Obamaphiles crushed by the Truth re: his fake documents

Savannah Guthrie: Another NBC credibility disaster?

By Alan Jones | February 10, 2015 (1776 Channel) NBC White House correspondent Savannah Guthrie



~Truth, Lies, & Misconceptions~

I linked to your article from Birtherreport. Well done. There is an obvious pattern that people who assisted Barry with his identity fraud are rewarded. John Brennan becomes NSC chairman then CIA director after his company tampered with Obama’s passport records. Linda Lingle declares her health director has seen the BC in the vault, and she gets a cushy job at the University of Chicago. Savannah Guthrie rises from little known reporter to network anchor after playing shill to Hussein’s phony release. Meanwhile a real reporter like Sharyl Atkisson is hounded off her network and Breitbart is killed.

Ellen Field
Incisive article, Alan. Great job. Also interesting is the phony “birth certificate” discovery story in the Mark Halperin book Double Down. Yeah, The One found something that might have been it in a garage sale box of his late mother’s in the Chicago attic. Then didn’t produce that one at the presser, but another. Or, rather, an image of another. I mean, really..

C. Hughes : Zoom in on the image of Savannah Guthrie’s photo. There is clearly a raised seal. It’s visible on the White House PDF as well.

Adrien Nash
[The] ” ‘TXE’ anomaly.. is therefore actually evidence of authenticity rather than forgery.”

What a lie! It is evidence of nothing other than a forgery using an authentic image of a signature stamp. You do not even need a real stamp in the digital age since an image of it will suffice. So the rubber-stamp image of a signature is not even a real rubber-stamped image but merely a digital overlay. Thus it is doubly invalid and uncertified.

And the absence of an actual HDoH seal completes the picture of fraud. An extreeeeeeeeemely faint embossed ring is NOT a genuine State Seal impression. If you cannot discern the imagery of an embossed impression then that is because one is lacking and in its place is an embossing from an old and discarded worthless embossing stamp that had been over-used for years.

HistorianDude re: false BC claims;

1. “African” IS “a race of people,” and has been one for at least 2000 years since Livy wrote about “the African Race” in his his History of Rome. But more directly, according to the 1962 Kenya Census Enumeration Instructions the races for blacks were to be listed as “African” and whites as “European.” You may remember that Obama Sr. was Kenyan, and that Hawaii (like most other states) allows parents to self identify their races on birth certificates. He would never have identified himself as “Negro” because that is and always has been exclusively an American term. There are no “Negroes” in Africa.

I can show you Hawaiian birth certificates with “races” such as Portuguese, Spanish, Korean and Japanese. I can show you a Hawaiian birth certificate with both :white” and “Caucasian” ON THE SAME CERTIFICATE. I can even show you a Hawaiian birth certificate with the race “American.”

This birther argument is completely vacuous.

2: There are not “too many” layers on the birth certificate. There are the completely ordinary number of layers that would have been ordinarily created by a Xerox WorkCentre 7566 scanner of the same sort we know is in current use in the West Wing. This is a result of MRC optimization, something performed automatically by the Xerox when a document is scanned to email using the default settings.

3: There are not multiple typewriter fonts on the birth certificate. There is simply distortion caused by ordinary “generation loss” as seen in any typed document that has been through multiple copying episodes. The amateur birther “analysts” who claim multiple fonts have never actually been able to identify what fonts were used, because even they know the images are too distorted to do the comparisons they pretend. You can find a very detailed debunking of the alleged “typewriter font evidence” here:

4: Obama’s father gave different ages on several different documents over the course of his US stay. The age on the birth certificate is just one of them. It is therefore no evidence of forgery.

5: Birther blogger Nellie Ristvedt (Butterdezillion) has discovered and published other Hawaiian birth certificates that also show the “TXE” anomaly, proving that it is a genuine “bad” stamp that belongs to the Hawaii Department of Health. It is therefore actually evidence of authenticity rather than forgery.

6: The claims regarding “typewriter galleys” are all amateurish hand-waiving. An identical analysis performed on any unrelated typed document from that era shows all of the same variations of letter spacing and alignment found on the President’s, and all other birth certificates from that era. The birther argument here gets the reality exactly backwards. Only computers should be expected to have perfect alignment and spacing. Mechanical manual typewriters never achieved anything close. See the SCRIBD document linked above for examples.

