above questions and dozens of others are an extinct species, killed off by leftist media moguls in league with the Obama regime, or too timid and pandering in their own rights to have taken up the cudgels on behalf of the public they pretend to serve.

People understand why hacks from the former, now moribund, mainstream media have avoided the subject of Obama’s eligibility like the plague it is. By and large, they are liberals and leftists who shilled for him during his campaign, concealed mountains of damning evidence about his lack of experience and shady associations, and studiously avoided any mention of his still-unknown country of birth.

But harder to understand are the hacks at Fox. In a startling display of dishonesty and pretension, Bill O’Reilly, who wants to be considered intelligent and so never fails to tell his audience that he earned a master’s degree at Harvard, apparently never studied coups d’état, never realized that the Marxist Castro’s shining moment came only after years of agitation, rebellion, and subterfuge. But the idea of Obama being part of a conspiracy was apparently too much for the former elementary school teacher to contemplate… above his pay grade, so to speak. Never even consulted Wikipedia, as I just did, to learn of the hundreds of coups d’état that took place in the 20th century alone.

Without acknowledging the widespread existence of coups and the years of planning they entailed, O’Reilly decided to slam “the birthers” — as he pejoratively calls those who still believe in the Constitution and think presidents of the U.S. should abide by it, starting with their eligibility — and stated that he personally had seen Obama’s birth certificate.

Of course he hadn’t. He lied. Then in an orchestrated charade, he trotted out two women, both lawyers, he routinely disrespects by barking out their last names and in essence had them standing on their hind legs, yapping in agreement about those misguided “birthers.” It didn’t take long for Glenn Beck to echo their yaps. That’s right, the guy who routinely looks straight in the camera and exhorts his audience to seek “the truth.”

Why would O’Reilly lie? Why would Beck avoid seeking “the truth” in this one glaring instance? Were they threatened, as Douglas Hagmann — a respected journalist, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, and longtime private investigator — and Judi McLeod, a prolific journalist and the managing editor of Canada Free Press, suggest? After a nine-month investigation, they discovered that prominent media people had indeed been threatened by the heads of major TV and radio stations and also Federal Communication Commission officials — with job losses and worse — to never raise, allude to, or mention the birth certificate issue! Or was it the huge influence the Saudis have over Fox content since they bought and then increased their shares to nearly 20 percent in Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp?

Whatever. The fact that O’Reilly and Beck caved — and continue to cave — has forever negated their credibility.  [note: it has been anonymously reported by a Fox News insider that everyone has been warned that if they value appearing on the network, they had better not bring up the issue of Obama’s eligibility.]


So appalled are a majority of Americans at the hijacking of one-sixth of the American economy through the healthcare legislation, and so revolted by the hideous process it entailed, that upwards of 15 state attorneys general — and counting — are suing the federal government on grounds that key parts of the Deathcare law are unconstitutional; that the law includes taxpayer-funded abortions (smoke-and-mirrors to the contrary), kill-the-elderly cuts to Medicare seniors, huge tax increases that will wipe out the entire middle-class of our country, and a Nazi-like brown-shirt $16-billion-taxpayer-funded force of Internal Revenue Service goons to reinforce our descent into tyranny. Ordinary citizens are suing too, among them four residents of Michigan, represented by the Thomas More Law Center and attorney David Yerushalmi.

But there may lie the rub. As writer J.D. Longstreet reminds us:

“The democrats’ lust for power is so great and their zeal for socialism so intense that I cannot see them allowing their hold on power to be placed in jeopardy by, of all things, an election where the voice of the people is actually heard….in less than eighteen months the Obama Regime has managed to take America from a constitutional republic to a socialist republic….that accomplishment alone should give you reason enough to suspect that when their power is threatened they will use the full force of the Central Government to ruthlessly crush any and all who they perceive as a threat. At this moment in history, a threat is anyone, any American, who does not agree with them.”

Longstreet then issues a warning: “The American people are a patient people. We will put up with a lot of nonsense from our government — for a while. But we draw the line when that government ignores the Constitution, as the Obama Regime and the Democrats in the Congress have done.

Journalist Sher Zieve concurs. “The political party that promoted the slavery of Africans, established Jim Crow laws, created the Ku Klux Klan, refused to follow court orders barring segregation…is now is full raging power within the borders of the United States of America. Most of them — including their dictatorial leader Barack Hussein Obama — realize that the chances for their reelections to power are, at best, marginal. I have warned that any and all ‘free’ elections would probably soon be a thing of the past. The Marxist way is to not allow them in the first place.  [that tactic is long abandoned and replaced by simply stealing them.]

