Robin Hood Taxation

By Burt Prelutsky · Monday, June 27, 2011

Recently, it occurred to me that liberals regard the federal government as a huge non-profit organization. It’s the same way that normal people look at the Red Cross or groups dedicated to eradicating dread diseases.

Those on the Left believe it’s up to the government to eliminate poverty by taking from the rich and giving to the poor. It’s known as the Robin Hood theory of economics.  Two questions leap to mind. The first is, why anyone would want to make the effort to become rich if his wealth is going to be confiscated through taxes and handed off to a mob of ne’er-do-wells? For the sake of the young and the stupid, I should explain that when the government does this sort of thing, it shouldn’t be regarded as charity, it’s coercion. It’s not compassion, it’s communism.

The second question is why, if liberals want to raise taxes on the wealthy in order to facilitate this redistribution, they themselves don’t simply make larger contributions to the IRS? Why don’t multi-millionaires like Soros, Kerry, Oprah, Schumer, Bloomberg, Spielberg, Buffet, Gates and the Clintons, pay more than the tax code requires, and why didn’t those scoundrels, Timothy Geithner and Charles Rangel, pay anything? For that matter, why doesn’t Joe Biden pay twice as much as he does? After all, he said paying taxes was a patriotic duty. Shouldn’t the Vice-President set us all an example by going above and beyond?


By Burt Prelutsky · Saturday, July 2, 2011

I always find it amusing when Americans look down their noses at the English royals, as so many did on the occasion of Prince William’s recent marriage to Kate Middleton.

We Yanks can trumpet our democratic ways all we like, but at the end of the day it’s all so much idle chatter. We have our own form of royalty, but unlike England’s, where the lineage goes back centuries and where they usually know how to carry it off with some dignity and panache, we’re stuck with brain-addled actors, brain-fried rock stars, felonious athletes and the Obamas.
While we’re on the subject, why did the Obamas accept their IRS refund? They’re rolling in moolah, for crying out loud, and they don’t even order a pizza that we’re not paying for. And pizzas are the least of it.  The country is in the throes of a financial collapse and this crowd is carrying on like the French royals just around the time that Dr. J.J. Guillotin was fine-tuning his clever invention.

Furthermore, if paying taxes is a virtue, why do all those liberals employ teams of CPAs and money managers to keep their tax liability to a minimum? And how the heck did Nancy Pelosi’s net worth increase between 2009 and 2010, by 62%, to $35.2 million?! Clearly, this woman knows something about economics that she’s not sharing with the rest of us.

An ongoing problem with liberals is that they invariably judge people and organizations by their stated good intentions. So it is that they defend an entity such as Planned Parenthood because it insists it is in the business of providing poor women with all manner of health care, including pre-natal, when everybody knows that it basically serves as the world’s biggest abortion mill.

Another group liberals adore is the U.N., a collection of thugs, creeps and freeloaders, that makes the Mafia, by comparison, look like a philanthropic society.

They are constantly defending public education, even though they send their own kids to private schools, and ballyhooing on behalf of the teachers unions because its members insist they’re devoted to the kids. But the fact remains that thousands of them played hooky and converged on Madison, Wisconsin, using phony medical excuses. Once there, they behaved very much like a lynch mob simply because the duly elected governor and legislature asked them to recognize that the gravy has to stop when the gravy train runs off the tracks.

I kept trying to picture one of these dedicated educators going back to the classroom and being asked by a fourth grader: “Well, how could they keep paying you guys all that money when everybody knows there is no money?”

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One Response to Robin Hood Taxation

  1. arnash says:

    All products could be devided into two groups according to the price needed to be charged because of the cost incurred by the philosophy that produced them.

    The short of this reasoning is self explanatory. When a conservative buys gas he pays the price incurred upon gas by his conservative philosophy, the same for the liberal. This would pan out, for example, that the conservative pays 2 dollars a gallon while the liberal pays 6 dollars a gallon.

    When flying the conservative gets the profiled flight, the liberal gets the random search flight.
    If both sides were force to pay appropriately for their philosophy, as opposed to sharing the cost with all, not only would fairness be administered, but the people can see the results of their philosophy and adjust their mindset accordingly.

    This may be a small additive to the mix, but I personally would love to pay 2 dollars a gallon while my fellow American but liberal pays 6 dollars a gallon, especially to do so at the same time. I would love to look in his eyes and see his pain for what he has done to himself, as well as his anger for my refusal to bare his burden.

    by unknown

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