The Socialist Ties That Bind American Organizations

August 12th, 2011 | 1 Comment

Even 50 years ago, you would be hard pressed to find any organization that would openly declare their socialist beliefs and goals. Yet today, we have hundreds of “progressive” organizations working against the foundations of our liberties and our Constitution – working AGAINST the wishes of the majority of America.

Yet most people would never guess that behind a group which they support with their donations or with shared ideology, is really part of a sinister progressive socialist network bent on destroying the very life, liberty and pursuit of happiness we are all guaranteed by our Constitution. They SPIT on our Constitution – all the while they are taking taxpayer funded HANDOUTS to fund their anti-American activities.

Here is the list of groups who have DIRECT TIES TO DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA and quite possibly ties are also there to Spooky Dude George Soros who is the unofficial head of all the socialist cretins…

Progressive Coalition supporting socialist agenda
Americans for Democratic Action

Campaign for America’s Future

Campaign for New Priorities

Center for the Advancement of Public Policy

Center of Concern

Coalition on Human Needs

Demilitarization for Democracy

Development GAP

50 Years is Enough Network

Friends of the Earth

Fund for New Priorities in America

Institute for Policy Studies

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

International Labor Rights Fund

National Jobs for All Coalition

National Organization for Women

National Priorities Project

NETWORK: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby

Peace Action

Preamble Center for Public Policy

Public Citizen, email: Public Citizen

Stakeholders Alliance

United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America

United for a Fair Economy

Washington Chapter Alliance for Democracy

Working Assets

Women, Law and Development

National Council of La Raza

The Campaign for Health Security

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

Friends Committee on National Legislation

Center for Defense Information

Council for a Livable World
Citizens for Tax Justice

U.S. Campaign to Ban Landmines

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

Americans for a Sustainable Economy

National Education Association

USA Network for Habitat II

Catholic Charities

National Council of Negro Women

Center for Law and Social Policy

Witness for Peace

Children’s Defense Fund

Child Welfare League

National Black Child Development Institute

Urban League

Economic Policy Institute

Brookings Institute

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Defenders of Wildlife

Veterans for Peace

National Rainbow Coalition


U.S. Commission on Civil Rights


Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

National Association of Public Hospitals

National Council of Senior Citizens

Long-Term Care Campaign

Consumer’s Union

Center for Responsive Politics

Latin American Working Group

Public Campaign

This list comes courtesy of Henry Lamb over at in his article on Socialism in America.  THIS is how UN Agenda 21 has been able to creep into our local governments, our local planning commissions etc etc. We have socialist enemies among us – we are being destroyed from within and it is not only Obama who is doing this.

Learn to recognize this dreadful enemy to our freedoms – find out if a group which you support is backed by any of the above organizations.

In my area, we have the Southeastern Pennsylvania First Suburbs Project. One of their larger backers is the Brookings Institution.(listed above). Oh and they are supported also by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission and local SEIU chapter SEIU 32-BJ.  They are SOCIALISTS and they support UN Agenda 21 and Social Justice CRAP.  Even such a seemingly harmless group such as Habitat for Humanity has at its core – SOCIALISM and a belief in redistributing wealth and social and environmental justice. This flies in the face of our Constitutional Republic which protects INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES.

These socialists and the UN enablers do NOT BELIEVE IN INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY.  They only support this nefarious concept of “the common good” which is essentially an arbitrary and subjective definition dictated by mob rule.

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