Obama’s Constradictory Conversions to Christianity

Further below is the main article titled:  Mystery Religion: Mr. Obama’s Contradictory Conversions to Christianity  by Jason Kissner  -but first a few extraordinary comments:


A very interesting analysis of a deep, dark mystery. I would only add that in order to consider Obama a Christian, one would first have to accept the premise that the “church” he joined in Chicago is actually a Christian church in other than name only. Since the rearend Wright’s preachings are more political (black liberation theology) than religious, it would take the willful suspension of disbelief to accept the premise that the Chicago “church” is Christian, or even a church. Then there is the matter of Obama’s birth, allegedly of a muslim father. That would make Obama a muslim, and a muslim apostate, assuming he converted from the muslim cult into which he was born; an action punishable by death under the rules of the cult. Then there is that famous moment with George Stephanopolis, when Obama spoke about “my muslim faith”, surely a Freudian slip if ever there was one, actually causing Stephie to offer Obama a suggestion that he correct himself. Then there are the muslim call to prayer being the sweetest sound on earth quotation and the America is a muslim country comment in Cairo, both presumably made when Obama was not under the influence of any controlled substances. Then, like Clinton before him, Obama only poses as a Christian when there is a political reason to do so. Both are known to avoid active participation in any Christian worship services unless political expedience dictates a photo-op. Lastly, no Christian could possibly have Obama’s attitude toward abortion and infanticide.

Madeline Collapse

In Jeremiah Wright’s so-called Christian church, one can be a Muslim AND a Christian at the same time. This theological impossibility is done to accomodate the Black Muslim movement that found so many proponents in Chicago. Quoting from an article I wrote in August, 2010 in the Canada Free Press
“…I called the Trinity United Church ….to ask about the requirements of membership. The church receptionist transferred my call to the Director of Membership, who told me that baptism is optional and that Muslims who believe in the prophet Mohammed can be full members. In fact, she reassured me cheerfully, they have plenty of Muslim members.”
This explains why the make believe conversion that Obama claims does not bear any Christian fruit.

TieDye Collapse
You’re a great researcher, and the Canada Free Press has been motherlode of important information over the past several years. Kudos to you. I printed out your article at the time, and have found it an invaluable “persuader” in discussions with people of the moonbat religion [liberalism].

There is no mystery here. BHO himself says he sought out a church in South Chicago because he was told it would make him more effective in his community organizing. End of story. BTW, many thought that when BHO recited the Islamic Call to Prayer (the Shahada) in Arabic on national TV, calling it the prettiest sound on earth, he was publicly declaring his devotion to Allah. If you Google how to become a Muslim you will learn:

“If anyone has a real desire to be a Muslim and has full conviction and strong belief that Islam is the true religion of God, then, all one needs to do is pronounce the “Shahada”, the testimony of faith, without further delay. The “Shahada” is the first and most important of the five pillars of Islam.”


Madeline, calling Trinity United was a clever move! Edward Klein, author of “The Amateur” (about Obama) states that he asked Reverend Wright in an interview for the book whether he believed he had converted Obama to Christianity. Wright’s answer was, “I don’t think so.” Of course, whether Wright’s definition of Christianity even remotely corresponds to what the rest of us understand by the term is conjectural.
I infer, by Wright’s statement, that Obama was never baptized. Wright’s answer probably reflects his recognition that an “altar call” is not the same as a baptism. Had Obama been baptized, Wright would certainly have remembered and would have been more positive in his answer to Klein.
There is no doubt in my mind that Obama remains a Muslim though he probably does not pray 5 times per day. He could not bring himself to make the symbolic commitment a baptism would entail and forsake one of his third world roots which mean so much to his identity and ideology.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jason Kissner,  Ph.D., J.D. May 31, 2012

