Political Realities

History tells the story of how over-confident “really smart” presidential advisers manipulated the truth in order to “save” us and the world from inevitable calamity if we didn’t “act” militarily. That history contains the names “Vietnam” and “Iraq”.  Just having the willingness to assert American power as we “wisely” deem necessary leaves the door open to men with power, -but no knowledge of the alleged enemy, to make horribly bad and extremely costly decisions which cost them nothing but cost others everything.  There are very strong arguments to be made on both sides, but history shows that our willingness to pull the trigger on foreign military involvement gets put to use in stupid conflicts that clearer-minded thinkers would have recognized as black holes in which we would have no flashlights.  And so we’ve paid the price, and our children will be paying the price all the days of their lives just in paying the interest on the money we borrowed because we didn’t want to inconvenience ourselves with paying for our involvements out of our own pockets.  AN

The Declaration of Independence speaks of the right of the people to alter or abolish any Form of Government that becomes destructive of…  The problem is that it isn’t the *form* of our government that’s the problem, it’s the people that populate it in an environment in which one becomes a pariah if they rock the boat and speak the real truth.  The silence of the establishment about the abuses of Washington implies they are complicit in the corruption either by blind ignorance or fear of their bosses or fear of their peers, or fear of not getting head or of not getting along if they don’t go along.  Probably a wicked combination of all of the above.  Either way, silence is poison, -the poison of embalming fluid being pumped into the veins of the body politic.  We’re being embalmed while still breathing and most people don’t have a clue, hence why should the politicians and bureaucrats care?  Nothing will change things til we find a cross between Ron Paul, Chris Christy, Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachmann to call spades spades.  But at least Romney has either gotten religion or gotten some good speech writers.  Lets hope that the fire in his belly only grows hotter because he may end up being the one to confront Obama in the election.  AN

The danger from radical Islam is unquantifiable.  Since we’ve neutered their leadership and cut off most of their funding, the only major threat is posed by an Iranian nuclear bomb.  But bombs must be tested before being used.  That involves a process that takes time and replacement of the exploded bomb. That provides the world time to respond.
But the danger that is quantifiable is the endlessly increasing massive federal debt that is connected through time by a noose around the neck of the future citizens of the United States.  The greater and heavier it becomes, the more forcefully it will strangle the future.  Ron Paul is the only one speaking about that direct and growing threat to our economic survival.  All the rest accept ever growing military spending that is out of all proportion to the threats that we face.  Osama Bin Laden won without even realizing it because he caused our chicken little leaders to borrow us into bankruptcy, which was what Al Queda’s goal was all along.  We’ve done and are doing to ourselves the same thing that the Greeks have done to themselves.  Such dire financial straights have no identifiable solution.  From a financial stability standpoint, the world economy hasn’t seen anything yet.  Europe’s debt could collapse the whole world financial system, which wouldn’t be unthinkable since it’s just a gigantic house of cards.

Anyone interested in ACTUAL liberty and in preventing economic collapse into political tyranny, read “DEMOCRACY-The God That Failed” by Hans Hoppe, while supporting Ron Paul for POTUS as the least likely of all the candidates standing in the way of implementing Hoppe’s solutions.

“A society which makes freedom its primary goal will lose it, because it
has made, not responsibility, but freedom from responsibility, its
–R. J. Rushdoony

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. John Adams

‘When you have no basis for argument, abuse the plaintiff.’  Cicero

Mike Schuerger Sr., Well put and entirely on target. I was thrilled with the Space program in the 60’s but my head was screwed on straight and so the thought occurred to me that there is absolutely no moral or ethical or constitutional justification for the U.S. government to put its tax collector’s gun to the head of every taxpayer and require them to fund an unconstitutional program that has not even been agreed to by the American public.  Washington never asked the citizens of America if they wanted to pay extra taxes to fund a space race.  Instead we just did what we learned to do in WWII, we just put it on our national tab.  Why pay for it when we can stick the bill on the future?  Along with it was the funding for the Vietnam War.  It’s still unpaid for.  15 Trillion dollars in debt!!!  And dreamers call for us to go even deeper in debt just so we can have our egos massaged by camping on the dust of a dead moon?  We need to wake up and smell the coffee.  There’s nothing there that we should or can pay to obtain, -same with China.  They want to go there for the same unjustified reason that we did, -national pride.  Why not ask the Greeks if there is any limit on how much a nation should waste for national pride?  Why ask them?  Because we are roaring full-speed down the tracks to becoming them. BANKRUPT!! BANKRUPT!!  Get that word seared into you head because it is our present and future thanks to dreamers who don’t care about reality or the constitution, or fiscal responsibility.  The reason young people admire Ron Paul is because he points out the absurdity of such pie-in-the-sky thinking, along with the fact that it has very negative consequences that are only mildly mitigated by its benefits.  Space is a bad joke and the international space station can’t be expected to even begin to pay for a small fraction of the cost of its construction.  Just another government program of waste.  But it’s been a great social welfare program for the techno-engineering class.  They’re the ones reaping the benefit while the rest of the country suffers the cost of an ever greater burden of inescapable debt.
P.S. Long exposure to zero gravity is bad for the skeleton, the heart, and the eyes and no solutions are known, so forget about long distance space travel.  AN

