Obama’s Questionable Family Ties

Maybe Obama’s ‘brother’ is not his brother

Exclusive: Joseph Farah suggests reason BHO failed to help Kenyan with medical bill

Joseph Farah is founder, editor and CEO of WND and a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate. He is the author or co-author of 13 books, including his latest, “The Tea Party Manifesto,” and his classic, “Taking America Back,” now in its third edition and 14th printing.

Dinesh D’Souza should be commended for sending George Obama $1,000 to cover his son’s urgent medical bills – something George’s millionaire “brother,” who happens to be president of the United States, was apparently not willing to do.

In a column today, D’Souza effectively makes the point that Barack Obama’s lack of interest in helping his impoverished and needy family members, even in time of an emergency, suggests his self-righteous boasts of compassion ring hollow indeed.

It was D’Souza whom George Obama called for help – having met him during the shooting of the movie “2016 Obama’s America,” a documentary about what motivates Barack Obama.

D’Souza asked George during the call, “Why are you coming to me?” His response, “I have no one else to ask.” D’Souza writes: “Then he said something that astounded me, ‘Dinesh, you are like a brother to me.’”

It’s a very good column – and D’Souza’s new book and movie provide some interesting clues into Obama’s worldview.

Yet, his examination of Obama falls a little short of the bull’s-eye in one respect: While remaining skeptical about Obama’s claims to compassion and the candor of his oft-used phrase, “We are our brother’s keeper,” D’Souza accepts at face value Obama’s identity claims.

He accepts Obama was born at Kapi’olani Hospital in Honolulu Aug. 4, 1961. Why? Because that’s the story Obama tells in his ghostwritten autobiography.
He accepts that his parents were Barack Obama Sr., a Kenyan visiting student, and Stanley Ann Dunham, a “progressive” ideologue. Why? Because Obama says so.
And he accepts that Barack Obama actually has real blood relatives in Kenya. Why? Because Obama says so.

It doesn’t seem to occur to the scholar that one reason Barack Obama may be reluctant to help George Obama is because he’s not really his brother at all – that Obama’s life story is fraudulent from the get-go, little more than a fairy tale concocted to make the ambitious young politician more intriguing and perhaps less threatening than reality.

The fact of the matter is we know almost nothing about Obama’s real family history – certainly nothing that can be certifiably documented.

While I agree with D’Souza that Obama’s rhetoric about helping the poor and destitute doesn’t live up to his actions, doesn’t Obama’s unwillingness to lend a helping hand to his “brother” – even for the sake of upholding pretenses – suggest there could be more to the story than meets the eye?

What, for instance, did Obama do about checking on the welfare of his supposedly beloved Aunt Zeituni Onyango, one of the children of his alleged grandfather? Nothing. Barack Obama was too busy planning ways to change the country and save the planet to reach out to an elderly relative in obvious need living in a disabled-access apartment in a rundown public housing complex in South Boston.

Likewise, what did Obama do for his “Uncle Omar,” also described in his autobiography, when he was beaten by armed robbers with a sawed-off rifle while working in a corner shop in the Dorchester area of Boston who was later evicted from his one-bedroom apartment for failing to pay $2,324.20 in rent? Nothing. Again, he was too busy planning ways to change the country and save the planet – with your money, of course.

While it’s certainly true that Obama believes individual acts of charity could never measure up to the impact of collective and coercive programs of redistribution of wealth, his inactions in lifting a finger to help those he claims as kin are almost inexplicable – unless you at least entertain the possibility that they really aren’t.

Knowing all we know today about Obama’s uncanny lack of documentation, isn’t it time for smart fellows like Dinesh D’Souza to consider that his life story is simply made up – all part of a well-orchestrated charade that began many years ago when those who raised him, schooled him and instilled in him limitless political ambition created for him an identity to conceal something that would be just too threatening to the American people?

One More Dubious Obama Family Story

By Jack Cashill  June 14, 2012

The respectable media, left and right, are finally opening themselves up to the possibility that the story Barack Obama told in his 1995 memoir Dreams from My Father has been, in large part, manufactured.

As a case in point, the Weekly Standard’s Andrew Ferguson has had to do some serious reevaluating of the man after reading David Maraniss’s soon-to-be released book, Barack Obama: The Story.  Writes Ferguson ruefully, “The writer who would later use the power of his life story to become a plausible public man was making it up, to an alarming extent.”

What Ferguson found particularly “dispiriting” was that the moments most likely to be “invented” were the most critical ones, the book’s racially-charged epiphanies, “those periodic aha! moments that carry the book and bring its author closer to self-discovery.”

Although I have not yet seen the Maraniss book, I suspect there is one such story that he may have missed.  Ferguson certainly did not discuss it, and that is Obama’s alleged meeting with his half-brother Mark Ndesandjo in Kenya more than twenty years ago.  Although I wrote about this in some detail last year, it deserves revisiting given the renewed interest in Obama’s many fictions.

In Dreams, Obama goes on at great length about his first meeting with Ndesandjo in 1988 (or thereabouts) on the occasion of Obama’s first visit to Kenya.  This meeting took place at the home of Ruth Ndesandjo, Mark’s Jewish American mother, who remarried after her divorce from Barack Obama, Sr.