Reasonable people will agree that much of Mr. Obama’s biography is not exactly an open book.  Many things about him are unknown because they remain undisclosed, and much that has been disclosed leaves many questions unanswered at the same time as new ones are raised.
This article concerns something about Mr. Obama’s life history that, to the best of my knowledge, has not yet been explored — even though what is about to be discussed is, ironically, an “open book.”
Readers are about to learn that Mr. Obama has supplied two completely contradictory accounts regarding the time frame of his conversion to Christianity.
Startlingly, Mr. Obama has adhered to a story that says he converted to Christianity sometime around 1987-88 as well as a story that says he converted in the early 1990s.  Readers will see that this is easily verified with information the documentation of which cannot be contested.
Thus, unsurprisingly, part of what follows involves yet more dereliction of duty on behalf of the MSM.  It also involves, though, questions about Mr. Obama’s two autobiographies.
Dr. Jack Cashill has raised what many consider very good questions as to who really authored Mr. Obama’s autobiographies.  With respect to this issue, this article takes the stance that since Mr. Obama has never disavowed authorship, when it turns out that the autobiographies both contain and omit information that is detrimental to Mr. Obama’s interests, reasonable people will hold Mr. Obama himself responsible.

So when did Mr. Obama actually convert to Christianity?  Let’s begin with the 1987-88 possibility.  Mr. Obama, in an April 5, 2004 Chicago Sun-Times interview with Cathleen Falsani, says he went up for the altar call in Wright’s church “16, 17 years ago, -1987 or 88.”
[as very brief aside;  In response to Ms. Falsani’s inquiry “what is sin?,” Mr. Obama replies with “being out of alignment with my values.”
Does this fit Christian doctrine?  Those who have read Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher and “Good European,” will surely recognize that this kind of sentiment abounds in the man whose writings constituted works such as The Gay Science, The Will to Power, and The Anti-Christ.  Is this a mere coincidence?  Maybe, but please observe that in David Mendell’s biography of Mr. Obama, entitled “Obama: From Promise to Power,” Mendell indicates that Mr. Obama not only read, “but devoured the writings of Nietzsche” (p.61).  “Devoured” is a powerful word, is it not?]

In any event, guess what: Mr. Obama is not the only one who has placed his formal commitment to Christianity in the 1987-1988 time frame.  Jeremiah Wright ought to know when the president professed his formal commitment to Christianity in response to one of Wright’s own altar calls, right?  Wright is featured in a February 8, 2005 article by Emily Udell in In These Times magazine, entitled “Keeping the Faith.”  There, we have the statement that Obama “publicly affirmed his faith about 16 years ago when he heeded Wright’s altar call at TUCC.”

And let’s not forget the president’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng.  In an April 30, 2007 article in the New York Times by Jodi Kantor, Soetoro-Ng indicates that Mr. Obama was baptized in 1988, the year of Wright’s “audacity of hope” sermon.  Furthermore, Ng says in a subsequent January 20, 2008 New York Times Magazine article by Deborah Solomon that Mr. Obama “has been a Christian for 20 years.”  Next, we have a webpage at the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia, which states that the commander-in-chief was baptized in 1988.

We’re not through yet.  A January 21, 2007 Chicago Tribune article by Manya A. Brachear extols Wright as the inspirer of Obama’s “audacity” and states that “[w]hen Obama sought his own church community, he felt increasingly home at Trinity. Before leaving for Harvard Law School in 1988, he responded to one of Wright’s altar calls and declared a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

The 1988 date sure keeps popping up, doesn’t it?  All told, in regard to the notion that the date of the president’s formal profession of the Christian faith was 1988, we have the president’s own 2004 statement that it was (although he also says it could have been 1987; one guesses he couldn’t pinpoint the year of his formal profession of faith precisely in the interview, which in itself is intriguing because that means he could not:
(1) relate it to Wright’s audacity sermon, which, as will see shortly, Mr. Obama himself says took place in 1988, not 1987, nor could he
(2) relate it to a momentous event in Chicago — Mayor Harold Washington’s demise, which occurred on November 25, 1987 and which Mr. Obama notes on page 285 of Dreams), Wright’s 2005 belief that it was, the president’s half-sister’s 2007 and 2008 declarations, the Miller Center’s 2010 claim that it was, and the Chicago Tribune’s 2007 statement.

