The Double Standard on ‘Hoes’

By L. Brent Bozell (Archive) · Friday, January 27, 2012

Remember when Don Imus saw his cushy CBS Radio and MSNBC career go up in smoke in 2007 when he tried very early one morning to make one of his fake misanthropic jokes about the Rutgers women’s basketball team being “nappy-headed hoes”? Black activists demanded his firing. Advertisers fled. The corporate suits, appalled and fearful of the terrible publicity, canned him.

But if you’re a black rapper, terms like this advance your career. The female rapper Nicki Minaj has a very hot new video called “Stupid Hoe.” She uses that same term to snap at other women — “We ship platinum, them b—-es are shipping wood / Them nappy-headed hoes, but my kitchen good.” (Don’t hurt your brain trying to make sense of it.) Minaj even threw the n-word in the lyrics: “How you gon’ be the stunt double to the nigga monkey?”

The video broke YouTube records by clocking up 4.8 million views in its first 24 hours on the site and 11 million over the weekend. But outrage from our elites? Hello? Anyone? So far, the silence is deafening from America’s major race-card players.

Back in 2007, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton — the dynamic duo of racial correctness — met with CBS chairman Leslie Moonves to demand Imus be given the boot. When they won, Jackson called the firing “a victory for public decency. No one should use the public airwaves to transmit racial or sexual degradation.”

Sharpton added: “It’s not about taking Imus down. It’s about lifting decency up…We cannot afford a precedent established that the airways can commercialize and mainstream sexism and racism.”

Sumner Redstone, chairman of the CBS Corporation board and its chief stockholder, had told Newsweek that he had expected Moonves to “do the right thing.” Translation: Bye-bye, Imus.

It seems rather clear that Imus deserved some punishment, even if his dismissal might be excessive. So why were the reverends applauded universally for their activism?

Because all of their fuss wasn’t about “public decency” or “degradation” or media companies “mainstreaming racism and sexism,” not really. It was about race, and about how whites can’t say “indecent” things about blacks, not even in jest. But blacks can use those very same words — however they wish — with the ugliest of intentions, if desired, with impunity. Where are Jackson and Sharpton over “Stupid Hoe” now? Cricket, cricket.

The Washington Post is running a major series this week on the self-esteem issues of black women in America. But when will the Post and other media scolds discover this song and what it says — and shouldn’t say — about black women?

As for degrading public decency, the song has 10 uses of “bitch,” 10 F-bombs and unsurprisingly, 37 uses of “hoe.” The refrain, if you want to call it that, is “You a stupid hoe” — repeated 14 times. A verb, like the word “are,” was apparently not necessary. This has to be one of the dumbest, most illiterate songs ever to go viral.

Just because Minaj caused a major YouTube splash and just because the elites were silent, doesn’t mean the reaction was favorable. Anyone who clicks on it quickly learns this is not a song, but a droning, rapid-fire, hip-hop headache. The video is so jumpy it could cause epileptic seizures. In the first few days, YouTube watchers gave the Minaj video about twice as many dislikes as likes — 176,000 to 87,000.

Some commenters just nailed it: “You know, if she’s trying to call someone else a stupid hoe, it doesn’t help her case too much when she’s on all fours, dressed like a leopard, trapped in a cage and whipping her hair everywhere.”

But this is my favorite: “36 seconds in and I was losing the will to live.”

Last summer, Minaj shocked many by having a breast pop out as she performed on ABCs “Good Morning America.” Why the Disney-owned network put this woman on is anybody’s guess. She was performing the song “Where Them Girls At,” with classy morning-TV lyrics like “You can suck a d–k, or you can suck a ballsack.” In her “Stupid Hoe” song, Minaj raps twice “you can suck my diznik.”

Minaj is an artist for Cash Money Records, now a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group, which brags that it is “the world’s largest music content company.” (The French media conglomerate Vivendi did not include UMG in its NBC-Universal deal.) If one accepts these boasts, no one in the world can “mainstream racism and sexism” faster than these people. Let’s see if the Imus firing squad ever says a word.