[Just the opposite. The only way that computers produce perfect alignment is if entire lines are replaced with digital lettering. Any cut and pasted job has only the alignment of the human hand that pasted the text imagery into a fake document. And typewriters produce nearly flawlessly consistent alignment, BECAUSE THEY ARE MECHANICAL and replicate every movement perfectly -unless one is typing 100 + words per minute or so. Only then does perfect consistency suffer.

But speed typing can’t be done and would not be done on a birth certificate because of the many boxes and advances needed to place the carriage in the right position. Also, great care needs to be taken in order to NOT make any mistake on a permanent life-long vital record.]

7: The “problems” you cite regarding “Gray scale” and different resolutions are not problems at all. They are the ordinary results of scanning an ordinary paper original on a Xerox WorkCentre 7566 scanner. These too are the results of MRC optimization performed automatically by the Xerox when a document is scanned to email using the default settings.

8: The draft registration form (like the birth certificate) has been declared absolutely authentic on more than one occasion by the only legal authority of the planet qualified to so declare.

[Gee Wally, I didn’t know that when Bush was President only conservatives were allowed to work for the Federal government. Ignorant me.”
Explain why the resolution is so low-resolution that if printed it would appear smaller than the size of a playing card? It could be, and probably is, that all ancient scans of those cards, done in the early digital low-resolution age, are similar, but even it that were true, nothing can verify that a fake digital record was not inserted into the digital data-base, and then withdrawn and shared. Who has investigated the digital record and determined its age and date of creation? Well, of course no one.]

It was also released directly to birthers from the Selective Service during the Bush administration.

[Oh? And who is going to authentic the truthfulness of the lying socialist democrat Obama-loyal hacks in the Selective Service who “authenticated” it? No one.
Listen bonehead, no person on earth can certify that pathetic, tiny, super-low-resolution piece of crap, but anyone with eyes and a brain can de-certify it based simply on the fact that it’s year-numerals are a pair turned upside down with the old bottoms cut off. I have graphically debunked that amateur piece of garbage and the damning results can be seen at obamabc.wordpress.com]

9: While they are rare, several other examples of two digit postage cancellation stamps on authentic documents and letters have been found and published. They can therefore not be considered evidence of forgery.

[And with that, perfect proof is supplied that you are a rotten liar. Why? Because you know without any shadow of a doubt that all two-digit year stamps are all centered in the center of the stamp, and not off to the side with a blank space where the two removed century digits go.]

10: Nobody named “Harrison Bounel” has ever existed. The SSA has testified in court that nobody named “Harrison Bounel” has ever been issued an SSN.

[I guess you want to hide from the fact that he was found in the 1940 Census records. It’s awfully dumb to go out on that limb and then have it break on you.]

11: The DLN on the President’s draft registration is identical to those of others from that same time. You have garbled the meme regarding the slightly different DLN that was included on an associated computer printout. As the Selective Service has testified, the number was augmented in their computers in 1999 as part of their Y2K conversion.

[“SSA has testified…” Ha-ha-ha-ha! You’re a comedian now! Barack Obama has testified that “if you like your doctor, insurance policy, rates, and doctor then you can keep them!” Lois Lerner has testified…??? Oops! That Obama flying monkey actually refused to testify. Bill Clinton has testified… “I never had sex with that women…” ha ha ha ha! Brian Williams testified…. Can’t you just hear the peels of laughter echoing down the hallways?]

12: There is no “thank you” card from 2007. There is only the copy of his draft card obtained illegally by Gregory Hollister in 2007 when he committed an act of identity theft, changed the President’s address in the system to his own, and then requested a card be reissued.

You appear to have an encyclopedic knowledge of birther memes. Too bad you do not also have the critical thinking skills necessary to determine whether or not they are actually true.

[ Not exactly accurate. He lacks the knowledge to know if they are true, and the thinking skills needed to understand that he does not have enough information to form solid, unchangeable opinions.
And he probably lacks sufficient time devoted to the subject, which, as in my case, would have taught him that at least half of your “corrections” are fully accurate. There is a lot of misinformation and disinformation.]


Dave B:

“Obama’s SSN has never “failed e-Verify.” Linda Jordan failed e-Verift when she illegally impersonated Obama and tried to use the Self Check system. She was unable to answer the questions correctly, so the system caught her.”

In order to use the Self Check service, one must of course be the party in question oneself. There is just absolutely NO WAY the E-Verify system can be used for birther purposes.