However, Mr. Obama would also have us believe that he converted to Christianity not in 1988, but in the early 1990s.  Turning now to a July 16, 2007 Christian Science Monitor article entitled “Barack Obama: Putting Faith Out Front” by Ariel Sabar, we are told that Mr. Obama formally committed to the Christian faith four years after Wright’s 1988 “audacity of hope” sermon.  The difference between 1988 and 1992 is pretty consequential, particularly when the interim is composed largely of Obama’s matriculation through Harvard Law.

Next, in a July 11, 2008 Newsweek article by Lisa Miller entitled “Finding his Faith” and featuring quotes from Mr. Obama, we are told that Mr. Obama was baptized in the early 1990s.

What gives?  Because we have two different time frames to consider with respect to Mr. Obama’s supposed declaration of faith, we shall have to explore each possibility.  We will see that there are serious obstacles to overcome if one is to accept either.

It proves important to hear Mr. Obama tell of lingering outside right after the meeting with a Reverend Phillips (and is anyone absolutely sure who this person is — perhaps Phillips is another composite?) with thoughts that he (Obama, not Phillips) wouldn’t “hear back from law schools until January” (Dreams from My Father, p. 275), since it allows us to get a fix on certain timing issues in regard to Obama’s encounters with Phillips and Wright, as well as when the “audacity of hope” sermon was delivered.

Mr. Obama’s first year at Harvard Law School was 1988, and he entered in the fall semester; therefore, he is, in all likelihood, referring to January of 1988.  In fact, he later says he received his acceptance from Harvard in February 1988 (Dreams from My Father, p.289), and it is only, he says, after receiving the letter that he heard Wright’s “audacity of hope” sermon (Dreams from my Father, p.293-295).  This implies, you will agree, that Mr. Obama is saying that he heard the sermon in 1988, which is what his half-sister told the NY Times on two separate occasions.

Now, suppose something which is in all likelihood true: Mr. Obama submitted his application to Harvard no more than a year before he received his acceptance in February 1988.  In that case, we have him talking to Phillips, in all likelihood, sometime in early 1987 (conceivably somewhat later).  Mr. Obama says that he spoke with other pastors after the Phillips conversation, and several referred him to Wright, just as Phillips did.  So, time to pay Jeremiah a call, right?

After discussing the recommendations Wright received in the Chicago pastoral community, Mr. Obama says that “[t]oward the end of October 1987 I finally got a chance to pay Reverend Wright a visit and see the church for myself” (Dreams from My Father, p.280).  Now have a gander at this skeptical musing of the president’s, that he says occurred sometime after he first met Reverend Wright in October 1987.  In response to questions as to when he is going to join a church, Mr. Obama reflects:

“And I would shrug the question off, unable to confess that I could no longer distinguish between faith and mere folly, between faith and simple endurance; that while I believed in the sincerity I heard in their voices, I remained a reluctant skeptic, doubtful of my own motives, wary of expedient conversion, having too many quarrels with God to accept a salvation too easily won.” (Dreams from My Father, p. 286-287)

If one remembers that Obama is thinking this sometime in late 1987, one begins to wonder how one can avoid serious skepticism in regard to the president’s professed 1987/1988 religious conversion to Christianity.

Next, recollect that in the Chicago Sun-Times interview, the president himself was uncertain as to whether the baptism he claimed took place in Wright’s church occurred in 1987 or 1988.  If it really did occur in 1987, it clearly had nothing to do with Wright’s “audacity” sermon [and his heeding the alter call], since that happened in 1988, before Obama went to Harvard (and a 1987 baptism would also contradict Obama’s half-sister’s account).

If we now direct our attention solely to the prospect that Obama sincerely answered Wright’s call to the altar in 1988 after the “audacity of hope” sermon, then there is the fact that nowhere in Dreams from my Father, which was first published in 1995, is there any mention of the baptism.  There is, however, a long description of Wright’s “audacity” sermon in the book.  But rather than offering an account of the presumptively ensuing heeding of the call to the altar, [and subsequent baptism] the “Chicago” section of the book concludes with the Wright sermon, and then we are whisked away to Kenya.

