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Obama’s birth certificate: I decided to dig into this issue until I understood why people said it is a forgery, and why people say it is genuine. The only reason to believe the LFBC is genuine is if MRC compression was used. [that is essentially true but misses a significant fact and that is proprietary compression software that is not available to other companies or in other software programs]  Why it is a forgery is because of layers, a links palette, different fonts, kerning, typewriter misalignment, words used, identical elements, and the lack of the properties of a scanned pdf file on the supposedly scanned document tells me it is a forgery.

[note by Nash: most of those are true but some are misunderstood anomalies, namely “words used”.  All of the rest are physical flaws or anomalies.  What is not taken into consideration, nor has been by me previous to reading this, is the very high likelihood that it is both the product of proprietary software as well as forgery.  There are several significant things visible in the pdf which were not created by any human, and which only the originators of copy compression software would fully understand, -some of which can be easily explained, such as non-redundant replication of identical shapes in order to reduce file size to a bare minimum.

Compression is a science unto itself.  Just look at a DVD.  An entire movie on one little disk, or MP4 music compression as compared to CD music which is pre-compression era and vastly larger in size.  How many MP4 music files would fit on a CD?  Ten times as many as normal CD recordings? A hundred times?

So bear in mind as you read on, that the birth certificate was produced on an Mac computer and then fed into the Xerox Workstation which worked its considerable compression magic on it in ways that normal compress is incapable of duplicating.  If that is how it was done, then there would be no original hard-copy that was scanned and so there would have been no copies from Hawaii and the whole story of obtaining them, with Loretta Fuddy’s story of observing the copying, is a big fat lie.

Of course there was at least one print-out which was waved around during the press conference which announced the release on the internet of the long form BC, -during which Obama never even once referenced the new birth certificate, falling back completely on having already released his birth certificate (the Certification of Live Birth, or short form, which no one in the press would investigate nor question, making it safe to rely on, while the new one might be exposed as a fraud just like Dan Rather’s forgery of George Bush’s National Guard record was exposed.  Hence no mention of it or connection to it, nor proximity to it (it was removed by his lawyer before Obama entered the room) in case of it being discovered and reported to be a fraud.]

The birth certificate is only the beginning. Obama’s SSN has problems. His selective service card appears tampered with. He only has one citizen parent and possible dual citizenship issues. [more like a no-citizenship issue]  What passport was used when he went to Indonesia and back to Hawaii? What passport was used in 1981 when he traveled to Pakistan, India, and Indonesia around Ramadan? [answer: without any birth certificate, he had no proof of US citizenship and hence no US passport, so his only identification following his adoption by Lolo Soetoro was his Indonesian passport, -obtained as an Indonesian citizen via adoption.]

Why was his passport file illegally accessed three times? [accessed by the then company of his present Muslim CIA director, probably in an attempt to erase tracks of his never having been approved for a US passport.]  What is his actual foreign student status? Why did he room with foreign [muslim] students? How come all this got ignored? But nothing seems to be more in your face to the American public than Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate.

Anybody that questions Obama’s LFBC gets smeared as a birther. The first people to call Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate a forgery, was photoshoppers. The defenders of Obama’s birth certificate know this full well, but continue to use the ‘Birther’ term as a pejorative on those photoshoppers. These are people that knew how to examine a pdf file in graphics software. They ranged from amateurs to people that made a living with graphics software. This video was done the day the LFBC was posted and shows several anomalies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g30VCl_cgk

I was challenged to consider the Xerox WorkCentre as proving the authenticity of Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate. The WorkCentre is an expensive, high end, multi-function copier that was used to copy Obama’s 2010 tax return that was put on the White House website [without first flattening its multiple layers, thus hiding the SS number]. That tax return showed the 042-68-4425 SSN of Obama’s that cannot pass e-verify.

It assumes the WorkCentre scan to e-mail feature automatically optimized the pdf file of Obama’s birth certificate and thereby caused the anomalies in the BC.

This link will take you too many articles discussing the WorkCentre and related issues. It can be very informative but very time consuming to follow the links. I easily spent 15 hours at least reviewing articles and videos on one day. http://www.obamaconspiracy.org/2013/11/blogger-shows-obama-birth-certificate-artifacts-caused-by-xerox-machine-no-joy-in-birtherville/

These videos are what the articles are referencing.
President Obama’s birth certificate is not a forgery – Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wUikUNY0yo
President Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Not a Forgery – Part 2 (This is basically the same as part-1 in the second half) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFnXfYh7TBI

The LFBC is supposed to be a scanned copy of a certified document that came from Hawaii. [even if the BC exists as a hard-copy, it would be uncertified because of the lack of an authorized signature and dept. seal.  Actual certification does not exist without them since they cannot be replicated by any but a few]

These next two videos show the difference between the properties of a scanned LFBC and how the WH image is. The WorkCentre video only shows them creating a birth certificate, not the differences as shown here. Compare these to the first 6 minutes of “not a forgery – Part 1” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID_KfcmG9gs&feature=youtu.be 1:37 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S40WKxKSlHc&feature=youtu.be 2:28  [if only I had the time…]

At about 7:27 “not a forgery” shows the whole image rotated wrong because it was opened in Illustrator. This is misleading, because the rotation problems were related to only some of the individual layers, not the entire image. How do individual layers get rotated and scaled in size? You can see it here from 1:20 to 3:30 – Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator – Official Proof 4 ( OCR / Optimizing ) [fyi, OCR or Optical Character Recognition has nothing at all to do with optimization and shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence.]

What is supposed to be the real nail in the coffin is the software algorithm of Mixed Raster Content (MRC) compression. This is to be the reason for anomalies in the LFBC. The Xerox WorkCentre scan-to-email function automatically uses MRC optimization. The second half of part 1 purportedly shows how optimization created the anomalies.

The use of the WorkCentre with the LFBC has never been verified. We do not know if it was actually used. Other re-creations using MRC compression do not line up with the compression in the WorkCentre. You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQUGwEZ-xDo&feature=youtu.be In the ”faked in Adobe” video at the 10:00 mark, shows another optimization. You can see what happens to the links palette that showed the rotation problems as well.

So the WorkCentre re-creation does not seem to match other MRC compression re-creations. [that can be ascribed to original Xerox proprietary compression software] No explanation for the layer rotations is given. Differences in the scan properties are not explained either. I believe the WorkCentre explanation falls short.  [it falls short of offering evidence or facts on which to draw a conclusions, so it can’t be used as proof for or against forgery regarding the anomalies of compression.  They are irrelevant to anomalies of text placement.]

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Kirk Lymburner

Who is going to take this on??? For over 6 years now, every member of Congress knew Obama was a fraud. THEY KNEW. Not one effort to investigate this allegation was ever brought forward.

Polussy knew. It is a documented FACT that this wicked witch of the west falsified Federal documents to allow Obama to be on the ballot. Anything done? NO. This is a fact !!!

For America to recover our faith in our elected to remove, charge and try this proven fake is never going to happen. I believe the truth of Obama’s history is documented and true.

Who represents the American people? Total acceptance of this fraud is treason, is harboring a criminal etc. Our own Government is the biggest enemy. Not Obama! Obama is a genius!!!

America is being betrayed by the vary people who promised us leadership, trust, and swore an Oath to the Constitution just in case the people needed a little more sugar.

WE were abandoned the min. their rght hand was lowered at the time the Oath was taken. Face it!!!! Every one is a lawyer, they know what is going on and could give a s…t Arrest the real criminals. They are the ones at home now. If GOD appeared with a B.C. from Kenya, someone in Government would call HIM a liar and a racist.