The Significance of None

The Significance of None

There is an element in the Obama Certificate of Live Birth PDF image that cannot be innocently explained.  No one from Adobe, nor any other company has, nor will, come forward and explain how it could be the result of the creation of a normal PDF file via saving the image of a scanned document.

When an image is saved as a PDF via the method used which produced the White House image, the software saves most of the text from a layer that is purely text (with no background), and, possibly for security reasons, retains bits of the original gray-scale image of that text (which was obtained from a micro-film photograph) and embeds those bits of gray-scale characters into the 2nd layer, which is the background, while the main text layer is converted into a binary format, meaning all of the pixels composing the text characters are changed from varying shades of gray-to-black into pure black.

That layer of text is nothing more than text (on a transparent background page) which can be laid on top of any background, including the desired security paper background.  Some significant letters in the Obama PDF have been shifted to the background layer, plus the last digit in the registration number.  But something totally different is seen in what happened to the word “None” in the box stating the mothers occupation outside the home.

Instead of a letter or two being shifted to the background, the 1st three letters are contained in a completely separate layer, or box, containing nothing else.  Those letters, “Non” are greenish-gray in color, unlike the pure black binary text that they should be a part of.  The greenish tint, along with them being in a separate layer,  indicates that they came from a process that was done in color, not black & white -like a digital text transfer would be done.  Also the fact that they are grayish instead of pure black indicates as well that they came from a different source.

The person that placed those 3 letters into the PDF was too clever by half, in that he thought he would only replace what needed to be replaced, meaning he would leave any letter(s) that didn’t need replacing  to alter the answer of the box to something that would not be in conflict with the known facts about Ann Dunham’s employment situation.  If the box originally stated “housewife” as the occupation, then “housewif” would need to be replaced with “Non”, reusing the final “e” to create the needed word “None”.

Everything about the addition of “Non” is wrong.  It shouldn’t be separated from the main text layer and found in its own unique layer.  It shouldn’t be in color.  It shouldn’t be grayish instead of pure black. And it shouldn’t be separated from the letter “e”.  Seeing these inexplicable features leads inevitably to the conclusion that they are the result of a deliberate alteration to the original text.  Altering the elements of an individual official state identify form cannot be construed as something other than forgery.

The word that shouldn't exist in its unexplainable form


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