If Mr. Obama’s baptism was sincere and happened in 1988 soon after he heard the “audacity” sermon, there’s absolutely no reason why Obama would not have mentioned it (if he thinks it is the kind of thing that should be mentioned) in Dreams from my Father, is there?  And if the explanation is said to be that he doesn’t think it is something that should be mentioned, why does he mention it in 2006’s Audacity of Hope, and then without assigning a date to it?

Now let’s turn to the Newsweek and Christian Science Monitor prospect that the president’s formal commitment to the Christian faith was in the early ’90s.  First, recall that the president himself says in the 2004 Chicago Sun-Times interview that his formal profession of faith was in ’87 or ’88.  Furthermore, there is no evidence in the 2005 In These Times article that Wright thought anything like this happened in the early ’90s.

If Obama walked down the aisle and knelt at the cross in response to Wright’s altar call in the early ’90s, why doesn’t either of them say so in 2004 or 2005?   And why does Obama expressly declare in 2004 that the event took place in 1987 or 1988 and say nothing about the date of the supposed response to the altar call in Audacity of Hope in 2006?

Furthermore, three to four years after the Sun-Times interview, we observe statements in the Christian Science Monitor and Newsweek suggesting that the president would have us believe that in 2004 he couldn’t tell the difference among 1987, 1988, and the early 1990s!

In view of the foregoing, what reason is there at all to believe Obama’s claim that he sincerely professed belief in God in Wright’s church in the early 1990s?  And, if we accept that he did, it would contradict the 1987/1988 assertions, and then what are we supposed to make of those?

When we emerge from the labyrinth, we can conclude as follows: Mr. Obama has adhered to two contradictory time frames as to when he converted to Christianity, and no matter which time frame one considers accepting, one encounters facts that make accepting the time frame very challenging for a rational person.

Therefore, one is rational to conclude that Mr. Obama’s true relationship to religion, if indeed he has one, is, like so much else about him, a mystery.

In any event, people the world over now know that whatever the truth on this issue may be, it is necessarily one that is consistent with the idea that the federal government has the power to compel religious institutions and people to supply contraceptives against their most deeply held convictions.

Jason Kissner, Ph.D., J.D. is associate professor of criminology, California State University, Fr http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/05/mystery_religion_mr_obamas_contradictory_conversions_to_christianity.html#ixzz1wbg7PhgV
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lawrence Gulotta
There are posters who feel upset that the POTUS does not pass their religious test. With all due respect to the religious among us, it just is irrelevant.

pat c
You could not have missed the point any more if you had set out to. It is Obama who uses his Christianity to justify his positions and ideas. It is Obama who (mis)quotes scripture. It is Obama who claims his “Christianity” has made him who he is. It is Obama who shows a profound lack of understanding of ideas in the bible like ‘our brothers’ keeper” and “rendering unto Caesar.” It is Obama and his minions who are constantly courting the black vote by speaking in black churches.

Liberals don’t get to have it both ways. If Obama wants to make his faith an issue and a guiding principle in his life, then we get to examine it and what he says about it and decide it if’s real or not.

Just one more indication of the extent of his lying when he mislabels communistic Black Liberation theology by as Christianity. Also, this is an indication of the willful deceit of the media, which accepts the lie, knowing it is a lie. There is no requirement that Obama be Christian, except for political expediency, which is what motivated this lie. But he intentionally and arrogantly took on a church which is clearly not Christian and dared the world to call him on it. He knew the world would not.


The issue of ‘no religious test’ is a legal one, meaning that no law should require or disallow a particular religion. It in no way means that voters may not apply any requirements whatsoever when voting for candidates. In 1960 many voters were concerned about JFK being Roman Catholic. Some worry today about Romney being a Mormon. Voters are not bound by the ‘religious test’ issue, any more than they are bound to ignore racial preferences.  Obama probably isn’t a Constitutional scholar, but he also seems to think it is a moot point. Why worry about an ancient document written by slave-owning dead white males?
Concerting his Christianity: far too many people call themselves Christian yet have no real understanding of what that means, or what the New Testament says.

