Citizens in a nation are like marbles in a vessel. Imagine a vessel that contains six separate sections with each holding different sorts of little spheres, -with each section representing a unique group of people present within the United States. In three of the sections all of them are white, while in the other three they are a whole panoply of colors.

 The three colored sections represent foreigners from over a hundred different nations. They are either (a) immigrants or they are (b) non-immigrants, or they are (c) children of non-immigrants.  The difference is quite significant because the immigrant spheres have the potential to eventually become white and migrate to one of the sections of white spheres where certain advantages are to be had (citizenship).

One of the three represents foreign temporary guests (visitors, workers, scholars, entertainers,  artists, athletes or scientists), along with representatives of foreign nations. Next to their section is that of their U.S. born children.  In reality their children are the same as their colored-sphere parents, but under US policy they get the veneer of a white paint-job and are then added to one of the white-sphere sections.

The other colored section represents foreigners who have immigrated permanently to America.  Their home is not “back home” somewhere abroad because America is now their home.  They  have ended their domicile abroad.  The spheres in the other colored section (non-immigrants) do not share their section.  They are separate, psychologically and legally.

Who and What We Are

When viewing the three sections of white spheres one might ask: “How can there be any difference between the spheres in the three sections if they are all white?”  The answer is that they are different under the surface.  With only a couple exceptions, they are all painted with a white enamel, some with a matte finish and some with a gloss finish.

Those with the matte finish represent Americans without much of a sheen of patriotism. Their “American-ness” is noticeably dull, while those with the gloss finish are life Rudolph, glowing with patriotism.  But there are also the rare “black swan” exceptions that look somewhat different, which they are because their surface is not painted at all.  They are the unpainted.

What do they represent? They represent the brethren of all of the painted spheres born in America, (-natives).  The unpainted were not.  They were born outside of America.  They are not covered by the “paint” of native-birth.  They have no superficial nationalism factoid in the story of their entrance into the world. They are “naked” of the native-birth coating.  Are you getting the picture?

The painted ones look at them and might ask: How can you be like us if you are not painted white like us?  That makes you different, sort of like those in the colored sections.  They lack the American paint also”.

The unpainted spheres then surprise them with their answer: “The paint by which you identify yourself is only a superficial thing.  It’s only a thin surface film.  It does not represent who you really are inside.
If you dissolved away the paint then you would discover that you are the same as us.  We, and you, were made of white glass stock.  We are intrinsically white, as are you, but we didn’t get the paint job ’cause we missed that section of the factory.”

The white-painted spheres look at each other and themselves and can’t imagine what they are talking about.  They reply: “No, we are white (American) because we were painted white, (native-born).  Our white paint defines who and what we are.  We reject your talk about what we are inside.  That is just crazy talk.”

To which the unpainted white spheres respond: “You finite grasp of reality does not limit the truth about what you are and how you got that way.  Underneath, you too are the same as us.  You are white glass from white glass stock.  Your white paint covering is irrelevant.  The only thing that is relevant is the source that produced you, and it was pure, unadulterated, white silica glass stock.  Why can’t you understand that?”


Why can’t Americans understand that they are Americans because they were produced by Americans?  Pure, unadulterated, unmixed American stock, i.e., American parents.  Their political nature, as viewed by all of the rest of mankind, is that they are of the same nature as those who produced them, American by nature and definition.

If you are captured by Islamic extremists who hate America, what are they going to ask you; “Where were you born?” -or “Are you an American?”
They wouldn’t give a damn if you were born in Australia or Russia, or Canada, or Antarctica, -only if you were born of Americans or not, (-an American by birth).  If you answered the question: “I am Pakistani!  But my parents were visiting America when I was born.”  The Jihadis response would be: “Okay, You are free to go then because you are not an American.”

You would be known to be that which you were born of and born as.  American by American stock or Pakistani by Pakistan stock.  That is how the real world understands nationality and national belonging (i.e. membership, aka “citizenship”).

