Of Natural Royals / Gods / Citizens / and Presidents

The national origin or membership of one’s parents (their nationality), -either being the same or being different, is determinative of the political nature of their off-spring, -just as in physical nature, by which the qualities of the producing parents determines the qualities of their natural progeny, including their genus and species, unless the nature of the parents is dissimilar, in which case their off-spring belong to neither group to which the parents belong since they would not be a uniform result of a single origin.

It is the same as with royals and commoners, or with gods and men. If both parents are gods, then their off-spring is… a god! If both parents are mortals, then their off-spring is… mortal! If one parent is a god and one is mortal, their off-spring is neither a natural god nor a natural mortal, but is an unnatural, hybrid, demi-god.

Similarly, if both of one’s parents are royals, then their child will be born of and with royal blood, -and the commoners had better pay all such persons deference and respect because they are full-blood royals and in the line of succession to the Throne.
From the perspective of the 1760’s in all nations on Earth, they are different from the commoners, -on a higher plane, possessing far greater rights and privileges, -because they are their natural “superiors”, -just as those born of aliens are not equal to those born of Citizens.

Citizens are the American equivalent to royalty. They are the insiders, the natural members, the supreme sovereigns, the natural family of the nation of their own creation.
It kind of reminds one of a mafia family. One is either naturally born into it, or else one is not a member even if born within its turf. Instead, to become a member (a full-fledged “citizen” of the mafia “family”) one must become “a made member” via a non-natural method of showing loyalty [which is essentially equivalent to naturalization via the oath of Renunciation & Allegiance].

One is either born of divine blood or one is not. One is either fully divine or one is something else, something different, something less. One is either born solely of royal blood or one is something less than fully royal. That was why ancient Pharaohs came to sometimes marry their royal sisters, thereby preserving full-blooded divinity for their dynasty resulting in an heir that was “fully divine” and thus the most impressive and powerful and “legitimate” as possible.

If a pharaoh had taken a wife from among the people while seeking to maintain the doctrine of their own divinity, then his son would have been born as only half-divine instead of fully divine. A Pharaoh who all believed to be fully divine would have wielded greater authority and awe than one who was a mere man or only a half-man demi-god.

Cross-pollination, half-breed or mixed-blood results do not produce natural off-spring of parents of an identical nature because the off-spring are either identical to the matched parents (having the same single nationality) or they are the result of a dissimilar union that does not produce a natural and identical result since it produces instead dual-nationality, akin to dual-species or dual-genus.  Is the hypothetical off-spring of a dog and a cat a natural dog or a natural cat?  Or something else, -something other than what the parents are?

A nectarine is an example in the plant world.  It’s a cross between a peach and a plume.  If a super-rich mogul (Howard Hughes for example, or William R. Hearst) requires that his breakfast includes a peach every morning, and one morning a nectarine is substituted, someone would find himself fired because a nectarine is not a peach, just as the alien-born citizen is not a natural citizen by birth, by blood, by nature, but is instead only a legal citizen by acquiescence of the government of the natural citizens via a legal provision.

No legal provision can naturally make someone something that they are not, but it can make them something deemed to be the same, doing so by the employment of what is known as legal fiction or legal artifice. THAT is precisely what natural-ization is. It is the transformation of an alien into a “natural” citizen like all of the native citizens among whom he has chosen to live as a fellow member of their society.

Naturalization does not produce naturalized citizens as a separate class of citizens, regardless of the entire U.S. government thinking that it did for eighty years as it discriminated against those who later chose to return to their foreign homeland and live there for years on end.

The so-called “Bancroft treaties” revoked the US citizenship of people who lived abroad, -as in their foreign homeland, for a continuous period of two years after they were already US citizens and supposedly equal to all other citizens.

That Parliament-style legislative supremacy and tyranny over national members was eventually destroyed by the Supreme Court in opinions that reaffirmed the fundamental principle of American Organic Law which holds that all Citizens are equal. EQUALITY! No separate classes are or ever were allowed in America by American principles, but Congress often ignored American principles completely and instead did whatever its high-minded elitism felt was best or desirable, often following the lead of the all-powerful Parliament.

The naturalized citizen is equal to the natural citizen but what the naturalized citizen is not is a natural citizen by birth. He or she is the beneficiary of the American legal fiction that they have become natural citizens, but what the corrupt Left and Right wants everyone to believe is that the American legal fiction extends beyond what is necessary for equality; -that it extends beyond merely deeming the naturalized foreigner to be a natural American citizen but all of the way to deeming him or her to have been born as a natural citizen.  Why would they want to misconstrue reality to that degree?  Because of this: U.S. Constitution; Article II, Section 1:  No person, except a natural born citizen,.. shall be eligible to the office of the President;…”.