“There are posters who feel upset that the POTUS does not pass their religious test. With all due respect to the religious among us, it just is irrelevant.”
Irrelevent? Far from it, Lawrence. True, there is no religious test in the constitution, but that is not at issue here. Rather, the issue is one of Mr. Obama’s honesty about who he is and what he believes and the utter lack thereof. Obama and his radical supporters, such as Bill Ayers, knew that it would be difficult to openly elect a Muslim neo-Marxist in post 9-11 America. They chose instead to adopt a Trojan Horse strategy, hiding Obama’s past and constructing an ellaborate web of lies, half-truths, false fronts and other deceptions to cloud the issue. Their ruse worked; Obama took the White House. However, they lied to the electorate and committed numerous felonies along the way. It is not currently a crime to be a Muslim in the United States, but it is a crime to commit fraud and other felonies while seeking an elective office.

Incidentally, vis-a-vis the religious test clause and Islam, a number of commentators have suggested that, sooner or later, Islam and the rule of law under the constitution must come into conflict, because the former and the latter cannot be reconciled. The recent ruling in Kansas barring the use of foreign law in state judicial proceedings – an implied shot across the bow of those who favor using sharia in U.S. courtrooms – is an example of what is to come.


Lets put aside for a moment Obama’s pre election claims that he had ALWAYS been a Christian and consider this.

He was born to a British Kenyan Citizen, an alcoholic,bigamous alien Muslim Father and an underage mother, then adopted by a Muslim STEPFATHER, ALL members of BOTH his paternal families are Muslims and even his Kenyan grandmother, who says she was at his birth in KENYA, and who his LYING Election Committee told us was a Christian, has just returned from the Haj. He was brought up and schooled in Jakarta , in his formative years, and registered as a Muslim in BOTH the State and MULTI FAITH schools he attended in there.

BTW when Barry was in Indonesia you had to be an Indonesian CITIZEN to go to State School, so maybe THATS why the Passport, College and Student loan records are being carefully and zealously HIDDEN.

His contemporaries at school , one of whom is the current head of Garuda Airlines the Indonesian national airline, remeber him as a devout Mosque going MUSLIM.  He took KORANIC STUDIES a Muslim-ONLY subject at school, -a fact he himself ADMITS in his book DREAMS. He is on record as saying ‘If the Political will goes against them I WILL STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS” and also “the Muslim call to prayer is one of the MOST beautiful sounds on earth”.

He can also recite the Shahada in perfectly accented Koranic Arabic , must be a result of his MENGAGI studies a subject only DEVOUT Muslims take. BTW Muslims say anyone who says the Shahada, -which calls Allah the PARAMOUNT God (why Paramount are there other LESSER Gods????) and also says Mohammad is his messenger, IS A MUSLIM.

So what is Barry Soetero the man who tells us he has ‘ALWAYS been a Christian” well for a start he is a BLATANT BAREFACED LIAR
As for his American Christianity, as the previous poster said, what on earth is CHRISTIAN about RACIST, anti White, anti American, BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY?  The answer of course is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL. Rev Wright is a close friend of Farrakhand and was himself once a member of the Black RACIST NATION OF ISLAM CULT.

Mike6 Collapse
Obama’s mother wanted her son to be born in Africa because she hated her American Culture and she was probably a communist. So what else in new.  I don’t know if Obama is a muslim or just a Marxist /Leninist.
I read the Falsani interview a long time ago. It gave me assurance that Obama is a Christian to the degree he is a Constitutional scholar.

oh ye of little faith…he’s obviously a Christian of the Gallup Denomination and a devoted member of the First Church of Recent Polling.   Mostly likely that is his religion except for Muslim Rev. Wright said that Church was not Obama’s thing.


I have been a Catholic for over half-century, and the Bible teaches individual responsibility and personal good works. But Black Liberation Theology teaches collective salvation and government socialism. Therefore, neither Obama nor Rev. Wright qualifies as Christian in my view.
It reminds me of the Lincoln quote “If you call a dog’s tail a leg, how many legs does he have? Four. Calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg.”