In Dreams, Obama remembered Ruth’s current husband, Ndesandjo’s stepfather, bouncing his and Ruth’s son, Joey, on his lap. Joey was born no later than 1980. That was some heavy-duty bouncing.  Do the math.

“I hear you’re at Berkeley,” said Obama, who is four years Ndesandjo’s senior.

“Stanford,” Ndesandjo corrected. “I’m in my last year of the physics program there.” Obama added accurately, “His voice was deep, his accent perfectly American.”  After a lengthy meeting with Ndesandjo and his mother, Obama reportedly called his half-brother the following week, and the two had a heart-to-heart over lunch.
Ndesandjo, who grew up with Obama Sr., was so appalled by his father’s behavior that he took his stepfather’s name after his parents divorced and turned his back on Kenya.  “Don’t you ever feel like you might be losing something?” asked the forever patronizing Obama, then noisily trying to reclaim his own Kenyan roots.

“Understand, I’m not ashamed of being half Kenyan,” Ndesandjo answered. “I just don’t ask myself a lot of questions about what it all means. About who I really am.”  Ndesandjo eventually moved to China where he lives to this day.

This all sounds legitimate, but when Obama was interviewed about Ndesandjo on the occasion of a state visit to China in 2009, he said dismissively, “Well, you know, I don’t know him well.”(at ~1:50 in this CNN video.  Obama then added the kicker that deepens the Obama mystery, “I met him for the first time a couple of years ago.”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obnf2YMEUqU&feature=related

If Obama met Ndesandjo in Africa as claimed, that first meeting would have been more than twenty years prior.  As related in Dreams, they met twice, at length both times, and in some depth. There should be no forgetting the two poignant, detailed visits with a new-found brother, visits that consume three pages of book space.

In sorting through this story, it is hard to know what is true. Best guess: Obama visited Ruth and pulled a few details about Ndesandjo from this visit and from his half-sister Auma’s recollection.

As I wrote last year, “This kind of fictionalization would not be particularly troubling were it an anomaly. It is not. It is the norm. No one really knows where the lies begin and end.”

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/06/one_more_dubious_story_in_the_obama_saga.html#ixzz1xqyao7GW


2 Responses to Obama’s Questionable Family Ties

  1. arnash says:


    What’s REALLY imbecilic is believing everything the mainstream media tells you. People who don’t believe that Obama was born in the USA are looking at the evidence- if he’s got nothing to hide- why be so elusive about it? Rational answer to that question is that he DOES have something to hide. Stupidity believes things that don’t have any basis. When someone is not forthcoming about information- such as where the hell is that birth certificate? That should raise a red flag. If it doesn’t- it means that you’ve probably overdosed on the kool-aid.

    Douglas J. Bender Carpenter, Mathematician, Programmer, Internet Commenter.

    Here’s a theory: We know that Frank Marshall Davis seduced a young teenage white girl (even taking softcore [at least] pornographic pictures of her) named “Ann”; probably this was Obama’s mother, “Stanley Ann”. We also know that Frank Marshall Davis was a sexual pervert who apparently was quite sexually “adventurous”. It is therefore not unlikely that he had sexual intercourse with Obama’s mother, Ann, when she was still in her teens (say, 16 or 17, perhaps). Given this, it is then not unlikely that Ann became pregnant by Frank Marshall Davis. Once this became known, how was a white girl to hide what happened, to salvage some honor for herself and her unborn child? I know! She had met a polygamous womanizing black man from Kenya in her Russian class at college in Hawaii — he needed a way to extend his visa to stay in the U.S., and she needed a “cover” for her soon-to-be-obvious pregnancy. She would propose a marriage-of-convenience to him. Barack Obama was delighted to have this opportunity, and accepted. And so, Frank Marshall Davis’ child became, in word, Barack Obama’s. Very tidy.


    totally, totally believable. why the anti-birthers don’t concede the likelihood of this, given the foundational facts, is beyond me

    Bobby Liguori

    Because they don’t wanna believe,are afraid of truth and rather be kept in the dark than admit to themselves that there wrong about this so-called president who mirrors there lying perverted way of thinking.

  2. arnash says:

    The problem with the Frank Davis scenario above is that Obama Sr. did NOT seek to gain an advantage with the INS in getting a visa extension by claiming paternity. He never mentioned it until a year or more later when he could have and would have done so it it were part of a ploy to enhance his chance of being allowed to stay longer. The conclusion is that he didn’t even know about the birth of Obama Jr. Also, it’s rather dubious to suppose that the name given to the baby would have been that of a fake father. Claiming Obama as the father was a sufficient lie for covering Davis’ behind, stamping a child for life with a lie of a name seems to be going one step too far. But if Sr. really was his father then it makes perfect sense.
    Also, a friend of Ann’s in Seattle, the one who baby-sat Jr. said that Ann stated that she planned to eventually move to Kenya after finishing her education. As an aspiring anthropologist, that is quite credible since she did in effect the same by marrying an Indonesian and moving to and studying his country.
    But we can’t know how she determined who the father really was unless she never had sex with Davis. Then she would know for sure, …after he was born. If she had sex with others besides Obama Sr. then she might not have known who the father was until after the birth.

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