The only reason for adopting such a fictitious belief is in order to legitimize the unconstitutional reign of one Barack Hussein Obama and thereby allow for the ultimate or total acceptance of all alien-born persons who might be offered the opportunity to run for the office of President. But a nectarine is not a peach even if you call it one. Margarine is not butter, even if you call it butter. An Indian is not an Indian (unless from India) even if you erroneously label them such. And a hybrid, half-blood, half-breed, half American-&-half-foreign citizen is not a citizen who is a natural citizen by birth because the citizen-blood or political origin is an unnatural mixture, -it’s not pure, it’s not unadulterated, -undiluted. Instead it is adulterated with “alienage” from “foreign stock” (as described by the United States Census Bureau).
Where a thing is produced is an issue irrelevant to what it was produced from. If one was born of alien blood then that is all that is related to that which is natural. The location of one’s birth is only related to the human granting of national membership by the choice of the People’s representatives in Congress.

Allowing a tiny percentage of native-born children, those who were alien-born, to be deemed to be United States citizens from the first day of their life is unrelated to the unalienable right of all sovereign American couples (the 96%) to pass their national membership on to their posterity in perpetuity in the never-ending process of producing the next generation of natural citizens.

All natural citizens are produced by blood connection. All legal citizens are produced by allowance of law. Some native-born children are considered to be Americans as soon as they are born. All others are Americans even before they are born because they are Americans by blood, -by nature, -not by law based on borders and birth within them.

If a 36 weeks-pregnant alien female is murdered in the U.S., two aliens have been killed. If a 36 weeks-pregnant American female is murdered, two American citizens have been killed.

If an “almost due” alien woman has a caesarian section performed on her abdomen against her will and her unborn child is then kidnapped, her child is still an alien just like her because it has not been “born in the United States”.

Being “born” is a natural event, and it must occur in order for an alien mother’s child to be deemed to be a 14th Amendment citizen, but what is most natural, and inescapably so, is fertilization or conception (albeit it can now be accomplished in a lab under a microscope).
One was born either as a natural member of American society because one was born of Americans, or one was born as a legal member of American society because Americans allow it under American law.

The Constitution requires that no one is eligible to serve as President and Commander-if-Chief of United States Military forces unless they were born as a natural citizen and not merely deemed to be a natural citizen by operation of U.S. legal fiction or doctrine.

It is not enough to be “a born citizen” because that designation does not split off the two possibilities that it contains in its ambiguity.  By one of the two, a child is born as a natural citizen, while by the other a child is born as a legal citizen, deemed to be an American in spite of being alien-born and not citizen-born.

Or they may be born of both, resulting in a demi-citizen or demizen (just coined) which is neither a natural citizen nor a natural alien, akin to a demi-god.

That which is natural comes down to the simple matter of the source of one’s political blood; was it purely American blood? Or was it purely foreign blood? Or was it an unnatural combination of the two?

No one born of foreign blood, -having one or two foreign-citizen parents, is eligible to serve as the President of the United States because that is what the Constitution mandates.

And that is why everything that the Obama administration has done is outside of the legal grounds of a constitutional President’s authority, -regardless of the fact that all of the fellow traitors, crooks,  incompetents and blackmail victims in Washington D.C., -along with every State election bureau, (or elections officer ) silently went along with the greatest political scam in world history.

That was the first time such a thing had ever openly occurred right in front of everyone’s eyes, -but it may not be the last time or last attempt.  That is because the Constitution has effectively been bleached of its script and is now a blank page on which the political elite can write just about anything that they want.

There are only five defenses against their tyrannical actions, and they are the countermanding authority of Federal judges, State Supreme Courts, State legislatures, State Governors, and State constitutions.  They still possess the power to nullify the unconstitutional actions of Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court.

THAT is the bedrock of the United States being formed as a federal democratic  republic composed of equal sovereign parts which were the parents of the federal government that they formed, not its children.

Their authority is found in the Constitution as well as the 9th and 10th Amendments to it.  All three have been ignored for generations.  Will a movement in America ever appear to reverse the flow of history toward lawlessness?  It already has.  It is known as the Tea Party movement.  May it prevail and gain majority power, as it has already begun to do.

by Adrien R. Nash May 2015  obama–nation.com


About arnash
“When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain - Politicians and diapers - change 'em often, for the same reason. "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." Ronald Reagan "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." William F. Buckley, Jr. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it. Abraham Lincoln “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell “Satan will use a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison”.