If Jeremiah Wright, Barack Hussein 0bama, et al were truly Christians, which they are not, Wright would not be damning American from his pulpit. He would be preaching the concept of forgiveness. Read Mark 11:26. The whole theme of the Bible is God’s LOVE for mankind and His willingness to forgive us for our sins and transgressions. Jeremiah Wright, the reknowed “Rearend” at TUCC teaches HATRED and CONFUSION. Many have over the centuries, pretended to be “Great Christians,” for the purpsoes of POWER and WEALTH. 0bama “saw the light” when one of his handlers told him, “Barry, it’s time to play the Jesus thing.” Some do the “Jesus” thing and make a fortune on TV. Others like 0bama, play the “Jesus” card to advance their power and prestige. The Kenyan is, most likely, a convinced MUSLIM, doing what he does to advance Islam.

pat c
@ Becky: Christianity is important to western culture, and it isn’t really about the embrace of a personal belief, but the willingness to recognize and defend what has been the best culture to date.

Au contraire. True Christianity is a personal belief about the person of Jesus Christ, accepting his shed blood as atonement for our sins, and developing a personal relationship with Him that we might be daily conformed to His image. The culture benefits because of that, but culture neither defines Christianity nor is culture the reason it exists.

0bama’s relationship to religion is no mystery at all. He is a practicing Obamunist. He worships himself, he worships power and he worships himself in power. That’s it.

PatriotInk Collapse
Without knowing anything of Obama’s background, and witnessing what he does, any Christian, who is a Christian, KNOWS that this complete and utter fraud is not a Christian. If he isn’t anything else, he is a habitual liar. What religion accommodates a congregant of addicted liars? Given this fraud’s life experience as an accomplished liar, I can only think of one.

amerigal1 Collapse

I have read the full Kathleen Falsani/Hussein obama interview from the Chicago Sun Times. I read it quite a while ago. Hussein obama said there are many paths to God. That is not Christian doctrine. He is not a Christian, imo, according to what he said in that article.
Bear43 Collapse
Obama has not been converted. Convert means to change permanently.  Obama is a chameleon.

Well stated Schmutzli. As with all of Obama’s past, there are so many lies and distortions of fact that digging to the truth is like standing in a sand pit trying to empty it with a shovel. As soon as you remove a shovelful, more sand flows right back into the spot you just emptied. Much like all of the Kennedy myths that were created by the same main stream media, it will be many years before we learn the truth about Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama.

Most folks whom I’ve met and claim to have converted to Christianity (i.e., accepted Christ as savior and source of salvation), remember quite clearly when it happened, at least by month and year. Seems like BO is a bit fuzzy about a.) his conversion, b.) how many states make up the US, c.) where he was born. He gets more Manchurian with every passing day

pat c
However, before the lib trolls roll out of bed and start admonishing us to “judge not lest ye be judged”, let me counter with a pre-emptive strike and point out that this oft-quoted scripture used to deflect criticism of any and all behaviors and beliefs has a specific meaning. The Greek word for “judge” there means “to dismiss or write off as irredeemable to God.” It does not mean we are to never evaluate anyone’s actions to make sure they line up with their words. In fact, the Apostle Paul told us to “judge all things”, the word “judge” there meaning “weigh or evaluate”. Additionally, we are told “you will know them by their fruits” and “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”
Thus, not only can we can look at Obama’s profession of faith and see if it lines up with his actions and with his words, but we are told to. Just his positions and statements on abortion alone disqualify him in my book, not to mention his stand on Israel and Islam, his ideas of collective salvation, his ideas of redistribution, his mangling and misapplication of scripture to justify things anathema to it, and his habit of confusing God with Caesar, and even more often, with himself.
Perhaps the strangest thing about Obama’s professed conversion is the brevity of the account, as if it just happened, like losing one’s baby teeth or his voice changing with puberty. I have heard literally hundreds of testimonies and conversion accounts over the past 30 years, and almost to a one, it was a dramatic event in the life of the convert, -the point at which everything changed for them, their life turned around and given new purpose, their understanding of things suddenly becoming clear, Obama’s claimed conversion seems to have changed nothing in him; if anything, it seems to have re-enforced his own ideas about himself.