“The current U.S. government is moving quickly and forcefully against the American people,” Zieve continues. “I have to now wonder how close We-the-People are today toward reaching the same conclusions as did our founders….I think we may be as close to our founders’ ultimate decision as we will ever be. Do we wish to be free and sovereign or submit to bondage? For a brief window of time longer, it’s still our choice.”

Then there is Michael Connelly’s stern warning: “…I have some bad news for all of the socialists, or progressives, or whatever you choose to call yourselves this week, you have made a huge mistake. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Japanese Admiral Yamamoto who led the attack said that:

‘I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.’

“I suggest to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid that you have awakened the giant again and that this giant, made up of freedom-loving Americans, is going to be coming at you from every direction you can imagine. Individuals and State Governments will be challenging you in the courts, and Americans will take you on in the polling places. In every city, town and village you will hear the voices of angry Americans, and despite your best efforts we will not be silenced. You will hear the outcry of Americans of every race, religion, and creed, and we will prevail.”

All of this takes time, of course…time well spent. But it will take less time to revive the serious question of Obama’s very suspect eligibility to be president in the first place!

“Forget the dispute over the ‘natural born citizen’ requirement of the U.S. Constitution for presidents,” writes Bob Unruh of WorldNetDaily. “Barack Obama may not even be an American ‘citizen,’ at all according to a new filing in a long-running legal challenge to his eligibility to occupy the Oval Office.”

If there is even one court in our land whose judge has not been threatened, intimidated, bought off, or bribed, the case for Obama’s ineligibility should be tried immediately.
If found guilty, I suspect Obama would be responsible for the greatest purchase of confetti in the history of the world!)

© Joan Swirsky  March 28, 2010 http://www.rightsidenews.com/2008112216358/editorial/rsn-pick-of-the-day/the-great-birth-certificate-scandal-cover-up-of-the-2008-election.html


About arnash
“When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain - Politicians and diapers - change 'em often, for the same reason. "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." Ronald Reagan "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." William F. Buckley, Jr. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it. Abraham Lincoln “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell “Satan will use a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison”.

6 Responses to Obama’s Background, Eligibility, and Motives Remain Dangerously Hidden

  1. slcraignbc says:

    Unfortunately the “material fact” that was the subject of a “Motion for Adjudicative Fact” as part of a case in 2009 still stands;

    “Currently there is no uniformly acknowledged “legal”, (enforceable), definition or identification of circumstances that constitutes being in conformity with the intended Constitutional usage of the term of words, (U.S.) “natural born Citizen. as found at A2S1C5 and in the 170 Act; “an Act to establish an uniform Rule of (implicit: U.S. Citizenship) naturalization” my emphasizing.

    That FACT was vindicated in 2012 when Judge Thomas Anderson of USDC for the Western District of Tennessee Western Division in Case 2:12-cv-02143-STA; as he HELD in a Ruling on Motions in a Case at Bar;

    “… ANALYSIS .. It is undisputed that the material fact at issue in this case is whether under the circumstances of President Obama’s birth, the President is a “natural born citizen,” a term set out in the United States Constitution and construed under federal law. “
    “…The federal issue presented is obviously contested in this case. Likewise, the Court holds that the federal issue is substantial …”[pg 6/7/8]

    Point is that the BC, et al, are side shows, red-herrings-wild geese- monkey’s running around a mulberry tree as long as the subject term of words LEGAL STATUS remains undeclared under the U.S. Federal Law.

    Any attempt to ENFORCE a “definition” by any other means would its-self, be un-Constitutional.

    • arnash says:

      In regard to Obama’s eligibility, a federal court should take the approach taken in Minor v Happersett. The court chose to first ascertain if Virginia Minor was a US citizen, and then whether or not having that statute came with a right to vote.
      In Obama’s case, a court should first ascertain what, if any, is the actual basis of his presumed citizenship, and then finding that there is none, he can be declared to not be a natural born citizens since only citizens can be such.

      They already have SCOTUS precedence in the Wong Kim Ark holding, which was that the child of immigrants engaged in business in the US is a common law citizen of the United States. That included them but did NOT include children of transient guests allowed in on a mere tourist Visa.
      There is no basis in U.S. jurisprudence, law, or amendment by which Obama is a US citizen. The court does not even need to get to the issue of whether or not he is a natural born citizen, and thus would not be required to construe Art.II,Sec.I. That would make it a lot more palatable.