3 Responses to Of Natural Royals / Gods / Citizens / and Presidents

  1. You know nobody reads your bullshit, right?

    reply: you have just defined yourself as another “nobody”. Loser. You might be able to read what you are here pretending to not read if you would remove your lips from Obama’s shoes for a change.
    And btw, nice refutation of… of…. of nothing! -you pathetic little gnat. Do you even have a GED?

  2. arnash says:

    imported from facebook:

    Steven Lee Craig wrote:
    Oh, I can not help it, but I must take issue with your characterization which attaches an opposing political connotation to the nature of a United States natural born Citizen ….. “royal bloodline” is twice in error …. BLOODLINE has nothing, zero, zip nada, to do with the birth of a U.S. natural born Citizen and suggesting some element of “royalty” attaches at birth is unConstitutional by the words of the COTUS its-self at A1S9C8 … ” … No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: ….(truncated) ….” …………….

    U.S. Citizenship is NOT a matter of “bloodline” but rather a matter of LAW and BIRTHRIGHT Citizenship is a BENEFIT of U.S. Citizenship once that Citizenship is acquired, by whatever means. …… The Founding Fathers, who were then acknowledged State Citizens, ACQUIRED U.S. Citizenship, under the COTUS, at the moment that the COTUS was successfully RATIFIED.

    ….. the Preamble to the COTUS expresses the assumption of “birthright” of their progeny; “We the people of the United States, in order to …. secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. …” and the 1790 Act AFFIRMS that “birthright citizenship” attaches to a person once they become a U.S. Citizen, by whatever means; ” Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States:” ….

    The CIRCUMSTANCES that produced a U.S. natural born Citizen in March of 1790 to January of 1795 was a child born to the legal wife of a U.S. Citizen husband/father ANYWHERE in the world and then post January 1795 to the passage of the 1922 Cable Act was a child born of the legal wife of a U.S. Citizen husband/father WITHIN THE LIMITS OF THE U.S. and then post the 1922 Cable Act IS a child born WITHIN THE LIMITS OF THE U.S. to parents who are each INDEPENDENTLY U.S. Citizens.

    ………… Once a person can accept that the term of words “natural born citizen” are words used to describe the CIRCUMSTANCES attending at birth then the RECONCILIATION under the Acts and Laws made in pursuance of the COTUS reveals the statutory affirmation and ENFORCEABILITY of those attending circumstances under federal law….. “sovereign”, perhaps, but “royal” is antithetical to the purposes of the COTUS.

    Adrien Nash replied:
    More of your half-baked pseudo-patriotic slight-of-hand dogma. We, the People are the sovereigns of our nation just as the Crown constituted the sovereign of the British nation. Nothing could be more analogous than our citizen blood and the king’s royal blood.

    We are a nation of related people, people related by the national membership with which we are naturally imbued by being born of American parents with American political blood in their and our veins.

    Having been born into that natural membership in our nation we are not dependent on any aspect of the government of our creation in order to be that which we are by birth.

    “The CIRCUMSTANCES that produced a U.S. natural born Citizen in March of 1790 to January of 1795…” -and therein you commit treason to fundamental American Rights by asserting that natural citizenship is CONTROLLED by government and its whims.

    THAT IS A LIE FROM HELL! HAIL LUCIFER AND S.L. CRAIG! They are both on the side of god-government and its total control over everyone from birth. It can declare that your American child is a foreign alien according to its dogma.
    Can your natural child possibly be an alien to your family? That is impossible! And it’s the same with your and its nation. It is IMPOSSIBLE for an American child to be AN ALIEN!!!!!!!! IDIOT! TRAITOR!!

    Go peddle your legal citizenship tripe to members of totalitarian nations. Or to the alien-born. It applies to them, not to us. THAT is the proper perspective on what natural born citizen means.

    It is NOT some term of legal artifice inherited from Great Britain, which in time abandoned it as the bastardized doctrine that it always was. What a farce… including the word “natural” in the label “natural-born subject” when one could be totally natural or totally alien and thus unnatural. Oh well, one word for both. Makes perfect sense… to an idiot.

    But it served a very useful purpose, and that was to meld two unrelated peoples into a “United Kingdom” in which neither was superior nor inferior to the other. (I speak of Scotland and England and the two crowns that became one after a whole century of non-union.)