The “anti-war” leftist elites love to knock the U.S., its government and foreign policies and point out how “the man” got what his arrogant pride had coming when he lost the Vietnam War, -that war against brave, honorable fellow leftists of the Viet Cong and NVA variety, but their warped minds can’t even get the facts straight.  The U.S. wasn’t even in Vietnam when it fell to Hanoi.  We packed up and left finally in 1973 and the country then enjoyed two full years of peace until the North suddenly invaded in 1975.  So how does one lose a war that they weren’t even involved in?  (minor detail that just gets in the way of their We-knew-better-than-them mindset).  If you don’t like the facts change them, deny them, or ignore them.  Those are definitely signs of mental imbalance. AN

Like the Space Race, the Great Society, Medicare, Student Loans, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Defense spending, which includes Offense spending, cannot be treated as if the sky’s the limit because in the visible future the interest on the $15+ trillion national debt will exceed the entire Defense Dept. budget.  How can so many Defense conservatives be so blind to realities that don’t suit their gung-ho boosterism of the Military-Industrial complex?  Why do they not recognize that life is a long string of risks that we take, and we can’t act as if we cannot take any risks whatsoever if they are of the military type.  Hell, we’re all up the creek if tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, ice storms, and catastrophic earthquakes strike in our own area.  And catastrophic earthquakes are waiting just around the corner and they will kill tens of thousands and do hundreds of billions of dollars of damage, yet where is the constituency to pay for preparation?  Nowhere.  Same with incurable pandemic diseases for which there’s no solution.  People with international and military backgrounds only think about the things that they are familiar with and are oblivious to equal or greater risks that go ignored. AN

The nature and autonomy of the CFPB is unprecedented and undoubtedly unconstitutional since it is above or outside of the control of Congress.  There is nothing in the Constitution that permits the creation of such an entity.  It is answerable to no one, like the Supreme Court judges, about whose power Jefferson expressed serious concern.  But one can say the same thing about the Fed which will be its home.  It’s creation was only slightly more audacious than the hypocrisy and flip-flopping “principles” of Harry Reid.  I’ve wondered how in the world someone can do the things he’s done.  Now I know.  The man sold his soul to the devil and married political treachery for self-serving purposes many years ago. It goes to show that just like the things Obama said before becoming President, once one puts on the mantle of power all principles go out the window and one finds oneself doing and saying the exact opposite of what was said and believed before the ego inflation of power took place.  What clearer evidence is there about how Washington insulates, isolates, corrupts, and devours ones character and principles in the non-stop whoring to procure more donations to fund the next election.  AN

Multi-culturalism and political correctness have dumbed-down all rational thought and speech regarding any subject that might be controversial.  Hopefully its increase of the amount of tolerance in society won’t be dwarfed by the amount of suppression of free speech, thought and self-assertiveness of individuals who know what they believe and why they believe it.  Silence can be a good thing when it is in place of hated and prejudice, but a bad thing when it allows autocratic atmospheres and behavior to triumph.  And when does the later not predominate when political correctness runs amok and keeps everyone from expressing sane thoughts that run countered to the agreed-upon conventional wisdom of political correctness?  AN

