The Parallels between Family Membership & US Citizenship

Let’s adopt a perspective from by-gone eras, (-before the rise of the nanny State), when families took in orphaned, abandoned or abused children purely out of humanitarian compassion.  Such children were what we call foster children, but they would have been treated differently at 18 years of age, -meaning not kicked out of the home and being out on their own without assistance or concern.  Rather, they would have remained in the home and been guided into adulthood with the backing of their foster parents, which normally would have included continuing as productive helpers to manage the parents’ farm, or assist in the father’s trade or the mother’s endless chores.

The parallels between family reality and national reality are quite illuminating.

 The Family-Nation Comparison

a.) an unrelated house guest = a foreign Visa Card visitor, guest, or diplomat.

b.) a squatter = an illegal immigrant occupying space he has no right to occupy

c.) an unrelated foster child = a legal immigrant with a permanent residency Green Card

d.) an adopted foster child = a naturalized foreigner who becomes an American citizen

e.) a half-blood brother = a citizen with a foreign father (or mother)

f.) a full-blood brother = a full blood citizen, aka, “a natural born citizen”; i.e., born of American parents

g.) fraternal twins = a sibling or citizen born within American air, sea, or land jurisdiction and one born outside of it.

h.) a child of squatters born in-house = a non-citizen by U.S. law, but irrationally labeled a U.S. citizen anyway based on an old unexamined and unchallenged institutionalized error adopted by the Attorney General at the turn of the 20th century.  False Logic = a child born of illegal squatters is a permanent member of the family of the house owners. (???!)

i.) a child of guests born in-house = also a non-citizen by U.S. law and its original meaning & application of natural law, but nevertheless deemed to possess US citizenship by the same old error.  False Logic = a child born of house guests is a permanent member of the family of the house owners. (???!) By that logic, a child born in the King’s castle must be considered to be a member of the royal family even if born of a servant or slave.

j.) a child of foster kids born in-house = a child of Green Card immigrants permanently domiciled in America; rightfully deemed to be American citizens per the opinion of the Supreme Court regarding the meaning of the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment.  They are members of the American family by being born and raised here, similar to those born elsewhere and raised here but without citizenship.  Both are “Americans” but both are not U.S. citizens.

k.) a child of family members = a natural born citizen who is eligible to be President, -just as one’s children are eligible to inherit.

New Living Translation of the Bible Genesis 6:4
“In those days, and for some time after, giant Nephilites lived on the earth, for whenever the sons of God had intercourse with women, they gave birth to children who became the heroes and famous warriors of ancient times.” (We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.”  Numbers 13:33)

When the sons of the gods (aliens) mated with human females, the children produced were not natural born humans but hybrids, just as a child of a foreigner and an American, a combination that cannot produce a natural born American but will always produce a hybrid citizen with two backgrounds, two citizenships, and two origins instead of a single unitary American origin only.

Such hybrids cannot serve as President because they are not full-blood citizens but rather are half-blood citizens if citizens at all.  There is nothing natural about their inherited political character since it is bifurcated and dual, -like Siamese twins.  Are they natural and normal?  Is a two-headed snake natural and normal?  Hardly, and neither are hybrid citizens by any logic ever invented.

Barack Obama.  What the heck is he?  He is like a half-blood brother who has the right to inheritance from the family’s mother but not from its father because he had a different father.  That is where his problems begin but do not end.

He has no right to inherit family membership in the political or citizenship sense because the nationality of the mother followed that of her father or her husband up until near the middle of the 20th century.  If Obama’s mother had been about four months older, then it might have been claimed that her child had the right to inherit her citizenship by then current U.S. law, but she was too young, and the law only dealt with foreign birth, which Obama must claim was not the case for himself.

He claims that he was U.S. born.  If so, and his mother had been 19 years old (instead of only 18), then he still could not claim U.S. citizenship through her because only birth abroad is included in the circumstance that the law covers.   He may actually believe he was born in Hawaii even though he was not (see: The Seattle Scenario; -as well as part 2; Why baby Obama Was Born in Vancouver).

He once claimed on his first election campaign website that he was a native-born citizen by the 14th Amendment.  That alone would make him ineligible.

Practically all natural born citizens are described by the amendment since most American children are born in America and not in other lands, but their citizenship does not depend on it since it is inherited and not the result of a Supreme Court opinion regarding the native-born children of immigrants.

If one’s citizenship is dependent on the 14th Amendment, then one is not a natural born citizen but is merely a common law 14th Amendment citizen.  After realizing that fact, the constitutional scholar’s website scrubbed the reference to 14th Amendment citizenship.

But there is an even bigger question about his citizenship and it is related to what type of foreigner his father was.  Was he the equivalent to a foster child that is taken in as a member of the family, -albeit not a legal family member?  Was he a permanently domiciled legal Green Card immigrant member of American society?  Or was he merely a temporary Visa Card guest of the government, and not, as the 14th Amendment requires, subject to the full sovereign authority of the United States government?

Could he have been drafted into the U.S. Army and sent off to Vietnam while he was a visiting guest from Kenya?

Could he have been tried for treason against the United States while he was a subject of the British Empire under the authority of international treaties and the law of nations, and not a member of American society?

The answer to both questions, and others like them, is “no”.  Thus he could not produce a child who was subject to authority that he was not subject to since subjection flows from father to son, -parents to children.

So when we look for the statutory basis of his son’s citizenship, what do we find in the law regarding such births?  We find nothing.  All statutory provisions deal with birth abroad.  He claims he was not born abroad, -and his mother was too young to pass her citizenship to him anyway.

So… if he is not a citizen by inheritance from his mother per a naturalization statute, and he is not a citizen per the allowance of the 14th Amendment Supreme Court opinion in the case of Wong Kim Ark (1898) which held that children of immigrants are U.S. citizens, -then what exactly is the basis of his citizenship???

That is the question that not only is not being answered, but is not even being asked.  What ignorant American who has gone along for these many years assuming that Obama is a constitutionally eligible President is not unprepared to hear of the inescapable reality that there is no basis whatsoever by which Obama Jr. can be considered to be a citizen of the United States?

Such a thought would turn their conventional thinking upside-down and backwards. -And that is just where we need to go as a nation in order to grasp the truth and begin to seriously contemplate what the hell to do about it.


by Adrien Nash  August 2014  obama–



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