  3. arnash says:

    comments posted to Facebook:

    Adrien Nash wrote: All citizens are naturalized citizens if lacking the transmission of national membership from both parents. If both parents are Americans then the statute is not about their citizenship, but in their regard it may be about the recognition of an otherwise unknown birth to American citizens when that birth is outside of American territory.

    If only one parent is American then the “transmission” of that parent’s US citizenship is a legal matter and not a natural consequence, and that is because the political hybrid child is not a natural citizen of the nations of either parent. The child is instead a legal citizen and not a natural citizen. No legal citizen is eligible to serve as President. If someone is a citizen by law then they are ineligible.
    The President must be a citizen by inheritance, by right of descent, by blood right, by being citizen-born and not alien-born or hybrid-born.
    Lots of erroneous views are still floating around, -views that are easily debunked by the facts.

    1. Vattel never wrote that: natural-born citizens are those born in a country of parents who are its citizens

    Leo Donofrio wrote that. And it is backwards, -and an impossible connection to Vattel.

    2. Vattel wrote in French that “the naturals or the indigenous” (the natural inhabitants or indigenous population, i.e.; natives) are born in…
    The perversion of what he wrote is seen in this analogy: a.) “those born in a country of parents who are citizens are natural-born citizens” = “A person who gives birth in the USA is a FEMALE”

    b), Natural-born citizens are those born in a country of parents who are citizens = Females are defined as those who give birth in the USA.

    3. The term “natural born citizen” did not exist in either French or English when he wrote the Law of Nations. There was no reason for it to exist since everyone was a subject of a monarch.

    4. John Jay did not write to Washington about the presidency and any limitations regarding that office. He wrote solely about the Command-in-Chief position which provided the ultimate command of the American military forces. He did not offer any advice that the President not be foreign born or foreigner-born because he did not know that both offices would be combined.

    5. There is no definition of natural born citizen other than that provided by the English language and the meaning of the words themselves. It is not a legal meaning nor derived from law or legal opinions. It is derived from nature.

    6. The term is a hybrid concept combining both “a natural citizen” with “a born citizen”. It is not enough to be a natural citizen because all citizens are natural citizens either by nature or by legal fiction via the process known as “natural-ization”.
    It is not known as “citizenization” because that would allow citizens to be separated into superior and inferior classes, -such as in Mexico where those “naturalized” cannot serve in any government position, including Policeman. Only natural born Mexicans are allowed to serve in executive or judicial or legislative offices. Not so in America, -with the lone exception of the Presidency. Otherwise, all Americans are viewed as natural Americans and are thus equal. Foreigners and their children are made equal by being made into natural citizens via naturalization.

    7. To be President one must be citizen-born and not alien-born; American born and not foreigner born. In 1789 and beyond, that meant fathered by an American since nationality flowed from the head of each family, and that was the father.
    No American father had a foreign wife because foreign brides became Americans upon marriage. There was no such thing as a mixed nationality couple unless the wife married a foreigner and his nation did not recognize her as subject to him and his government and thereby a subject of his monarch.

    Thus it is totally deceitful to talk about “one American parent” under the Constitution as and when it was written. Nationality did NOT flow from a wife to her children but solely from the father who was the boss of them all, and if he was an American then so was his wife and his children regardless of where they were born because it was his unalienable American right to pass his national membership on to his progeny who would one day replace him. And it was their natural right of citizenship by descent which determined their inherited nationality. Not any law, or border, or opinion.

    If they were American-citizen born and not alien-born then they were born as natural citizens of the United States, which meant the united STATES of America. They were born natural citizens… or natural born citizens.
    Adrien Nash; In all three situations [death, unknown, stateless but married to an American wife/mother] nationality is inherited solely from the mother. That is Natural Law because there is no substance to the father’s national membership since it is not in the picture either because he himself is not in the picture or because his former nationality is no longer a part of his political nature.
    There are 10s of thousands of refugees in America who are stateless persons. They do not pass any citizenship on to their children. It’s as though they do not even exist.

    It is not realistic in this corrupt age to equate American parents with national security, nor a US birth location because the greatest threat facing us is the traitors within the city, and even within the palace, -not just those outside the wall. We have been betrayed from within, and the Constitution has no protection for that. It is up to We, the People to guard our liberty and fidelity to the Constitution.

    But if you had to choose, would you pick Bill Ayers as President over Marco Rubio? Bill Ayers is a red-blooded communist- sympathizing natural born citizen. Would that protest us from his treasonous ideology?
    If folks don’t start thinking strategically, and outside the box then there will be no box left to think in because the Ship of State has already hit the iceberg and is taking on a whole lot of water at a very fast rate.

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