The Tyranny of Good Intentions

Fighting The Tyranny of Good Intentions
Raising a Stink for the Constitution

My fellow conservative Constitutionalists, you have a right, -a duty, -an obligation to be a voice in the defense of individual liberty and minority rights.  There are no sentinels mandated in the Constitution to stand guard against those corrupted by power who, without any conscience or resistance, willingly and willfully ignore the clearly intended limits placed by our founding fathers on an otherwise dangerously powerful central  government.  The job of defending the Constitution now falls to the People because those elected to do it have abdicated their responsibility to be faithful to their oath to preserve, protect, and defend the CONSTITUTION from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

When I, -like my fellow Marines, was responsible for night sentry duty out in the countryside of Viet Nam where we were stationed on some old French military camp hill, I/we knew that our lives and futures were dependent on staying awake, alert, and focused on a possible Viet Cong sapper attempting to sneak through our barbed wire and blow us up, -allowing an assault of our base and the slaughter of those unprepared for attack.  One night that happened to our nearby sister battalion.  Their hill was not high enough to  provide decent protection so they were assaulted and many died.
Being alert and prepared for battle is the only way that the People will be able to defend against the constant wide-spread infiltration of anti-Constitution socialists into every single venue of authority across our land and throughout our society.  We need people who will trip the siren, sound the alarm, awaken  the people, and make a stink about abuses to personal liberty, and State’s rights, -especially when the abuser is Big Brother in Washington.

We need people who will be like the gas that is added to propane in order to be a warning that there’s a dangerous leak.  Without that warning gas, a fatal condition will develop because the danger will go unseen, unnoticed, and un-smelled until it’s too late.   The gas that is escaping is analogous to fidelity to our local, state, and national controlling Laws.  When all the “gas” has escaped and the tank is empty, we’ll be left with the Tyranny of  Good Intentions.  Its overlords will distort, dismiss, misinterpret, and ignore our most fundamental laws,  -laws meant to protect us from Big Government’s intrusion into our social and private lives.  The Tyranny of Good Intentions will be like a noose around our necks.  It’s tolerable somewhat as long as you don’t struggle, but get out of line and you’ll suffer serious consequences.

We need to be the “sentinel scent” in the gas of Freedom contained in the tank of the Rule of Law.  We need to be those who sound an alert, -who raise a stink when danger is present because our liberties are being leaked out.  We need to stink-up the air with protests against the Socialists, Anarchists and Marxists revolutionaries who think they should own and control our country, as well as raise a stink when their less demonstrative, peaceful cousins from all walks of life just want to do what’s best for “the General Welfare” but do it without the permission of those who will have to pay for it.  What moral or ethical right does anyone have to vote for taxes for others which they themselves will not have to pay?   None.  But they’ll do it anyway because “it’s their right” to vote.

In the post-WWII era, The Tyranny of Good Intentions began with the unconstitutional mandate that taxpayers would be charged, like it or not, for the gigantic costs of putting a few men into outer space and temporarily on the Moon. The Tyranny of Good Intentions is always supported by benevolent aims but rarely by ethical means.   The ends JUSTIFY the means, thus underhanded tactics are ok, and any method of bypassing the legal  procedures meant to defend the rights of the individual and the minority is not only ok but imperative in order to accomplish their morally superior objectives.  The most primary of those procedures is the one barring any sort of fundamental, transformative change without an amendment to the Constitution.

Everyone knows that the Senate Health Care monstrosity accepted by the House and signed by the  President is unconstitutional beginning with the individual mandate, and so it is set to be ruled on by the  Supreme Court, but however they rule, constitutional or unconstitutional, what everyone has failed to even grasp is the fact that that sort of massively transformative Big Brother legislation has always required an amendment to the Constitution.
Why is no one acknowledging the requirement  that we follow our own constitutional procedures?  Where are the voices decrying the total abandonment of the only tradition left to protect us from the Tyranny of Good Intentions effected by simple majority rule?

Following the present practice, ALL of the amendments of the Constitution could have been passed by simple majorities.  Prohibition?  Sure, all that’s need is 51% of the legislators.  Every freedom insured by the Bill of Rights could be rescinded by 51%.  The right to vote, the elections of Senators, the citizenship of immigrants, etc. etc., everything can be changed by a simple majority.  Why not, it’s clearly our current  national practice to do away with the inconvenience of not having your own way due simply to some disgruntled  26% of the States that disagree with you and your fellow like-minded demoncratic tyrants.  Ban on abortion?  Just get half the Congress plus one to agree and it can be enforced against all the rest.  Right to have an  abortion, -just over half the votes of Congress and it’s law.   The amendment process is soooo  inconvenient and old-fashioned, -why follow it when mob rule is so much more efficient and easy.

Why has the Supreme Court been totally silent on the issue?  Because they are either stupid, indifferent, cowardly, (a combination of all three) or they’ve been lulled to sleep by the slow silent creep of the anaconda that’s wrapping itself around us.   If they violate their oath to defend the Constitution, then in 1214 it will begin to squeeze like we’ve never seen before and that will be the demarcation day when the American Marxification begins in earnest.

We need voices and votes to counter the long slow march to serfdom that we’ve been on for a century.
So don’t be afraid to stink-up any partisan conversation between “doing what’s right” and doing what’s constitutional, -between “promoting the general welfare” and defending individual liberty.  Don’t give too much accommodation to violations of the principles of the Constitution and the liberty that the Bill of Rights was written to protect.  Be a stinker and be one with a spine.  Let not fear be allowed to silence the truth.  Speak the truth with boldness when the  constitutional usurpers are making our founding fathers turn-over in their graves.  Remember, it need not be you that’s what’s offensive to them, -you can be as peaceful as a lamb, but make the Truth as cutting as a razor and you then will see them either retreat or have a tantrum like a child that has no capacity to endure delayed gratification, or they may be so uncomprehending that they simply stare at you like a deer in the headlights.

We must rise to the level of the forces that confront us, with faith in our numbers, armed with the Sword of Truth, and shielded with the iron of the Constitution, we must confront the opposition with more energy than they possess, otherwise the sloth of Ambivalent Acceptance will allow the machinations of the socialism-embracing sell-outs who mean to be our big-nanny Overlords.  They mean  to be good masters, but good or not, -they mean to be masters.  And you will be their subject, and be subject to them and their will and wishes and their views of “what’s best for the country”.

If you are not a part of any active resistance, then join or form a sentinel squad, (or skunk squad) to raise a stink against the unlawful and unethical usurpations of power by the leftist Leninites who “know” that they know what’s best for everyone and don’t care how they obtain the authority to effect their intended Tyranny of Good Intentions as long as they acquire it by hook or by crook.  Support the rule of law and openness in government.  The laws to defend liberty, honesty, and fairness have already been written & passed, but only sentinels will prevent the lack of fidelity to those laws from going unnoticed and unpunished.   Be a stinker and raise a stink when you see our liberties leaking away, along with fidelity to our Laws .  Don’t be a part of the silence that allows the Tyranny of Good Intentions to continue to pave the path that’s leading us straight to hell.

Let your motto be this:

“I have a voice and I’m going to use it

regardless of your Constitution-betraying,

Freedom-sapping,  socialism-hugging moves

to silent, distort, and pervert the Truth!”

by a.r. nash  jan 2012  http://obama–

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