For sure, no one is minding the store.  Can you imagine the record company execs allowing their own daughters to listen to the poison that their underlings create and release while they are out having power lunches and betting at Hollywood Park race track.  It’s just business, it’s just words, no one gets hurt, physically that is.  But what part of “an impressionable age” do those morons not understand?  Their degenerate products are infecting the mothers of tomorrow with a serious gangrene of the spirit.  But don’t think that such crap is having a general decaying effect.  It only damages those who listen to it, but it damages them big time.  Once such sleaze gets into their consciousness through such a repetitive work there’s no getting it out.  But the real tragedy may be that they are already damaged before they expose themselves to external auditory excrement, and it only reflects the poisoned state of their already degenerate consciousness.  But that doesn’t describe the young and still untarnished.  With every child almost owning internet devises, they are vulnerable in a way that no children in history have been.  AN

Along with the pathetic fact that people are inexperienced and naive enough to expect a reply from someone like an elected representative whose top priority is raising tons of cash for their next election, the content of their replies illustrates a sad fact.  “To make some begging letters appear to be important, there is a ‘survey’ attached with a long registration number and some coded information to make it appear important.”
Sadly, the same people who have a right to vote are so clueless as to fall for anything the has the appearance of being “official” such as serial numbers and codes of any kind.  Publishers Clearing house has been taking advantage of all such suckers for decades.  I’ve saved a gob of their mailings as stark evidence of all kinds of fakery.  They’re masters at it, but they wouldn’t employ it if people were aware of how easily their unthinking-selves can be duped.
Many naive fools want to convince more citizens to vote.  They should be working to convince more citizens to NOT vote because they are too stupid to understand how strongly unseen forces have worked to duped them and benefit from their ignorance.  AN
At this stage it appears that Obama isn’t working on any grand socialistic schemes because he no longer has the House to be his “yes man”, but not one to alter his priorities, now he’s simply trying to squeeze out any little victory he can get, like a slightly higher tax rate for the wealthy.  How pathetic is his impotent calls for an insignificant tax increase that was the national rate under Bush.  How un-grandeose is that dream!  No, now he’s a small-time hustlers trying to get any action he can, like a would-be big-time gambler reduced to small-stakes games.  His utopian hopes now rest only on the long shot of winning both houses of Congress and being reelected.
“A renunciation of collectivism, class warfare, and social engineering will once again open the door for a return to morning in America. ”
If only that was *all* that’s required.  That may invigorate American entrepreneurs, but they will grab the ball and mostly run with it….straight to China!  American wages are the reason companies go overseas and there’s no way to “fix” that.  And there’s plenty of benefit to NOT fixing it because the products they produce are so cheap that they are affordable to all the lower-wage Americans who aren’t pulling in the big union-wage bucks.  I myself have benefited the Chinese with many thousands of dollars that I would not have spent on items that would never have been affordable if made in American by union labor.  So many suffer while even more benefit.  Kind of like real life.  Complicated.
“this may be our last chance to stop the Progressive transformation of America before they lead us into the dreary dead end of their collectivist dystopia.”  I relish the incisiveness of those words, but have a counter thought.  Even if America was transformed into a socialist-lite nation, that would be a revolting situation for conservative constitutionalist, but might not be so bad economically in a general sense.  But what will doom our future is not how income is distributed, but how it is obtained.  40% of the budget (oops, there is no budget and hasn’t been one for over 1000 days now) is derived from government borrowing.  That carries with it the specter of doom.  If it ended tomorrow, we’d get by, but there’s zero evidence that it is ever going to end.  How does any reasonable person plan out a life or business under that circumstance? AN

It’s in our DNA to prefer people like ourselves and not have any interest in embracing the presence of people who are significantly different.  Being American can’t change human nature.  Foreign immigrants were never joyously welcomed but instead were greatly resented and even hated by many because of their “foreignness”.  We all accept that welcoming strangers is our American heritage but it wasn’t the strangers that were really welcomed,or accepted, it was their children who grew-up to be assimilated members of a greater society than their parents.  So resentment of others over religion isn’t solely about religion but about the greater innate resentment toward those who are significantly different.  We are accepting of people like ourselves and feel put-off by those who are alien to us.  AN
Does this do-nothing President do any real leading?  His style, like many before him, is to lead by not leading. Delegation of authority.  When authority is delegated to Delta males (like the fools who carried out Fast & Furious) everyone loses because apparently the buck stops nowhere, certain not at the Presidents desk.  The Peter Principle stymies individual initiative and everything moves at a snail pace.
That’s how bureaucracies work, or, I should say, don’t work.  Nothing that is needed to fix our government is something that he spends any time on.  He leaves that to others.  Others don’t get anything done because they don’t have the authority or the pull.  That’s why Kings and Communists can get things done quickly, like used to be possible in America, before the rise of the most massive bureaucracy in world history.

Facts are like hammers when they run counter to how one wishes to be seen.  The facts had better be used to hammer the liar-in-chief during the final weeks of the election because the man is his own worst enemy when it comes to the record of his performance.
Each fact needs to be driven home as bluntly as by a hammer, not to shatter the rock of his “accomplishments” but to splatter the jello-y facade of sincerity, competence, commitment, and humanitarian concern.  The label “HYPOCRITE” needs to be writ large as the evidence of the truth is presented. Maybe then it would finally stick.  AN

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