The spheres painted white are incapable of having their paint removed (you can’t undo the fact of where you were born) so they can’t imagine any identity deeper than their paint layer. So they dismiss giving it any thought.
“We are Americans because we won the life lottery and were born in America.  Our parents are irrelevant to that fact.”  No thought of blood lineage, or parental descent. In such a view we see a striking parallel.

The event of delivery from the womb may take less than a minute, so why would that superficial, transient, temporal moment be elevated  up to a high alter to be worshiped for the rest of one’s life as the determining factor in who they are???  That is about as deep as the thin veneer cover that is merely a layer of paint.

It’s like the mantle of planet Earth.  It seems rock solid, but it is a very, very thin veneer covering molten rock that is not some 30 miles thick like the mantle, but is 4,000 miles deep.  From a time & experience perspective, the long ago transient moment of birth, (and its recorded location) is insignificant compared to tens of thousands of days of one’s life. It’s like the sheen of leaked oil on the surface of a deep lake. You see that glossy multicolored sheen and are mesmerized by it. That is how native-birth affects some people.  Their emotions are very much attached to the magic of being born on sacred American soil.

The three sections of white spheres represent: (a) the natural born of American parents, (b) the native-born of immigrants, and (c) the naturalized.  Under the surface they are not the same.  The natural born are pure white glass while the naturalized are some other color, -or they may be a mixture of white and another (foreign) color depending on how strongly they embrace American values.

American values may constitute everything that they are beneath the surface. In that case they are not white glass beneath the surface, with white glass representing American “blood” or parents, but instead are like white acrylic, which represents American values.  One could suggest that patriotic Americans are like a fusion of glass (parentage) and acrylic (values) most of whom are overlaid with the white veneer of native-birth.

Or instead one could give the whiteness of American values a bleaching power that slowly bleaches away the foreign color of non-American views about government and individual rights.  The interior colored acrylic of the naturalized citizen could become the white acrylic of American patriots, as is often the case with those who have emigrated from totalitarian and corrupt nations and societies. They may be far more pro-America and American values than most Americans.

The other section of white spheres representing US citizens is comprised of those with a painted white surface and an acrylic interior of unknown color.  It may be the pure white of patriotism or the pure black of either murderous Latin American drug gangs or murderous Islamic extremists.  They are the native-born children of foreign immigrants.  They are U.S. citizens thanks to the 14th Amendment.

No one can know for sure where they stand unless one knows for sure where their parents stand because the children have grown up under their parents’ brain-washing, -or under their enlightened instruction in the things of American freedom.

So they may be white inside or they may be black inside. Or something else.  It is impossible to tell.  That is why they are barred from serving as President and Vice-President, or having authority over American nuclear bombs.  The stakes in both cases are just too high to take any chances. And so the framers of the Constitution forbade such citizens from serving as President.

Only those who are made of pure white glass are candidates for those positions. Even they need to be scrutinized to determine if they have plenty of the white acrylic of American values or are just clear acrylic (no values), -or worse, colored with the foreign colors of non-or-anti-American values.  As everyone with a brain knows by now, that never happened with the crypto-Marxist-Islam-loving Barack Hussein Obama.

Neither pure white (highly patriotic) or pure black (highly evil) is the norm.  Rather, it is a combination of the American white and a foreign color.  Do you know what you get when you add white to a color?  You get pastel.  It is a kind of washed-out color, faded in appearance, not solid.

Those born of non-citizen immigrants are deemed to be Americans regardless of their origin, but that form of provided citizenship cannot produce pure white-glass American spheres. It can only produce pastel glass spheres, -foreign mixed with American. But if only one of the parents was an immigrant, then the pastel may be very faint in color.  That would almost describe Ted Cruz who is very American but may have some of the Cuban cultural color of his father.

The two main sections of colored spheres are not coated with any paint.  They just are what they are, -one of which represents the “here-today…gone-tomorrow” Visa Card visitor, while the other represents those who have managed to secure the treasured permanent-residency GREEN Card and have been putting down roots in their new homeland.