I have met a lot of self-professed Christians who claim Christianity because they were born into it, or because they were raised in a church. Sorry to say, one is not born a Christian (hence the necessity of the term,”born again”), and hanging out in a church once a week for 20 years doesn’t make one a Christian any more than hanging out in a garage 3 hours a week for 20 years makes one a Chrysler.


Dr. Kissner concludes today, at the end of a well-researched and referenced article (thank you for it, sir), that “… one is rational to conclude that Mr. Obama’s true relationship to religion, if indeed he has one, is, like so much else about him, a mystery.” Nobody Important agrees with that conclusion, but only if we limit our sources to those cited by Dr. Kissner.

Readers interested in several dozen additional resources to study regarding Obama’s “faith” are invited once again to examine the plethora of evidence provided on Another Slow News Day’s blog page devoted to that topic (accessible from the branches of ASND’s Barack Obama / Obama’s “Faith” menu tree). Comparing the citations published on that page (which now includes Dr. Kissner’s article as well) with the citations published on ASND’s page devoted to Obama & Islam (accessible from the branches of ASND’s Barack Obama / Obama & Islam menu tree) leaves much less “mystery” in the minds of careful and diligent researchers into this aspect of The One’s multiplicity of personal and philosophical shell games.


To Alexis de Tocqueville: Edward Said, (who wrote “Orientalism”), and Sayyid Qutb, an Egyptian (both Muslim “scholars”) would disagree with you. Their definition of peace is when ALL who are not Muslims are “wiped from the face of the earth.” That includes ALL children.

You need to READ the Koran, the Hadith, and the Surah. You obviously have no idea about Islam, the Koran, or the false prophet, Mohammad. If you think the Muslims don’t believe in infanticide, what do you think will happen to children if they make good on the promises to annihilate Israel, and the West. It includes ALL children.

Furthermore, if you have the stomach for it, go to http://www.barenakedislam.com, for it is there that you can witness Muslims torturing and beheading children, and anyone else they deem under their depraved authority.

When you post a comment that demonstrates that you have no, or very little knowledge about that which you comment, you tarnish the good name of Alexis de Tocqueville for those who have not read his astonishing work.   You, sir, are no Alexis de Tocqueville


When Obama received the democratic nomination for president, I heeded the advice of a German cousin and read Obamas’ books Audacity of Hope and Dreams of My Father. My cousin had reminded me that Adolph Hitler had revealed his heinouos beliefs and views in his book Mein Kampf. The problem was that nobody read Mein Kampf!.

From my knowledge of theology it was very evident that Obama had only a “cultural” conversion to Christianity and not a spiritual conversion. I came to that conclusuion, after reading a portion of Audacity of Hope. Obama has stated that his mother SA Dunham was an atheist. In Audacity there is a portion where he is talking to his daughter and alludes to SA Dunham being in heaven and looking down on them. A true christian would never assume an atheist is in heaven.Thus, it became very apparent that Obama had a cultural conversion to christianity for expedience and not a heart felt conversion based on repentence, sorrow for sin, and acknowledgement that Christ is God and was sacrificed for his sin. He clearly doesn’t believe that Christ is “the way,the truth and the life”!

“In response to Ms. Falsani’s inquiry “what is sin,” Mr. Obama replies with “being out of alignment with my values.” Apparently he has no thoughts on sin in general, only his.
“Then there is that famous moment with George Stephanopolis, when Obama spoke about “my muslim faith”, surely a Freudian slip if ever there was one, actually causing Stephie to offer Obama a suggestion that he correct himself.” BINGO!  Don’t forget, he bowed to the Saudi Prince.

Re: “Well, the Koran does not support the infanticide that the Hawaiian Allende supports. So, his support for infanticide pretty much quashes the muslim angle as well.” No, not at all – it simply means that Obama – if he is a Muslim (and I believe the evidence indicates that he is) – is less-than-devout and breaks the rules when he feels like it. Islam is only one strand of his ideological make-up.


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