The Nature of Obama’s Birth & Citizenship


Being a “natural born citizen” is required to serve in the office of the Presidency under our U.S. Constitution. Obama has only produced a computer-generated, short-form, registration of birth form called a “Certification of Live Birth”, (aka COLB). And some question the genuineness of that proffered document. But note, it does not say “Certificate” it says “Certification”. Thus it is not a Birth “Certificate”.

And this is a key difference in the discussion of what Obama has proffered and what he has not. Only the actual long form original typed version signed by the mother and delivering doctor and/or other witnesses is a Birth “Certificate” under Hawaiian law and to the courts. In Hawaii that document is named “Certificate of Live Birth”.

Note, the change in the one word, “Certificate” of Live Birth (aka long form Birth Certificate), not “Certification” of Live Birth (aka COLB, the computer generated short form), which is what Obama has proffered thus far.
And a short form “COLB” is not a conclusive legal document to prove birth and is not acceptable to most courts for proof of birth facts.

A short form “COLB” shows a birth was registered. But not by whom and exactly how. Nor does it provide the facts necessary to trace the facts to independent third party witnesses or facts, such as the name of the hospital or doctor.  So, Obama has proved his birth was registered in Hawaii but has not proven conclusively that he was physically born there, nor what exactly is stated or not stated on the long form document filled out in 1961, if one exists. Read the next paragraph as to why.

Registration of live births under the vague laws in Hawaii in 1961 is not proof of birth in Hawaii at all. Read the laws on the books in Hawaii for registration of births in 1961.
This is what the law actually allowed in 1961.

“Certificates for children born out of State. (a) Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.”

See links below for more about the relevant Hawaiian law. A computer generated Certification of Live Birth (COLB) issued in Hawaii is not acceptable to even their own courts as conclusive proof of birth in Hawaii. Under Hawaiian law in 1961, a child could be born anywhere in the world and have the birth registered in Hawaii by the mother after the birth, with true or false information, without any third party independent verification of said “facts” entered on the form by the mother, upon her returning to Hawaii using this law on the books in 1961.

[Nash notes: that is incorrect. Third party verification was and is legally required in the form of a signed affidavit under penalty of perjury, and willingness to undergo a personal interrogation as to the facts asserted. Without corroborating witnesses under oath, no birth certificate could be issued.  THAT is why baby Obama was not issued a Certificate of Live Birth, and thus the short-form fake had to be created to cover his lack of proof of place of birth, which, by the way, is irrelevant to natural citizenship.]

Read this simple, straight forward, comparative report about what Obama has proffered as evidence of “natural born citizenship” and what he has NOT provided:

[note: Obama proffered nothing as evidence of being a natural born citizen. His only claims were that he was a native-born citizen and was a United States citizen per the 14th Amendment.]

Reference proof of natural born citizenship, a computer generated form (aka COLB) can be easily PhotoShop’d, altered, or forged. Such a simple registration record could be retro-actively filed in Hawaii in 1961 as a post birth event registration after birth of a child, with the birth not even having occurred in Hawaii.

No one checked these retro-active registrations in HI at that time which were done by simply signing an affidavit that the facts are true. The mother or grandparents could have done this retro-actively upon the mother’s return to give the infant child citizenship. This was a possible cover up at the time by the mother and grandmother.

[as noted above, the mother’s affidavit is insufficient to allow issuance of a Certificate of Live Birth, but it is kept on file as evidence of the lawful claim that a child was native-born.]

The short form data is then being abstracted from a false, delayed registration of birth, filed with false information by the mother with a simple affidavit with no non-family member, independent witnesses. That was permitted under Hawaii law in 1961. A mother could register the birth of her child upon returning to Hawaii after the actual birth elsewhere. But who knew this child would grow up and run for President, and that someone would dig into the records to find the truth, as is now being done.

Such a case would explain the stalling, delaying, and obfuscating tactics Obama and his lawyers are engaging in. They don’t want the true nature of the birth records registered in Hawaii by his mother and maternal grandmother revealed.
FACT: A qualification per the U.S. Constitution for a person to serve as the President of the U.S. is that they must be a “natural born citizen”. And there are several categories of citizenship in the USA: Naturalized, Derivative, Statutory, Native Born, and Natural Born.

Obama may or may not be Native Born depending on the validity of his paternal grandmother’s statement in Kenya, and the sealed hospital records in Mombasa, Kenya, but he is certainly not “natural born” since for that term both his parents must be U.S. citizens (of any category) when he was born.