Those in the Visa card group may have a child during their temporary stay in America, but their child, like the parents that produced it, is a foreigner by nature and by actual American law, although not viewed as such by “established” American policy, -which could be changed overnight by executive order.
That policy ignores, or fails to understand, the actual meaning of the second requirement of the 14th Amendment.  It requires subjection to the full authority of the American government, which only citizens are immigrants are subject to.

Their child is not a white sphere of any sort because it was made of colored glass stock and not white glass stock.  But if those in the section representing immigrants have a child, then something magical happens by virtue of legal fiction.
Since all such new spheres (children) are sent to the paint section, they end up being painted white -just like those born in America and made from the pure white glass stock of American parentage.  When looking at them, no one can tell the difference.

One must scratch the painted surface to see if the interior is pure white glass or is actually the pastel color of foreignness.  Those with the colored interior are in their own separate section because in America they are not permitted one thing and one thing only, and that is the privilege to command all of the military and nuclear forces of the nation.

They cannot be President (which is essentially irrelevant to them and 99.999999% of all other Americans who cannot ever be elected President either).  But Obama was in the almost infinitesimally small number who had a possibility of being elected President, and managed to pull it off.  He beat all of the odds, (300,000,000 to one), -and beat the United States Constitution as well.

by Adrien Nash  Feb. 2015  obama–


About arnash
“When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain - Politicians and diapers - change 'em often, for the same reason. "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." Ronald Reagan "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." William F. Buckley, Jr. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it. Abraham Lincoln “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell “Satan will use a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison”.


  1. slcraignbc says:

    The Preamble suggests that the Founders anticipated their children would also be members of this new society; … ” … We the people of the United States, in order to …..[snip]……. secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” and in its whole the Preamble serves as an Oath of naturalization conforming those State Citizens into the NATURE of a National, Federal, Sovereign Citizen………………………………..————

    REPLY: You make bold, and fanciful statements unbacked by any facts or logic, and thus none is given. That is just the opposite of what I write.

    A compact of unity is NOT an “oath” other than an implied pledge of unity and fidelity to the new rules.
    Your flights of imagination are like the imaginings of Peter Pan.
    “into the NATURE of a National… Citizen”??? NO SUCH NATURE EXISTS! Their citizenship did not change one iota. They remained, first and foremost, what they always were except in the eyes of foreign governments.

    With the Constitution in place they were viewed as members of one government instead of 13 different governments with common representatives to speak for them as a group.

    The Ratification of the COTUS “made” U.S. Citizens of all the existing State Citizens…

    REPLY: And now you will explain exactly how that happened, right? No? You are unable to explain? I understand. It is impossible to explain that which has no explanation or logic to it. Your whole concept of there being a USA with the ratification is nothing more that fantasizing. It is purely conceptual and imaginary, -until an actual government was established, a President and Congress were seated, and an executive branch hired and organized, and a court system set up there was no USA except on paper.

    Your claim is nothing more than that they became paper-only national citizens of a paper-only nation. Reality itself DID NOT CHANGE.]~~~~

    The COTUS at A1S8C4 & A2S1C5 requires that “an uniform Rule” binds ALL U.S. Citizens.

    REPLY: You need to escape from the delusional Twilight Zone in which you are living. It is sickening to see such arrogance as to fabricate something that is totally false.
    You know damn well that “naturalization” involves NO ONE EXCEPT FOREIGNERS and their CHILDREN!
    CITIZENS ARE NOT INVOLVED! (much less “bound”).
    Bound to what? The Constitution itself bound them to the constitutional Union, nothing else. Not to the new government, or to each other, but only to the Constitution itself.] ~~~~~~~~~~

    When the doctrine of coverture is taken into account in regard to the political character status of women / wives / mothers it is found that ALL children born to the wife of a U.S. Citizen father were born as or considered as U.S. natural born Citizens anywhere in the world.

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