Presenting oneself as a moral leader is a big mistake, especially since that is not what the general electorate is looking for.  What’s needed is a fiscal conservative who’s willing and unrelenting in his determination to wield an axe or at least a surgeon’s scalpel to the federal bureaucracy and entitlement programs.
The unemployed and under-employed don’t care about moral issues when they have so many real-world problems that plague them.  A winning strategy doesn’t include putting on the collar of a priest and preaching to the choir, but pointing out the horrible flaws of liberalism as related to fiscal policy.
But if even the Republican establishment is also in favor of big government and socialistic policies and programs that they are willing to support but not pay for, then how can it elect a candidate that stands for the exact opposite?
I perceive that the intricacies of vast bureaucracies are so great that no candidate can even grasp the full extent of the problem.  All they see is the tip of the iceberg and aren’t sure how to deal with it, much less all that mass that’s unseen.
Very likely, by going along to get along, and allowing the government to grow to such an unwieldy size, it has become almost an insurmountable task to figure out how and where to begin to cut except in a broad general sense.  But the devil is always in the details and details, like massive Congressional bills, are always something that lazy men and women choose to ignore because they are too time consuming.  AN

Congress is almost unreformible.  Subsidies that were put in place during FDR’s tenure and expected to only be temporary, are still in place and funded with each new budget, excuse me, -continuing resolution.  The power of lobbies goes unacknowledged, admitted, contested, or in anyway countered.  Congress just votes for everything or nothing.  The way our government is run is a horrible travesty against common sense, common fairness, and fiscal sanity.
But Larry gets it right by arguing for a stark contrast between what our economy has gotten from the President and the liberal powers in the Congress, and what it can and should be doing to revive many sectors that remain dormant without a fiscal conservative in the White House empowered to aggressively reform the mess created by Democrats and Republicans alike.
To redeem the future from the course it’s on will require a sweep of both houses of Congress and the Presidency just like the Dems enjoyed in 2008.  Anything less will cause a kind of political constipation that won’t get much done, -will continue with the multiple plights confronting the country and won’t be able to repeal “Obamacare”.  We will feel like we’re in limbo or purgatory where we can’t get anything we want or need and every major aspect of life influenced by government will be held hostage by uncertainty as to what and when Congress will agree to a normal longer-than-two-months funding of programs.  It will be government by paralysis, living day to day by faith that the floor won’t drop out from under us.  Which may happen if the Strait of Hormuz becomes an armed conflict zone.  AN

Generational theft is at the heart of big government spending because the cowards who serve in Congress don’t have the spines to limit their largess to only what revenue-income covers, but have to appeal to ever greater constituencies in order to raise re-election funds via grateful donations from those whom their votes benefit.
So the fiscal result is that budget deficits are unavoidable because they have so many held-out hands to satisfy.  Consequently, the generational theft is more than just shifting from the younger to the older in the present, it also includes the generational theft of transferring large portions of the wealth/earnings of future generations to the present generations which benefit at the cost of future tax-payers who will get stuck with a good portion of the bill but without having had a vote in the borrowing.
Taxation without representation is evil, whether it involves taking from ones contemporaries, or taking from the future.  It’s like the logic of smoking.  The addict feels better and functions better with his/her nicotine fix, but with each puff they are stealing from their own future and shortening their own life.  They don’t pay today, but they sure as hell will pay tomorrow.  We, as a nation, are just as selfish and unmindful of the consequences of our actions as are tobacco addicts.  Just look at the non-existent federal budget and the unimaginable deficit spending.  Why face a reckoning today when you can still just put it off for the future to worry about?  AN

The problem with the elites is that they don’t *think* their confiscatory redistribution policies are the right way to go, instead they *know* that they are, so anything that impedes their goals for “the public good” must be bad and even, perhaps, evil.  In a mind-set of hypocritical righteousness they deem their opposition as doing the work of the devil while they are doing the work of the angels.  But in reality they are stealing power from the governed, stealing resources and rewards from the producers and earners, violating the spirit and letter of our fundamental law, all the while securing a very profitable feathered nest for themselves and those close to them.  When hypocrisy is as thick as a blanket, they must strive to keep the spotlight on those who “aren’t paying their fair share” while never once demonstrating a willingness to openly define how much is enough.  All their blather is purely for partisan political points which they hope will help guarantee that they remain in power and regain even more than they currently possess.
Once they are securely ensconced in their political seats they begin to feel equal to those who occupied similar seats in the first Congress after the ratification of the Constitution, and thus they feel equal to the men who served and who even wrote the Constitution.  But being as they are so modern, educated, knowledgeable , and more savvy about so many things and issues that didn’t exist at the birth of the nation, unavoidably they find themselves convinced that they not only are the equals of the founders but are actually their superiors since their experience is so broad and contemporary rather than limited and primitive by comparison.  Hence they feel no compelling reason to defer to the Constitution or those who wrote it since they are superior in so many ways.  There’s no cure for this disease but all we can to is treat them like lepers and expel them from the body that represents the freedom-loving citizens of America.  If that doesn’t happen because they have secured a majority of government dependents to vote for them, then the ever growing bulldozer of government power over everyone will increase substantially.  But it’s doubtful that will happen since so many these days see the growing threat to liberty and will vote to oppose it.  The problem is that the Constitution violators have turned their backs on the proper avenue of important change, which is the Constitutional amendment, and are fully committed to writing into law great changes that are either the result of mere majority votes or of liberal federal bureaucrats.  So, like the supreme court, the balance can be tipped by just one vote in either house and at least one candidate can gain office via fraud in a tight election, as happened in the case of Al Franken and no doubt others.  AN