Adrien Nash: Dave B.

That is clearly false since she DID use it and it submitted a legitimate reply to her inquiry. It did not tell her that she had insufficient information or mysteriously was not qualified to submit an inquiry. It ANSWERED her inquiry and in a bad way for Obama. His SS number did not produce a correlation to his name.

The_Magic_M: Adrien Nash

“His SS number did not produce a correlation to his name”.

Did you see the E-Verify result? Neither “never issued” nor “does not match” nor “unable to confirm US citizenship” were checked, proving that the SSN exists and is/was assigned to Obama, a US citizen.

The only thing that was checked was “other discrepancy in the record”, likely referring to the fact Obama got a new SSN after his old one was plastered all over the internet by birthers.

Adrien Nash: The_Magic_M

That seems like a legitimate possibility, but unfortunately it is not the only one. Another is that it was attached to another name in the distant past and that discrepancy was never corrected nor eliminated but was allowed to continue for decades perhaps, -as is suspected based on the Connecticut prefix and the association with another name in the record, -one having the same address as Obama.

Adrien Nash: Dave B.


Affidavit statement:
I, Linda Jordan am over 18 years old, do not suffer from any mental impairment, have personal knowledge of the facts listed below and declare under penalty of perjury:
I used the government run E-Verify System to verify the employment eligibility of Barack H. Obama, and it revealed a “Notice of Mismatch” between Obama’s name, birth date ad Social Security Number (SSN), compared to the information the Social Security Administration has on file.

Between October 2008 and May2011, I submitted several questions to agencies and people with the legal responsibility and authority to investigate the use of forged documents and election fraud, concerting Obama’s birth records and SSN
To date no one with the legal responsibility and authority has responded to any of my requests.

On August 17, 2011, I…entered the name of Barack H. Obama [in the Self-Service option], birth date August 4, 1961 and SSN 042-68-4425/ This data was entered correctly.
The report I got back from the SSA included a “Notice of Mismatch with Social Security Administration (SSA) records.” (attachment B) signed: Linda Jordan Aug. 21, 2011 Notary signature J.B. Pritchett State of Washington

The Self Check response listed five possible problems with this one checked as the problem: SSA record does not verify, Other reason, SSA found a discrepancy in the record.
Further research revealed that the SSA adds “Special Indicator codes” to identify Social Security Numbers that individuals obtained fraudulently. …there were 9 special indicator codes as of November 2008: 1. False Identity 2. Non-citizen Not in Status 3. Multiple SSNs with Different Identities 4. Scrambled Earnings with New SSN Assigned 5. SSN Obtained Using Fraudulent Documentation 6. SSN Assignment Based on Harassment/Abuse/Life Endangerment 7. Fictitious Identity 8 Fraud –OIG Investigated 9. Fraud SSN Misuse

Seven of the codes have to do with some sort of fraud. WND’s phone calls to USCIS went unanswered.

In EXHIBIT 3 in the WND post, U.S. Air Force Col. Gregory Hollister, retired, has obtained from the SSA verification that the Social Security Number currently being used by Barack Obama is a number that was never issued to Obama. It “failed” the verification process.   [end of quote]

Now, do you really think there is no smoke there? there’s lots of smoke.

Dave B: Adrien Nash

Yeah, there’s smoke there. It’s the smoke of Linda Jordan INCRIMINATING herself. Of all the dumb things birthers have done, that one just about takes the cake. How about you read the Self-Check service’s terms of use?

Adrien Nash: Dave B
You pathetic deflecting jackass. Who cares about her and her self-incrimination? She is irrelevant. All that matters is what the SSA system spit out. It de-legitimizes Obama in a huge way simply by not validating his name in connection to his SSN. That supports the assumption that he borrowed some deceased persons number.

Dave B: Adrien Nash

What the “SSA system spit out” was that such inept attempts to fraudulently use the system will FAIL. No other assumption is supported by the facts. Yours certainly isn’t.

Adrien Nash: Dave B.

“Inept”?? You answer is inept! “Attempt”?? Your answer is an attempt at maximum deflection away from the issue of the official response of the federal system.
It is impossible to obtain a legitimate response if your “attempt” to use the system failed.
There was no failure except in your treasonous and pathetic failure to distract away from Obama’s failure to be verified by the system that actually knows what its doing.
You, on the other hand, think you know what you’re doing but you are failing at it badly.