And per statements made in his own campaign’s website, and in his books, Obama has admitted his father was a British Subject when Obama was born. Obama’s father never at any time was a U.S. citizen. Thus Obama is NOT a natural “born citizen” according to our Constitution’s framer’s intent and the meaning of the English language words themselves. And thus he cannot legitimately serve as our President under our Constitution.

revised Nov. 1, 2015

3 Responses to The Nature of Obama’s Birth & Citizenship

  1. Obama was adopted. He is hiding his amended birth certificate.

  2. arnash says:

    Obama’s Foreign Citizenship
    The registration of a child born to a member of the UK outside of the UK was only required if the parent(s) also were born outside of the UK. The parent(s) would have no UK birth certificates for themselves and their off-spring would not be viewed as a British subject unless they chose to register the child with the British Consul. If they chose to become immigrants of the foreign nation in which their child was born, then there would be no purpose to have that child have dual-citizenship and therefore registration would be purposeless.
    Since Obama Sr. was not born outside of the UK, it was not necessary for him to register his son with the British Consul in order for membership in the Commonwealth to attach to his son. Therefore Jr. was a British Overseas Citizen by birth according to British law. While it was necessary for him to take positive steps at adulthood to maintain his probationary Kenyan citizenship, the same may not be true of his membership in the Commonwealth though it would seem that such membership would be contingent upon being a member of a nation of the Commonwealth. Such membership would be conceivably possible if his birth location was in Vancouver, Canada. That might make him a “native-born son” of the Commonwealth, especially so if Britain practiced “Derivative citizenship” by ascribing British citizenship to the foreign wife of a British subject.

  3. arnash says:

    Memo 8/31/61 All 938 537 (State Dept.)

    Obama, Barack H.

    Claims to intend to attend Univ. Hawaii for at least one more year to gain Bach. Art Degree in Economics.

    U.S.C. [United States Citizen] spouse to go to Wash. State University next semester. When finished with school here, plans to go to mainland school for a Doctor Degree in Economics – after that to return to Kenya. They have one child born Honolulu on 8/4/1961 -Barack OBAMA II, child living with mother (she lives with her parents and subject resides at 1482 ? St.).

    William Wood II

    by a.r. nash april 2013
    * [The United State Constitution and Toilet Paper; we value them both, but we’re not going to put them on the mantle. We’re not going to wave them around or discuss them in public. We will ignore them until we happen to need them, and then they will serve us, but we won’t serve them.] After all, We are the master, the mob majority. We can ignore anything we want.

    Tiny Elvis · 19 hours ago
    Do any of you nutjobs remember 1960? How the hell would a pregnant 18 year old girl travel HALFWAY around the world while several months pregnant from Hawaii, to Los Angeles, to New York, to London, to Cairo, to EQUATORIAL AFRICA in the summertime? The cost alone would have been outrageous. Flying into Kenya might not have even been possible. And how Obama’s grandparents have allowed their pregnant daughter to travel halfway around the world to have deliver their grandson in EQUATORIAL AFRICA in the summertime. She could not have even received the immunizations to travel to EQUATORIAL AFRICA in the summertime, because those immunizations could not be received while pregnant. And then baby Obama is born in EQUATORIAL AFRICA in the summertime and his parents immediately jump on a bus back to Cairo, then some kind of propeller plane to London or some place in Europe, then on some other propeller plane (commercial jets were not common yet), then from London to New York, then from New York to Los Angeles, and finally from Los Angeles to Hawaii. And they did all that flying and EXPENSIVE international travel with a NEWBORN baby. Do you people actually believe that was possible? Seriously, does your hatred for the president obscure all rational thought? The president was born in Hawaii, and he’ll be president until January of 2017. Get over it. Stop spending your time and money on this nonsense. You’re hurting yourselves and the president gets a kick out of messing with you people.

    AR Nash
    There is cause to view the wide-spread claims of birth in Kenya as having credibility because of the people that have made them. But reason argues against their self-uplifting beliefs. Besides the clear impracticality of a 17 year old female traveling alone such an enormous distance in such an era, and to such a destination being extremely inconceivable, there’s also the factor that Obama was a self-professed native of Kenya all the way up until he was selected as the new White Knight of the socialist left to seek the presidency. Then presto, he suddenly became a native of Hawaii. Well, neither is credible.
    His mother was in Seattle two weeks after his supposed birth date, registering for college classes, with all of the months since February being a mystery. There is no reason to assume that she was not there already even before he was born, -back among her friends who would be likely to be more supportive that her parents who would have suffered social shame at their 17 year old daughter giving birth in their midst to a negro baby, and probably out of wedlock at that. They may even have funded her return to Seattle, her teenage home in order to hide her pregnancy and birth from the Hawaiian community in which they lived.
    Not being able to find an American couple willing to adopt her unwanted mixed-race baby after its birth, she may have had reason to hope that an adoption in Vancouver was possible, and traveled the two hours to that Canadian city and given birth there. One thing is known, and that is what was discovered by the Cold Case Posse, -all of the records of international flights into (I can’t remember) either the U.S. or Hawaii are missing from the archive only for the first week of August 1961. Likely she flew from Vancouver airport to Hawaii after delivery, bringing an embarrassing mulatto baby, and was not well received, and after a week, more or less, flew back to Seattle. That scenario would explain everything that is known and unknown, as far as I can tell.

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