This analysis confirms that humans are divisible into two opposite groups, -those who follow and those who lead.  Those who lead probably inherited their power and position from a forefather who was an Alpha male and a real leader or from an appointment by a bureaucracy that benefits from enlarging its domain of employees.
Also, society can be divisible into those with true superior talents and those without.  Those with talent work and perform in a meritocracy in which they are rewarded in proportion to their achievement.  When those with talent and power are one and the same, them power goes to their heads, and greed becomes the motive that drives them.
The missing civilizations are truly missing because they were destroyed either by conquest, disease, drought, or revolt.  I’ll put my money on revolt.  As the base of the pyramid becomes enraged at the audacity of the peak, they rebel, just as did the colonist, and overthrown their oppressors in a manner similar to the French Revolution.  Off with their heads.  Thus they self decapitate their own civilization because by that point, all those with the talent and skill and knowledge are a part of the top of the bloated center and are unjustly benefiting at the expense of the lower levels.  So their heads must go also.  That leaves the society with no intellectuals since even the children were probably slaughtered along with the parents.  Thus the remnants of ancient destroyed cultures have no notable intellectual component to help them to re-modernize and as a result they have remained primitive. That seems to be the pattern worldwide.  All great societies arose from a new group of people who had never had a history of cultural destruction.
That brings up the subject of entropy.  It gives some credence to the suspicion that thousands of years ago early human societies received assistance from some superior beings of some sort in order to kick-start the development of advanced human society and technology.  But in time, base human emotions and motives always ended up destroying that which the founding fathers built. AN


One Response to Political Realities

  1. arnash says:

    OrneryEagle: It was amazing to me that the President, Speaker and Majority Leaders are not required to establish a security clearance. Serving in the military for nearly 30 years I had to undergo a routine security background check to maintain my station as such. Following retirement I again had to pay a fee and wait several months to gain another security clearance to attain a position as an NJROTC Instructor within the LA area; first in one school district, then upon transfer, another fee and another background check for yet another school district; all this expense and waiting time even though I had routinely held a “Top Secret” clearance for nearly 25 of a 30 year military career. And here we have the leader of the most powerful country in the world who carries “The Football” and the authority to launch a devastating nuclear attack at any moment that doesn’t require a background check of any sort? What in the hell are we doing? I believe we’ve lost our way and truly any sense of common sense we may have once maintained

    Terry, the truth of the matter is that Obamabots like yourself hate freedom, hate the republic our founders created and bequeathed to us, and hate anyone who dares challenge the lawless Obama and his enablers. Indeed, you hate the truth itself. Well, the fun thing about the truth is that it always, sooner or later, comes out. A lie, no matter big, unravels and exposes those who told it and those who were dumb enough to believe it. Obama’s entire life is a fabrication, a great big lie…. you, being morally weak, corrupt and unwilling to face facts, can’t handle it – and so attack those who raise the issue instead. People like you eventually end up enslaved. To paraphrase Patrick Henry, may your chains lie lightly upon you, and posterity forget that we were ever countrymen.

    Bowers v. Devito, 686 F.2d 616 (7th Cir. 1982) (There is no constitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen. It is monstrous if the state fails
    to protect its residents against such predators but it does not violate the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, or, we suppose, any other provision of the Constitution. The Constitution is
    a charter of negative liberties; it tells the state to let the people alone; it does not require the federal government or the state to provide services, even so elementary a service as maintaining law and
    order.); (No duty to protect) = Rule 12(b)(6) Motion to Dismiss;Cf.
    Reciprocal obligations;

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