      • slcraignbc says:

        Well actually that’s the reverse order required for the question before the court.

        It is NOT a question of IF the “0” is a U.S. natural born Citizen, it is a question of the requisite circumstances that MAKE “any given” person a U.S. natural born Citizen in conformity with the usage in A2S1C5 as construed under the U.S. Federal Law, and thereby ENFORCEABLE.

        [A2S1C5 is NOT construed under U.S. Federal Law! What are you talking about? Supreme Court dicta is not Law, it is opinion. Opinion is not law. Are you confusing the two?]

        IT is NOT all about the “0”, it IS about the Constitution and its FAITHFUL execution of its provisions.
        [There can be no FAITHFUL execution of adherence to presidential eligibility because there is no one assigned to the task. The Dems are happy with that since it lets them get away with constitutional treason.]

        However, Minor is a key to understanding the process necessary. When read carefully you find that Justice Waite “resorted” to the 1790, et seq, Acts and determined that,as a person, Virginia was born as a US natural born Citizen.

        Although the A2S1C5 provision does NOT exclude race or gender in its original form, nor is the right of suffrage necessarily attached to Citizenship. So the impediment to “considering” a WOMAN a U.S. natural born Citizen under the needs of A2S1C5 would seem to be the LACK of INDEPENDENT Citizenship prior to the Cable Act of 1922, aka, the Women’s Independent Citizenship Act.

        [You are confusing her citizenship status with her non-right to be President. The Constitution does not say that any natural born citizen can be President, just as it does not say that all can vote.]

        Just as the Minor v case was “seminal’ in making it clear under Constitutional Law that an AMENDMENT would be necessary to provide Virginia the “relief” that she sought, so TOO was Scott v Sandford “seminal” under Constitutional law making it clear that ‘manumitted and or emancipated” blacks would need a Constitutional Amendment in order to obtain the “relief” they required.

        In this case, on the subject of who is and who is not a U.S. natural born Citizen, the question can NOT be cured by a Constitutional Amendment without 1st Declaring what the LAW is that is to be Amended.

        [Where in the world would you get such an illogical idea? An Amendment can certainly declare who is or is not a natural born citizen without defining any previous original view.

        In other words, the question MUST be construed from the occurrences where it resides within the Constitution and by the circumstances and effects of and on the circumstances within contexts of those provisions.

        [What are you talking about??? Construed by who? By an Amendment? By SCOTUS as a prelim to an amendment? That whole sentence left the rails and deliberately or not, is completely unfathomable without being inside of your head.

  2. cletus says:

    All of those things he is hiding are being maintained by the various institutions involved. How can there not be a single solitary leak? Every single Joe the plumber that comes along has his confidential info leaked to the public in very short order. But this guy, who has more secrets than can be counted, has hundreds or thousands of enablers who won’t say a word. I’m not just talking about the press. There are people on the inside of the ill bar. There are people on the inside of every one of these gov’t agencies who have actually seen the files. Not a one of them will say a thing. Not one single solitary one.

    There are no excuses. Even if someone is going to take at face value a phony bc just because a state dept of health seems to be endorsing it, there is no way anyone can look into a camera and say there is nothing wrong with this guy having a ssn that was assigned to the state of Conn.

    We are not in danger of becoming a banana republic.
    We are one. Now.

    • arnash says:

      When the collaborating Nazi war criminals asserted that they were just following orders, that was not acceptable, and they were punished nevertheless, including being hung. If Obama’s enablers and silent partners are ever tried in a similar manner (a pipe dream no doubt) their excuse that they were only following the dictates of their fear should not excuse them either. As for those following their collaborating ideology, they should be hung as the traitors and liars and betrayers that they are.

  3. davidfarrar says:

    I think Obama, et al, hear the raising tide as well: “Government concerned of rising anti-government violence”: Examiner dot com

    August 16, 2014

    “A document was recently leaked from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis shows a growing concern that an increase in anti-government violence over the next year may be coming, Kerry Picket reported on Thursday.

    The report, prepared by the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) and the Southern Nevada Counterterrorism Center with coordination with FBI, stems from recent acts by the federal government against citizens.”

    * * *

    So who was Barack Hussein Soebarkah? at The American Thinker, January 22, 2014

    See You Tube: SHOCKER! Loretta Fuddy – The Cult of Subud – Barack Obama and His REAL FATHER?

    This just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.

    ex animo

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